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Chapter 221: Hometown

 Chapter 221 - Hometown

Qing Yun Hill foot.

The high sky and thin clouds, looking up from the foot of the mountain, a canvas of sky-blue, gentle breeze blew, boosting one's spirits up.

Lu Xueqi watched for some time, there was nobody around, and obviously there would not be anyone who would realize that there was an exceptional beautiful lady quietly looking at the sky. The clear breeze blew over, her hair over her shoulders gently ruffled, brushing past her delicate and slightly thin face.

ShuiYue Master's last instructions, reverberated unceasingly in her ears.

'At that time from DaoXuan senior brother and Wan senior brother's conversation, we knew that actually for generations, Qing Yun sect sect head reverends, while they were still clear-minded, would pass on this secret to the next disciple-in-line, and the generations of founders' last will, for Qing Yun sect's reputation and the world's livings, in order to prevent even more sins of killing, until the last inevitable moment, the succeeding disciple is allowed to kill his teacher...'

'This time DaoXuan senior brother for some reason, did not tell Xiao Yicai this secret, my assumption is, there could be two reasons, one: DaoXuan senior brother before he decided to tell Xiao Yicai this secret, he was already infected by the Zhu Xian ancient sword; second, it's that DaoXuan senior brother is too overconfident of his own skills, especially ten years ago that big battle, he had used the Zhu Xian sword and yet was not infected by the sword, therefore he thought this time he would be able to get over it, until when the real Devil spirit took over him, it is already too late."

"However although things turned out this way, we as Qing Yun disciple, no matter what we cannot stand by and do nothing, Tian Buyi's disappeared, Su junior sister at a loss, I am the only who could decide on this crisis. I only hope that we can end things at the mountain and you do not have to participate in this but if in the unfortunate event you find them below, you must take up this big responsibility, Qing Yun generations of founders' spirits, will definitely protect you and me teacher and disciple!"

Lu Xueqi slowly opened her eyes, inhaled deeply.

She gazed around, the lofty mountains and rivers behind, elegant tall and straight, the distant mountains undulating in shadows, looking at it closely, dangerous rocks jutting out, gracefulness everywhere, picturesque sceneries.

Towering through the clouds, rising high above the world.

For Qing Yun!

A faint warm smile slowly emerged on her lips, that mountain range, was after all the place that raised her up, it had her respected teacher, dear senior and junior sisters, and the once...memory.

She turned around, strided out, her white clothes like snow, fluttered, Heaven and Earth so vast, the firmament infinite, even unparallelled beauty, peerless hero, maybe were only a drop in the ocean!

Speaking of which, it was still the first time, receiving teacher's instructions and leaving the mountain, but there was no definite place to go. Although she had the important mission but she did not know where she should go to complete it, the thought of it it was also ridiculous.

TianYa quietly in her hand but there was no familiar feeling, or should it be described as part of her body, faint blue light, also withdrawn in the sword sheath. One person one sword, walking aimlessly.

Where should I go?

Heaven and Earth so vast!

A trifurcated road in front of her, Lu Xueqi stopped, it was not that she was unfamiliar with the road, within Qing Yun sect disciples, she was considered one of those who travelled down the mountain frequently, the flat road ahead of her, she had walked past it countless times, it was the most convenient path out from Qing Yun Hill, leading directly to the biggest city below Qing Yun Hill, HeYang City.

And the other split road, looked unused for a long time, wild grasses growing over it, only a part of the road could be seen near the trifurcation, looking ahead, the further parts of it were already taken over by weeds.

Actually this kind of small trail mountain path, countless of it from Qing Yun Hill, many were created out from villagers living near the foot of the mountain, gathering firewoods or harvesting wild fruits for a living, there were many paths too, due to various reasons, after a long time, also became abandoned like this.

This road, who knows where it would lead to, and who would remember, who had once walked past?

Lu Xueqi shook her head, laughed bitterly in her heart, ever since from the southern border, separated from that person, her heart, had really changed greatly.

