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Chapter 219: Murder Teacher

 Chapter 219 - Murder Teacher

"Hundred years ago, the Evil sect was rampant, powerful, Tao was vanishing and Evil was growing, the arrogant and conceited Evil sect with one fell swoop wiped out the Good Faction and invaded Qing Yun. After a round of terrible battle, in the end our seniors and ancestors did their best to fight, requested and activated Zhu Xian ancient sword at the foot of Qing Yun Hill, held 'Zhu Xian sword formation' and finally turned defeat to victory."

ShuiYue Master's tone was calm, Lu Xueqi instead turned slightly pale, just by that sentence, 'terrible battle' she could imagine that intense cruel battle scene.

However, ShuiYue Master seemed not to mind these, soon continued, "After that battle, although Evil sect was heavily wounded but our Qing Yun sect also suffered great losses, many of the highly skilled elders were either dead or injured, and none had the energy to pursue, just that at this moment, a senior brother stood out, with lofty sentiments offered to undertake the task to eradicate the evil, pursue and kill the remaining evildoers."

Lu Xueqi was moved, said, "This teacher uncle, was it Wan Jianyi teacher uncle?"

ShuiYue Master slowly closed her eyes, her tone started to sound faint, "It was him. Ai...the scene at that time, I still could see it clearly: That day in the vicious battle, he had already did great achievements, killed numerous enemies, his clothes of white was already dyed red. He stood before the various teachers, his demeanour inspiring, just that few words, just few words only...could make us these young junior brothers and sisters to be burning with righteous indignation. Other than Daoxuan senior brother as the oldest disciple to stay and guard Qing Yun, me, Suru junior sister, Tian Buyi, Zeng Shucang, Shang Zhengliang, Tian Yun, Cang song etc the various branch leaders of today, all followed him, from then marching unhindered under the sky, travelling far to the Wildlands, along the journey it was filled with blood and swords but never did we once fear or retreat."

Her eyes were still closed, her expression so focused as if before her, was that memory of youth burning with righteous indignation, and her cheeks, flushed with faint red.

In the small house, nobody spoke, but that mood, seemed restless, as if under peacefulness, dark turbulent currents swept past silently.

After a long time, ShuiYue Master suddenly made a bitter laugh, shook her head, her voice desolate, said, "Forget it, these past matters have already passed. During that time, the group of us went through the calamity, did heavy damage to the remaining evildoers before returning to Qing Yun. However it was also at that time, we unwittingly were pulled into one of our sect's secrets."

"After returning to Qing Yun, Suru junior sister and Tian Buyi soon developed feelings for each other, yet I really did not like this person, on one late night, both of them again deceived your grandmaster Zhen Yu great master and ran out, after they were discovered by me, worrying that junior sister would be taken advantage of and unwilling to report them, else if your grandmaster becomes angry, Suru junior sister would have to suffer, and so followed them."

Lu Xueqi was surprised upon hearing this but couldn't help but find it funny, just that no matter what, she would not dare to show it out.

Fortunately ShuiYue Master seemed to know it too, did not pause for too long and carried on, "Who knows that both of them young and daring, in order to avoid people, actually sneaked to TongTian Peak's rear mountain, near to where the secluded Founders Ancestral Hall was."

Lu Xueqi again was surprised, after a long time quietly looked down, before her Tian Buyi, leader of Big Bamboo Valley, image flashed before her, secretly thought the thousands of appearances on earth, it was indeed one could not be judged by the appearance.

ShuiYue Master's face was unease, humphed and said, "I watched them, felt really angry and so came out, shouted at them. Suru junior sister and Tian Buyi was naturally shocked but after they saw that I was alone, Suru junior sister grinned cheekily and came over to pull me, Tian Buyi that fellow instead showed me a face, in my anger, I was about to..."

Lu Xueqi thought to herself, if Tian Buyi still looked well and smiling, then that would be strange. ShuiYue Master suddenly stopped, she couldn't help but ask, "Then what happened?"

ShuiYue Master was silent for a moment, said, "It was at this moment, suddenly from the dark silent Founders Ancestral Hall, a strange cry was heard, the sound was like a beast's howl, full of pain, almost not like a human. Three of us shocked, hid within the forest's shadows beside. Next moment, we saw that...secret."

Lu Xueqi looked intently at ShuiYue Master, saw faint anguish on her face, guessed that this secret in her heart, must have tormented her for many years, even today, the edges did not look like they have been blunted.

ShuiYue Master's deep voice, sounded hollow, just that every word, fell like thunder, slowly revealing the buried past.

