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Chapter 223: Wretched

 Chapter 223 - Wretched

ShangGuan Ce only felt a numbing sensation around the wound on his back, at the same time cold energy constantly emanated from the ghostly dart and penetrated into his body channels, like thousand of ants biting, the pain was unbearable.

And only a moment later, his forehead was damp with sweat, his face started to turn pale.

Xiao Bai who was standing on the roof saw everything, the smile on her face deepened, very much like gloating, smiled and said, "Didn't expect right, old ghost, you too have this day?

ShangGuan Ce clenched his teeth, humphed a sound, forced himself to stand and sternly said, "Evildoer, you still dare to show up before me?"

Xiao Bai [ha] laughed out, as if it was the most ridiculous thing she had heard, flung her sleeves, her entire self floated down from the rooftop, landed not far from where ShangGuan Ce was, smiled and said, "I don't dare to face you? Oh right, I am a coward, don't dare to and so I came out to give you a greeting present, and then I dare to meet you. Old ghost ah, you incarcerated me at that Inferno Altar for so many years, this time, if I do not thank you properly, then it's really letting you down."

ShangGuan Ce was full of anger but his heart was feeling some surprise, in the Inferno Altar, most likely due to the fact that the Inferno Altar was located at the earth's fire spiritual power, including the Eight Savage Inferno Formation, he was then able to suppress this thousand-years old demon fox within in, if not with her level of skills, he was really not sure if he could handle.

Just that time was different now, the Nine-tailed celestial fox had already broke off her shackles, and just at his careless moment, he was attacked by this evildoer, with his vitality greatly wounded, he most likely was not her match.

Right now, the night breeze soughed above the wildlands, from all directions howling sounds like ghost wails or wolves cry were heard, as if on this dreary late night, numerous night ghosts were crying at the same time, the yin energy high. Inside the morgue, Xiao Bai and ShangGuan Ce faced each other.

Although ShangGuan Ce was already injured but seemed like Xiao Bai did not have the intention to attack immediately, on the contrary, she only seemed interested in assessing ShangGuan Ce, like a cat catching a mouse, mockery on her face.

ShangGuan Ce knew right now what he needed the most, was to find a safe quiet place, activated his energy to heal, contained the injury but yet before him with this demon fox, it was really a fix for him.

In his rage, ShangGuan Ce hatefully said, "Since you insist to come and fight with me, why are you still not making your move, standing there only, what is your intention?"

Xiao Bai smiled, said, "I don't mind, it doesn't matter if I tell you, I am not like you humans, always lament that your lifespan is short, for me, I have so much time that I don't know how to spend it and so I am standing here, taking my time watching you, anyway I have much patience."

ShangGuan Ce heard it, almost blew steam out of his seven apertures, this evildoer clearly was delaying him, knew it well that he was heavily injured and yet refused to let him have a chance to heal, and as time passed by, he would naturally lose his life, without waiting for the Nine-tailed celestial fox to make a move, most probably he would first fall.

However, even though ShangGuan Ce knew it but towards this somehow sneaky move by Xiao Bai, he was really helpless. To make a move, he himself was injured, the other party was highly skilled, most likely it was hard to win; not making a move, his injury would worsen and inevitably lead to death. It seemed like there was no other choice but to escape.

Just that Xiao Bai with her captivating eyes, coolly watched ShangGuan Ce intently, even he himself did not have much confidence if he could escape from her.

This was really four walls around, in a hopeless situation.

ShangGuan Ce's face was like ash, hatred, anger, fear, anxiety, each kind of expression flashed past, Xiao Bai watched it, her heart delighted.

She was incarcerated in the Inferno Altar for so many years, if it wasn't for Ghost Li who unintentionally released the seal, she did not know if she would have to stay there for her whole life, her suffering in there was really hard to share it with people. To Xiao Bai, FenXiang Valley people like ShangGuan Ce, she really abhorred them, although after she escaped with Ghost Li, she herself had some enlightenment and so did not deliberately return to seek trouble with them but now that ShangGuan Ce delivered himself up, why would she pretend not to see it?

With mercy, be kind to people, all these were when the Nine-tailed celestial fox was in a good mood but she had too forgave others, with Buddha's heart treated them. Proud at the thought, she burst out laughing, so many years of grievances, seemed like tonight she could all release them, it was really exhilarating.

ShangGuan Ce's mood was naturally not like Xiao Bai, instead, when his injury was almost unable to be controlled, his body started to tremble, the ghostly dart rose, faint blue light enveloped his back.

Xiao Bai's smile deepened, ShangGuan Ce's breathing started to pant, suddenly, he walked a few steps towards Xiao Bai, Xiao Bai frowned, a guarded look on her face, ShangGuan Ce although injured but his skills were not trivial, Xiao Bai did not dare to be careless.

