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Chapter 217: Demons in your heart

 Chapter 217 - Demons in your heart

Ghost King walked towards TaoTie, steady and calm, Xiao Hui sitting at Ghost Li's shoulder turned its head over, watched Ghost King's back, [zhi zhi] called out twice and suddenly became quiet.

TaoTie which was lying on the ground seemed to sense something, its huge head tilted to the side, lifted and its huge eyes widened, fierce glare immediately swept over to Ghost King, a low roar was heard issuing out from its mouth.


The peaceful atmosphere in the room, instantly turned tense, the hard amour on TaoTie's head and back, piece by piece tensed up, its huge mouth slowly opened, revealing scary and sharp teeth.

Ghost King facing this terrible beast, did not reveal any signs of fear, instead in his eyes, strange glints could be seen, his uncontainable ecstasy and thirst within it.

Facing the TaoTie which seemed to be already infuriated, his footsteps never stopped. And behind him, Ghost Li watched his back, his brows slowly frowning.

TaoTie clearly was unable to bear such a challenge, its huge eyes already gradually turning red, its huge body stood up, making attack posture.

And Ghost King, seemed to be oblivious to this beast's reaction, all of his attention was on the TaoTie's body.

Finally, when Ghost King was near the TaoTie, one step into the distance of three chi between them, TaoTie finally unable to bear it, with a loud roar, indistinctly shaking the entire surrounding stone walls, its huge body suddenly leapt up, brandishing its claws, towards Ghost King.

The originally peaceful stone room, a strong wind started to blow, the room's table and chairs instantly slashed, [pong pong pong] a few sounds, crashed onto the stone walls, broken into several pieces. In that moment, its huge body was already above Ghost King.

In the distance, Xiao Hui made a few cries, [zhi zhi, zhi zhi...] but the cries did not sound worried, instead it seemed to be gloating, seemed like this spiritual intelligent monkey did not particularly like Ghost King, couldn't wait for TaoTie to kill him with a blow.

But Ghost Li clearly was unlike Xiao Hui, his frowning brows, right now in his eyes after traces of hesitation, frowned even tighter, almost in his eyes, in that instant, saw something he did not expect.

TaoTie's huge body accompanied by raging wind swept down but only that moment, as if some spirits and ghosts, Ghost King's body suddenly disappeared. TaoTie's extremely powerful pounce, only landed in an empty space.

The next moment, Ghost King's grey figure suddenly appeared, behind the surprised TaoTie, with his hands, grabbed hold of TaoTie's flesh on its neck, he seemed to intend to use his powers to grab the terrible TaoTie up like the household's dogs and cats.

This grab was not fast but TaoTie couldn't avoid it in time, with a roar, its neck was already controlled but TaoTie was after all an unusual beast, with no intention to be subdued, it became even more enraged, roaring loudly a few times, its amour immediately tightened, looking like its body had expanded thirty percent more. Ghost King's countenance changed, at the same time felt a sharp pain in his right hand, using Evil sect true way power to protect his palm, seemed like he was unable to withstand the beast's strange power.

Ghost King did not hesitate, released his hand and retreated three steps.

Ghost Li and Xiao Hui stood aside, watching, saw TaoTie's impenetrable armor, had five red marks on the back of its neck, and the marks looked deep, blood was already seeping out.

TaoTie roared loudly, already descending into enraged state, abruptly turned, faced Ghost King. And Xiao Hui, had also jumped up, both hands waving, pointing at Ghost King [zhi zhi] called out, its demeanour looking furious.

Although nobody understood monkey language in the stone chamber, but without question, right now Xiao Hui was most probably cursing.

After scolding a few sentences, it still looked angry, was about to jump down and help its friend teach this hateful Ghost King a lesson. Just that it's body had just leapt up, suddenly a hand stretched out from behind, grabbed it and dragged it back, it was Ghost Li.

Xiao Hui was surprised and angry, facing Ghost Li, [zhi zhi] incessantly, Ghost Li ignored it, only frowned and watched, Xiao Hui after a few times, suddenly turned and its attention was transfixed on something.

