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Chapter 218: Secret

 Chapter 218 - Secret

White cold air rose like faint smoke, soundlessly drifted in the icy cold stone room, this day, the cold air in the stone room seemed to be much thicker than usual, looking over at it, it even gave a feeling of concealment, not like the usual clear-bottom clarity.

Deep rumble emanated from the stone door, it was slowly opening, just that that slender figure reflected in the eyes, but for some reason, seemed rather blur.

Should be Youji right?

Ghost Li thought, strided slowly in. In the cold stone room, the white mist scattered, tendrils swirling, like an illusion, shrouding his body. That woman's figure, quietly back faced him, stood before the stone platform, and beside her, the cold air seemed especially heavy, the white mist condensed from the cold air, like snow and frost, creating an illusion-like feeling.

In the air, that indistinct, resounding clear crisp bell, sounded like just beside him.

For some reason, Ghost Li subconsciously stopped, maybe it was because of the incident today, he found it hard to face Youji, especially when Youji berated loudly and mentioned Biyao. Recalling, Ghost Li although felt alarmed towards Ghost King's strange behaviour today but he himself without thinking twice, retaliated with all of his effort, he could only remain silent.

Or maybe, in both of their hearts, already have hatred hidden deep inside?

But, there was still a Biyao in this world, and lying in this cold stone room.

Ghost Li glanced at that indistinct figure, concealed within the cold air, quietly lowered his head, after a long time said, "I fought with Ghost King just now, it is my fault, I don't know why things turned out like this. Don't be angry, I won't do it the next time."

That figure's shoulder, seemed to tremble once but did not speak, still maintaining silent, just that the surrounding cold air, seemed to swirl faster, and even this stone room, seemed to turn colder. Just that this cold stone room had always been chilly, Ghost Li did not notice it.

He sighed, stopped speaking, the relationship between Youji and Biyao, he naturally knew, after Biyao's mother passed away, Ghost King was busy with Ghost King sect matters, Youji more or less took on the role of Biyao's mother, this could be seen from the way Biyao had always addressed Youji as 'Aunt You'. Now that facing her, especially still in this cold stone room, Ghost Li somehow felt as if he was really facing Biyao, he had deep guilt towards Biyao in his heart and in addition he fought with Ghost King today, almost a life and death fight, it was even harder to express in words.

After a long time, he heaved a long sigh, quietly said, "I know you are aching for Biyao, and do not wish to see conflicts between her father and me, actually I didn't have the intention too, just that when..."

He frowned, Ghost King's strange demeanour again flashed past his mind, shook his head, said, "Anyway I promise you, in the future for Biyao, I will always try to give in."

That slender figure seemed to move again, but still did not turn over, however looking at her figure, she seemed to nod silently, indicating approval.

Ghost Li was silent, after a moment, heaved out a long breath, did not wish to add on anymore, slightly turned and wanted to head towards the platform, to take a good look at Biyao.

Just that he had just strided, suddenly, his entire body in that instant froze, like a flint spark, a thought flashed past his head, like a shock of thunder in his mind, rumbled and rang.

Youji had never took off her black veil, why was it that from the back of this figure, it couldn't be seen? Almost at the same time, Ghost Li's turbulent mind also recalled, the way this figure's hair was done up from the back, was a young lady style, definitely different from Youji woman's bun.

Like lightning he turned around, shouted, "Who are you?"

The cold air in the stone room, instantly turned piercingly cold, the white mist shrouding around the figure, immediately started to spin rapidly. Ghost Li glared with his both eyes wide, there was actually an intruder in this stone room, it was something he definitely could not tolerate.

When Ghost Li was about to move, suddenly a deep rumble was heard from the back, Ghost Li in his moment of hesitation, turned to look, saw the stone door was opening again slowly, a figure appeared.

Slender and tall, black veil masking her face, if it was not Youji who would it be?

Youji opened the stone door, yet saw the strange expression on Ghost Li's face, both eyes wide opened, his face muscles twisted, instead was shocked and involuntarily retreated a step.