"A human figure, stumbled out from the hall, the clothes were tattered, hair in disarray, covering the face, unable to see the face clearly and the demeanour looked as if mad, at the same time kept shouting, at times in pain but we could not hear clearly what he was saying. The three of us were shocked and afraid, at Founders Ancestral Hall such a sacred place, why would a mad person appear? But we couldn't let him run amok. The three of us were about to go and stop this madman when suddenly, two figures ran out from the hall, landed before that madman, uniformly knelt down. That night the moon was clear and bright, the three of us clearly saw, those two persons, were whom we younger generation of disciples most revered senior brothers, DaoXuan senior brother and Wan Jianyi senior brother."

Lu Xueqi exclaimed, "What?"

ShuiYue Teacher glanced at her, faintly said, "Even you are taken aback right? The three of us, our shock was not less than yours, were dumbfounded. What followed was even more inconceivable, DaoXuan and Wan senior brothers looked to be in anguish, kneeling down, one by each side, hugging that madman's legs tightly, their cries earnestly begging, calling these two words, teacher..."

Lu Xueqi at this moment, was totally speechless.

ShuiYue Master looked as if she was completely immersed in the past, her voice low, said, "With that cry, we were beyond shock, we then discovered that that madman's physique, was actually Qing Yun sect head Reverend, the two senior brothers' mentor, not long ago demonstrating his martial prowess in the Good and Evil Faction great battle, Tian Chengzi teacher uncle."

"What we saw was that this sect head teacher uncle had none of the usual dignified demeanour, speaking gibberish and seemed to be cursing something but we couldn't hear clearly, both senior brothers looked extremely inconsolable, tears pouring, kept saying 'Teacher please wake up, teacher please wake up' but sect head teacher uncle for some reason, with his level of cultivation, was delirious, oblivious to his favourite disciples' pleas, until the end, he instead turned his head and looked, fierce glints flashed in his eyes, staring at the two of them, with a loud roar, he actually made a fatal move towards the both of them."

Lu Xueqi hearing that, felt as if she was at that scene, couldn't help but shivered.

ShuiYue Master said, "At that time the three of us were watching secretly, were already at loss and then saw sect head teacher uncle suddenly turned hostile, we were even more perplexed. Who would know that when the two of them were about to lose their lives, DaoXuan senior brother abruptly turned while hugging sect head teacher uncle's leg, with swift speed came to Tian Chengzi teacher uncle's back, like lightning, held Tian Chengzi teacher uncle's both arms, at the same time bright light flashed, confining Tian Chengzi teacher uncle tightly."

"Wan senior brother didn't expect DaoXuan senior brother would do that, was at a loss, unexpectedly Tian Chengzi teacher uncle in his insanity, still had his power, both arms although locked but he kicked out and Wan senior brother was kicked flying out almost two zhangs away, a mouthful of blood immediately spitting out."

"By then the scene was changing fiercely, all three of us were like idiots, could only watch, completely at lost on what to do. DaoXuan senior brother shouted, 'Wan junior brother, you still not retaliating?" Wan senior brother hearing this, clearly was shaking all over but he still did not move, both eyes staring at his teacher and senior brother."

"Tian Chengzi teacher uncle was highly skilled and resisted with all of his strength, DaoXuan senior brother although was still confining his teacher's body but it was only for a moment of time, his face turned red and almost spit out blood too, at the same time the light on his body swiftly turned dim, evidently at that time his skills was far from Tian Chengzi teacher uncle. And at that time, while DaoXuan senior brother looked as if he could not sustain anymore, suddenly a white figure flashed past, it was Wan senior brother...the three of us staring dumbly, Wan senior brother made a loud roar, from far pounced over, after a sharp whistle, Dragon Slayer Sword appeared in his hand, pierced into Tian Chengzi's chest!"

In the small house, a death-like silence, as if that dreary night, the silence after the tragic turn of situation, after the air of murderous intention gushed, the painful anguish, reverted to silence.

Lu Xueqi's face was pale, after a long time, quietly said, "In the sect's records, Tian Chengzi grand teacher uncle two hundred years ago...passed away in a seated pose before the Founders Ancestral Hall ancestral tablets and handed over his position to DaoXuan teacher uncle."

ShuiYue Master with a sad laugh, shook her head, her voice deep and low, "Watching this tragic change in the sect, and the two persons who murdered their teacher, even though they are our most revered senior brothers, me, Suru junior sister and Tian Buyi, were already at our wits' end, befuddled, and Suru junior sister in her moment of loss, accidentally made a small noise. But maybe it was because both of them had just murdered their teacher, their minds in a turmoil, did not notice us. And it was also them, after looking at each other for a long time, again slowly knelt before their teacher's body, had a conversation."

