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Chapter 233: Blood Omen

 Chapter 233 - Blood Omen

Qing Yun Hill, Small Bamboo Valley.

The mountain breeze blew past the lush bamboo forest, created waves of rustling, reverberated in the deserted quiet forest.

Wenmin looked up at the sky, saw the cloudless firmament, a stretch of azure, gave off a feeling of being transparent, she inhaled deeply, felt better but her footsteps never slowed, traversing the bamboo forest on a small path, soon she saw the small bamboo hut that Shuiyue Master meditated in.

She walked to the door, softly knocked on the door, said, "Teacher, I have returned."

Shuiyue Master's voice was heard, "Is it Min'er, come in!"

Wenmin pushed opened the door and walked in, the hut was not very big, after entering she saw Shuiyue Master sitting cross-legged on the bed, her eyes closed. She walked to the side and said, "Teacher."

Shuiyue Master slowly opened her eyes, glanced at her and saw that she was alone, said, "Why, didn't manage to find?"

Wenmin nodded, said, "Yes, I have been to Lu junior sister's place twice today but she is not there, I have asked the other sisters but no one saw her. Could it be that she has something to attend to and left the mountain?"

Shuiyue Master was expressionless, said, "Xueqi has always been sensible, if she is going to leave the mountain, she will notify me, you all are not able to find her, most likely..." her voice paused, seemed to think of something, changed the topic and said, "Since you are unable to find her, then forget it, anyway it's not anything important, you can go and practise your homework!"

Wenmin nodded, acknowledged and then bowed to Shuiyue Master before leaving the hut and gently closing the door.

Until Wenmin's footsteps outside the hut gradually faded, Shuiyue Master's calm face slowly surfaced a thoughtful expression, after a long time, she quietly sighed.

Sunlight shone in from the window, illuminating this exquisite and simple bamboo hut, Shuiyue Master came down from the bed and walked to the door, opened the door and walked out, leaving a stretch of silence in this small space.

The Full-Moon platform was the most secluded place in Small Bamboo Valley, on each clear full moon night, the scenery here was the most spectacular, it was said on a full moon night, the moonlight like water, reflected by this Full-Moon platform, was bright enough to illuminate the entire Small Bamboo Valley mountain range, it was really an amazing scene in the mortal world, it was also one of Qing Yun Hill's famous view.

For the past ten years, Lu Xueqi often in the deep of the night, danced with her sword to the moon, Shuiyue Master was Lu Xueqi's mentor who raised her up, teacher like mother, nobody understood Lu Xueqi's thoughts like her. After hearing that Wenmin was unable to locate her, after contemplating, she expected that Lu Xueqi most likely came to this secluded place.

On the way here, the bamboo forest became more luxuriant, at the same time, leaving further and further away from the bustling hall and buildings, although Shuiyue Master's abode was also at a secluded place but walking on this small path, hearing the bamboos rustlings unceasingly on both sides of the road, couldn't help but felt her heart empty.

She wondered if Lu Xueqi especially liked this place because of this feeling?

Shuiyue Master thought of that quietly in her heart, walked towards the platform. As expected, she had just stepped onto the platform, she saw that familar white figure quietly standing on the huge rock jutting out from the cliff, howling winds were heard unceasingly from the bottomless abyss, Lu Xueqi's white clothes also flapped and danced in the wind.

Tianya still in her hand, quietly emitted faint blue rays of propitious energy.

Shuiyue Master watched her back figure, after a period of silence, her eyes seemed to contain complicated emotions, constantly glimmering, after a long time, she gently coughed.

Lu Xueqi immediately was startled, it was daylight right now and never had any Small Bamboo Valley sisters came to this secluded area, now that there was someone here and the person was right behind her without her realizing it.

She whipped around and saw Shuiyue Master, Lu Xueqi was stunned and quickly drifted down from the rock, came before her teacher and bowed, "Teacher, why did you come here?"

Shuiyue Master's eyes contained some tenderness, pulled Lu Xueqi clothes and gently said, "The strong winds here contained harsh chill, although you have high cultivation but it is best not to face it for too long, it would not be good for you."

Lu Xueqi lowered her head, said, "Disciple understands, many thanks for teacher's concern."