But she was after all not an ordinary folk, calmed down the next moment, coldly said, "Humpf, you still has the check to come and see Biyao?"

Ghost Li stared deeply at her, suddenly a shock flashed past his face, as if he had remembered something extremely important, quickly turned and looked, but this look, his entire body instead received a shock, like in a shock daze, stood dumbfoundedly at his spot, silent.

In the huge stone room, where he was currently at, suddenly, resumed what it was like, the unusual drifting white mist was gone, indistinct sounds of bell disappeared, as for that mysterious figure, also in that instant, vanished.

Everything, was like before, like a dream, an illusion, drifted past, dispersed...

Biyao quietly lay on the stone platform, she still had that faint smile on her lips, where both of her hands crossed, the light on HeHuan Bell glimmered incessantly, lightly rotating, as if watching Ghost Li.

Ghost Li stood where he was, his entire body tensed, he seemed to have lost all senses, unmoving.

Youji walking slowly into the stone room, soon discovered something was wrong with Ghost Li, glanced and frowned said, "What are you doing?"

The corner of Ghost Li's lips twitched but he did not speak, only looked up, assessed the cold stone room dumbly, other than that heavy stone door, the stone room was all sturdy stone walls, not even a gap, just that right now the cold stone walls seemed to be mocking him, coldly watching these rather ridiculous people.

The uncertain gaze, slowly looked away, back to the middle of the stone room, the person lying on the stone platform. In Ghost Li's eyes, for some reason, was blurry, thousands of thoughts, like tide gushed over, that gaze, in the end quietly landed on Biyao's hair.

"What happened to you?" Youji's voice, sounded rather impatient.

Ghost Li closed his eyes, after a long time opened it slowly, quietly said, "When you came in, did you noticed anything strange with this stone room?"

Youji snorted, coldly said, "What is strange? Isn't it the same as before, a platform, a person."

Ghost Li's eyes, seemed to twitch once.

Youji slowly sat down beside Biyao, her eyes revealing love and pity, after some time, she slowly said, "I know you don't feel good too, just that I hope you will bear in mind, if Biyao knew you actually fought with her father, how would she feel?"

Ghost Li stared blankly and did not speak, after a moment, he suddenly shook his head, let out a long breath said, "You can be assured, I know what I should do."

After speaking, he took a deep look at Biyao and then turned and strided out.

Looking at his back, Youji frowned slightly, her instinct told her that Ghost Li seemed different from usual, but then she sighed, he was not the only one who was different, now that the Ghost King sect head whom she had followed for so many years, wasn't he becoming more and more incomprehensible?

She quietly lowered her head, lost in her thoughts, the stone room was quiet, only the HeHuan Bell, flowing lights glimmering colourfully, like clear eyes, glimmering unceasingly, watching this world.

Qing Yun Hill, Small Bamboo Valley.

Early in the morning, clear breeze blew past, the forest of bamboos swayed together, creating [sha sha] bamboo rustling sounds, like the sounds of the world, creating a peaceful feeling. The storm last night, like giving the heaven and earth a wash, clear fresh air brushed past, mountains and greenery, like painting.

The stone path below the feet was still wet, occasionally in the stone gaps, there was still rainwater collected, on the stone path and sides, many fallen bamboo leaves, most probably by the storm last night. As it was still early, nobody had came to sweep yet.

White clothes like snow, Lu Xueqi walked on this small path in the bamboo forest. In the weak morning light and breeze, her soft hair lay around her shoulder, her delicate skin, had a faint pink in the whiteness, like a deep valley, quietly blooming flowers.

Both sides of the path, tall trimmed bamboos gently wavered, on the green leaves, there were still water beads, quietly slipping down, towards earth.

She stepped forward, never once turning back, her white clothes fluttered, walked deep into the forest.

The stone path twisted and turned, the morning light shone through the gaps of the dense forest, shadows wavered lightly, illuminating her figure.

