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Chapter 225: Rescuing

 Chapter 225 - Rescuing

In the abandoned house, following Lu Xueqi's sudden appearance, the atmosphere became somehow strange.

Zhou Yixian frowned, forced a laugh and said, "Isn't this Qing Yun Hill's Lu heroine, why are you here at this kind of place too?"

Lu Xueqi gave a sideways glance at Zhou Yixian, following which her eyes landed on Xiao Bai. Xiao Bai smiled, her beautiful eyes were also looking at her.

Lu Xueqi's brows frowned and then spoke, towards Xiao Huan, "Miss Xiao Huan, the magical weapon you have just mentioned, was it really what the person who saved you was using?"

Xiao Huan affirmatively nodded, said, "That's right, it was as described as so, I remembered clearly."

Lu Xueqi had conflicting expressions in her face, looked as if she was contemplating something, but she did not pause for long and continue to ask, "Then where is that person now, and, you have just said the other...devil, where is he, what is his identity, do you know?"

Xiao Bai who was standing beside, began to look attentive, Xiao Huan did not think much, spoke directly, "That devil's identity and origin I couldn't tell, I only know that he is really highly skilled but after he caught us, he locked us in these dirty coffins and then disappeared, he usually returns after three to five days. I remembered he came once yesterday and then I didn't see him again, most likely he would be back only after a few more days!"

Lu Xueqi with a [oh] sound, frowning even more deeply, said, "How about the person who saved you?"

Xiao Huan pointed to the back, said, "Isn't he inside the coffin at the corner of the house?"

Lu Xueqi was stunned, Xiao Bai also turned slightly pale, with her skills, she did not detect that there was actually someone inside the coffin.

Lu Xueqi nodded, hesitating for a moment, walked over to that dark abandoned house, Xiao Huan looked at her, couldn't help but shouted, "Be careful."

Lu Xueqi paused, turned back and glanced at Xiao Huan, smiled and nodded. Then, she focused herself and stepped onto the mosses-covered stone stairs.

The stairs only had at most three or five steps, in a few steps she had crossed over them, the small house was dark as usual, could only make out the outlines of the objects in them. But other than the faint starlight coming in from the entrance, on the rooftop of this dilapidated house, there was a huge hole which had just been made, and so, it was much brighter as compared to when Xiao Bai entered.

Lu Xueqi soon found the coffin lying at the corner of the house, the area was also the darkest spot in the house, far away from light, indistinctly could feel that it was also where the Yin energy was the strongest, this was also when the shaman demon entered the house, his first reaction to walk over here.

Lu Xueqi inhaled deeply, with her current skills, her own Qing Yun's skills was naturally to the point of perfection and with her intelligent decisive aptitude, in that west big marsh, the third volume of [Tian Shu] which she had remembered together with Ghost Li, in her private training, it had already aided her tremendously. Just that she was usually careful and not many could tell her real level of skills.

And right now standing in this small house, Lu Xueqi subconsciously frowned, the strong Yin energy, was out of her expectation and yet just a few steps away outside the house, she could not detect it at all. Clearly, this was a boundary set by some master, bounding all of these strong Yin energy within this circumference.

Just with this level of skill, it was already impressive!

And in this place with such strong Yin energy, it was definitely not caused by this ordinary morgue, and laying such a strange spell here to incarcerate these people, who would it be?

Could it really be as what she had guessed?

She discovered that cold sweat covered her palms but she was not an ordinary folk, her mind determined, although she was shocked but she did not fear, activated her power and prepared, step by step walked over.

In the coffin, both the shaman demon and the fat person were watching Lu Xueqi approaching, the fat person did not have any reaction and only watched, the shaman demon instead was panicking, did not know what Lu Xueqi would do. He wanted to escape this awkward place but alas in this short period of time, no matter what plans he came out with, how many cunning tactics he tried, the strange seal implanted in this coffin, as if like his nemesis, bounded his body tightly, he couldn't even summon any strength.

The shaman demon complained incessantly in his heart, without any solutions, he could only lamented in his heart and blamed himself for being unlucky.

Lu Xueqi slowly approached the coffin, the coffin which looked plain and normal, and its material was made using middle-grade wood, most part of it was rotting, naturally it would not be the coffin itself emitting such strong Yin energy.

With her sharp senses, she discovered there were two people inside the coffin, but surrounding them, was an indistinct dark gloomy screen, wrapping them in it. And this Yin energy, although she was three chi far, she could feel her energy channels surging faintly, cold icy feeling, constantly invading.

Just what kind of evil spell it was, or what kind of unknown evil weapon, could have such inconceivable power?

Lu Xueqi forced herself to control her shock, at the same time focused and suppressed the disturbance felt in her channels, carefully assessed the coffin and slowly stretched her hand over.