Just that inconceivable things, happened.

ShangGuan Ce's face was full of pain, green veins bulge out, looked like his injury turned more serious, he was almost unable to tolerate it.

And he himself, both eyes rolling up, a trace of face on his face, with a plonk sound, he actually knelt before Xiao Bai, begging, "Fairy fox, please spare my life!"

If ShangGuan Ce made a move, it would be a phenomenal skill, Xiao Bai was most probably prepare to receive it, even if he shouted and then thirty or fifty FenXiang Valley experts jumped out, Xiao Bai also could accept this fact.

But before her this old man who was kneeling and begging for his life, had upturned what Xiao Bai's imagined, for a moment, even with her thousand of years of cultivation, she was also stunned, and at a lost.

Just that with this stun moment, Xiao Bai already woke up the next, but ShangGuan Ce with his schemes, did not hesitate to use himself, only for this moment of opportunity.

In that instant, ShangGuan Ce who was almost dying, like turning into another person, murderous intention on his entire face, his pain had all vanished, even the blue light behind him, also was suppressed.

The Nine cold ice freezing thorn's piercing silver light appeared, like a sudden dragon sweeping past the sky, flying backwards from below his hand, straight towards Xiao Bai's chest.

Xiao Bai with an angry howl, moved with astonishing speed backwards, at the same time her sleeves flew up, forming a cloth wall. But this attack by ShangGuan Ce was what his entire lifetime of cultivation was, the force not to be reckoned, [si si] sounds burst out, the sleeves which were the closest to the weapon immediately shredded to pieces, almost at the same time frozen, broken and fell to the ground.

And the silver white light, never seemed to have paused, straight towards Xiao Bai, Xiao Bai was still retreating but her retreat while in a haste, no matter what would not be faster than ShangGuan Ce's planned fatal move, looking as the light was about to touch her, Xiao Bai turned pale but did not panic, both her hands suddenly placed together before her chest, crossed and flexed out, forming a strange hand gesture.


A long and mysterious long whistle, suddenly reverberated from somewhere, the sound desolate and bleak, quiet and solemn, brought one straight into a mysterious realm, in the full moon night, in the wilderness, a white fox singing to the moon...

The next moment, the Nine cold ice freezing thorn exploded with piercing light, a sheet of silver light flashed, enveloping Xiao Bai within it.

ShangGuan Ce succeeded in his counterattack but there was no conceitment on his face, instead he gritted his teeth, looking very displeased. However, he was after all not common folks, after he regained his advantage, without a moment of hesitation, he immediately flew backwards, only a few jumps, his grey figure had already disappeared into the vast wilderness outside the morgue.

The silver light slowly receded, there were faint blood stains on the ground but Xiao Bai was gone.

In the air, that mysterious fox cry was still lingering, after a very long time it quietly disappeared, on the contrary, as if appearing from thin air, Xiao Bai's slender figure again appeared in the air, slowly descended.

She looked down, saw the blood stains on the ground, her white teeth biting her lips, her face greatly incensed. With a moment of caught off guard, she didn't expect ShangGuan Ce in order to live, was willing to put himself in a wretched state, thought of such a tactic, she instead suffered his sneak attack and almost lost her life.

But fortunately she was not common folks, she was the Nine-tailed celestial fox.

With nine tails!

Something not foreseeable!

The night breeze was cold, blew from afar, brushing past, it was really a little chilly.

Xiao Bai stood in the courtyard, focused herself, and then, slowly turned around, looked at that dark house.

She slowly walked in.

In the morgue, it was still silent and dark, as if that heart-stopping battle, had never happened.

She stood at the entrance, under the faint starlight, her figure looked like it gradually started to float, appearing somehow strange. But even though Xiao Bai would not be afraid like normal people, she was afterall all these demon ghosts old ancestor, to say playing the devil, if there really was a real ghost, most likely might not win against her, don't even know who would be the one running away!

Right now, Xiao Bai's clear bright eyes swept past this dark house, glanced through the few coffins more carefully, bemused expression flashed past her face. But until the end, her attention was still on that coffin which stood in a secluded corner.

"Come back, I know you are inside." Xiao Bai did not walk over, only stood there, indifferently said.

Nobody replied, there was only silence.

The shaman demon who was hiding inside but could not move, not knowing what emotions he was going through, the plan which he thought he could deceive the world, hid into a coffin, did not expect to be first discovered by ShangGuan Ce and then Xiao Bai, even within the coffin, there was still a living person who came in first, and he actually did not detected that.

Guessed that emotion must be utterly lousy...