Ahead a simple bamboo house, gradually emerged, it was where Small Bamboo Valley branch leader ShuiYue Master usually meditated.

Lu Xueqi walked to the small house, stood outside the door, hesitated for a moment, gently knocked on the door.

"Teacher, disciple Xueqi pays a visit."

"Come in!" ShuiYue Master's voice was heard from the small house, neither joy nor sorrow, as if devoid of feeling, bland like water.

The door [zhi ya] pushed opened with a sound, Lu Xueqi walked in, saw her teacher sitting cross-legged on the bamboo bed, her eyes closed, her expression calm, couldn't tell if there was any change of expression for her arrival.

Lu Xueqi quietly walked to her teacher, kneeled down, quietly said, "Teacher, disciple is here."

She paused, and continued, "Xueqi knows she is unfilial, has let down teacher's expectations and made teacher sad, please punish me!"

ShuiYue Master slowly opened her eyes, her gaze on Lu Xueqi, watching for a long time, she sighed and said, "If I punish you, will you be willing to change your mind?"

Lu Xueqi quietly looked down, did not dare to look at her teacher, also did not speak, just by her expression, was there even a single remorse expression?

ShuiYue Master shook her head, with a bitter laugh said, "Since you have already made up your mind not to turn back, what is the use of me punishing you, forget it, forget it. You better get up!"

Lu Xueqi bit her lips, seemed quite agitated but still controlled herself, stood up.

ShuiYue Master gently patted the bed beside her, said, "You too sit!"

Lu Xueqi shook her head, said, "Disciple do not dare."

ShuiYue Master glanced at her, said, "There is only both of us here, what is there to mind, unless you are harbouring hatred towards me this teacher, and distancing from me?"

Lu Xueqi abruptly looked up, quickly shook her head and said, "Teacher, I..."

ShuiYue Master waved her hand and smiled, "Alright, alright, you are raised up by me, your character, how would I still not know?"

She stretched out and caught hold of Lu Xueqi's hand, gently pulled her over, carefully assessed Lu Xueqi's beautiful and elegant face, sighed and said, "No matter what, I as your teacher, at the end of the day am doing what's best for you, you must remember this."

Lu Xueqi's lips moved, quietly said, "Disciple understands, actually it is all disciple's fault..."

ShuiYue Master shook her head and said, "Forget it, by now, let's not again debate who is right or wrong, ask the world, what is love? Thousands of mountains covered with snow and ice...this thousands of mountains and torrents, yet who could really accompany for a lifetime?"

Speaking those words, it seemed to touch ShuiYue Master's thoughts, for a moment she gazed off blankly.

Lu Xueqi didn't dare to disturb her teacher, only felt her teacher's hand on her, the warmth emanating, was a long familiar feeling.

After some time, ShuiYue Master suddenly shook awake, laughed bitterly, seemed to be ridiculing herself and then spoke to Lu Xueqi, "Ai, let's talk about these later, last night I asked WenMin to call you over, the reason for it, has she told you?"

Lu Xueqi shook her head, said, "Senior sister didn't say, only told me to come over early in the morning and as for what it is, said teacher you will tell me personally."

ShuiYue Master nodded her head, said, "Also true, WenMin that lass although knows a little but after all not much, it is better if I'm the one to tell you!"

Lu Xueqi was surprised, saw her teacher's expression turned solemn, as if her mind was going through some difficult thoughts, couldn't help but said, "Teacher, if there is any difficult matter, if you need disciple, just go ahead and instruct, disciple will do her best."

ShuiYue Master nodded her head, smiled and said, "Of course I believe in you, just that it is indeed a big matter but it concerns our Qing Yun sect's fate and yet it cannot be revealed to too many people, including our sect disciples, I thought and thought, among the disciples only you, your skills and your ability to handle matters are the best, therefore I summoned you over."

Lu Xueqi's brows jumped, with a slight shock she asked, "Teacher, don't tell me something serious has happened to our sect?"

