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Chapter 234: Despair

 Chapter 234 - Despair

Qing Yun Hill, Small Bamboo Valley.

This was already the third day that Tian Buyi's body was sent back by Ghost Li but perplexingly, Suru was still preventing the Big Bamboo Valley disciples from reporting the grievous news to fellow branches, this not only made Song Daren and the rest from feeling bewildered while grieving but even Ghost Li also felt strange.

Just that, nobody dared to bring up this matter to Suru, Suru keeping vigil over her husband's body in Observed Silence Hall which was protected using Taoism celestial magical weapon, her face of sorrow and grief, was enough to stop them. And there were only a number of people in Big Bamboo Valley, they had always been low-key, if there wasn't any important matter, no one would come to this secluded summit, therefore when Big Bamboo Valley held vigil in the Observed Silence Hall for three days, no one in Qing Yun sect actually discovered it.

However on this clear dawn, finally an outsider had came, quietly landed at the summit, white clothes like snow, floating celestially, it was Lu Xueqi.

Faint blue brilliant light flashed, propitious energy gently surrounding, Tianya in her fair hand quietly shone. Lu Xueqi looked around, only saw lush greenery mountains and rivers, peaceful as usual, nothing seemed abnormal, but ahead on both sides of the Observed Silence Hall, two white mourning curtains hung, revealing the sorrow in this place.

She quietly glanced at the white curtains, walked towards Observed Silence Hall, not long discovered Song Daren and the rest in mourning garb, walking out from the hall, looking slightly strange and at the same time awkward.

Until they saw that it was Lu Xueqi and she was alone, Song Daren and the rest were visibly relieved.

Lu Xueqi cupped her hands in greeting, said, "Small Bamboo Valley's Lu Xueqi, met with Song senior brother and various senior brothers."

Song Daren, Wu Dayi, He Dazhi and the rest did not dare to neglect, each returned the gesture, following which Song Daren with a bitter laugh, said, "Why did Lu junior sister come over to our place here, this eh, we embarrassed ourselves."

There was no smile on Lu Xueqi at all, instead seriousness and sorrow were expressed, said, "Xueqi did not have any other intention by coming here, only wish to attend Tian teacher uncle's memorial service and visit Suru teacher aunt, could various senior brothers please convey the message, Xueqi will be extremely grateful."

Song Daren and the rest looked at each other, hesitated for a moment, Song Daren said, "Lu junior sister is too polite, to say too you are not considered an outsider, eh"

He suddenly paused, Lu Xueqi's face also had an inexplicable blush, Song Daren feeling some embarrassment, laughed and passed it off, said, "It's like this, shiniang she is not here now, this morning she went off by herself to the bamboo forest at the mountain rear, still"

He sighed, grief revealed on his face, quietly said, "Shiniang she is too grieved over the loss of teacher, this time she even brought teacher's body, told us that she is going to bury teacher by herself."

Lu Xueqi frowned, a trace of uneasiness brushed past her heart, this situation was even stranger than what she had expected before she came over, putting aside the question of not informing others, but not even notifying her own daughter Tian Linger and Suru was going to bury Tian Buyi herself?

The thought in her head flashed past, after a moment of hesitation, finally still turned to Song Daren and asked, "Then, then that person?"

Song Daren initially was lost but after looking at Lu Xueqi's expression, including He Dazhi who had always been quick-witted, pulled his sleeve and made an expression, he immediately understood, hesitated and said, "Little junior brother he has also gone to the rear mountain."

Lu Xueqi was surprised, looked up at Song Daren, Song Daren with a bitter laugh, said, "Shiniang doesn't allow us to follow, only called little junior brother to follow along."

Lu Xueqi was quiet, after a moment, she bowed to Song Daren and the rest, said, "Many thanks to various senior brothers, since it is so, I will not further delay all of you, I will come another day to offer my respect to Tian teacher uncle."

Song Daren and the rest returned the gesture, Song Daren hesitated for a moment, said, "Lu junior sister, this matter is rather complicated, still hope that you"

Without waiting for Song Daren to finish his words, Lu Xueqi already interrupted and said, "I know, Song senior brother please don't worry, Xueqi will definitely not mention a word to others."

Song Daren nodded, did not speak anymore, Lu Xueqi too did not speak anymore, turned and left.

Watching as that white figure left, Wu Dayi walked up and said, "Big senior brother, I guess she is most likely going to the mountain rear, will this be alright?"

He Dazhi indifferently said, "how would it be most likely, clearly this Lu junior sister is definitely going to the mountain rear to take a look. Today her arrival at Big Bamboo Valley, certainly is acting on Small Bamboo Valley Shuiyue Master's orders, if she doesn't check out shiniang's condition, it will be hard for her to report to Shuiyue Master when she returns."

Song Daren said, "It is also good that she goes over, I keep worrying these few days that something might happen because of shiniang but shiniang refuse to let us follow along and we cannot defy her orders. Although lao qi also went along but we all know that if shiniang asked lao qi to leave, with his character, he has always respected and revered shiniang, most likely he will also not defy. With this Small Bamboo Valley Miss Lu going over to take a look, it won't do any harm."

