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Chapter 226: Intention

 Chapter 226 - Intention

Sounds of coughing were heard from beside, it was not very loud but it sounded pressing, Lu Xueqi and the rest looked towards the direction and saw it was Tian Buyi who was sitting on the stone steps, coughing incessantly with pain revealed on his face.

Lu Xueqi frowned slightly, worry revealed in her eyes, with Tian Buyi's cultivation, he had already reached a level where illnesses would not touch him, not even this slight coughing, evidently Tian Buyi's body was hurt somewhere.

Lu Xueqi was silent, Xiao Huan who was standing at the side, quietly walked over.

Tian Buyi was surprised, looked at Xiao Huan, Xiao Huan smiled and said, "This...senior, thank you for saving us three."

Tian Buyi smiled, spoke in his tiredness, "It's just a small matter, don't have to mention it, but this is not a good place and not for you to stay here for long, if there isn't any other matters, better leave here fast!"

Zhou Yixian nodded in succession, said, "Yes, yes, he is very right, Xiao Huan, we better hurry leave!"

Xiao Huan rolled her eyes at her grandfather, said to Tian Buyi, "Senior, are you feeling alright, is there anything I can help you with?"

Tian Buyi shook his head, said, "I am fine, you all can leave, if not if that person comes back, you all might not be that lucky again to escape."

After speaking, a dark colour indistinctly flashed past his plump face, his face again revealed pain and started to cough again, his voice also turned rougher.

The shaman demon who was standing alone by himself, his eyes kept staring at Tian Buyi, watched all of his actions, on his face which was veiled, only a pair of eyes revealed a thoughtful look.

Xiao Huan could not resist Zhou Yixian's urging, at the same time after confirming that there was nothing she could help with, she bided her farewell to Tian Buyi with a nod and then followed Zhou Yixian and Wild Dog Taoist out.

However, only after a few steps, she could not help but glanced at the shamen demon, she seemed to discover something and was surprised, spoke to Zhou Yixian, "Grandpa, look at that person, why is he dressed the same as my...that teacher?"

Zhou Yixian's first reaction was, "What!" and paused, he squinted and assessed the shaman demon, said, "The world is really full of weird people and things, can't say for sure there are a few that are similar to your...that teacher who is acting mysteriously, don't bother about him, we better hurry up and leave!"

Xiao Huan acknowledged and followed but she could not help and took another look, the shaman demon did not notice Zhou Yixian and them, stood there quietly and watched Tian Buyi.

Soon, Zhou Yixian, Xiao Huan and Wild Dog Taoist left the abandoned morgue, the place which already appeared desolate, immediately became even more cold and cheerless, Tian Buyi and Lu Xueqi's attention, soon came to that mysterious black-attired man.

Tian Buyi indifferently said, "Does mister still has matters here?"

The shaman demon was silent for a moment, his eyes from Tian Buyi to Lu Xueqi and finally back to Tian Buyi, then, he looked like he wanted to say something but eventually did not say a single word, his figure floated backwards, silently merged into the night darkness.

The night breeze blew from afar, chilling, in the entire morgue, there was not sound, not even the usual insects' cries in the wilderness, a dead silence.

Lu Xueqi for some reason, felt a moment of uneasiness.

Tian Buyi looked up, watched for a long time, seemed to be pondering.

Lu Xueqi did not know the reason for his deep thoughts and so did not dare to disrupt, but after a while, there was still no movement from Tian Buyi, worried about his health condition, was about to enquire when Tian Buyi suddenly lowered his head, followed by a series of coughing that was even more intense than previous.

Lu Xueqi was taken aback, was at a loss and could only ask, "Tian teacher uncle, are you alright?"

Tian Buyi coughed for a while before ceasing, finally caught his breath. He slowly waved his hand, gesturing that he was fine.

Lu Xueqi could not help but say, "Tian teacher uncle, we are not far from Qing Yun Hill, I think we better return to Qing Yun first, let's make plans after meeting the various senior teachers!"

Tian Buyi frowned, seemed to recall something, turned and said to Lu Xueqi, "This period when I am away, Big Bamboo Valley and your teacher aunt Suru, are they all alright?"

Lu Xueqi nodded and said, "All are fine, just that everyone did not know where did you disappear to and so are very anxious about it."

Tian Buyi smiled, looked like one of his main concern was assured, but in that smile, there was a trace of bitterness.

Lu Xueqi saw it, hesitated and probed carefully, "Tian teacher uncle, just now those people were talking about you fighting with a evildoer, who is that person?"

Tian Buyi glanced at her, his brows tightened, did not speak.

Lu Xueqi met his glance, suddenly discovered on this Tian teacher uncle's face, other than exhaustion, there was a trace of dark energy which was not supposed to be there.