Shuiyue Master glanced at her, let out a breath and said, "Do you holding some grudges against teacher in your heart?"

Lu Xueqi was shocked and said, "Teacher, why do you say that?"

Shuiyue Master indifferently said, "I told you this secret and allow you to leave the mountain, who knows Heaven is making a fool out of the people, after several obstacles, you instead had to kill that Big Bamboo Valley Tian teacher uncle who was controlled by Zhu Xiang ancient sword. And it had to be in front of that person."

Lu Xueqi's expression dimmed but only shook her head slowly, said, "Teacher, don't say it anymore, disciple have already thought it clearly in my heart. This is Heaven's will, teacher you yourself also did not expect it, moreover at the last moment on that day, Tian teacher uncle he was unable to speak but my heart clearly understood his intention, that sword, Tian teacher uncle also wanted me to do it."

Her voice paused, her expression suddenly revealed a desolate look, as if self-mocking, as if bitterly laughing, faintly said, "As for me and that person...disciple have never hoped, the sect rules and regulations, righteousness and justice like a mountain, I myself understand it very well. Big Bamboo Valley's Tian teacher uncle was his mentor who brought him up, he has always view him like his father, now that he is dead by my hand, if it were me, I would not be able to accept it."

Speaking until here, she quietly looked up, towards Shuiyue Master, smiled bleakly, "Teacher, you don't have to worry for disciple, I, I have really gotten over it!"

Shuiyue Master felt a pain in her heart, with her experienced sight, right now what Lu Xueqi was feeling, how could she not tell, just that this incident was really unexpected and did not have any room for remedy, in the past although she was firmly against this relationship, but right now at this moment, she did not have the heart to.

However, even though how much she did not have the heart to, in the end it was of no help, Shuiyue Master sighed softly, shook her head, gently said, "Xueqi, don't be too sad, don't neglect your health."

Lu Xueqi forced a smile, quietly said, "Teacher, you came over to this secluded place to look for me, is there any important matter?"

Shuiyue Master nodded, said, "That's right, there is indeed a matter, although trivial but it looked extremely strange, and after I pondered a few times, you are still the best person."

Lu Xueqi said, "What is it?"

Shuiyue Master glanced at her, said, "Actually it is still that secret. Ah right, that day you said after the unforeseen events, you personally sent Ghost Li and Tian Buyi's body to Big Bamboo Valley?"

Lu Xueqi heard the two words, Ghost Li, her face changed slightly but then nodded her head, firmly said, "Yes, that day he...that person was heavily injured. Although there was no immediate danger to his life but to bring Tian teacher uncle's body back by himself, it was really too strenuous, and this matter was not best to delay so disciple sent them. But after I sent them to Big Bamboo Valley and saw them landed, I left."

Shuiyue Master nodded and said, "That's right, that is the strange thing."

Lu Xueqi felt surprised, said, "What is it, teacher?"

Shuiyue Master faintly said, "Like what you said, two days ago, Tian Buyi's body was already sent to Big Bamboo Valley but until today, not a single distressing news was heard from Big Bamboo Valley."

Lu Xueqi was shocked, couldn't help but frowned.

Shuiyue Master clasped her hands behind, gazed far out, saw in the far clouds, Big Bamboo Valley appearing indistinctly.

After looking it for a long time, said, "Tian Buyi was after all Big Bamboo Valley's leader, his position not trivial, once the news is out, even sect head Reverend has to go over to pay his respect but Big Bamboo Valley kept the news secret, isn't it a very strange thing?"

She paused, turned and looked at Lu Xueqi, said, "Other than this, I have already quietly sent someone with an excuse to Long Shou Valley, discovered Tian Linger is still at Long Shou Valley, her own father's demise, she actually also knew nothing."

Lu Xueqi was quiet for a long while, said, "Disciple understands."

Shuiyue Master nodded, said, "You are extremely intelligent, I don't have to say more. Actually I am not suspecting anything, Suru is after all my junior sister, we are like real sisters, not acting for others, I am actually more worried about her, that she might do something silly but as long as Big Bamboo Valley do not announce the death, I as Small Bamboo Valley leader, it is not appropriate for me to visit, in addition this matter involves many hidden intricate details, it is not convenient to tell others too, so I have to let you go over one more time."

