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Chapter 229: Separation

 Chapter 229 - Separation


A sound which seemed to be released with much difficulty, hoarse and sluggish, Tian Buyi softly cried out, his body started to tremble but soon calmed down. Only his face, the indistinct dark energy, right now was so dark that it seemed to conceal his entire face.

Lu Xueqi's palms, suddenly were full of sweat.

And at that moment, she finally found the answer to the question which had been bothering her, why Tian Buyi looked like he had gained weight.

The long robe which appeared tight on Tian Buyi's body, now looked loose. Clearly Tian Buyi did not gained weight, his body was like usual, just that his clothes stretched tight. And right now, the back of his robe, tore open, slack down, also brought the truth, revealed before Lu Xueqi and Ghost Li.

A sword handle which looked extremely ancient, appeared out from the robe which was fluttering in the wind, it quietly lay there, stuck in Tian Buyi's back.

Ghost Li's entire body, started to tremble, even his lips, turned pale, trembled, he looked as if he wanted to shout out something, but when the words reached his mouth, there was no sound.

The intense fight just now, froze like that. Ghost Li and Lu Xueqi stared dumbfoundedly at Tian Buyi, as if they had forgotten there was still a terrible foe Reverend Daoxuan behind them. But Reverend Daoxuan did not make a move to attack them from the back, only a hint of smile on his lips.

A sneer.

A finger pointing like a knife, five slender hands suddenly twisted, the dark energy rotated around the finger, drifted along and then finally dispersed. And the reaction to this action, Tian Buyi made a groan, his body shook greatly, entire body as if being struck by lightning, his head abruptly lifted up to the sky, carrying a despair breath.

[Pa!] a quiet sound. Before Ghost Li and Lu Xueqi, Tian Buyi's chest, a stone-not-like-stone broken sword without its tip, stabbed out, revealing a severed sword blade.

Strangely, Tian Buyi did not bleed, not a drop of blood dripped out.

Zhu Xian!

This unparalleled and unrivaled ancient sword, had already penetrated Tian Buyi's body.

The dark energy on Tian Buyi's face seemed to have regained a new lease of life, totally revived, rampantly crawled all around, completely swallowed Tian Buyi's face. And Tian Buyi's head, slowly slacked down, drooped down to his chest. Following which, his body seemed to lose its energy, firstly the Scarlet Fire lost its light, left his hand and dropped down from mid-air. Closely following, the short and fat body which appeared numerous times in Ghost Li's memories, wavered a few times, finally fell from the sky.

Like, a meteorite which had burnt out, headed towards its last destination -- the earth.

Ghost Li trembled, his entire body was shaking, he once thought he was already strong enough to face all of the adversities in the world, but right now in this moment, he seemed to return to ten years ago, that despair like a savage devil beast berserk, again consumed him whole.


He made a heart-rending howl, disregarding everything and pursued, towards that falling body, towards that familiar figure. His speed was like lightning, before Tian Buyi hit the ground, he caught his teacher who cared and taught him from young.

Upon contact -- cold, without any vitality!

This was clearly a corpse which had been dead for many days, even the body's warmth was gone. Ghost Li hugged Tian Buyi tightly, his rough breathings became heavier, not knowing since when, his face was full of tears.

"Be careful!"

Suddenly, an urgent cry was heard from behind, Lu Xueqi's white figure came approaching swiftly. And in the mid-air, Reverend Daoxuan's hand had drawn a big circle, the deep low incantations, came to a stop.

Ghost Li's instinctively sensed a warning but he held onto Tian Buyi's hand, the deep grief, turbulent emotions in his heart suppressed his reasonings.

He did not let go.

This body, this person, raised him up, taught him skills and taught him to be a man, these several decades he had always looked at this person's back figure and lived, and walked, and moved forward...that voice and smile, each and every one engraved in his mind, now like thunder and lightning hit his mind, rendering him motionless.

How could he let go?

Zhu Xian ancient sword lit up, the glare instantly hurt his eyes, unable to see clearly ahead, the once familiar, many years ago smell, enveloped over.

In this critical moment, Lu Xueqi exerted all her efforts, rushed forward and pulled Ghost Li and fell to the side.