Could it be that strange evil spell which incarcerated him had damaged his energy channels? Lu Xueqi worried in her heart but before her, there was another urgent matter which she could not ignore.

She hesitated and finally quietly asked Tian Buyi, "That it sect head teacher uncle DaoXuan?"

Tian Buyi was shocked, sharp glint suddenly shot out of his eyes, coldly said, "What did you say?"

Lu Xueqi hurriedly spoke, "Disciple before leaving the mountain, was confided in by my mentor, the past event where she and Tian teacher uncle, Suru teacher aunt in the Founders Ancestral Hall."

Tian Buyi was stunned but eventually he calmed down, after a long time, he heaved a long sigh and said, "Didn't expect ShuiYue would actually tell you."

Lu Xueqi said, "It is because sect head teacher uncle DaoXuan and Tian teacher uncle both of you disappeared at the same time, Qing Yun sect was in a chaos and she was extremely worried teacher uncle DaoXuan would be taken over by the demons in his heart, Xiao Yicai from the most senior branch yet was clearly unaware of this and so was forced to make a decision there and then, that she would take control of Qing Yun's affairs and instructed disciple to leave the mountain and search for both of you."

Tian Buyi, silent for a moment, said, "If you discovered Reverend DaoXuan at the foot of the mountain and if he really had turned into what your teacher feared, did ShuiYue tell you, what you should do?"

Lu Xueqi turned slightly pale, it was as if this secret to her, was an extremely huge responsibility, under the stare of Tian Buyi, she inhaled deeply and resolutely said, "Before disciple left the mountain, had visited Tong Tian Peak Founders Ancestral Hall with mentor, before Qing Yun ancestral tablets, made a solemn vow: If things are really as so, for the sake of Qing Yun sect's thousands of years of reputation, disciple would go and fight till death, definitely would not have mercy and never reveal this matter for the rest of my life."

Tian Buyi looked deeply at Lu Xueqi, at the end nodded and only sighed heavily, "Although I don't like ShuiYue but I have to say, she has really produce a good disciple."

Lu Xueqi was expressionless, lowered her head and said, "Tian teacher uncle you flattered me."

Tian Buyi faintly said, "In the second generation of Qing Yun sect disciples, there are more than a thousand people, looking at a glance, how many could take on such heavy responsibility, ai..." He was silent for a moment and continued, "Your assumption is right, the person whom I had engaged in a fight a few days ago, is indeed your sect head teacher uncle DaoXuan."

Although Lu Xueqi was already expecting it but to hear it from Tian Buyi, she could not help but shook, after a long time, she quietly said, "Then...then sect head teacher uncle his body..."

Tian Buyi snorted, shook his head, sighed and said, "His feet are already deeply immersed in mud, unable to free himself."

Lu Xueqi was silent.

Tian Buyi paused and continued, "The events in-between, are a long story but since you already know the whole story, I don't have anything to conceal from you. That day I first discovered clues of DaoXuan senior brother going astray, and so went up to Tong Tian Peak, in the end at the Founders Ancestral Hall, I discovered that he really...and then we had a fight in the hall, although he had turned over to the dark side but he was still highly skilled, eventually I was caught by him."

Lu Xueqi was secretly alarmed, Tian Buyi and Reverend DaoXuan's skills, she was aware of their levels and also witnessed it before, these two Qing Yun sect high calibre figures fighting inside the hall, the intensity of the battle one could imagined, although right now Tian Buyi seemed to be making it an understatement but it was not hard to imagine the actual scene.

Tian Buyi made a bitter laugh and said, "That day when I went over, I was also prepared, if I could bring DaoXuan senior brother back, that would be the best, if I really had no choice, I could only put in my best effort to fight. When I and your teacher ShuiYue overheard this secret at the hall, Wan senior brother once said, when the person sinks into depravity, due to the evil penetrating the body, his vitality would be damaged and substantially decline, I of course know that DaoXuan senior brother is higher skilled than me, what I thought was, the most in the unfortunate event, I would perish with him. After all, this matter must never be leaked out."

Lu Xueqi could not help but feel revered, from the bottom of her heart said, "Tian teacher uncle's intention, the sun and moon would be witnesses, our ancestors will definitely bless and protect you."

Tian Buyi shook his head, said, "Who knows after I started to fight with DaoXuan senior brother, I found out that although the evil took him, his skills was still as powerful, after a few fights, I was still captured. Just that for some reason, he did not have the intention to kill me, instead brought me down and incarcerated me in this sinister abandoned morgue."

Lu Xueqi, reminded by his words, urgently asked, "Then Tian teacher uncle, are you hurt, you don't look well?"

Tian Buyi was surprised, did not understand her meaning and then comprehended and with a self-ridicule tone, said, "Whoever being stuffed in that coffin, and for so many days, naturally would not look good."