Lu Xueqi nodded, said, "Disciple understands, since it is so, if there is no other matter than disciple will go over now."

Shuiyue Master nodded, said, "Good too, be careful, if there is any unforeseen events, quickly come back and notify me."

Lu Xueqi acknowledged, bowed to Shuiyue Master, turned, Tianya lit up, she left with the sword, a sharp piercing sound in the air, she already transformed into a blue light, dashed into the sky.

Shuiyue Master watched Lu Xueqi's hurried figure, not like her usual calm self, she then knew that that stubborn infatuated disciple although appeared strong and claimed she had gotten over it but in her heart, she could never do that.

After staying silent for a long while, in the end she could only sighed, shook her head, turned and walked down the platform, walked straight ahead.

Thousands of miles away, Majestic Fox Mountain.

In the icy-cold chamber, cold chilly air still rising and twirling, that peaceful girl in green, was still lying quietly on that ice stone platform.

Youji with her face veiled, stood alone in the stone chamber, watched Biyao for a long time, softly sighed, carrying much helplessness.

In her heart, recently there were really too many frustrations, unable to comprehend, made her heart pained and also gradually made her perplexed.

First Ghost King seemed to totally changed into another person, from that resolute and decisive Ghost King, although currently he was still ingenious but his thirst for killing was getting heavier, only a few days, because a few matters did not follow his wishes, Ghost King had already killed several, among them even included a rather senior Ghost King sect elder.

And these small matters, if it was two years ago, Ghost King most likely would only laugh it off. Youji clearly felt that, in Ghost King sect, everyone was in fear, nobody knew when would it be their turn.

And what made Youji heart felt pain was, that day where she accidentally encountered Ghost King and Ghost Li fighting, although it was only a short fight but Youji was not an ordinary disciple, she was one of the four great holy envoys, Scarlet Bird, clearly saw, not knowing since when, there was already a deep scar between the two men, and Ghost King's moves, might not not have the intention to kill.

Her eyes dimmed, looked at Biyao, Biyao was still quietly sleeping. Even if it was for this respectful and beautiful girl, the two men managed to work together but what was it, after this ten years, they would arrive at such state?

Youji really could not imagine, if that day really comes, the two of them killing each other, what would be the result? And looking at it now, it might really happen.

"Men, humpf, men!"

Youji hatefully said that, terribly upset, when she looked at Biyao again, this was a child who she had always treated as her own, everytime she looked at her, she couldn't help but feel anguish.

Just when she was quietly contemplating alone, the thick door of the room made a deep sound, someone was opening it from outside.

Youji turned and looked, soon, Ghost King's figure was seen, slowly walking in and couldn't help but looked dazed.

Ghost King then saw Youji, nodded to her, said, "You are here too."

Youji coldly laughed, stared at Ghost King, did not speak.

Ghost King frowned, his eyes had a trace of anger, he now seemed to be easily angered, greatly different from what he used to be. Just that Youji was after all not an ordinary person, especially to his daughter, therefore Ghost King had always treated her differently. He could only say, "What is it?"

Youji snorted, coldly sneered, "Do you still remember you have a daughter lying here?"

Ghost King frowned, said, "What are you talking about, how can I not remember, I have only this child."

Youji solemnly said, "Then fine, why don't you tell me, how long have you not been here to visit Biyao?"

Ghost King was stunned, for a moment speechless, a guilty look flashed past his eyes, he softened and said, "It is my wrong, recently the sect has been busy, my mood was not good so I came less frequently."

Youji coldly said, "I really don't understand, not only you, even that Ghost Li, what exactly is it? Both of you seemed to have change a lot!" Speaking until the end, her tone slowly turned deep.

Ghost King did not seem to mind Youji's tone and after hearing Ghost Li these two words, his face sank, snorted and said, "The lad fails to see the larger issue, don't mention him in front of me!"

Youji saw his face, an indistinct anger, was about to say more but suddenly felt exhausted, for a moment felt downhearted, shook her head, said, "Forget it, forget it, up to you all, anyway you're on your own, I really can't handle and don't bother to care."