In the loud roars of TaoTie, sharp fangs pouncing towards Ghost King, and Ghost King this time, did not appear to be avoiding, only raised his hands.

A dark red glow, flashed past Ghost King's sleeve, soundlessly a faint stench of blood, permeated the entire room.

A deep strange roar, in this empty space, exploded out, without any tearing sound yet seemed to tear open the space in this room, even though it was a wild roar like TaoTie's but was also stunned by it.

That dark red light, instantly surged, covering Ghost King entirely, glimmering, Ghost King's figure was already indistinct, and TaoTie seemed to sense something, was shocked and showed fear, involuntarily stepped back.

A primitive and looking slightly broken ancient cauldron, slowly rose up from deep within the red light, with this cauldron appearance, the red light in the chamber shone like blood, not a single object was not bathed in red, and the stench of blood, was even stronger, making one nauseous.

The fear in TaoTie's eyes deepened but with the stench of blood stimulating it, its inert animal character was also drawn out, after a few hesitation, it did not turn and ran, instead with a loud roar, again leapt towards the cauldron.

In the distance, Ghost Li frowned tightly, his body couldn't help but move once and then forced himself to stop, a pair of eyes staring intently at that cauldron.

There was ever once, maybe about ten years ago, at East Ocean LiuBo Hill, he had seen this ancient weapon, didn't expect to see it again today and yet it seemed to have transformed.

The TaoTie's huge body headed towards the cauldron but three chi before it, suddenly, a sound was heard from the cauldron, like a low mysterious incantation was chanting out of the void, and a red beam shone down from above, enveloping TaoTie within it.

TaoTie's body immediately trembled, its face showing extreme pain, it howled to the sky yet its energy seemed to have been sucked out, collapsed from the air. Ghost Li's face changed, the power of this dragon cauldron was beyond his expectation, obviously it was not the same as before.

Actually the Hidden Dragon Cauldron's power, in this ten years was already beyond recognition, Ghost King with the guidance of Mr Ghost, comprehended the inscription on the cauldron, collected the spiritual intelligence beasts' divine powers to activate 'Four Divinities Blood Formation', in this cauldron, it already contained KuiNiu, Yellow Bird and Zhu Long three divine beast's power, TaoTie already was a rare beast but compared to the other three divine beasts, it definitely was weaker, furthermore this cauldron was an ancient divine weapon, itself already had strange powers, the stronger the divine beasts' powers, the more powerful the evil power from the Four Divinities Blood Formation. Fighting against a great enemy, TaoTie was immediately caught.

The red light flashed, looking solid, it tightly trapped TaoTie's huge body, the entire TaoTie's body shook, looking like it was in extreme pain but it couldn't move at all, even its roars, swiftly turned weak, and leaving only sounds of panting.

In the stone room, the blood stench was even stronger, Ghost King looked at the immobilized TaoTie, glee flashed in his eyes, suddenly laughed loudly, his demeanour greatly different from the usual, like insane.

And at this moment, suddenly [zhi zhi zhi zhi] angry cries were heard, TaoTie also turned its head with difficulty over, it was Xiao Hui. It leapt out and jumped to TaoTie, stretched its hands and wanted to help but when it stretched its hand over, it shrieked and jumped away.

Xiao Hui bared its teeth, looking extremely angry, revealed its sharp teeth at Ghost King, making challenging gesture. Ghost King, in that flashing red light, both of his eyes were already blood-shot red. Right now he abruptly turned his head, immediately murderous air surged, without any words, a dark energy rose, straight out from the red light, hitting towards Xiao Hui.

Xiao Hui naturally was not unskilled or useless monkey, although it was infuriated, it could tell that the dark energy had malevolent rays in it, refused to meet it straight, jumped a few times to the side and avoided it.

Unable to hit it, Ghost King with a long howl, the dark energy doubled its speed, at the same time it seemed to be divided, streams of dark energy like lightning, from all directions struck down.