She gently flung her head, wanted to throw the thoughts away, was about to once again continue her journey. At this time, groups of about two or three villagers walked over, a mix of old and young, looking at their clothing, mostly carried axes with ropes and poles, looked like they were from the surrounding villages and about to travel up the mountain to gather firewoods.

When they came near, the woodcutters saw Lu Xueqi and quickly stepped aside to make way, their expressions respectful, Qing Yun sect disciples were respected within these several hundred miles, furthermore with Lu Xueqi's exceptional beauty, surreal like fairy, it made them even more afraid to view directly.

Lu Xueqi stopped, nodded at them, considered to have returned their courtesy, she was about to leave.

At this moment, an elderly woodcutter whose hair had turned white but still looking hale and hearty, with an enthusiastic look, [he he] laughed said, "Miss, don't you know the way?"

Lu Xueqi paused, her eyes looking around, saw that elderly woodcutter, hesitated, shook her head slightly.

Before she could speak, that enthusiastic elderly already spoke, "I knew you these Qing Yun sect skilled artists are powerful, flying here and there most of the times but to talk about the road under the feet, sometimes might not be more familiar than us these villagers!"

The other woodcutters heard it, also laughed, Lu Xueqi saw their kind faces, for some reason, her heart felt warm, the stride that she was about to take, once again stopped.

The elderly woodcutter laughed and said, "The big road in front of you, is going to the HeYang City which is on the south, that is the most bustling place within hundred miles here, when you reach there, it is much easier to travel to other places."

After speaking, he pointed to that abandoned path, said, "That path you better avoid it, many years ago it was a lively village but now it is all destroyed, there is nobody."

Lu Xueqi smiled and said, "I understand, many thanks old gentleman."

The elderly woodcutter waved his hand, [he he] laughed and continued on with his group.

At the same time, another woodcutter who looked slightly younger, sighed and said, "There was actually a temple in that village, I heard it was quite spiritual, ten years ago I went with my wife to pray for a son from the Buddha and we really have a child after that, pity now that it is also gone!"

The elderly woodcutter nodded and said, "Yes, I too remembered, it is really a pity that the temple is gone..."

The words gradually turned low and deep, their figures also gradually disappeared into the forest, in the light breeze that blew over from the distance, seemed to contain sounds of their hearty laughter, Lu Xueqi turned over, her smile still on her face, for some reason, her mood seemed to have improved.

Smiling, she looked up and strided, heading for the big road.

Her footsteps initially was light and quick but for some reason, it suddenly became slow, her elegant brows, frowning slightly, deep in her heart, something important seemed to brush past but she did not catch it for the moment.

Deep inside her memory, there seemed to be something, quietly awakening...

She stopped, unmoving, the scene just now, replayed quickly in her mind, the woodcutters' words, again reverberated, "That path you better avoid it, many years ago it was a lively village but now it is all destroyed, there is nobody..."

"There was actually a temple in that village, I heard it was quite spiritual..."

Lu Xueqi suddenly shook, the next moment, she slowly turned around, once again, headed for that abandoned path, the small path that was already neglected in the shadows of time...

Ten years of time, how much would it change? Face, feelings, or hatred?

Nobody could understand another, and at times even, even oneself also could not really understand. But only this road, really truly changed.

Because there wasn't any road here anymore.

The verdant weeds, grew year after year, concealing the past history, witnessed time's heartlessness. Until a solitary white figure, quietly walked past the dust-covered place.

In the wild vegetation, ruins could still be seen, in the breeze blowing in the face, the once blood stench was long gone, leaving only sentimental fragrance of the wild grasses.

Walking past one after another broken doors, looking at things in disorder, the stone stairs and walls covered by mosses quietly, the laughter and smiles when alive, the happiness once had, had it all scattered with the wind?

Lu Xueqi's face, turned slightly pale, her long elegant hand, held TianYa tighter. This derelict village, there seemed to be a pair of eyes, quietly watching her. She even had a feeling of suffocation.

