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Chapter 235: No Regrets

 Chapter 235 - No Regrets

Ghost Li's heart was torn with anxiety, dashed ahead in full speed, with his current skills, the trees and grasses by the side of the path were all flattened in that instant, like a gap cleaved in the middle of the sea. Due to his speed, the wind hitting his face indistinctly felt painful but then he did not notice that at all.

Right now in his heart, there was only Suru who was in the rear bamboo forest.

Da Huang's barkings lingered around his ear, madly. Ghost Li's figure from the foot of the mountain stone stairs, abruptly charged up to the sky, creating a sharp piercing sound, up the stairs. While in the air, Ghost Li's heart suddenly froze, almost involuntarily dropped down.

On the ground, not knowing since when, there were two human-sized pits, two piles of soil beside, looking at the wetness of the soil, it must be dug by Suru earlier on. Thinking about the purpose of these two pits, Ghost Li's turned pale, his scalp tingling. Tian Buyi's body was still lying peacefully at the original spot but Suru, whom Ghost Li was most worried about, was lying on Tian Buyi's chest, unmoving.

Beside, Da Huang facing Suru, barking wildly incessantly.

Ghost Li's heart sank, watching the slender figure who was just standing before him not a while ago, he suddenly fear to face and to go near. At this moment, on the stone stairs behind him, a pale Lu Xueqi appeared, she stood at a distance over there, quietly watching everything.

Ghost Li suppressed his racing heart, softly called out, "Shiniang?"

Suru did not move, there was no response.

Ghost Li's footsteps slowly approached, every step seemed to take much effort, Da Huang's barkings were still incessant. Finally, he came near Suru, quietly said, "Shiniang...don't scare me..."

A trembling hand touched Suru's shoulder, Ghost Li clenched his teeth, increased his strength and flipped Suru's body over: A surprised and slightly smiling face, appeared before him.

Suru was smiling, her lips seemed to have a faint relief, maybe it was because she was with her husband. Her body was still warm, her face peaceful and dignified, only without vitality.

Da Huang was still barking madly but its voice was gradually getting hoarse!

Ghost Li's legs weakened, sat on the ground, a moment later, his mind blank.

"Shiniang has gone too...."

This was his only cry in his mind, reverberating incessantly in his heart.

The next day, the other Qing Yun sect branches received Big Bamboo Valley's solemn news, branch leader Tian Buyi and his wife, Suru, both had passed away.

Tian Buyi couple's status within Qing Yun sect were substantial and had always enjoyed prestige. This solemn news in an instant shocked the entire Qing Yun sect, immediately numerous fellow sect members flew over to mourn. From Longshou Valley Tian Linger rushed back and was all tears before her parents' spiritual tablets. And the other branches' elders although were all cultivated artists, most of them teared up as they turned sentimental, especially Small Bamboo Valley Shuiyue Master who was the closest to Suru.

In this solemn and sorrowful atmosphere, there was some unusual signs, with Tian Buyi couple's status, all of the other branches came in force, only the eldest branch Tongtian Peak, although most of the senior generation elders came but yet only the sect head, Qing Yun sect Reverend Daoxuan, was not seen, this inevitably was seen as a contempt against Big Bamboo Valley.

Song Daren and the other disciples were in mourning garb, their expressions in sorrow, came forward to receive and send fellow sect disciples and couldn't be more respectful, but when they saw Xiao Yicai and his fellow disciples, their faces revealed anger, their conversations were also much colder, Xiao Yicai and the rest felt conscious and also felt it was better not to say much, other than smiling bitterly, they could only stood aside and kept quiet.

The incense smoke lingered, the sounds of crying unceasingly, in this mournfulness, it was probably the sadness of loved ones passing away, persisted in the tranquil Big Bamboo Valley summit. After living their lives, not knowing if there was really a spirit after passing away, if there really was, when the loved ones saw all these from the netherworld, what would they feel?

However, most likely that Tian Buyi, would not show that he is sad!

A figure, drifted down from Qing Yun Hill, looked to be in a daze, in the afternoon time, entered HeYang City alone.

People walked up and down the main street, although it was not the past bustling scene but it could be seen that this city was slowly recovering its vitality, some passed away during the catastrophe, some fortunately managed to survive, and there were even children who grew up to be adults, one generation after one, multiplying endlessly.

Ghost Li stood at the start of the street, quietly looking at the crowd, the strangers passed him by, like tide wave after wave unceasingly. He stood within the crowd, surrounding him was all human similar to him, life, aging, sickness, death, quietly living in the reincarnation.

But why must human live?

Ghost Li suddenly thought like that.

Teacher and Shiniang have both passed away, dead before himself, after the grief, what was left other than numbness was exhaustion.

This lifetime, he felt he was always walking on a path that was longer than others, and on this path still, he was unable to see the end.