Xiao Hui using both its hands and legs, avoided left and right in split seconds, but its perilous situation was also revealed, almost a few times it was almost hit.

And Ghost King for some reason, towards this monkey, his attacks did not seem to go easy on it, in the dark energy, suddenly a low whistle, a storm gathered, forming a blood-red palm in the air, striking from the head, Xiao Hui was already forced into deep's end by the black energy, right now had no path to retreat, looked like it was about to be hit by this palm.

And at this critical moment, suddenly a hand stretched over, passing through the sharp wind, murderous dark energy red light, caught hold of the monkey's tail, pulled and Xiao Hui immediately flew out backwards, and those vicious dark energies behind it, for some reason, were dispersed.

Xiao Hui flew back without any harm, escaped out but Ghost King who was concealed within the red light, made a sound of angry roar, his vicious energy increased, the dark energy with red rays instantly formed, a huge red palm, struck down towards this arm, and behind the red light, the cauldron started to rotate slowly, strange rays ran inside the cauldron, incantation words indistinctly appeared, an aura of killing.

Red light dazzling, flashing, Ghost Li whose face was grave, emerged, it was him who had saved Xiao Hui in that critical moment. At the same time, he had also turned to face the dragon cauldron's strange evil power.

The sound of whistling, became more and more desolate, the red palm had indistinct strange runes similar to the ancient cauldron appearing within it, attacked over, Ghost Li frowning, but facing this exceptional evil power, he did not have any intention to retreat, both arms waved up, before the red palm arrived, drew a Taiji diagram.

Dark-green light lit up, like a clear stream pouring onto the deep soil, the entire murderous air, had a shock, clear air lingered around the Taiji diagram, it was the orthodox pure Qing Yun sect amazing skill, 'Tai Ji Xuan Qing Way'.

Blood-red palm, arrived with a rumble the next moment, hit onto the Taiji diagram.

Surprisingly, there wasn't any deafening clash or quake, on the contrary, like a mud cow entering the mud, there was not the slightest sound, only that red palm, stopped in mid-air, unable to move forward and on Ghost Li's face, instantly turned red, almost dripping out blood.

Sharp glints flashed in Ghost Li's eyes, looked deeply into the red light, with a cold snort, his feet moved backwards. Each step, that red palm moved forward one step. Almost at the same time, with each step, Ghost Li's both hands did not rest, his fingers bent up, forming magical seals, the Taiji diagram between his hands shining with clear light, did not weaken the slightest.

When he retreated to the third step, his hands formed a seal of vase, the redness in his face had already eased, the Taiji diagram started to emit faint golden glow; and until the fifth step, his hands formed a gesture of holding flower, the golden and dark-green energies on the Taiji diagram mixed; and until the seventh step, Ghost Li was already against the stone wall, with no room for retreat but at this moment, his face had already resumed to his normal look, without any strange redness.

Both hands shook, Ghost Li had already made the Buddhism Vajra seal.

In that instant, golden light surged, solemn power shot out in all directions, as if there were Buddhas around chanting, deep and pleasing, the Taiji diagram spun with speed, golden light resplendent, that red palm was gradually being swallowed by the diagram and soon disappeared.

Resplendent golden dark-green light filled the air, charged up, suppressing Ghost King's blood light. And deep within the red light, an angry howl, clearly that person was already enraged, red light wavered, a few plaintive cries, TaoTie on the ground was sucked up by the red light, its huge body sucked into the cauldron, in a blink disappeared.

And Ghost King's face, gradually emerged out from the red light, white hair disarray, both eyes red, full of murderous air, the usual calm demeanour was gone, like a maniac killer. And instead Ghost Li, showed no signs of fear, took a big step forward.

The cauldron spun unceasingly, the inscriptions on the cauldron kept flashing, red lights flashed, Ghost King held up his right hand, the huge cauldron was already above his right hand, looking like a devil on earth, extremely horrible.

