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Chapter 220: Blood Formation

 Chapter 220 - Blood Formation

Fox Majestic Mountain, Ghost King sect headquarters.

Ghost Li on his journey, felt his mind was in a blank, that mysterious obscure lady kept appearing before him, only that, he clearly knew, that it should be an illusion?

Wasn't it?

In his perplexed state, he realized that he had already returned to the stone room that belonged to him, the stone door was opened, looking in, he could see that it was still a mess inside, it was the result of the fight he had with Ghost King.

He looked at that mess, was silent for a long time, slowly walked in, beside the broken table, found a chair which was still intact and sat down, staring blankly.

Xiao Hui ran out from the side, it looked to be still in low spirits, wordlessly clambered up Ghost Li's shoulder, sat down and also in a daze.

Maybe it was still worrying about TaoTie!

One human and one monkey, sat like that for a long time, not making a single sound, the entire stone room appeared strangely still, after a long time, Ghost Li suddenly moved, stretched out his hand and pulled down Xiao Hui, held it before him.

Xiao Hui's eyes blinked and looked at Ghost Li.

Ghost Li quietly said, "Xiao Hui, you say what should I do?"

Xiao Hui did not make a sound, only watched him.

Ghost Li also didn't seemed to mind the silence, only continued to mutter, "This road, how should I go on exactly..."

In the mountains days are unknown, time like water passed.

The deepest most mysterious part of the Fox Majestic mountain, in the huge blood pool, strong stench of blood permeated the air, this strange existence, quietly hid in a forgotten corner that the world knew, silently growing.

Naturally, other than these two persons, Ghost King and Mr Ghost.

In the huge blood pool, it was still full of bright red blood, numerous air bubbles rose up frequently from the blood pool, bounced and burst above the surface, making faint mist of blood spray.

What was the same as before was, huge beasts' bodies, trapped in this blood pool, now other than Kui Niu, Yellow Bird, there were two other figures, on was TaoTie which was trying it best struggling but in the end still helpless, the other, was a colossal beast, the head looked like the dragons in the legends, its body almost one time bigger than Kui Niu, as half of it was immersed in the blood, its body shape was indistinct but from the few places where its body could be seen, most likely it would be the legendary Devil Beast 'Zhu Long'.

Kui Niu and Yellow Bird were trapped for a long time, were long lifeless, Zhu Long also looked the same, without any vitality, only TaoTie, who was recently caught and full of energy, kept making roars of fury and waves of ripples around it, clearly it was extremely infuriated.

Just that in this blood pool, there seemed to be a strange energy, not only trapping the three beasts, even TaoTie could not struggle free, it could only roar in anger. Other than that, above the blood pool, a different image from before.

The ancient cauldron hovering about five zhangs above the pool, its four primitive legs below the cauldron, each shot out a faint purple-red light, shining down and straight on the four beasts, looking from afar, clearly from these beams of light it could be seen, indistinct abundant spiritual energy contained in it, sucking out from those beasts and into the cauldron.

And because it kept sucking the beasts' energies, the cauldron original primitive deep uneven appearance, started to change, the entire cauldron, was enveloped by a rising propitious energy, the primitive color was also slowly eroding, replacing it, was a colour mild like jade and translucent.

At a glance, almost made one thought that this was the legendary celestial holy object, supermundane, incompatible with the blood pool and its strong stench.

Just that, underneath this celestial appearance, there was still a strange spot, which was the mysterious diagram above the cauldron inscription, four strange beasts at times clearly seen at times dark, symbolized the inscription on the cauldron, were also changing with color, only at the top of the diagram, that hideous deity face, was red like blood, as if greedily sucking in the energy, like about to be revived.

On the high platform leaving the blood pool the furthest, Ghost King and Mr Ghost stood side by side.

Mr Ghost in black, like being enveloped in darkness, even standing before him, one would not be able to see his body clearly.

