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Chapter 224: Convergence

 Chapter 224 - Convergence

Zhou Yixian right now looked from top to toe to be covered with a layer of dust, seemed like he had been in the coffin for a period of time, his faint immortal demeanour, right now did not exist.

Xiao Bai assessed him from top to bottom, naturally would not think nonsensical question like Zhou Yixian wanted to go into the coffin himself, directly said, "Why are you in the coffin?"

Zhou Yixian laughed bitterly, said, "Of course caught by someone and thrown in."

Xiao Bai's eyes looked around the small black house, said, "Then the other two coffins beside you, do you know who are the people inside?"

Zhou Yixian nodded, said, "The left is my granddaughter Xiao Huan, the right is Wild Dog Taoist."

Xiao Bai humphed, glanced at Zhou Yixian.

Zhou Yixian feeling embarrassed but right now he couldn't care more about his pride, quickly beseech Xiao Bai, "This great deity...this, this, please have mercy, since you have saved me, might as well also save them both!"

Xiao Bai shrugged, walked two steps towards the house, suddenly frowned, as if recalling something, turned and looked at Zhou Yixian with some strange expression.

Zhou Yixian felt uncomfortable with her glance, laughed dryly, said, "You, you what are you looking at me for?"

Xiao Bai stared at him, said, "What did you just call me?"

Zhou Yixian [ah] a sound, stepped back, his face revealing regret.

Xiao Bai again looked at him from top to bottom, indifferently said, "I have indeed underestimated you, you actually can tell my identity."

Zhou Yixian with a bitter face, cupped his hands together and said, "Miss, you see this, this...old man me did not have any other intention, only a slip of my mouth I said something I should not, Miss please forgive, Miss please forgive."

Xiao Bai in this short while, secretly observed Zhou Yixian, discovered that this old man had frivolous steps, weak stamina, really not a highly skilled cultivated martial artist, just that for some reason, he had exceptional keen eyesight, sharper than many well-known martial artists.

Xiao Bai had a change of heart, Zhou Yixian instead was anxious, having no choice he could only made a smiling face and asked Xiao Bai, "Miss have a kind heart, better save the people first?"

Xiao Bai coldly snorted, glanced at Zhou Yixian.

Zhou Yixian was as silent as a cicada, quietly stepped back, wanted to say more but saw Xiao Bai suddenly moved, already drifting into the dark small house, the next moment, loud sounds were heard unceasingly, strange wu wu sounds were heard.

Then Zhou Yixian suddenly saw darkness before his eyes, [ah ya] cried out and ran. He had just ran, the two coffins which were on the ground just now, were thrown out by Xiao Bai, [pong pong] two loud sounds, smashed onto the ground.

The next moment, dust flew up again in the yard, debris flew everywhere, comparable to the scene just now, in the dust, a man and a woman coughing could be heard, Xiao Huan and Wild Dog Taoist's figures, staggered out from the clouds of dust.

Zhou Yixian was delighted, quickly went up, pulled both of them far away, asked many questions, Xiao Bai had already walked out, stood apart, watched the three of them happily reuniting. But her face was clearly still solemn, kept glancing into the house.

By now, the dust had settled, Xiao Bai not moving and Zhou Yixian and the rest after escaping, initially were delighted but right now for some reason, seemed to be arguing, specifically to say should be Zhou Yixian saying something but Xiao Huan firmly objected, as for Wild Dog Taoist as usual, only watched them, did not speak out his opinion.

Xiao Bai watched them for some time, saw that they were still unable to resolve, couldn't help but feel curious, quietly walked over.

Zhou Yixian was seen frowning, snapped and said, "Alright, don't say anymore, we will leave this goddamn place now, if not until the big devil comes back, we will really be dead without burial ground."

Xiao Huan coldly laughed, said, "Then what about that person inside?"

Zhou Yixian was stunned, looked like he couldn't help but feel ashamed, just that he refused to admit defeat, forced on and said, "You this child what do you know, firstly that person was casted with "Zhu Xin Lock" spell, secondly there are other restraining spells on the coffin, we can't save him too so why don't we first go. If not if we missed the opportunity, that devil comes back, won't we die in vain?"

Xiao Huan angrily said, "Grandpa, you are talking nonsense again, that day the person obviously was caught because of us, how can we be so ungrateful?"

Zhou Yixian shook his head greatly, "Wrong, wrong, it was true that day he was caught but it is nonsense that he was caught because of us. Based on my judgement, that devil's skills are so high, we obviously are incomparable but the person who helped us is also definitely not his match."

Xiao Huan's mouth corners turned up high, hatefully said, "Anyway we cannot just abandoned him!"

