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Chapter 227: Reunite

 Chapter 227 - Reunite

Tian Buyi heaved a long sigh, revealing a smile on his face.

Lu Xueqi afterall was a thoughtful person, silent for a moment, looking at Tian Buyi, said, "Tian teacher uncle, what you meant just now, is saying he...can return to Qing Yun?"

Tian Buyi snorted, said, "Ten years ago at Qing Yun Hill the truth was revealed, lao qi walked out, after the incident I have thought about it over and over again, and I feel that lao qi has nothing to do with it, he did not do anything wrong at all and in the end just like that a strange combination of factors, without rhyme or reason was kicked out of Qing Yun. In my whole life I have only taken in seven disciples, although every one of them is good-for-nothing but if you want me to just shrug it off, addledly take it as if I have never taken in this disciple, wash my hands off it, that is also absolutely impossible."

Lu Xueqi, like someone being in the dark for a very long time and suddenly saw a weak ray of light at the end of the tunnel, right now was really surprised and happy.

Tian Buyi continued, "I also know that if I really do this, most likely there would be many obstacles but over these ten years I have always observed lao qi, it's considered at least his conscience is still there and I have not heard about him doing any atrocities act against the Heavens."

Lu Xueqi hurriedly added, "That's right, I have also observed but after he has joined the Evil Sect, never heard about his evildoing..."

Speaking until the end, she discovered Tian Buyi was looking at her with a face that was smiling or not smiling, her face turned red and her voice dropped.

Tian Buyi nodded, said, "You are also considered sincere, these ten years, I guess you must not have it easy too."

Lu Xueqi was silent.

Tian Buyi coughed a few times, he seemed breathless and then said, "Anyway, as long as he still acknowledge me as his teacher, then his affairs, no" he glanced at Lu Xueqi, smiled and said, "the both of your affairs, I will definitely would not do nothing."

Lu Xueqi gently bit her lips, after a moment, looked down and quietly said, "Disciple thanks teacher uncle."

Tian Buyi nodded but involuntarily burst out coughing, as if while the impromptu chats made him happy but he also looked tired, and the indistinct dark look on his face, seemed to have darkened.

Lu Xueqi couldn't help but feel worried, said, "Tian teacher uncle, you better don't speak too much now, better meditate first!"

Speaking, she looked up at the sky, said, "Looking at the sky, I think there is at least four hours before daybreak, and then I will hurry to Qing Yun Hill and inform teacher and Suru teacher aunt."

Tian Buyi nodded, again closed his eyes.

Lu Xueqi breathed deeply, again calmed her erratic heart and also closed her eyes, at the same time, at the corner of her lips, a faint smile quietly revealed.

That belonging to her, the tiny smile of happiness!

In the far horizon, a faint star peaked out of the heavy clouds, like a young girl innocent eyes, the next moment, the breeze blew past, a dark cloud drifted over, and again covered it.

Under the clouds, two faint light shadows streaked past the sky, heading over this direction.

Zhou Yixian leading Xiao Huan and Wild Dog Taoist hurriedly left this morgue which to them, was a jinx, and came to the main path.

Zhou Yixian although old, his pace right now was even quicker than a young chap, Xiao Huan and Wild Dog Taoist even felt hard to catch up.

After walking for a long time, the main road ahead of them gradually appeared before them, Xiao Huan who was walking somehow breathlessly, angrily said, "Grandpa, aren't you tired, why are you walking so fast?"

Zhou Yixian looked at the main path ahead and again looked back at the direction of the morgue which had already vanished, then let out a sigh, stopped and said, "What do you know, this time we are really blessed, escaped from death, if we still don't know what's good for us and stay far from that morgue, then wouldn't we be looking for trouble?"

Xiao Huan was surprised, thought about her experience in the morgue these past few days, especially that mysterious evil person, she really felt fear in her heart, shook her head and said, "Didn't expect that at the foot of Qing Yun Hill, there is actually such a powerful evil person."

Zhou Yixian sneered, said, "If it wasn't at Qing Yun Hill foot, I doubt you will see it!"

Xian Huan and Wild Dog Taoist were stunned, said, "What?"

Zhou Yixian frowned, as if he had suddenly recalled something and slipped his mouth, looked left and right, waved his hand and said, "Alright, we better leave here fast, it's better to enter the city earlier, we would not be afraid once we are at a densely populated place."

Xiao Huan looked at Zhou Yixian strangely, Zhou Yixian ignored her instead and walked ahead, Xiao Huan walked faster and wanted to ask him more, Zhou Yixian suddenly coughed, looked at the sky said, "Xiao Huan, look, the sky tonight looks good..."

Xiao Huan cut him off, "In this moonless windy and eerie night, you still dare to say the night looks good?"

Zhou Yixian coughed twice drily, quickly walked forward again, Xiao Huan stared at her grandfather's back with suspicion, felt that Zhou Yixian was not being totally honest.