He woodenly walked, around him the hustle and bustle continued, voices shouting to sell their wares, shoutings, and if he wished to, even the housewife reprimanding her child's voices on another street, he could also hear it clearly, just that all of these, he felt it was all so far away from him, in his trance, he felt he did not belong to this world.

Unknowingly, he walked to an area, looked up, it was a familiar restaurant signage, deep within his heart, something moved, he subconsciously walked in.

The number of customers inside the restaurant was pathetic, evidently the restaurant's business had not recovered to its pre-catastrophe period. The waiter received them, smiled and asked, "Customer, are you having a meal or a drink?"

Ghost Li was silent, for a moment he was unable to answer. After leaving Qing Yun Hill, his mind was in a trance, as if nothing excites him. That feeling, with some despair, was like ten years ago when he witnessed Biyao received that sword for him. But after this ten years, that maniac was gone and instead replaced by exhaustion.

"Customer, customer?"

The waiter raised his voice slightly, Ghost Li woodenly shook his head, walked to a secluded seat by the side and sat down.

The waiter followed over, still smiling and asked, "Customer, what would you like to have?"

"Here..." he slowly spoke, suddenly remembering something from deep within his memories, "here, do you still have 'steamed Mei Fish'?"

The waiter was stunned and then smiled, said, "Customer, you must be our previous Shanhai's regular customer, this steamed mei fish was our signature dish initially but now you can't get it anymore."

Ghost Li was surprised, asked, "Why is that?"

The waiter shrugged his shoulders, said, "Isn't it all because of those demon beasts, when the monsters occupied here, several hundred miles radius from here all suffered calamity, even those fishes in the river outside the city, were all wiped out, today, not to say fishes that could be served as dishes, even the fish fry, to see one is rare."

Ghost Li seemed disappointed, his expression for some reason, dimmed, the waiter sighed for a while, then remembered his work, quickly asked, "Customer, why don't you order other dishes?"

Ghost Li stared in a daze at someplace, spoke casually, "Forget it, just bring some dishes for wine over."

The waiter nodded, turned and left. Halfway, three customers walked in, the waiter was surprised and secretly thought to himself that business was actually getting good, went up to receive them, unexpectedly the three people assessed the restaurant, suddenly saw Ghost Li, one of them called out, the voice seemed to carry some surprise.

Ghost Li heard the sound, and found it familiar, turned and looked and was also stunned, as it was said, nowhere in the world where people could not meet, the three people were Zhou Yixian, Xiao Huan and Wild Dog Taoist, the one who called out was Zhou Yixian.

For some reason, when he saw them, Ghost Li felt an inexplicable closeness, although they were not good friends but his heart right now, felt lighter.

Zhou Yixian's stunned expression in an instant disappeared, replaced by a face full of smiles, he walked with quick steps over, the banner with the words, 'Immortal Guide', hanging on the bamboo pole in his hand swayed with the movements, when he reached Ghost Li, he [he he] smiled and said, "It is really unexpected, we meet here again."

Ghost Li's lips revealed a faint smile although it almost disappeared immediately but he still said, "Senior please sit."

Zhou Yixian nodded, unceremoniously sat. The waiter stood beside, smiled and asked, "Are all of you together?"

Zhou Yixian rolled his eyes at him, said, "What nonsense, if not together will we sit together?"

The waiter hurriedly nodded, said, "Yes, yes, everyone please have a seat, I will go prepare the dishes, it will be ready immediately."

Zhou Yixian [he he] laughed non-stopped but pulled the waiter over, order another seven to eight dishes and also three to four pots of wine, the waiter nodded his head in succession, quickly went to prepare.

Xiao Huan instead was not as happy as her grandfather, her face was black and rather unpleasant. Especially after Zhou Yixian again pulled the waiter to order more dishes and wine, she appeared even more gloomy, almost wanted to speak but in the end bore it. Until the waiter leeft, she could not help but sneered, "Grandpa, you ordered so many dishes, is it that you see your saviour here, you want to give a proper treat to him?"

Zhou Yixian's face sank, angrily said, "Xiao Huan, what nonsense are you talking about, the kind of friendship this Ghost Li brother and I have, how can we use these dishes to compare?" speaking, he turned and smiled to Ghost Li then sighed, shook his head and said, "Look at this HeYang City, after the catastrophe, the people are no longer simple and sincere, no one is willing to read their fortunes, the ways of the world are hard now ah..."

Xiao Huan's face changed, glanced at Ghost Li and glared at Zhou Yixian, her face slightly red. Ghost Li seemed not to sense it, only indifferently said, "Yes, senior please don't worry, I have once received your care for many days, this time please take it as my treat to thank you all." Xiao Huan's face immediately turned red but Zhou Yixian was greatly relieved instead, nodded his head and smiled, "That's right, that's right, you are worth teaching!"

Wild Dog Taoist looked at Xiao Huan, and again at Ghost Li, wanted to speak but stopped.

At this moment, the waiter brought some cold dishes up, and also two pots of wine. Zhou Yixian unashamedly took over the pot and poured for everyone, raising his cup, he said, "We are all wanderers of the world, to be able to meet here, it is really a rare fate, let's cheers to that."