Speaking, she turned and walked towards the door, Ghost King watched her back figure, frowning, was about to speak but eventually did not.

As Youji's hand was about to reach the door, suddenly she paused, almost at the time, Ghost King seemed to sense something, both of his eyes had a sharp glint.

An invisible yet abundant formidable force, like a roaring turbulent huge tide, rolled past underneath their feet. Ghost King and Youji were both highly cultivated artists, for a moment their countenances changed.

Just that, Youji was shocked, Ghost King was indeed surprised and pleased, his eyes twinkled unceasingly.

Waves after waves of this force rolled past, slowly Youji clearly felt, the earth beneath was quaking slightly, and slowly increasing in force.

Her face pale, this sudden strange force, powerful beyond imagination, made one panic, it was not what a human could fight, in her shock she turned back, saw Ghost King's strange expression, both of his eyes bright and piercing, but did not know what he was thinking, only on his face, there wasn't much shock.

At this moment, this room which was covered with infinite thick mountain rock, indestructible icy chamber, emitted several cracking sounds in succession, as if something had cracked opened.

This time, both Ghost King and Youji's faces changed greatly.

In their shock, they quickly looked over, on the sturdy rock wall, a few short cracks appeared, from that, a few small pieces of stones fell, at the same time the earth beneath them, shook even more.

However fortunately, this strange force while tearing the sturdy rock walls, seemed to find an avenue to vent, not long both of them felt the mysterious force underneath them, swiftly weakened and soon disappeared.

Youji stood still for a long while, her brows frowning, if it was not for the few cracks on the walls, she almost thought it was just her imagination. Just that the cracks were like knives, carved realistically on the sturdy walls.

Youji turned towards Ghost King, for some reason, Ghost King only glanced at her and turned back, looked at Biyao.

"You know what this is all about?"

Youji suddenly felt a foreboding.

Ghost King slowly shook his head, indifferently said, "I do not know too, later on I will send someone to survey terrain carefully, see if it was an earthquake."

Youji was silent for a moment, said, "That should not be an earthquake, that burst of great force, like a turbulent sea tide, within it clearly a piercingly cold murderous energy, it was definitely not a natural disaster."

Ghost King was silent, after a moment said, "I will investigate this matter, you don't have to bother."

Youji stared at his back for a long time, her veil moved in the windless air, after a while, she did not speak anymore, turned and walked straight, opened the thick door and walked out.

The stone door after a rumble slowly shut, the cold chamber again descended into stillness. Looking at that peaceful and carrying a faint smile beautiful face, Ghost King's deep and sharp gaze finally slowly softened.

He quietly sat beside the stone bed, his eyes only Biyao, an unspoken yearning and anguish.

And it seemed almost only at this moment, when he was alone with his daughter, he would reveal some weakness.

However, who would know?

Or should say, even Ghost King himself, would he understand?

Nobody knew.

And outside this icy cold chamber, Youji who had only taken a few steps, stopped again, frowned and looked around.

Not knowing if it was because she was inside the sturdy and thick stone room, although she felt the strange force but the surrounding destruction was not apparent, of course, to be able to create cracks on the extremely sturdy solid walls, this force was something to be reckoned.

And outside the room, what she saw was the aftermath, ever since Ghost King sect started, in the intersected tunnels, everywhere was a mess, pieces of stones could be seen everywhere, urgent shouts were heard, some groaning in pain.

Obviously, that mysterious force had created a much larger destruction than expected in Majestic Fox Mountain.

And in the chaos, Youji also discovered another strange thing, in these well-ventilated tunnels, not knowing since when, there was a lingering faint smell of blood.

This blood stench not knowing from where, but seemed to be everywhere, no matter where she walked to, she could smell this. Although it was not that thick but Youji still felt very uncomfortable. However there were too many troubling matters today, she did not have the energy to look into this.

To her, she felt as if her chest was stuffed, regardless she wanted to dash out of this mountain, to take a breath of air outside. As she thought of that, she went ahead and did it.

Youji's figure soon vanished among the tunnels, just that that faint blood stench, seemed to be still quietly lingering...