Right now speaking in low tones, he said, "That's right, there is indeed such a thing within the cauldron's inscription, the four spiritual beings gathering together and chaos starting, right now the 'Four Divinities Blood Formation' is complete, what remains is to wait for forty-nine days, after the cauldron absorbs all of the spiritual energies, the energy of chaos would be enough to open the sky and divide the earth, once again opening the Asura door, as such sect head you will be able to dominate the invincible supreme might of Heaven and Earth, never will there be another rival who will be your match."

Ghost King's face was red, his eyes glinting, staring intensely at that cauldron, his face unable to contain his excitement, suddenly lifted his head to the sky, started laughing loudly.

The laughter was loud and savage, containing arrogance, as if he had already controlled the world, but the laughter suddenly stopped, Ghost King's brows frowned, pressed his heart lightly with his hand, the redness in his face receded, and turned pale.

But the next moment, a golden light flashed past his face and soon he was back to normal.

Mr Ghost saw this change, with his sharp eyes, he was stunned for a moment, asked in surprised, "You have fought with someone, who is that person, to have such level of skills?

Ghost King took a deep breath, the expression on his face was completely back to normal, after closing his eyes and opening, icy cold glint flashed, he coldly said, "'Great Brahman Wisdom' and 'Tai Ji Xuan Qing Way'...are really exceptional skills, although the sharpness are not as amazing as my Evil sect but the delayed effects are long and vigorous, it is really scary."

Mr Ghost frowned, a strange glint in his eyes, said, "It was him? Why would you out of sudden fight with him..."

Speaking until here, he suddenly recalled something, said, "Don't tell me it was because of TaoTie?"

Ghost King snorted but did not reply Mr Ghost, only indifferently said, "The speed of this person's advancement is really unexpected, I'm afraid in the would also be hard to tell if he will be the cause of ruin."

Mr Ghost looked at Ghost King deeply, then shifted his gaze away, slowly said, "The most important thing now, it's still the Four Divinities Blood Formation, the rest, try to push back if possible!"

Ghost King nodded slightly, said, "That's right, I know the priorities, you can be assured!"

Mr Ghost was silent for a moment, said, "But with Ghost Li's current unfathomable level of skills, in addition as the Four Divinities Blood Formation turns stronger with the absorption of the spiritual energies, the blood stench would most definitely be hard to conceal, with him around, it might be unpredictable. To prevent incidents, you better find an excuse and send him out!"

Ghost King said, "You are right." After speaking, he frowned slightly, turned, with his hands clasped behind, slowly walked out of this place.

Watching Ghost King's figure leaving, Mr Ghost then slowly turned, walked to the side of the platform and looked down.

TaoTie which was still struggling earlier on, seemed to gradually lose its resistance under the influence of the blood pool and the cauldron's light, right now lay in the pool weakly, panting.

Watching this, Mr Ghost under his veil, made a cold and emotionless laugh.

"Hehe...Asura door?..."

Footsteps sounds were heard outside the stone door, it was rather hurried, obviously the approaching person was running and in a hurry. The next moment, a figure appeared before Ghost Li's stone room door, half kneeling, spoke loudly, "Vice sect head, Ghost King sent a message, he wants you to go and meet him."

The voice was rather loud, there was even echos heard from within the room, but there was no reply.

The messenger was surprised but did not look up immediately, Ghost Li had a reputation of being a killer within the Evil sect Ghost King sect, common disciples even if they have a chance they would not go near him too, not to say being disrespectful.

This one brought up his courage, again spoke loudly but there was no reply, he then looked up and peered into the room, saw the mess but where was Ghost Li and his monkey?

The person groaned, shook his head and ran off.

Right now, Ghost Li was walking along the long tunnel in the Ghost King sect, Xiao Hui sat quietly on his shoulder. Ghost Li's eyes looked ahead, although he could not see the end of the path but he was clear, the end of this tunnel was where Ghost King's residence was.

"No matter what, I cannot stay here and have nothing to do, right, Xiao Hui?"

He seemed to be muttering to himself, and Xiao Hui was also in a daze, did not pay attention to its master's words.