Zhou Yixian frowning tightly, with a bitter face wanted to try and persuade his stubborn granddaughter again, suddenly Xiao Bai's voice was heard, "The person that you all are saying, and that devil, what kind of person is he exactly?"

Xiao Huan and Wild Dog Taoist were shocked, then both shook their heads.

Xiao Bai glanced at Zhou Yixian, Zhou Yixian instead looked away, "The three of us are ordinary folks, how would we know about these people, we are terrified to death, won't know."

Xiao Bai frowned, about to say that she did not doubt that this lady and that strange-looking dog-like person did not know but Zhou Yixian this old man was extremely peculiar, made one had second thoughts, most likely there was something strange. However Zhou Yixian insisted he knew nothing, Xiao Bai although suspicious but could not do anything.

She could only try, asked Xiao Huan, "Miss, do you remember what magical weapons were the person who helped you and that devil using?"

Xiao Huan when she first saw Xiao Bai, was moved, she was also considered a beauty but facing Xiao Bai that unparalleled, captivating the world beauty, especially looking delicate but somehow had an unspoken charm faintly around her eyes, this kind of mature graceful bearing, was something Xiao Huan could never compare to.

She already liked her thirty percent, furthermore Xiao Bai was their benefactor who saved them, felt even more intimate, now with Xiao Bai smiling and asking a question, only felt that this lady's eyes were as gentle as water, although she herself was a woman, she couldn't help her heart pounding, even her words were stammered, "Ah, what, what?"

Zhou Yixian and Wild Dog Taoist felt surprised, looked at Xiao Huan. Xiao Bai smiled and asked again.

Xiao Huan calmed herself down, reprimanded herself in her heart then looked down and said, "This I know, the person who helped us, his skills are very good, he use a celestial sword weapon, about three chi long, the colour is bright yellow, when he wielded it it was really powerful, like a red fire..."

"Red Fire!"

Suddenly, a cry, mixed with surprise and agitation, was heard from the entrance.

The four of them were shocked, turned and looked, saw a white-attired lady, beautiful and elegant, holding a faint blue celestial sword, the glow rotating, one look and knew it was an exquisite weapon. And this lady's beauty, was comparable to Xiao Bai, also exceedingly beautiful.

If it was not Qing Yun Hill Small Bamboo Valley Lu Xueqi, who would it be?

Qing Yun Hill, the ruins of Grasstemple Village.

Under the ruins, in the wild vegetations, insect cries were heard unceasingly, in this deserted place, adding a few degrees of desolation.

The night was deepening, black clouds hung low over the horizon, only a few stars shone weakly, managed to poke out and revealed some light.

At some corner of the village, a wall where most parts of it had already collapsed, Ghost Li quietly sat on the ground with his back leaning against it. Beside him, Xiao Hui lay on the ground, with Ghost Li's thigh as his pillow, four limbs sprayed out, sleeping and snoring loudly...

Ghost Li did not sleep, his eyes were still opened, quietly watched every grass and tree in the surroundings, every inch of the ground, every part of the ruins.

This was his hometown, the place where he spent the first part of his life, just that as time passed, these eventually turned into memories, leaving only ruins, making one sigh.

But, what was the purposeful of living?

Ghost Li watched the surroundings, then slowly lifted his head and looked at the firmament.

The night sky hung low, above the horizon, not knowing if there really exist deities and celestials, devil and buddha, who would listen to the mortals' heartfelt wishes?

Xiao Hui's mouth twitched, made [pu pu] sounds, flipped around, knocked its head against Ghost Li's thigh a few times, again continued to sleep.

Maybe, it had dreamt of its favourite wild fruits?

Ghost Li looked away and onto Xiao Hui, stretched out and gently smoothed its head fur, the monkey's fur was gentle and warm.

A smile revealed on his lips, warm and innocent, like that young man many years ago, in this once village, loudly shouting, running with his might!

The night soughing, someone seemed to be whispering, the grassses and trees swayed with the wind, the wind carried the grasses fragrance. He closed his eyes, staying quiet like this, peaceful night...

Suddenly, the monkey woke up, three eyes abruptly opened, its head also lifted slightly up from Ghost Li's leg, as if listening to something. At the same time, Ghost Li frowned, the faint smile on his lips, quietly disappeared.

He quietly, again opened his eyes, reflecting in it, was again this world.

He stretched out his hand, gently patted Xiao Hui's head, Xiao Hui immediately became calm, turned and looked, he did not go back to sleep, crawled up, scratched its head and then leapt up to Ghost Li's shoulder, kept peering around.

Ghost Li was still sitting at the corner, before him, a broken wall happened to block his body, and through the crack on the wall, it just nice for him to look out.

In such a desolate place, not even someone would come in the day, on this dark windy night, would there still be any surprising event happening?