The rest heard it and all nodded and agreed, following which all were silent, Song Daren sighed, turned and walked back to the hall.

In the bamboo forest behind the main summit, at a glance, the scenery looked similar to Small Bamboo Valley, where the eyes laid, were all exuberant green bamboos, rustling and swaying with the wind. The sun set down, shone out a few rays of light in the bamboo forest, onto the ground.

On the thin leaves, numerous crystal beads congealed, smooth and shiny, like the most precious pearl.

Where Ghost Li was, for a moment he couldn't help but feel lost, many years ago, this was where he started his Big Bamboo Valley life, not knowing how many dawns and sunsets, he swung his knife to cut the trees, sweated out, at this secluded forest quietly logged, the years where he once felt dull, thinking of it now, was like a dream, however that tranquility that he once had, could never be found again.

The bamboos rustled in waves, the mountain breeze blew gently, just beside the ear.

He sighed in his heart, lifted off this thin meaningless sentiment, turned around and looked at Suru.

Tian Buyi's body laid not far, there was still Da Huang lying beside it. Every since Tian Buyi's body returned, this dog almost never left Tian Buyi.

Under Tian Buyi's body, there was not a single bedding, this seemed disrespectful to the deceased but from Ghost Li to Song Daren and even Du Bishu, no one dared to have the slightest doubt on Suru's actions.

However, although they would not be suspicious of Suru's grief but her actions, were really bewildering, Ghost Li wanted to ask but right now, Suru who was back facing him, looked as if a wall was there.

And at this moment, Suru spoke, said, "Why, you have something to tell me?"

Ghost Li was shocked and then hesitated for a moment, finally spoke in a careful way, said, "Shiniang, I have a few words, do not know if I should say."

Suru indifferently said, "Just say, I too know, those words, most likely it is not only you who think that way."

Ghost Li stiffened, he guessed that knowing his shiniang was an exceptional intelligent figure and seemed like even in her grief over her husband's demise, it did not affect her wits at all, Ghost Li coughed and said, "Shiniang, please pardon disciple being bold, disciple understands shiniang on teacher's demise"

His words stopped there, Ghost Li involuntarily glanced at Tian Buyi, his heart a spasm of pain before continuing on, "Just that, disciple beseech shiniang no matter what, not to take it too hard. Other than that, although shiniang is grieving but teacher's funeral affairs is better to make preparations in the early stage, furthermore Linger senior sister, whether it is in reason or emotions, she must be informed to come back and offer her respect to teacher."

Suru did not turn her head back, did not speak.

Ghost Li felt uneasy, lowered his head slightly, quietly said, "Shiniang, if there are any words which are spoken inappropriately, please do not be offended."

Suru shook her head, slowly turned around, looked at Ghost Li, said, "You have not said anything wrong, what you said are correct."

Ghost Li looked at Suru, surprised, Suru today dressed up differently from the past few days, although she was still in mourning garb but her face looked as if there was makeup, looked more vitality and revealed even more of her beauty, mesmerizing.

Ghost Li lowered his head, for a moment at loss at what to say, after a while, he said, "Shiniang, disciple still has a matter, to be as bold as to consult shiniang."

Suru indifferently said, 'You can speak."

Ghost Li said, "Teacher's demise, disciple and shiniang both are in mourning but teacher's body, it's really not appropriate to presumptuously move, and furthermore to this mountain rear."

Suru suddenly cut in, "Are you lecturing me?"

Ghost Li quickly shook his head, said, "Disciple do not dare!"

Suru glanced at him, did not speak but her expression slowly turned amicable, as if thought of something, suddenly her face showed a mournful expression, said, "Lao qi, do you know how many years your teacher and I have been married?"

Ghost Li was surprised, indistinctly felt shiniang's words contained a deep sorrow, although knowing it so, he did not know how to console, while worrying, he replied, "Disciple do not know."

Suru smiled, turned back, slowly sat down beside Tian Buyi, quietly said, "Actually not only you, even I myself have also forgotten, the time in these mountains, I spent it together with him, I am contented, how would I think how many years it has been? He always laugh at me for being silly, said in the future if our cultivation were not sufficient, unable to ascend to celestial and again enter into reincarnation, at that moment of life and death separation, not knowing what kind of scene would that be."

Her voice gradually became deeper, said, "I asked him, what was his thinking, he said he had no other request, if he were to leave earlier than me, as a cultivated person he did not want any grand funeral, not even a coffin, come naturally, leave naturally, he only hoped to be in the mountain ground behind the main summit, that was sufficient, so that he could keep watch day and night over the people in the mountain ahead and not be lonely."

Before she finished, tears were already flowing down her face.

Ghost Li clenched his teeth, unable to speak.

Da Huang's head lifted up slightly, looked at Suru and then crawled down again, its tail wagged slightly.

Suru looked at Tian Buyi for a long time, suddenly waved her hand, said, 'You can go down the mountain now, come back after an hour!"

Ghost Li was shocked, felt somehow reluctant, called out, "Shiniang"

Suru said, "What is it?"