And Ghost Li also did not mind, only quietly laughed bitterly, said, "Many times I saw hope before me, in the end, all fell short of success for lack of a final effort, but as long as Biyao is lying in there, I must not despair, right? I know what you are worrying, don't worry, wait till I found a way to treat Biyao, I will naturally ask him to give back your friend."

Xiao Hui's eyes suddenly perked up, then [zhi zhi] called out, Ghost Li smiled but his smile did not stay on his face for long.

He stood at the entrance of Ghost King's room.

Outside the heavy door, the voice which had already became familiar sounded, Ghost King sat on the chair, his mind for some reason, had his daughter's figure flashed past. A inexplicable emotion, floated in his heart.

The stone door opened, Ghost Li appeared.

"You are here." Ghost King indifferently said.

"Yes." Ghost Li slowly nodded, his voice too indifferent.

The two men, became quiet, as if nothing had happened between them.

After a while, Ghost Li said, "There is something, I wish to speak to you about."


Ghost Li indifferently said, "You have already led the disciples back here and I have also brought TaoTie for you, if there is no other matters, I will like to go out, see if I can find a way to save Biyao."

Ghost King frowned, glanced at Ghost Li, at this moment, urgent footsteps were heard outside the door, the messenger ran in and was about to speak in a hurry when he saw Ghost Li and was stunned.

Ghost King quietly waved at him, the messenger hesitated, bowed and quietly left. Ghost King's eyes returned to Ghost Li, that young man was still standing there quietly, in the entire Evil sect, no matter who, would have fear and trepidation standing in front of Ghost King, only him, never seemed to be afraid.

This was the man that my daughter cherished and adored?

"You can go!" Ghost King's voice, suddenly sounded tired.

Ghost Li silently nodded, the earlier fight, although both behaved as if it had never happened but it was clear, their not-close relations seemed to be even further strained.

He turned and walked out, just as he was about to step out, suddenly, his body paused. A strange smell, not knowing from where, as if he was suddenly immersed in an abyss of blood, unable to breathe, like a huge tide rolling over, the smell of blood drowning him, loud rumbles in his ears.

Ghost Li's countenance changed!

But this strange smell, like a dream, disappeared in a blink, the surroundings became quiet again.

Ghost King's voice was heard from behind, calm and emotionless, "What is it?"

Ghost Li back facing him, stood still for a moment, indifferently said, "Nothing."

After speaking, he slowly walked off.

The stone door closed up slowly behind him, when it was completely closed, Ghost Li suddenly whipped around, sharp glint in his eyes, he stared at that stone door, his eyes obscure, he seemed perplexed.

And Ghost King in the stone room, also emotionlessly stared at that stone door, he seemed to be contemplating something but eventually shook his head, turned and walked to the other end of the room, patted somewhere on the wall, the next moment, the stone wall started to shift and reveal a tunnel, and the thick stench of blood, drifted out from there.

Ghost King expressionlessly walked in, the stone wall behind him, slowly closed up.

Somewhere in the Central Plains, thousand of miles away from the southern border, it was instead nearer to Qing Yun Hill.

Here it was desolate and wilderness, humans were rare, looking at the undulating mountains ranges, a long river running through it.

If considering the geography carefully, this nameless mountain range, belonged to the end of the vast incomparable Qing Yun Hill range, and that long river in between the lofty mountains, it could be considered as one of the upper streams of the river outside HeYang City. Just that it was a distance from where the Qing Yun mountain ranges spiritual energies were, only ferocious beasts roamed with monkeys screeching and tigers roaring, not a single trace of celestial energy.

And here at this forgotten place, its tranquility was broken today.

Two figures streaked past the sky, one pursuing another, the person ahead was covered in black, the person behind flashed in grey light, both as fast as lightning. The person in black moved up or down in the sky, suddenly descending into the forest, twisting and turning, however the person behind him had unexpected powers, matched his every move, pursuing him tightly and never once lagged, looking like he would soon reach him.

Suddenly, the person in front as if knowing that he would not be able to lose the pursuer for the time being, suddenly braked, the black figure was seen shaking, like being nail onto the spot. And at the same time, he turned swiftly around, his right hand pointed five times in the air.