But she did not stop, quietly walked on, walked past every house, how long has time passed, how still remembered these people?

Until, she saw that broken temple.

Different from the surroundings, around the dilapidated temple, for some reason, grasses did not grow, to say it was a house, actually it would be more appropriate to say a few pillars, just that they all had fallen onto the ground, a few broken pieces, it still had the shape of the deity, which led her to identify what was previously there.

Lu Xueqi slowly walked over.

There was no wild grasses, no mosses, everything here seemed so out of place, not knowing what the reason was, even the resilient wild grasses, did not wish to invade here.

Or it should be said, the once enmity and hatred, had all gathered at this place?

Then during late night silence, would there be someone crying and whispering, telling the past?

Lu Xueqi suddenly turned around, not knowing since when, tears glittered in her eyes.

Grasstemple Village!

The place which had long been annihilated...

She at the corner, quietly sat down, unmoving, as if quietly listening to something, or maybe feeling something.

From the distance the wind blew, ruffling her black hair, gently floating at the edge.

The sun rose and moon descended, morning and evening day and night, from dawn to dusk, stars and constellations change unpredictably.

In the firmament the clouds looking like garments a moment and grey dogs the next, faded away like meteor, time like water, eventually leaving like this so resolutely, never ever staying for anyone.

In the distant wild vegetation, insects cries were heard, other than the wind, that was the most vitality sound in this place. Maybe, in another ten years, this might once again turn into a flourishing place?

Or maybe, it might remained unchanged.

But who would care?

Three days already, Lu Xueqi at this desolate place, sat quietly for three days, the constraints of the world, important heavy responsibility, yet actually it was only at a place like this, that she could escape and breathe.

Quietly, treating it as indulging herself once, allowing herself to hide away.

However, eventually she still have to go.

White clothes moved, appearing quietly, Lu Xueqi's figure, again appeared, leaving that dilapidated temple, once again walking past the ruins of small houses and doors, for some reason, in her gaze, it seemed to already contained a reluctant deep sentiment.

In the far horizon, the clouds drifted, in the layer of clouds, like wind had blew past, a white line quietly streaked past the sky. Lu Xueqi took a last glance at the houses, turned and left, never turning back again, that figure in fluttering white clothes, quietly went far from the overgrown weeds.

In the firmament, it was still silence in the clouds.

Just that from the clouds, a faint glint again swiftly swept out, silent and fast, trailing a few lingering white clouds, dispersed in the sky. Very quickly, this glint landed on this abandoned small village.

[Zhi zhi, zhi zhi...]

Familiar monkey cries, the three-eyed grey monkey jumped onto the ground, peered around, clearly coming to this outdoor place, the feeling of happiness far surpassed being deep inside Majestic Fox mountain.

Not a moment later, the monkey ran off by itself, scurried into the wild vegetation, not knowing where it had ran off to play.

Ghost Li, still standing silently in the centre of the village, his face expressionless.

Other than his gaze, the exhaustion and anguish that were unable to conceal.

He stared dazedly at the surroundings, slowly turned around, the familiar place, everything started to surface slowly in his mind, even the breeze, also carried a familiar smell.

The hometown's ground fragrance...

And far behind him, behind in the verdant wild vegetation, that white and lonely figure, finally disappeared in the far distance.

He slowly walked, the same scenes reflected in Lu Xueqi's eyes appeared before him, the broken walls ruins, moss-covered stone steps, finally, that dilapidated small temple.

Just that he did not walk over, watching it from a distance, he stared in a blank, there, changed a youth's life!

He stood for a long time, also watched for a long time, but eventually did not walk over, after a very long time, he turned around, stepped over the grasses, with difficulty he could still make out the path between the houses. He walked very slowly, almost every step was extremely heavy, until the second row third small house, he stopped.

This house was no different from the other houses, windows and doors too broken off, the same abandoned and deserted, even the mosses on the steps, seemed to be much more than other houses.