Lu Xueqi frowned, still felt uneasy but could not put a finger to it, could only remain silent.

Tian Buyi glanced at her, said, "This matter more or less now you know it, what are your plans now?"

Lu Xueqi frowning tightly, said, "Would like to ask Tian teacher uncle, then... teacher uncle DaoXuan where is he now?"

Tian Buyi shook his head said, "After he descended into the evil, his actions and plans could not be predicted, most of the time he abandoned us, only returning after several days. Counting now he has just left this morgue yesterday, most likely he would only return after a few more days but nobody could be certain, sometimes he would also return the following day."

Lu Xueqi paused and said, "Tian teacher uncle, why don't we first return to the mountain, although this matter cannot be leaked to others but as long as with my mentor and Suru teacher aunt, the three of you senior teachers discussing it together, I guess there would definitely be a better plan."

Tian Buyi was silent for a moment but in the end shook his head, "This isn't right, firstly DaoXuan senior brother has already sunk deeply into evil, his mind and thoughts are completely different, what he will do, nobody can predict; secondly in the case that we returned to the mountain and we lost trace of him, then what shall we do?"

He paused for a moment, said, "Why not like this, you first return to the mountain, inform ShuiYue and Suru teacher aunt about the events and ask them to quickly come."

Lu Xueqi hesitated for a moment, said, "But if teacher uncle DaoXuan returns tonight, then what shall we do?"

Tian Buyi smiled faintly, did not answer immediately and instead stood up.

His stature was short and fat, his features not that outstanding but for some reason, just standing so casually, it carried a certain presence, awe-inspiring and commanding respect.

"A lifetime of cultivation, what is the purpose?" Tian Buyi quietly said, "Being a man, how can we fear just before the battle?"

Lu Xueqi also stood up, all along to her, Tian Buyi, other than being that person's mentor, was nothing more, but at this moment, she from the bottom of her heart, was full of respect for this teacher uncle.

She clenched her teeth, loudly said, "Tian teacher uncle, you have just been released and still need to meditate and heal, tonight I will protect you, tomorrow morning I will rush back to Qing Yun and notify my mentor and Suru teacher aunt. If in the event teacher uncle DaoXuan really returns tonight..."

Tian Buyi was surprised, hearing that, glanced at Lu Xueqi, said, "Then?"

She smiled, her face appearing even more beautiful in the night breeze, said, "Among Qing Yun disciples, it is not only Tian teacher uncle you who is unafraid of death!"

Tian Buyi looked at Lu Xueqi for a long time, clapped his hands and smiled, "Well said, well said, what a statement of unafraid of death."

Lu Xueqi smiled faintly and said, "Tian teacher uncle, you better quickly sit down and mediate your breathings!"

Tian Buyi did not speak more, only nodded, again sat on the stairs, closed his eyes. Lu Xueqi looked around, the night was chilly, Yin wind soughing, not to say humans, even a ghost would be hard to find.

The night was deep, who would know what tomorrow would bring?

She did not wish to think, also sat down below Tian Buyi, closed her eyes.

Not knowing how long they sat, Lu Xueqi's mind gradually became clear, although she did not open her eyes but the energy channels in her body circulated smoothly, as if she could sense every grass and tree far around her, as if she was seeing them.

She felt somehow assured, these few days, she was frequently moving around and was also heartsick but her cultivation, seemed to have improved. Just that she also discovered, although her senses were alert, for some reason, Tian Buyi who was sitting beside her, she could not even sense his heartbeat.

Lu Xueqi immediately felt another sense of reverement, seemed like Qing Yun elders, all had astonishing skills.

While her thoughts were so, she suddenly heard Tian Buyi's voice, "Lu teacher niece..."

Lu Xueqi opened her eyes, quickly spoke, "Tian teacher uncle, please call me Xueqi."

Tian Buyi looked at her, a faint glimmer in his eyes, seemed to carry a deep meaning, slowly nodded and said, "Xueqi."

Lu Xueqi smiled and said, "Yes Tian teacher uncle, what is the matter?"

Tian Buyi shifted his gaze away, did not speak immediately, Lu Xueqi felt puzzled, Tian Buyi's gaze seemed to be drifting, looking at some unknown spot, after a long time, suddenly said, "In the past you with our branch that good-for-nothing lao qi disciple, are acquainted?"

Lu Xueqi had a shock, for a moment she who had always been calm, suddenly felt at a loss, even under her fair face, had two spot of faint pink.

Forcing her pounding heartbeats to calm down, Lu Xueqi controlled her feeling but her face still had some shyness and embarrassment, quietly said, "Yes, Tian teacher uncle, you, you why did you suddenly ask this?"