A strange smell, as if appearing out of thin air, suddenly descended on this abandoned place, Ghost Li sensed something, frowned even deeper.

The wind turned cold, as if the Yin wind from the rumoured nine netherworlds, cold and penetrating, just that the cold was not only skin deep, it had a feeling of penetrating into the heart. In this strange cold wind, a dark figure came down from the sky, quietly into this village ruins.

In the distance, through that gap, Ghost Li watched that figure quietly, but his shock was quite great, this unknown person, the evil power that he had was something he had not seen, even with this distance, when that black figure landed, he could feel a slight churning of his entire body's channels.

But, such a master, why would he come to this deserted place in the middle of the night? Ghost Li pondered but could not think of why, could only watched this person.

Soon, he noticed something strange, the dark colour of this figure, was not that the person was wearing black, it was instead his entire body was enveloped by a strange black energy, constantly turbulent and concealing his face.

Ghost Li felt even more bemused, watched this person even more carefully. But this person after landing, did not move, stood there strangely and did not move for a long time.

Just when Ghost Li was feeling bewildered, the dark figure suddenly moved, then slowly walked forward. Ghost Li frowned tightly, coldly watched that figure.

The figure stepped onto the grass, slowly over parts and parts of broken ruins, Ghost Li's eyes also moved with him.

The dark figure did not seemed to have any special purpose, looking like he was only strolling. Ghost Li, growing up in the village, naturally was knew the surroundings well but he could not tell where was this person heading to, the person seemed to be looking for something.

After a while, the person seemed to discover something, stopped. Ghost Li was surprised and looked at the direction where the person was looking and suddenly his heart tightened, the place where the person was looking at, was that broken temple.

The person slowly walked near the temple but did not enter, instead stood outside. Ghost Li, from his secluded corner, saw that person assessing the temple, suddenly lifted his hand and a sharp whistle was heard.

The next moment, something dark was split out from the dark energy surrounding him, turning into a dark sharp arrow in the air, shot out, charging towards a pillar in the village.

Ghost Li's hands tightened, controlled himself and continued to watch.

The dark arrow looked powerful, the next moment, it had already struck the stone pillar, a rumble was heard and the pillar which was already in ruins, exploded, debris flew but what was strange was, when the pillar exploded, the place where the pillar was, four, five faint lights, carrying Yin energy rose, they were a few spirits.

In that moment, Yin energy increased greatly around the temple, ghost wails stared, Ghost Li who was concealed immediately understood, and then anger revealed on his face.

The tragic case of Grasstemple Village, more than two hundred innocent lives were lost, so many people died tragically, their grievances were naturally deep. But this place was after all under Qing Yun Hill, and Qing Yun Hill had already sent someone down to perform rites for the unwilling spirits to return to reincarnation, considered it as making up to the Grasstemple Village.

Just that for some reason, until today, in this broken temple, there were still so many spirits lingering, it was no wonder that although the place was abandoned for many years, wild grasses growing everywhere and yet none grown near the temple.

Ghost Li was thinking to himself but saw that the dark figure seemed oblivious to these fierce spirits that common folks would fear and avoid, on the contrary, he stretched out his hand and simply summoned, those spirits seemed to know the power and tried to escape but like an invisible force, they were all pulled to this mysterious figure.

The next moment, in the sounds of desperate ghost wailings, these spirits were slowly merged into the black energy shrouding the figure.

For some reason, Ghost Li watched all these, his heart felt like it was on fire, his entire blood was churning, an inexplicable fury, immediately burst up.

This was his hometown! That temple, was his playground during his youth! The next moment, he had already charged out.

The dark figure immediately sensed something behind, swiftly turned around, when he saw the man and the monkey, this mysterious person, seemed stunned.

Then, behind the layers of dark energy, a strange sound that seemed like his laughter. The voice was deep and hoarse, totally unclear.

Ghost Li coldly said, "Who are you, why are you here, collecting the spirits, this is an atrocious act against Heaven, aren't you afraid of judgement!"

A stir in the black energy, suddenly his entire body flipped, rose up to the air.

Ghost Li was surprised, knew that this person was strange but his skills was not to be underestimated, quickly focused and prepared, unexpectedly that was a fake move, made a feint and escaped.

Ghost Li coldly snorted, without hesitation, also leapt up and pursued.

Ghost Li in the air saw the direction the person fled to, seemed to be heading towards south of HeYang City where the wilderness lay, and so kept pursuing, he wanted to see, who exactly was this strange figure?

As for what waited for him ahead, he never thought of it.

But who would seriously thought about it, and, even if you did, would it come to use?

Maybe, this was like the future, no matter what, whether good or bad, eventually we still have to face it!