Outside the house, Xiao Bai's figure flashed, she leaned against the door frame, her expression relaxed but her graceful eyes was constantly on Lu Xueqi. With her skills, earlier when she rescued Zhou Yixian and the rest, she already discovered the strange coffin in the house, the spells used to incarcerate Zhou Yixian and the rest were only ordinary spells but that coffin in the corner, was dangerous, even she did not dare to act hasty, made a decision at that moment to first save Zhou Yixian and the rest.

Right now looking at Lu Xueqi standing before the coffin, Xiao Bai naturally watched carefully, and a shaman demon was still trapped inside the coffin, it was just the person she wanted and so paid full attention.

And on the other end, Zhou Yixian and the rest, could not help their curiosity, quietly moved to where that big hole was, peeped into the house.

Inside and outside the morgue, a silence descended, the atmosphere turned somehow strange, everyone was as silent as cicada, all watching Lu Xueqi, as for in the far distance horizon, a dark vortex that charged up into the sky, and a figure that seemed to be pursuing it, yet nobody noticed.


In the darkness, following that white figure moving slightly, Lu Xueqi's slender fair hands slowly touched the coffin, and almost at the same time, this action which should be silent, a clear crisp sound was heard from within the coffin.

Like, some twigs breaking.

Lu Xueqi's expression changed, her hand was swiftly withdrawn and at the same time, a dark energy emerged out from where her hand was, [si si] sounds were heard unceasingly, it was the same spot, like a ghost fire but without flames, the coffin had a burn palm mark which had the same size as Lu Xueqi.

The shaman demon in the coffin had a chill, the skills he was practising had some similarities with this confining spell, although his power could not be compared, but when he saw the colourless black fire instantly ignited and extinguished, he couldn't help but was shocked. The consequences of being burned by that black fire, he could imagine it more or less, but he could not fathom, why did this vicious restriction not attack him and yet at Lu Xueqi?

He thought hard, and when he couldn't figure out, suddenly he sensed something, looking down, he saw on that fat person, with this restriction being triggered, had a strange change.

A thick Yin energy gushed out, hundred times stronger than the indistinct energy just now, immediately filled up the coffin they were in, and the shaman demon felt a loud ringing sound in his head, as if instantly everything became empty, innumerable cold vicious energies like poisonous snakes wormed into his body, hatefully bit his entire body energy channels, extremely painful and yet he was unable to cry out, in that short moment of time, he felt almost like in hell.

And the source of this Yin energy, was actually coming out from that fat person.

Lu Xueqi watched the black palm mark, her face slightly pale, Xiao Bai who was standing far behind her, also stood up straight, a solemn look on her face.

And the next moment, Lu Xueqi seemed to sense something, her body shook, her expression changed greatly but she did not retreat or avoid, without any hesitation, her palm overturned, [cang lang] a sound like dragons singing, faint light glowed, pale blue light shot out in all directions, immediately lit up this small house.

TianYa out of the sheath!

Propitious vapors rose, the long sword like autumn waters reflecting Lu Xueqi's frost like face, the sword light like water, in the mid air like ripples in a pond, pausing slightly, unceasingly creating illusions of the sword in the air, struck down onto that coffin.

To say it was struck but yet it did not have the power of breaking the mountain, as the sword came near, this coffin seemed to have something that sensed it was in danger, faint crackling sounds started.

A dark energy, abruptly rose up from the coffin, like having a form, it stopped the sword, Lu Xueqi's countenance changed, with a loud shout, she suddenly leapt up, her white clothes fluttering, like a fairy.

At where she was standing just now, three chi radius, [si si] sounds suddenly erupted, that circle, was burnt beyond recognition by an unknown dark energy.

A burnt smell, permeated in the small house.

Lu Xueqi in the mid air, did not panic, TianYa sword dazzled with blue light, swept a small circle in the air and stabbed down.

The coffin's surroundings, was all dark Yin energy, rolling like clouds, nobody knew where did all these clouds came from and all in a sudden, from above blue light like electricity, stabbing down, and below the dark energy, as if being manipulated by someone, gathered into the centre and like a black wall, blocked in front of the sword.

As the sword and dark energy was about to collide, TianYa sword tip had just touched the dark energy, like a metal spring, Lu Xueqi's body like a feather, drifted back up. And when her body floated up, her left hand finger as if like a knife, a faint golden light flashed once but a dark-green light shot out from her palm, it was the ultimate pure Qing Yun sect Tai Ji Xuan Qing Way, on the side where the dark energy was thin, stabbed in.


The dark energy immediately was in turbulence and made a few deep groans, as if something had cracked.

Xiao Bai who was standing at the entrance, smiled slightly and nodded. On the other side, Zhou Yixian who was standing behind Xiao Huan and Wild Dog Taoist, suddenly frowned, as if he had saw something suspicious, shock revealed in his eyes and then he looked to be contemplating.

Lu Xueqi unexpectedly succeeded in her sneak attack, the dark energy also seemed to be surprised and angry, immediately turned to defend, suppressing darkness, like a layer of dark clouds charged towards that white figure in the air.