Like lightning shooting all around, instantly dispersed. The dazzling halo instantly restrained, Zhu Xian ancient sword heartlessly penetrated through Tian Buyi's chest, flew up and to Reverend Daoxuan. A powerful and slender palm stretched over, caught the sword handle. In that instant, the sky strangely darkened, even the few stars in the far horizon, were also swallowed into the dark clouds.

No blood, not a drop!

Ghost Li was as if he had lost his soul, at the same time all feelings, woodenly crawled, towards Tian Buyi, Lu Xueqi wanted to help him but her hands stopped halfway.

She suddenly rushed to Ghost Li, stopped him, her breathings were urgent, like a fear coming from deep in her heart, " look at Tian teacher uncle's hand..."

[Rumble!] in the horizon, a rumbling thunder sounded, in the thick dark clouds, it finally started to rain.

Just that this rain, was black color.

Following the thunder, the rain which gradually became heavier, a flash of lightning streaked past the dark firmament. In the mud, Tian Buyi's body, his hands, one of his fingers, twitched.

Ghost Li was stunned, the grief on his face had an uncontrollable joy! He shouted, "Teacher!"

He dashed over, to Tian Buyi, without any cares.

Lu Xueqi was pale, her eyes were much more clearer than Ghost Li, in her shock, she quickly stretched out to stop him but could only manage to catch his robe, [si] a sound tore it.

In the air, the dark energy surrounded Reverend Daoxuan, all of the wind and rain avoided him. His face looked savage, like a Devil Deity, arrogantly looking down at the mortals, as if their lives were in his hands.

The ancient sword in his hand, on its blade, a strange light flashed, reflecting on his face, increasing its mournfulness.

Ghost Li, like seeing a ray of hope in his despair, rushed up madly and did not notice at all, on Tian Buyi's face, not only the dark energy did not dissipated with his life force, instead it darkened, right now totally covered Tian Buyi's face.

And when Ghost Li rushed over, about to embrace his teacher and cried for joy, Tian Buyi's hands suddenly flipped over, instantly accumulating supreme power, like a huge hammer, slammed onto Ghost Li's chest.

Ghost Li's face in that instant froze.

The next moment, his body was thrown backwards, [pi pa] sounds were heard unceasingly. Tian Buyi's lifetime of skills in this hit, one could imagine. Ghost Li without any defence, in that instant nobody knew how many bones were broken, the internal organs of the body most likely all shifted positions, suffering heavy injuries. And it was because he had practised [Tian Shu] true way, including Tian Yin Temple Great Brahman Wisdom true way instinctively protected the body, he did not die on the spot. Even though it was so, he also flew out three zhangs away, he saw only darkness and stars, his chest so painful that he could feel nothing.

But in his mind, only a voice rang out: What happened to teacher? What happened to teacher?

"Ha ha ha ha..."

Shrill laughter sounds were heard from the sky, Reverend Daoxuan hovered in the air, laughing crazily, "Didn't you want to perish with me, didn't you want to eliminate the evil for the people? Why, letting you have a taste of this Zhu Xian ancient sword how is it? Ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha..."

Tian Buyi's body, slowly stood up, although his actions looked somehow slow but every movement, filled with strange power. The dark energy on his face was still raging, every time giving one a feeling of chill.

Tian Buyi's right hand slowly stretched out, suddenly five fingers stretched, the fallen Scarlet Fire sword lit up, next moment, flew back to his hand. And after Tian Buyi held the weapon, moved and headed towards where Ghost Li had fallen.

The black rain, became heavier, and faster!

[Cang lang!] Like dragons singing, TianYa was out, Lu Xueqi her face pale, stood before Ghost Li. Her chest heaving rapidly, the rain hitting upon her skin, her white clothes dirted, yet increased her beauty.

The rain fell onto the ground, turning the ground into mud. Ghost Li's mouth spilled out blood, dying his clothes red. Even his sound, also turned hoarse and he stammered, " happened to you?"

Tian Buyi did not seem to hear anything, the raging storm, did not have any effect on him, his body only woodenly faced the struggling Ghost Li on the ground and Lu Xueqi's pale determined face, slowly walked over. Every step filled with malevolent intention.