Ghost Li's lips, started to tremble, for many years, this was the first time he could not contain his tears, slowly, he knelt before the house, his head buried deeply on the ground, wild grasses before the house.

The wind carried, choked, struggling whispers, "Father, mother..."

HeYang City.

After the catastrophe, HeYang City was heavily hit, countless of death and injured but after the calamity, the days still have to go on. The people coming to the city from all directions, also refugees returning home, gradually made this ancient city lively again.

On the main road that was the most bustling, the best inn in the whole of HeYang City, was still that Shanhai Garden that Zhang Xiaofan once stayed when he first travelled down the mountain, although because of the calamity, it seemed much cold and cheerless as compared to its business ten years ago, after all the people have just escaped death, rarely they would have the mood to come and have a feast here.

But this day, a strange customer came to Shanhai Garden. This person was a young lady, looked captivating, not only that, underneath that beautiful face, every frown and every smile, had a soul-captivating strange feeling, as if as long as the lady's eyes swept past, the surrounding men's bones would turned limp.

That woman was, after the drastic event in southern border, separated from Ghost Li, Lu Xueqi, the Nine-tailed Celestial Fox - Xiao Bai.

She like that confidently, walking slowly and looking shy, walked into Shanhai Garden tavern, for a moment, from the shopkeeper to waiter, including the only two tables of customers, were dumbfounded, nobody came up to serve her.

Fortunately Xiao Bai was already used to this, was not angry, only smiled, said, "Nobody serving?"

Her words woke the people, the shopkeeper was after all older, with effort still maintained some degree of composure, quickly focused himself and then hit the back of the waiter's head who was still in a daze, angrily said, "Customer is here, why aren't you receiving?"

The waiter staggered, not knowing if he was feeling guilty, did not dare to meet Xiao Bai's eyes, smiled, stammering said, "Miss, do, do you want to have a meal or are you staying?"

Xiao Bai thought for a while, said, "Better to have some food first, do you have private seats here?"

The waiter nodded, said, "Yes, yes, please come upstairs."

Xiao Bai nodded, headed up, saying, "Find me a quiet seat near the window!"

The waiter smiled and said, "Miss be assured, you are the only one in the private seats upstairs, whichever seat you want we will give it to you, and guarantee it would be quiet, there won't be anyone disturbing you."

Xiao Bai was surprised, said, "Why aren't there anyone, I heard the business was quite good in the past?"

The waiter had reached the 2nd level by this time, smiled bitterly and said, "Who said it wasn't, the business initially was really good, the entire HeYang City all came to feast at our place here. But goddamn, the demon beast calamity, caused panic everywhere, in the end there were countless dead and wounded, at this time, there won't be many who would think to come here."

Xiao Bai slowly nodded, gently sighed, said, "So it turned out to be like this, it is no wonder then."

By now, the waiter had already led Xiao Bai to a table beside the window and was wiping the table with a cloth he was carrying.

Xiao Bai looked out the window, saw the passersby walking to and fro, it was still considered lively but few of them have smiles on their faces, instead most were frowning.

Xiao Bai was silent for a moment, suddenly asked the waiter, "Waiter, I want to ask you something, you answer me honestly."

The waiter nodded, said, "Miss please ask!"

Xiao Bai hesitated, said, "All of the commoners in this HeYang City, naturally also including you, all hated that demon beast?"

The waiter snorted, immediately revealed resentment, loudly said, "Of course, the city in this calamity, nine houses out of ten were stripped bare, you can go ask anyone on the streets, I guarantee you that they would have loved ones who died under that demon beast evil claws. Pity that we commoners do not have weapons, unable to fight back, but luckily we have the immortals from Qing Yun Hill, showing great benevolence, displaying their great divine might, chased that goddamn evil beast away, allowing us to once again live a normal life."

Xiao Bai watched that waiter's agitated expression, bitterly laughed in her heart, for some reason that Subdue Devil Cave again flashed before her eyes, the hunched man breathing his last breath before the fire.