ShuiYue Master with a bitter laugh, said, "Who said there wasn't?"

Lu Xueqi said, "What happened teacher?"

ShuiYue Master after a moment of silence, as if she was also deliberating, and then slowly said, "Your sect head teacher uncle, and Big Bamboo Valley Tian Buyi Tian teacher uncle, disappeared few days ago."

Lu Xueqi's body shook, said, "They disappeared together?"

ShuiYue Master indifferently said, "One of the disciple saw Tian Buyi arriving at TongTian Peak and walked straight to the Founders Ancestral Hall, these few days, everyone knows sect head senior brother was almost always at Founders Ancestral Hall, and from that onwards, nobody saw them again."

Lu Xueqi frowning tightly, clearly alarmed.

ShuiYue Master paused, and continued, "After this happened, because of its implication, Xiao Yicai who is managing TongTiang Peak matters did not dare to hide it but no matter what this cannot be let known to the world, and so secretly informed the various branch leaders. After that, I too went to Founders Ancestral Hall to investigate but to my surprise it was already..."

Lu Xueqi was shocked, said, "What happened to Founders Ancestral Hall?"

ShuiYue Master shook her head, said, "The hall was almost destroyed, one glance and we could tell it was destroyed by an intense fight using powers."

"What?" Lu Xueqi exclaimed.

ShuiYue Master coldly laughed, said, "The Founders Ancestral Hall is the place where our sect worship our ancestors, the two of them actually dare to fight in that dignified realm, this is really lawless. And there is something more serious."

Lu Xueqi was already shocked, with another shock, she really could not imagine what would be more serious than destroying the Founders Ancestral Hall, pressed her teacher, "What else?"

"Yesterday, Xiao Yicai hurried over to my place, " ShuiYue Master's face turned grave, the worry in her eyes increased, slowly said, "According to him, ever since DaoXuan senior brother disappeared, all of his searches were unsuccessful and so wanted to check the things his teacher left behind and see if there were any clues, unexpectedly with this find, he discovered something serious."

Lu Xueqi stared at her teacher.

ShuiYue Master closed her eyes, looking tired, said, "Xiao Yicai discovered, our sect's Zhu Xian ancient sword, is also missing."

Lu Xueqi was speechless.

ShuiYue Master opened her eyes, said, "I know you are an intelligent person, naturally know the implications and subtleness of this matter, although to say Zhu Xian sword is already damaged but this implication is too serious, and most of the people do not know about the sword being damaged, if this gets out, I'm afraid it will be big trouble; and furthermore there is actually a top secret in this Zhu Xian sword, the implication is even bigger, it has always been only our sect head and a selected few know about it, if this gets leaked out, I cannot imagine the consequences."

Lu Xueqi asked in alarm, "Zhu Xian sword other than being our sect divine weapon, are there still other secrets?"

ShuiYue Master was silent, for a long time did not speak, Lu Xueqi did not dare to speak, her hands by her side and stood, after a long while quietly said, "Disciple is rude, misbehaved just now."

ShuiYue Master shook her head, after a long time said, "Teacher is not blaming you, only that the implications of this matter are too serious, the origins and sequence of events are extremely complicated..."

Speaking till here, she paused again, as if quietly deliberating, the next moment said, "This matter actually accordingly, even I as Small Bamboo Valley leader cannot know about this, it is because hundred years ago the scene was chaotic, the few of us unexpectedly came to know about it."

Lu Xueqi was surprised, "A few, don't tell me this top secret, other than teacher, there are others who know?"

ShuiYue Master indifferently said, "That time in the chaotic scene, participating in that and afterwards, there were five, other than me, there was DaoXuan senior brother, Tian Buyi, Suru junior sister..."

Lu Xueqi was listening, suddenly ShuiYue Master stopped, she couldn't help but asked, "Teacher, there is only four, who is the last person?"

ShuiYue Master sighed, a faint sadness brushed past her face, said, "It's a teacher uncle of yours, his name is Wan Jianyi."