"And it was from this conversation, the three of knew, the root of this tragic change, where it came from. Originally in the sect, from Qing Ye founder's supreme divine weapon Zhu Xian ancient sword, there is actually a huge secret, that is although this divine weapon could exterminate the evil but maybe because of the amount of killing and the huge power, over the long periods of time, this sword actually has an evil character, once the person wielding the sword trigger its entire spiritual power, he would receive the sword evil spirit's backlash, gradually taking over his mind, becoming cruel and bloodthirsty, even how highly skilled the person is, he would not be able to stop it."

"From Qing Yu founder's last instructions, Qing Yun sect generations of sect heads, all knew this secret, and so they tried not to use this sword, and Tian Chengzi teacher uncle, pressed by the Good and Evil sects great battle, had no choice but to use Zhu Xian sword formation, although he immediately sealed the sword after that and kept his mind on cultivation but in the end he could not avoid this fate."

"While Tian Chengzi teacher uncle was still clear-minded, he secretly told this secret to two of his favourite disciples: DaoXuan senior brother and Wan Jianyi senior brother. Firstly he had always trusted them the most and secondly if he had only told one, in the event something happens, Tian Chengzi teacher uncle feared that one person might not be able to stop him due to his high skills. And so in the end, it turned out to be like this..."

Lu Xueqi hearing that, suddenly her heart pounded, whipped her head up, said, "Teacher, then DaoXuan sect head teacher uncle he...don't tell me he..."

ShuiYue Master heaved a long sigh, quietly nodded, Lu Xueqi was stunned.

ShuiYue Master was silent for a long time, faintly said, "Within ten years, DaoXuan senior brother used the Zhu Xian ancient sword two times, especially in this demon beast catastrophe, he opened all Qing Yun seven mountain summit celestial seals, pushing Zhu Xian sword formation might to the limit. With such backlash force, one could well imagine. Actually I have long thought of this, just that ten years ago, DaoXuan senior brother already used Zhu Xian sword once but still was unaffected by the evil spirit's backlash, I was relieved and thought with his skills level, he could avoid this calamity, pity he...heaven's will ah, heaven's will!"

Lu Xueqi was silent, said, "Teacher, such a top-level secret, why are you telling disciple, unless there is something important that you want to instruct disciple with?"

ShuiYue Master's face was solemn, looked at Lu Xueqi, said, "Yes."

Lu Xueqi lowered her head slightly, said, "I am indebted to teacher, disciple unable to repay even dying nine times, whatever it is, teacher please instruct!"

ShuiYue Master looked deeply at Lu Xueqi, said, "Actually this secret, only Qing Yun sect head knows but these few days I observed Xiao Yicai, he clearly was unaware, as such, the people left in this world who know this secret, Tian Buyi has disappeared with DaoXuan senior brother mysteriously, Suru junior sister and Tian Buyi their love strong, right now most likely she is at a loss, and so if there is any matter, I will have to make decision."

Lu Xueqi looked up at ShuiYue Master, hesitated and said, "Teacher, you mean?"

ShuiYue Master said, "Although DaoXuan senior brother and Tian Buyi are missing but nobody knows where exactly they are going, whether if they have left Qing Yun Hill, therefore I have to remain here, in case both of them appear, I am able to take control of the situation. But at the same time I have to send someone down to investigate, among my disciples, the one with steadfastness and highly skilled, nobody can be compared to you, this heavy responsibility, I have to pass it to you."

Lu Xueqi's face was grave, slowly knelt before her teacher, just that she was an extremely intelligent, the intricacies of this task, how could she not understand.

She quietly said, "Teacher's instruction, disciple will obey. Just that...just that disciple do not know, if disciple was to search for the two elders, teacher could have just instructed, why does teacher still reveal this secret to disciple?"

Speaking till the end, Lu Xueqi's voice was trembling slightly.

ShuiYue Master's face was ashen, her facial muscles seemed to be twitching, after a long time, she slowly said, "Tian Buyi took the initiative to visit DaoXuan senior teacher, obviously knowing this secret and could tell DaoXuan senior brother was already affected by the demon spirit, between the two of them, there must have been a big fight. After you travel down the mountain, use your best effort to look for them, in the event you are able to find them and at the same time, discovered they have indeed fought..."

ShuiYue Master's hand, slowly tightened, into a fist, "You will find a chance, to that person who has been taken over by the demon spirit, with one sword stroke kill him!"

Lu Xueqi's face was as pale as paper but eventually did not say anything, only lowered her head down.

After a very long time, in the death-like silence of this small house, her almost inaudible voice said, "Yes."