Xiao Bai frowned slightly, stepped forward but then stopped, glanced again at the surrounding, the bemused expression in her eyes deepened, as if deep inside this darkness, there was something, made her somehow fearful, hesitated.

She was silent for a moment, again said, "I know your identity, that day in the Subdue Devil Cave, I guessed you have also seen me. Since it is so, we have no feuds between us, I only have one matter, would like to seek your advice."

Her voice lightly reverberated in this house, the Yin wind outside was still [suo suo] blowing, the big hole on the wall that ShangGuan Ce crashed out, let in much of the chilly wind.

After a long time, the shaman demon's voice was heard from that coffin, "That's right, I remember you, what is it that you want to ask me?"

Xiao Bai's brows raised, stared at that coffin, said, "Don't tell me you can't come out and talk?"

The shaman demon stifled, then slowly said, "I just like it like this, if you have words quickly say it!"

Xiao Bai snorted, said, "Alright, then I shall not waste time, I came to ask you, what ignites the Heaven Fire?"

The shaman demon clearly was shocked, his deep voice said, "Why do you ask this for?"

Xiao Bai indifferently said, "That day your master promised me, in the end he died without fulfilling, I after much difficulty came to know there is actually you, the fish that escape the net, and so came to find out more."

The shaman demon snorted, "He is not my master, only shaman lady is."

Xiao Bai retorted, "Then those things that you have been doing for these years, what were those?"

The shaman demon was silent, said, "What I did, were not for the world to understand."

Xiao Bai somehow impatient, said, "Forget it, those logics of yours, I don't bother to understand, and can't be bothered too, I only want to know my stuff, are you willing to say or not?"

The shaman demon again another silence, after a long time, said, "The southern border five tribes are the shaman tribe descendents, this you should know right?"

Xiao Bai frowned, said, "So?"

The shaman demon indifferently said, "The shaman tribe secret, would naturally be inherited by shaman tribe descendents. My words are until here, don't ask anymore."

Xiao Bai repeated the shaman demon's words a few times in her heart, but her face did not change, only humphed, said, "Playing the devil!"

After speaking, as if made up her mind, she walked to that coffin, the house was not very big, a few coffins lay disorderly, with a few steps, she would come to one, and two more steps would be where the shaman demon lay.

In the darkness, as if something, awaiting, staring at Xiao Bai's figure.

Xiao Bai was expressionless, looked like about to continue ahead but when her feet strided, her body suddenly turned, from the initial relaxed step suddenly to a rabbit bolting, right hand suddenly stretched out, slender five fingers, caught hold of that huge coffin beside her.


A loud sound, the huge coffin, the size almost two times of Xiao Bai, held up just using Xiao Bai's five fingers!

And what was next was even more confounding, Xiao Bai immediately floated out, and the coffin together with her.

The huge coffin in the air made deep sounds, [wu wu] quietly reverberated, the huge shadow enveloped Xiao Bai's slender body, looking really strange. Even the shaman demon inside, was dumbfounded by Xiao Bai's action.

And the darkness in the house, seemed to be disturbed by Xiao Bai's action, in the intense air movement, sinister [si si] sounds were heard.

Xiao Bai landed in the courtyard, without hesitation, concentrated fully, faint white light at her fingers, her right arm urgently waved, the huge coffin like being pulled by a great force, hit against the stone on the ground.


The deafening sounds instantly seemed to be near, the suffocating heavy dust immediately flew up, the entire huge coffin was broken into pieces, splinters and broken pieces sprayed everywhere.

Xiao Bai was already hiding aside, she of course did not care about the splinters but those dirty dust was something she could not tolerate. And past the heavy dust, suddenly, intense coughing was heard, a figure stumbled out, clothes in tatters, full of dust, extremely sorry.

In the house, the shaman demon felt his hair stood, in the coffin beside the house, there was actually a person hiding... for a moment the shaman demon felt that his surroundings was really eerie, like anywhere was also suspicious.

And unintentionally looking down, he saw that fat guy with him, had mockery in his eyes, at the same time also some degrees of reassurance.

In the courtyard, the dust slowly settled, the person which had stumbled out crawled to a side, breathing in the fresh air with huge mouthfuls.

Xiao Bai stretched out her hand, irritably waved and beat a few times in front, pushing out some of the dust, slowly walked to that person.

That person turned around, gave a dry laugh.

Xiao Bai looked at him carefully, suddenly was stunned, exclaimed, "Why is it you?"

That person laughed bitterly, looking rather embarrassed, wiped the dirt off on the face, laughed dryly and said, "Naturally it will be me the great deity..."

This person appearing before the Nine-tailed celestial fox Xiao Bai, unexpectedly was the one who called himself 'Immortal Guide, Iron mouth Deity' Zhou Yixian.