Lu Xueqi's figure paused, swift wind assaulting the face, her hair dancing with it, without any moment of hesitation but the figure seemed to be held up by an invisible huge force, immediately flew upwards, a deafening sound, a scene which did not seem to match her figure, the entire house rooftop exploded, wood debris and broken bits rained down, dust and dirt like rain, only that white figure, like a faint cloud, charged up to the sky, in the faint starlight horizon, looking even more celestial and at ease.

The dark energy managed to pursue about one zhang high, looked like it was out of strength, the night breeze across the vast flatlands blew past, not a moment later, dispersed this dark energy.

Lu Xueqi paused slightly in the high air, a clear whistle, again charged down towards the house.

Right now Xiao Bai had already leapt out from that entrance, clasping her hands behind and stood at a distance, Zhou Yixian and the rest were in a sorry state, hurrying to avoid the broken wood and debris raining from the sky.

And in this chaos, Lu Xueqi had once again entered the house, in her clear shout, the blue light in the house burst forth, shot out various beams, the next moment, a loud rumble within the house, mixed with Lu Xueqi's delighted cry.

"Tian teacher uncle, it is really you!"

Zhou Yixian and the rest stood far away, after ensuring that they would not be again hit by falling debris, then turned and look, the house by now had already began to quiet down and soon, the dazzling blue light also disappeared, following which, from the entrance, someone walked out.

This person was not Lu Xueqi, it was a mysterious person dressed in all black, even his face was concealed, Zhou Yixian and the rest did not recognize this person, Xiao Bai instead snorted, moving without movements, her figure suddenly appeared before the shaman demon, blocked his escape route.

The shaman demon saw Xiao Bai, made a bitter laugh and stopped.

The next moment, footsteps sounded from the house, this time, standing at the entrance, were two people, it was Lu Xueqi assisting a fat man who appeared wan and sallow, slowly walked out.

Xiao Huan and the rest saw it clearly, this fat man was the person who saved them from the devil person, just that in this hurried glance, confined in the coffin for several days, for some reason, this fat man looked like he had gained more weight.

Lu Xueqi supported this fat man to sit on the stone steps, quietly asked, "Tian teacher uncle, are you alright?"

Everyone heard her and was surprised, Lu Xueqi's status, all of them obviously knew and hearing her addressing this fat man like this, could it be that this person was also a Qing Yun sect member and looked like one of the elder generations?

This fat man, was naturally Big Bamboo Valley leader who mysteriously disappeared with Qing Yun sect head Reverend DaoXuan several days ago, Tian Buyi.

Tian Buyi glanced at Lu Xueqi, nodded but did not speak, Lu Xueqi being intelligent, understood and did not say anything more, however her heart was pounding, the initial nervous feeling, seemed to be even stronger now.

Tian Buyi being here, then, the person who was even more important, where was he now?

Could it be he was the devil person mentioned by Xiao Huan?

Lu Xueqi's head had this thought, for some reason, her back felt as if there was a weak piercing pain.

The shaman demon stood aside, his eyes looked at Tian Buyi intently, this was the first time he was looking clearly at his face, but when he was watching Tian Buyi, a strange expression flashed past his eyes.

However, he did not had the time to observe others, the next moment, Xiao Bai's voice was already speaking to him, "Where is the thing I want?"

The shaman demon's heart jumped once and again laughed bitterly, turned and spoke to Xiao Bai, "I have already told you before."

Xiao Bai [pei] a sound, said, "The southern border is thousands of miles away, don't tell me because of this one statement of yours that someone knows and I have to run over, I am advising you, better honestly hand over the thing I want."

The shaman demon was silent for a moment, the mask covering his face, the rest couldn't see his expression but could tell he was contemplating something.

Xiao Bai feeling impatient, said, "What kind of a person I am, you know it too, I am different from that FenXiang Valley old ghost. That day when your master was around, also agreed to give it to me right!"

The shaman demon quietly nodded, Xiao Bai's words seemed to persuade him, he slowly walked to her, whispered.

Xiao Bai suddenly frowned, said, "Really?"

The shaman demon indifferently said, "You have encountered shaman spells more than once, the taboos and abstinence in southern border Shaman tribe, you also know it more or less."

Xiao Bai was silent for a moment, nodded and said, "Alright, I believe you this time, if you dare to lie to me, sooner or later I will find you, and make you pay."

The shaman demon with a bitter laugh, shook his head.

Xiao Bai again turned and looked at the others, finally on Lu Xueqi, Lu Xueqi was also looking at her, Xiao Bai smiled, her eyes and lips, carried an describable captivation, yet without any coquettish feeling, instead it enhanced her beauty, said, "Miss Lu, it has been a long time."

Lu Xueqi expressionless, looked at Xiao Bai and only faintly nodded.

Xiao Bai's smile deepened, said, "I wonder if you have seen him recently?"

Lu Xueqi frowned and instead humphed, her expression turned cold. Xiao Bai saw and suddenly covered her mouth and laughed, following which she shook her head and turned, strided off, soon disappeared from the people's sight.