The three of them walked, suddenly from behind them a gust of wind was heard, a black figure was swiftly catching up with them from the back.

The three of them were shocked, in that moment they were thinking of the same thing: could it be in this short moment of time, that devil person had actually caught them up?

The three of them looked back and was stunned, the visitor was also dressed in black but he was not that mysterious evil person, it was that shaman demon whom they had just saw not long ago.

The shaman demon obviously also saw them, just that he did not mind and did not slow down when he went past them, clearly he too wanted to be away from this place.

However, when he was about to go past them, suddenly a lady's voice was heard, "Wait."

The shaman demon was surprised and stopped, turned back and saw among the three of them, the two men were looking in shock at the lady standing in-between them, and the lady also looked surprised, was speechless at the moment.

The shaman demon assessed Xiao Huan, said, "Miss, did you call me?"

Xiao Huan hesitated and said, "Yes."

The shaman demon said, "What is the matter?"

Xiao Huan paused, her shout earlier was not for any other reason, subconsciously she felt that this person was too similar to her mysterious teacher, if it's not for the fact that their auras were different, the shaman demon did not have Mr Ghost's unique ghastly aura, she almost wanted to greet him as her teacher.

But when the shaman demon asked her like this, Xiao Huan did not know where to start and after pausing for a while, she awkwardly said, "This...Sir, do you know someone, who dressed exactly like you?"

The shaman demon was taken aback, shook his head said, "I don't."

Xiao Huan frowned, about to speak, Zhou Yixian instead pulled her to his back, smiled to the shaman demon and said, "This sir, young lady here do not know the ways of the world, please don't mind."

Speaking, he glared at Xiao Huan, pulled her and walked away, Wild Dog Taoist saw them leaving, also hurried along, Xiao Huan looked embarrassed but she still trying to be brave, said, "Grandpa, what are you doing?"

Zhou Yixian snorted said, "Why are you looking for trouble?"

Xiao Huan's voice became smaller, secretly turned and looked at the shaman demon, saw that he was still standing there, couldn't help but whispered to Zhou Yixian, "But they really look alike..."

Zhou Yixian couldn't be bothered, grabbed her tighter and strided towards the main path. Watching the three of them leaving far, the wind still carried indistinct Xiao Huan's grumbling, the shaman demon felt bewildered, after a long time, made a wry laugh, shook his head and was about to leave.

However he had just moved when he suddenly whipped around, faced the direction of the morgue, both of his eyes had sharp glints, watching intensely.

Following his line of vision, in the far horizon, two figures could be seen indistinctly pursuing each other, right in the direction of the morgue.

The shaman demon hesitated for a moment, finally dismissed his curiosity, shook his head and turned around, drifted off.

His instinct told him, that morgue was definitely not a good place, better not to go near it!

And right now in the abandoned morgue, it was still shrouded in an air of silence, Lu Xueqi slowly opened her eyes, clear and bright gaze swept around, the surroundings was quiet, there was nothing abnormal, she was relieved.

Tian Buyi was still as usual, his eyes closed and sitting cross-legged at the stone stairs, at times the night breeze blew past, but for some reason, his clothes were not touched, as if the wind, detoured around him.

Lu Xueqi felt something amissed, her brows slowly tightening, her eyes were on Tian Buyi's body. After looking at it for a while, that suspicion in her eyes, seemed to deepen.

When she rescued Tian Buyi from that coffin, Lu Xueqi already realized that this Big Bamboo Valley Tian teacher uncle whom she had not seen for a long time, was much plumper in size but the shape of his face did not change, his short and fat body was at least two times bigger than previously, and looking at it right now, his clothes appeared tight.

However, for some reason, although Tian Buyi had always been fat but Lu Xueqi felt that this fatness was somehow wrong but she couldn't put a finger to it and started to feel worried. Even though she had used her powers which secretly contained Tian Shu's amazing power and broke the coffin's confinning spell but in that few attacks, she was much stunned by the strange evil power that incarcerated Tian Buyi, the might and danger of the evil power, was something she had never encountered before.

Thinking of that, Lu Xueqi felt she should clarify with Tian Buyi, turning around and was about to speak but she didn't expect at this moment, Tian Buyi suddenly opened his eyes, both eyes sharp, but he was not looking at Lu Xueqi, instead with his face slightly twisted, he was staring at the night sky as black as ink.

Lu Xueqi felt a chill in her heart, stood up and looked up, the next moment, her body shook.

In the dark firmament, a dark figure flying down swiftly, his body covered by a ball of dark energy, before he reach, the turbulent evil power seemed to have already gushed over.

Tian Buyi slowly stood up.

Lu Xueqi felt her mouth going dry, whispered, "Is it him?"

Tian Buyi slowly nodded, his deep voice said, "It's him."