After speaking, he tilted his head and drank all in one shot, and then shook his head slightly, looked like he was rather pleased with the wine. Ghost Li looked at him, his lips moved, not knowing if he smiled but his facial muscle looked extremely stiff, most probably even if he smiled it would not be shown. He slowly took up his cup, placed it at his lips, only the next moment later, he suddenly sighed, his sigh containing much helplessness and pain, as if what he was holding, was the most bitter thing, unable to drink, he slowly placed it back to the table.

Xiao Huan couldn't bear it anymore, shot back at Zhou Yixian, "What rare encounter, somebody saw another's figure from far on the main street, shouted noisily and rushed here to scheme free food and drinks!"

Zhou Yixian's expression did not change, only rolled his eyes at Xiao Huan said, "Child words are unrestrained, Child words are unrestrained!"

Ghost Li seemed not to mind Xiao Huan's words, he looked distracted and occupied with some thoughts, Xiao Huan knew him for many years yet this was the first time she saw him like this, couldn't help but feel worried, asked Ghost Li, "Did something happened?"

Ghost Li was silent for a moment but he did not reply Xiao Huan, only spoke to Zhou Yixian, "Senior."

Zhou Yixian again poured himself another cup of wine, when he heard that he smiled and said, "What is it?"

Ghost Li's gaze seemed empty, he quietly said, "I remembered ten years ago, when I have just came down from Qing Yun Hill, in this HeYang City, you have once read my fortunes right?"

Zhou Yixian and Xiao Huan were surprised, Wild Dog Taoist instead felt puzzled, the past events, naturally he did not know. Zhou Yixian frowned, thought and said, "Oh, I still remembered a bit, what is it, why out of the sudden you asked about the past?"

Speaking till here, his face suddenly revealed a mysterious expression, suppressed his voice and spoke harshly to Ghost Li, "You won't be after this ten years, because our readings are not accurate, intended to get a refund?" "Grandpa!" Xiao Huan scolded Zhou Yixian, looked as if she could not bear it, pushed Zhou Yixian to a side, spoke to Ghost Li, "Ghost Li big brother, do you have any troubling matters, can tell me."

Ghost Li glanced at Xiao Huan, the tiredness in his eyes revealed a rare tender but he still gently shook his head, said, "I am alright, I only wanted to ask Mister a few things."

Zhou Yixian arranged his clothes, coughed and again that ancient celestial demeanour surfaced, for a moment the small restaurant seemed to be lit up with his presence, dominated by him.

"You can speak." He indifferently said, "Between us, you can say anything, but the fortune fee you still have to give me." He disregarded Xiao Huan's embarrassed face, facing Ghost Li and blinked his eyes.

Ghost Li smiled faintly, patting consolingly at Xiao Huan who looked like she was going to burst out from being embarrassed, then turned to Zhou Yixian, a perplexed look on his face, said, "Senior you have roamed the world and have wide knowledge, I have something which perplexes me, I will like to ask senior, we live our lives for a lifetime, what is the purpose?"

Xiao Huan and Wild Dog Taoist were stunned, bewilderedly looked at Ghost Li. Zhou Yixian frowned, his face slowly turned solemn. He did not answer without giving any thoughts, instead after a period, he slowly said, "You looked different from usual, is it that you have encountered any unfortunate event?"

Ghost Li was silent for a moment, quietly said, "My mentor and shiniang, passed away few days ago." "Ah!" Xiao Huan and Wild Dog Taoist were both shock and exclaimed out, Zhou Yixian frowned, sighed and quietly said, "Tian Buyi is also gone, it's a pity."

Ghost Li was silent, Zhou Yixian closed his eyes and then he was back to normal, said, "No wonder you looked anguish, it is only life and death separation, it is part of life, nobody can escape, you are not one of the common folks, why must you wallow in it?"

The anguish on Ghost Li's face deepened, said, "But the cause of their demises, actually I was also part of it!"

Zhou Yixian faintly said, "Even though it is so, when your teacher and shiniang passed away, have they ever blame you?"

Ghost Li's head slowly dropped, after a long time he slowly said, "No, my debt of gratitude to teacher and shiniang are as weighty as a mountain, even until the last moment, were still concerned about me, took me this unworthy unfilial disciple back..." Until the end, his voice was already slightly choked.

Xiao Huan beside looked at Ghost Li, her eyes also turned red.

Zhou Yixian smiled, a faint glint flowed in his eyes, as if he had jumped out of this mortal world and had seen past the emotions of the world, said, "Then I ask you again, when your teacher and shiniang passed away, did they have any regrets or hatred?"

Ghost Li hesitated, slowly shook his head.

Zhou Yixian smiled said, "Then this is it, you should be happy for them, dying without regrets, isn't this the best ending for them?"

Ghost Li looked up at Zhou Yixian, his lips slightly moving, his expression confused.