Thunder exploded, above them, even Reverend Daoxuan was also startled. The next moment, his expression, suddenly had an extremely strange change.

Like a lost expression, as if sleeping in a long dream, before becoming conscious, as if remembering something but yet could not catch it, unable to recall and was lost.

Like reflecting Reverend Daoxuan's strange reaction, the Zhu Xian sword's strange glint in his hand, also dimmed.


The shock of thunder like an enormous hammer, shook the firmament and the world, as if the deities in the sky, were also enraged.

And at this critical moment, Tian Buyi suddenly stopped, and the thick dark energy shrouding his face, seemed to lose its power source and receded slightly, revealing Tian Buyu's eyes.

A moment, how long was it?

Buddhism said Mt Meru in mustard seed, that instant eternal, it was originally ordinary but that moment of breath's time, what kind of instant would that be?

That pair of eyes, stared deeply at Ghost Li, watched him struggled in the mud, blood coming out from his mouth, shouting the two words, Teacher.

Scarlet Fire's light burned fiercely like fire!

Reflected in his eyes.

That instant, how long could it be?

Tian Buyi flung his head abruptly, using all of his strength, found where Lu Xueqi was, stared deeply.

The lightning flashed and thunder rumbled!

The storm was still raging!

Tian Ya celestial sword released faint blue light, hovered within the storm.

Lu Xueqi's gaze, at that instant, met Tian Buyi!

Like rumble, like lightning flashed, like wild storm, like huge waves, she clearly saw, that turbulent thing like huge waves was in that pair of eyes, staring deadly at her, like limitless, in the end only transformed into silence!

The next moment, Lu Xueqi turned white, even her lips, also turned translucent.

The shock of thunder passed, Reverend Daoxuan shook slightly, the lost expression gone, and almost at the same time, Zhu Xian's strange glint again resumed.

On the earth, the storm was still screaming. Tian Buyi's eyes, once again, shrouded by the mediocre dark energy.

His steps, heavily stepped onto the mud, spraying the dirty water everywhere, every step, heading towards the original goal.

Murderous air heavy!

Sinister murderous intention!

"Tian, Tian teacher uncle..." Lu Xueqi for some reason, her voice turned extremely abstruse, indistinctly carrying a trace of grief, said, "Don't come over, please don't come over anymore..."

Ghost Li supported himself up with his arm, looked up, but halfway up, he collapsed again into the mud, the mud splattered onto his face but he could no longer feel it.

He could only struggled to lift up his head, watched his resurrected teacher, walking step by step towards him.

The Scarlet Fire burning fiercely, not knowing whose spirit and blood veins it was burning on.

In the storm, Tian Buyi approached. Lu Xueqi, clutching Tian Ya, trembling, her face turned paler.

"Tian teacher uncle...stop, stop!"

Replying her was, Scarlet Fire celestial sword.

The burning fire cleaved down from the top, instantly the rain water within three chi totally dried up. Tian Buyi after being controlled by some mysterious spell, his skills did not decline instead advanced.

Lu Xueqi with difficulty raised Tian Ya to block, [Zheng] a sharp sound, she, together with the sword was thrown off by the great force, like a broken kite before Ghost Li dropped down, landed behind Tian Buyi.

Between the teacher and disciple, there was no longer any obstruction.

Tian Buyi stopped, slowly raising Scarlet Fire. Ghost Li although lay there strengthless but his eyes were opened wide, staring at Tian Buyi. Only Tian Buyi's face was covered in black, unable to see his expression.

The wind and rain raged on, heaven and earth mournful.

Suddenly, Tian Buyi with a bellow, Scarlet Fire exploded with light, struck down at Ghost Li. Ghost Li did not avoid, actually he couldn't avoid too, his mouth slightly agape, not knowing what he was shouting, just that that bit of sound, was totally covered by the burning storm brought by Scarlet Fire.

[Rumble!] In the firmament, again a shock of thunder!

The mortal world was pierced through by a flash of lightning, that instant illuminated this dark heaven and earth.