Lu Xueqi's eyes never left that dark figure, only a light sigh and did not speak anymore. Only TianYa in her hand, streaks of light rotated, slowly extended.


A whistle in the wind, the dark figure descended from the sky, landed in the morgue and then saw Tian Buyi and Lu Xueqi standing at the entrance, was stunned but there was no fear, the next moment [ze ze] strange laughing sounds were heard.

Lu Xueqi looked carefully, that person was covered completely by a thick swirling dark energy, his face nor his figure could be seen clearly, and by his weird laughter, she could not tell whether this voice belonged to her amiable and discreet sect head teacher uncle.

That mysterious person assessed Tian Buyi and Lu Xueqi with a few glances, finally at TianYa, suddenly said, "It was her who got you out?"

Tian Buyi snorted but did not answer, only glanced a few more times at the dark energy surrounding the person, his eyes full of fury, could not help but stepped forward.

Lu Xueqi was expressionless but also stepped forward two steps in another direction, both she and Tian Buyi formed a horn formation, facing that mysterious person.

Tian Buyi's skills need not be explained, and Lu Xueqi, with her current skills, she could sing her own praises, but that mysterious person's arrogance, totally did not regard them at all, instead laughed out and that laughter was hoarse and deep, in this late silent night, ringing out in the abandoned morgue, sounded like ghost wailing.

"Tian Buyi, you still dare to fight with me?"

Tian Buyi awe-inspiringly said, "You have already descended deeply into evil, I can only fight."

That person coldly laughed, said, "You said I have descended into evil, how do you know it is not you who is in the dark?"

Tian Buyi raised his right hand, immediately light swirled, his magical weapon Scarlet Fire was already at his hand, like fire burning in his hand, he drawled, "This 'Xuan Yin Ghost Energy' on your body, how many innocent lives and spirits it had taken, what's more to say?"

'Xuan Yin Ghost Energy' these four words were heard by Lu Xueqi, her countenance changed. What she knew was that this Xuan Yin Ghost Energy strange evil skill, was not from Evil Sect, instead was the long lost Ghost Way skill, formed completely out of black art collecting living humans essences and spirits, one could imagine how sinister it was.

But this kind of evil skill, why was it on this person, it was really inconceivable!

A stir was seen in that mysterious person's dark energy, a few cold laughters was heard again, as if he wanted to speak but again stopped, turned slightly and looked at the sky.

Tian Buyi and Lu Xueqi also sensed something, looked over and their countenances changed.

In the air, a figure descended, his flight like lightning, before he reached, a gust of strong wind was felt, the smaller stones on the ground suddenly to tremble, with such a might, one could imagine the person's cultivation.

This night, the morgue actually was a gathering of influential figures, different figures came in a continuous stream.

Just that, what's more in life, was the ripples after coincidental encounters.


Different from that mysterious person, although the momentum was powerful but when the person landed, it was done with ease, a sharp whistle broke the silence, with only half a turn quietly, without any other sounds he stood firmly, turned and looked at the scene.

The next moment, he was stunned.

Lu Xueqi was stunned too.

Tian Buyi was stunned too.

Like a surge of hot blood, burning in his chest fiercely, Ghost Li's body could not help but waver, before him, less than one zhang away, a short and fat man stood there, although his complexion looked somehow ashen, his body strangely swollen but no matter what Ghost Li could still recognize him at first glance.

This was someone who raised him up, taught him skills, the teacher whom he most revered Tian Buyi.

He slightly opened his mouth but there was no sound, it had been ten years, as if thousands of words in him, at this moment, yet turned into silence.

Tian Buyi stared intently at Ghost Li, no, who cared about that damm Ghost Li, the person he was looking at, was only his branch's numbered seven good-for-nothing disciple, that Zhang Xiaofan.

Ten years not seen, the young disciple was no longer young, even his hairline had indistinct grey hairs, most likely these ten years, he must not have it easy too! Tian Buyi too had thought of meeting this Qing Yun disciple who was kicked out again, he even thought of the lashing he would give and then a speech of earnest teachings, hoping he would turn back.

But right now, maybe he was really old, the dressing down speech he had thought of, not one he could speak, his trembling lips in the end, could only turn into a faint smile and then gently called out,

"Lao qi!"

Ghost Li's mind, had a ringing sound, this simple two words, seemed to collapse the wall in his heart, all of his past in front of him, the lush beautiful Big Bamboo Valley, the bamboos rustling sounds moving with the wind.

He was stunned, stood in a daze, his body slightly trembling, even Xiao Hui on his shoulder, was strangely quiet.

His throat like being burned, but had a feeling of warmth that was not felt for many years, not so long ago, that was his most precious memory.

Right now, that person, stood there, calling him.


Instantly, like returning to the past, that carefree ordinary young man, for that agitation burning in his chest like fire, he called out.

Tears at the corner of his eyes.

Quietly flashed.