The rights and wrongs in this world, who could say it clearly?

The waiter seemed to sense that he had somewhere lost control of himself, turned red and stepped back, in a low voice said, "This, this I am also just casually speaking, Miss don't treat it as real, do, do you want to order some food?"

Xiao Bai smiled and said, "Alright, but don't have to take down any specific orders, you go down and tell the shopkeeper, bring three or four of your best dishes will do, and also, bring ten pots of your good wine up."

The waiter was stunned, "Ten pots?"

Xiao Bai glanced at him, nodded and said, "Ten pots."

The waiter paused, then hesitated for a long while, quietly asked, "Miss, do you still have friends coming, if you have, I can prepare more cutlery sets in advance."

Xiao Bai laughed and said, "Don't think too much, there is only me, I want ten pots of wine, quickly serve it up, don't ask any more."

The waiter replied yes in successively and retreated but his eyes revealed his disbelief, actually he could not be blamed, normally people could only manage one or two pots, those that could drink four or five were either drunkards or wine celestial beings, but this extremely coquettish lady, clearly could not be defined as normal.

Due to the low volume of customers, soon, the waiter brought up dishes and placed it on the table, and the ten pots of wine engraved with Shanhai Garden words, in a short while, were also placed orderly on the other side of the table.

This was also fortunately at a time where the tarven did not have much business, if not wouldn't it attract a scene for all of the customers? But even if it was so, Xiao Bai most likely wouldn't care!

The waiter soon left, leaving Xiao Bai alone. She poured wine for herself and drank, soon, a pot was done, and her face, slowly had a pink flush, there wasn't any sign of being drunk, instead it made her more alluring.

"Ai..." Suddenly, lightly, sighed.

The alcohol was pure like amber, thin stream like string, poured from the pot to the cup, making fine water sprays, Xiao Bai looked at the cup in front of her, watched on the water surface, her reflection wavering. Then she smiled, a trace of bitterness in her smile, took up the cup and drank it all.

The street outside the window, sounds made from the crowd of people walking past endlessly, bustling with activities, those sounds, seemed very far away, as if in another world.

She took the sixth empty pot, and put it aside.

The warm redness on her face, complemented her eternal beautiful face, in the pair of eyes, were still as clear.

Always the alcohol making the person drunk, never the heart!

Her white teeth, gently bit her lower lips, alone, quietly laughed, then with a flung of her head, raised her hand and poured the wine. Outside on the street, for some reason, the hubbard seemed louder suddenly, Xiao Bai frowned and moved to the window, looked down.

With a glance, she was surprised, on the street, a lady in white walked over, her face exceptionally beautiful, like a fairy, who would it be if not Lu Xueqi?

The surrounding commoners were also attracted to her beauty but were intimidated by her cold aura, did not dare to approach directly, gathered and watched from afar, making all sorts of comments, it was because of this. Xiao Bai watched Lu Xueqi, a smile slowly appeared on her lips.

"Life is really full of encounters everywhere..." She half smiled and muttered to herself, stood up, looked like she wanted to take the initiative and greet Lu Xueqi.

Just that when she just stood up, her expression suddenly turned stunned, turning away from Lu Xueqi, her gaze drifted to a secluded corner far in the city.

A familiar black figure, flashed past and into another dark corner, and the next moment, a grey but not unfamiliar figure, pursuing tightly.

Xiao Bai stared blankly at the corner for a moment and then a mocking smile revealed on her lips, "Guess today is really coincidence upon coincidence, if I don't join in the fun, I am really letting myself down, and even more to that ShangGuan old ghost, hehe, hehe..."

In her cold laughter, her figure suddenly like apparition, disappeared from Shanhai Garden, after a long time, the waiter came up to clear and saw only an ingot of silver on the table, six empty pots, the other four pots, were gone.

And on the main street, Lu Xueqi 's figure, not knowing since when, also suddenly disappeared from the street.