Tian Buyi's action, suddenly froze, the Scarlet Fire stopped only one chi above Ghost Li's head. Ghost Li could even clearly feel, that scorching fire was about to incinerate him.

But it did not!

Tian Buyi stopped totally, the bright fire, also quietly, receded bit by bit. At Tian Buyi's body, at where his heart was, a sharp sword tip was revealed.

Glowing with faint blue, the ceaseless propitious energy from Tian Ya celestial sword, once again penetrated Tian Buyi's body and heart.

The storm cut like knives, hitting upon the person behind Tian Buyi, disarray hair sticking close to the skin, innumerable water beads dripping down the face, her face like death, entire body shaking.


In that instant, three shocks of thunder struck through the firmament in succession, all either left or right of Reverend Daoxuan, Reverend Daoxuan had a great shock, suddenly entire body curled up, agony revealed on his face. The next moment he cried out to the sky, turned into a dark light, as swift as lightning, left.

On the great earth, Ghost Li once again in shock, looked dumbfoundedly at his teacher's chest, that sharp sword tip sticking out.

Without any blood, not a drop!

[Dang!] The Scarlet Fire lost its light, like a useless copper metal fell onto the ground. Ghost Li's eyes twitched, his body trembling.

Following which, Tian Buyi's knees slackened, slowly knelt and fell into the mud, just before Ghost Li. The dark energy swiftly scattered but there was still a faint layer on his face, lingering.

Lu Xueqi clutching TianYa, also started to shake but she did not hesitate, only closed her eyes. The next moment, TianYa's faint blue light lit up, with its thousand years of propitious righteous energy, drop by drop emanated out from Tian Buyi's body, while chasing away the dark energy, at the same time enlarging more than ten times the wound on his chest.

"Argh...." Ghost Li cried out hoarsely, like a despair wild beast, tears filled his face. With strength from nowhere, his heavily injured body, like a fish leapt up, pounced onto Tian Buyi's body, pulled him away from TianYa, and TianYa at the same time, expelled the last bit of dark energy.

Tian Buyi's familiar face, once again appeared in the storm.

His eyes were opened, not knowing if he had never closed them.

Then, his lips moved, facing Ghost Li, smiled.

Lu Xueqi standing behind him, seemed to exhaust all of her strength, her knees weakened, fell sitting into the mud.

Ghost Li looked at the wound at Tian Buyi's chest, his heart knew, his mentor who raised him up, had already reached the end of his life, there was already no hope.

"Why, why..." He cried out heart-wrenchingly, rain or tears on his face, no longer able to differentiate. This time, he was facing Lu Xueqi, his body struggling in the mud, to crawl over and question her.

But a pair of trembling hands, stopped him, this hand was strengthless and frail but Ghost Li immediately turned back. Ghost Li breathing heavily, his lips trembling, hoarsely crying, "Teacher, teacher..."

Tian Buyi looked at him, his breathing delicate, like struggling to use his final last strength in this broken body, told Ghost Li, "Don't...don't blame...her, don't blame...her!"

Ghost Li stretched out his hand, grabbed Tian Buyi's hand tightly, what he felt, was only coldness.

He could no longer control, cried loudly, in this storm night, wailing unceasingly, repeating only two words:

"Teacher...teacher..."Ghost Li struggled to go near Tian Buyi, tears dripping onto Tian Buyi's hand.

"After I die, bring my body...back to Big Bamboo...Valley, hand over to your...Shi Niang..."

[Translator note: Shi Niang is teacher's wife]

Ghost Li nodded hard, his face twisted, his body couldn't stop shaking. Tian Buyi under his watch, his breathing turned more and more urgent, his voice getting softer:

" must...persuade her, don' upset...don't do...silly...things ah, ah..."

The last word, Tian Buyi's voice suddenly was pitch-high and then stopped abruptly, the hand which was clutching Ghost Li, dropped down.

Ghost Li stunned, his trembling body also stopped, froze on the spot.

The soughing chilly storm, was actually that bone-penetrating cold, directly penetrating deep into the soul.

Not knowing how long it had passed, he could only muttered and called out, "Teacher..."

And then, darkness before his eyes, fainted beside Tian Buyi's body.