[Duo duo] sounds were heard, above this wild forest, under the daylight, five spots of yin fire appeared, in the fire hideous skeleton could be indistinctly seen, whistling winds started, pouncing towards the grey figure.

The grey figure was already there in a blink but he also stopped within a second, he was seen completely focused, like facing a great foe, clearly he did not dare to take his foe lightly. The next moment, a cold light circulated from the grey figure's hand, a crystal clear two sharp heads tubular weapon appeared.

Once this weapon appeared, a white mist immediately covered the surrounding ground and forest, the temperature also dropped. The five yin fires arrived like the wind, the grey figure's weapon turned once in the air, sucking all five of the fire into it.

Then, like fire encountering the ice, the five fires gradually dimmed and finally extinguished.

And the grey dark light, also gradually dispersed.

"Nine cold ice freezing is really an amazing weapon!" Like a regret and also like a praise, but without any anger, that man in black quietly said.

And standing before him was the grey-clothed elder, he was also Southern border FenXiang Valley second ranked person, ShangGuan Ce, and the weapon in his hand, was naturally the Nine cold ice freezing thorn that even the Nine tailed celestial fox once feared.

ShangGuan Ce laughed twice, in a deep voice said, "To be able to have you this shaman demon's compliment, it is really not easy!"

The man in black, was the shaman demon that had escaped from the southern border Subdue Devil ancient cave, just that not knowing for what reason he was actually pursued by ShangGuan Ce.

The shaman demon assessed ShangGuan Ce a few glances, suddenly sighed and said, "Old friend, you and I are not one or two days old acquaintance, why must you force me like this?"

ShangGuan Ce indifferently said, "I have long told you my purpose, there is no other intention, it is just that our FenXiang Valley master wish to meet you, there are some matters which need to have long talks and so invite you to go to FenXiang Valley, it's that simple."

The shaman demon shook his head and laughed bitterly, said, "Your that master valley senior brother, is too scheming, although I am stupidly living in the world and immortal but I know I am incomparable to him. And to say I am still not clear about all of your intentions, simply it is for our shaman tribe those secrets?"

ShangGuan Ce snorted, said, "It is good that you know, now that southern border is in a disorder, the five tribes are in chaos, this is where they need FenXiang Valley to come out and take charge, furthermore we don't have evil intentions, no matter what, we are at least better than those savage demon beasts right?"

The shaman demon looked at him deeply, said, "The secret of shaman tribe's Heaven Fire, I really don't know, old friend, looking at our years of friendship, just let me go!"

ShangGuan Ce shook his head, said, "I am also helpless."

After speaking, the weapon in his hand slowly turned half a circle in the air, emitting cold icy energy, again facing the shaman demon.

The shaman demon stood unmoving, not knowing if it was because he knew he would not be able to escape from ShangGuan Ce, he gave up fighting and only indifferently said, "Old friend, the world is so big, everything changes for no reason, I did not follow Lady and big brother down to the nether world, it is because I wanted to see the multi variant forms of this world when I still have time. Don't tell me even this tiny request, you are not willing to give me the chance?"

ShangGuan Ce coldly sneered, ignored, obviously he did not believe a single word of it, right now he was already three chi before the shaman demon, but at this moment, his face suddenly changed, stared intently on the ground.

In the daylight, under the bright sun, the shaman demon's body looked like it was fluttering but there was no shadow, and the figure moved slightly with the wind, like it was floating.

ShangGuan Ce moved, instantly was before the shaman demon, the weapon struck down from the head, a flash of cold light with invincible strength, split the shaman demon into half, but the two parts of the body immediately turned into black gases, dispersed in the air.

ShangGuan Ce was so enraged that he turned pale, unknowingly he had again fell for the shaman demon's diversionary tactic. Angrily stomping, he leapt up, in the mid air he looked down, saw a black figure escaping in the far distance, heading towards the north, without further words, he evolved into a grey light and pursued.