Ghost Li hesitated, finally brought up his courage and said, "Shiniang, teacher's promise which was made with you while he was alive, we disciples naturally do not dare to defy, just that before teacher is buried, shouldn't we inform Linger senior sister"

Suru was quiet for a moment, said, "Fine too, you go down and inform Daren, let him secretly go to Longshou Valley and call Linger over!"

Ghost Li nodded, turned and left, when he reached the entrance stairs, he couldn't help but glance back, Suru sat beside Tian Buyi, her figure lonesome, made one really felt sad. His heart pained again, quickly turned around and did not dare to look again, walked on.

On his journey, his mind recalled the past few days scenes. Suru did not ask Song Daren and the rest to notify the other Qing Yun sect branches, this was already extremely strange, even Tian Linger was not allowed to be notified, this was not reasonable. Today in this way handling Tian Buyi's funeral affairs, although Tian Buyi had an agreement made but this was too sloppy.

Ghost Li sighed in his heart, shook it off, actually as a cultivated person, funeral affairs are not important, flesh, bone and skin, buried in the soil, would also not be a bad thing.

He thought of it like that quietly, didn't bother to fly, walked down the mountain path, not knowingly had reached halfway down the mountain. When he first came up the mountain, following behind big senior brother Song Daren and little junior sister Tian Linger to the rear mountain, how difficult it was to travel on this path, the past memories vivid, lingered in his heart.

But not knowing that Linger senior sister, how has she been all these years?

A faint bitter smile on his lips, he shook his head, and then, he suddenly stopped, looked ahead surprised.

On the path, a white figure suddenly appeared, quietly standing, in the morning light not a single trace of looking mortal, quietly watching him.

Ghost Li looked at her, both of them looked for a long time but yet had no words to say.

The mountain breeze blew over, ruffled her hair and clothes, moving with the wind.

Finally, it was Ghost Li who first spoke, "Why did you come here?"

Lu Xueqi quietly said, "My teacher instructed me to come and pay my respect to Suru teacher aunt."

Ghost Li quietly nodded, hesitated for a moment, said, "Shiniang is recovering at this mountain rear, just that right now she wished to be alone, instructed me to come back after an hour."

Lu Xueqi nodded too, said, "It's alright, I will just wait."

Ghost Li acknowledged, kept quiet, Lu Xueqi seemed at lost at what to say too, between the both of them, while it gradually became quieter, although both stood and did not move, the distance seemed to increase.

After a long period, Lu Xueqi softly said, "Are your injuries better?"

Ghost Li softly said, "Much better, " while speaking, he looked up at Lu Xueqi, said, "That day if it was not for you, I might not even be standing here, I should be thanking you."

Lu Xueqi was surprised, looked at Ghost Li, said, "That day I, I that sword"

Ghost Li suddenly interrupted, said, "Don't say it anymore."

Lu Xueqi's face dimmed, stopped and looked down.

Ghost Li seemed to be hesitating, and then continued, "Shiniang had talked to me about those matters, she said I have mistaken you, I am sorry."

Lu Xueqi's body shook, looked up, Ghost Li with sorrow on his face, was also looking at her, but even it was so, he still spoke every word slowly, "Shiniang's words, I naturally believed but teacher was after all my mentor who raised and taught me, I know maybe I am too selfish but I hope you can give me some time, I can too"

"I understand, I wait for you!" Lu Xueqi suddenly interrupted him.

Ghost Li was stunned, looked up at her, the beautiful lady who was biting her lips, tears as if in her eyes but in that instant her tensed body seemed to have relaxed, on her lips a faint smile and gratification.

Watching that emotional girl, his lips moved, a tenderness suddenly surged from the bottom of his heart, wanted to smile and said something to her, who knows at this moment, from the summit's bamboo forest behind them, a burst of dog barking was heard from the distant.

His body suddenly froze.

That was Da Huang, ever since Tian Buyi's body was returned, Da Huang had always been quietly beside his master's body, never barked loudly again, but at this moment, although faint from this distance but it sounded frantic, extremely despair, he had never heard before in his several decades.

What had exactly happened, that would make Da Huang howl hysterically?

The worry which had been buried deep inside his heart, suddenly gushed out, Ghost Li's face instantly turned pale, even his hands also started to tremble.

Lu Xueqi was also shocked, felt bewildered looking at Ghost Li's expression, asked in shock, "What is it?"

Ghost Li did not answer but his body trembling, abruptly bellowed, "Shiniang!"

He had already dashed back, like lightning, towards the bamboo forest.

Lu Xueqi was extremely intelligent, in an instant she understood vaguely, her face also turned pale, her body trembled, if it was because of Tian Buyi's death, Suru in her grief had some unfortunate event, how would Ghost Li be, she could not imagine, and how would they face each other, she totally could not imagine!

Watching that figure flashed back madly, she suddenly felt a never before helplessness, like a huge shadow shrouded beside her, she wanted to follow but her body and legs seemed to be trapped by an invisible force, unable to move at all. In her heart, she shouted with all her might, "No no"