Tian Buyi was expressionless, couldn't tell if he was happy or angry, as if talking about something unimportant to him, indifferently said, "I heard these past years, you have left the mountain and travelled around, quite acquainted with lao qi, and even because of him, was reprimanded by your teacher a few times, and even once, before everyone, before DaoXuan senior brother and your teacher, rejected FenXiang Valley valley master who personally proposed marriage for his disciple?"

Lu Xuequ at this moment could not comprehend why Tian Buyi was asking all these but her face was hot, most like would be red, her heart was also in a panic, as if talking about this matter before an unfamiliar Tian Buyi, made her even more flustered than before her teacher ShuiYue Master.

"...Yes, " Lu Xueqi for the first time, stammered, after a long while said, "But the reason why I rejected the marriage proposal, was not entirely all because of him, it was because I myself did not like and so..."

Tian Buyi suddenly interrupted her, directly asked, "So you like our lao qi?"

Lu Xueqi's head felt a [weng] sound, her face felt even hotter, she looked at Tian Buyi, saw his bright glare, watching her.

Lu Xueqi suddenly felt an unknown courage, abruptly sat straight, breathed deeply, looked straight at Tian Buyi, loudly, clearly, cleanly said,


This sound, like cutting through the ice, was clear and pleasing, without any moment of hesitation, like her clear eyes, without any doubt.

Tian Buyi's mouth opened but was instead laughing loudly, his laughter was uninhibited, from melancholy to delight.

Lu Xueqi saw him laughing, felt embarrassed instead but for some reason towards this short and plump teacher uncle, she felt a few degrees of closeness.

Until Tian Buyi ceased his laughter and again looked at Lu Xueqi, she then smiled but felt an inexplicable sadness, quietly said, "But pity he is now...the various teachers most likely would not accept him anymore, if he could return to Qing Yun again, how good would that be!"

Tian Buyi strangely rolled his eyes, coldly said, "What return, I have never said that I have kick this worthless guy out."

Lu Xueqi was stunned, could not understand his words, looked up at him.

Tian Buyi indifferently said, "I know, you are just worried about your teacher right?"

Lu Xueqi lowered her head, said, "Teacher is also doing what is best for me, and she is not wrong, I am the person who is wrong, I understand."

Tian Buyi suddenly [pei], this coarse behaviour took Lu Xueqi by surprise.

Tian Buyi glanced towards the distant Qing Yun Hill, said, "I just feel, that teacher of yours is really becoming more and more like that Zhen Yu grand teacher grandma, she could not figure it out herself and yet still want to stick her nose into everything, and actually especially like to control her disciples' thoughts, could it be she is also like her teacher, has become old and muddle-headed?"

Lu Xueqi exclaimed, "Tian teacher uncle, why are you saying such words?"

Tian Buyi glanced at Lu Xueqi, [he he] laughed and then waved his hand said, "Don't worry, after all these, leave your matter to me."

Lu Xueqi was stunned, said, "What?"

Tian Buyi sneered, "To speak of it, it's not only you, you still have a senior sister named Wenmin right?"

Lu Xueqi nodded, said, "Yes, Wenmin senior sister she...she actually is quite close to Big Bamboo Valley Song Daren." Speaking of this, she couldn't help but smile.

Tian Buyi stared at her, angrily said, "Song Daren is also another wooden fish head."

Lu Xueqi burst out laughing, said, "When our Wenmin senior sister spoke to us privately about Song senior brother, also said that."

Tian Buyi shook his head, looked rather unpleased with that straight-forward and good-natured eldest disciple, not knowing if its because Song Daren had caused him to lose face, then said, "Don't worry, next time I will personally go up to Small Bamboo Valley and propose marriage to your teacher for our branch's two worthless fellows."

Lu Xueqi immediately turned red, it was something she had never thought before, in her flustered state, she said, "Tian teacher uncle, if you continue to tease disciple, I, I will be angry."

Tian Buyi looked at her, "I mean it, when did I tease you? Unless you don't wish to marry out lao qi?"

Lu Xueqi panicked, said, "No...ah, not right, I don't mean that, I am..."

Tian Buyi's plump face, his eyes blinked, with a serious face asked, "Then what do you mean?"

Lu Xueqi for a moment was at a loss, not knowing if she was feeling embarrassed or panicking, her face turned pink.

Tian Buyi smiled, said, "Alright, I would not say more, I see that you are an intelligent girl, what I meant, you should understand?"

Lu Xueqi breathed deeply, slowly calmed down, on her beautiful face, it still had faint blush, but her eyes, was back to her usual clearness, the next moment, she slowly and resolutely nodded and said, "Yes, disciple understood."

Tian Buyi stared at her and pursued, "You are willing?"

Lu Xueqi's blush deepened but this time, she did not panic and answered, "Yes!"