And Ghost Li with light enveloping him, clearly was already gathering all of his powers, intending to battle till death.

The two highly-skilled martial artists faced each other, murderous air heavy, this sudden fight, it seemed both have forgotten the reason, right now, like losing their rational suppressing them for so many years, using all of their effort to kill, the demons in their hearts creating havoc.

Ghost Li strided up, nearing Ghost King, and the vicious glint in Ghost King's eyes, turned heavier, the cauldron slowly turned in the air, aiming right at Ghost Li.

It looked like a big battle, was about to explode.

Who could expect that, the two most important figures in Evil sect, would in such a secluded stone room, for no reason entered into a life and death battle.


...A loud sound, was heard from the stone room.

Ghost King and Ghost Li, the two men, as if both saw each other eyes' twitched but just when everything was hanging by a single thread, both did not moved.

The stone room's door, slowly fell down, outside the door, a figure slowly appeared, a figure which looked to be trembling from head to toe.

"Stop it!"

That thin, with anger, bewilderment and some panic, Youji in black veil, at the same time, also Scarlet Bird in Evil Sect, stood at the door.

Unable to see her expression but her anger, gushed out.

"What...what are the both of you doing, are you both mad?"

In the stone room, silence, both men facing each other, were silent too, did not speak, in the air, that murderous atmosphere, couldn't be dispersed.

"Good, good, good!" Youji spitted out the words behind gritted teeth, she raised her hand, pointing to a certain direction, "Go ahead and kill, kill, all better off dead, peace and quiet after dead. Do you all still remember, there, there..."

Her voice became choked, "In that cold stone room, is there still someone lying on the stone platform? Have you all forgotten?"

"Who still remember 'Biyao' these two words!"

Red blood light, quietly scattered; dazzling dark-green golden light, gradually disappeared.

The murderous air and blood stench in the room, not knowing since when, retreated like the tide.

Only silence, seemed to reside here, unwilling to leave.

Two men, watching each other, deep inside their eyes, inexplicable glints met.

Youji hatefully stomp her feet, turned and left, looking at the direction she left, should be to where Biyao was at. And the two men who were still in the room, was still facing each other, quietly prying on some secrets.

After a long time, Ghost King suddenly faintly snorted, swing his right hand, supported the cauldron in his hand, strided out. When he walked past Ghost Li, in his eyes, sharp glint seemed to pierce out.

And Ghost Li's eyes, in that moment, did not notice Ghost King, instead was on that cauldron.

Primitive looking cauldron, damaged slightly in many places but on the dark black-green and purple cauldron, still could be clearly seen, many many twisting mysterious inscriptions, and behind the cauldron, in the center of those inscriptions, was a diagram, reflecting into Ghost Li's eyes.

Fire burning fiercely, in the firelight a huge cauldron was broiling, surrounding the huge cauldron, there were bird-or-beast like four strange beasts howling to the sky, and above the cauldron, black clouds rolled, it was a hideous devil face, grinning hideously at the mortal world.

This diagram flashed past Ghost Li's eyes but for some reason, it was already etched deeply into his mind, unable to forget. And in his memory, towards that devil's face, it was so familiar, only in that moment, he was unable to recall, if he really had seen that face before.

Ghost King soon walked out, disappeared outside the door, the stone room regained its tranquility. Xiao Hui jumped out from the side, scurried up to Ghost Li's shoulder and slowly sat down, but it did not have any look of happiness, frequently turned its head to the door, quietly making [zhi zhi, zhi zhi] sounds.

Ghost Li was silent, gently smoothed Xiao Hui's head, after a moment of silence, he sighed softly and then walked out.

The long tunnel headed in all directions, just like the paths in human life, nobody knew which direction to go, or maybe, even if you knew, that road in truth, where would it lead to, who would know?

After an hour, Ghost Li stopped, staring blankly, discovered where he had stopped, was actually outside the icy cold stone room.

The thick stone walls, lay across before him, but he suddenly felt afraid, even when facing Ghost King's cauldron evil power he was never once afraid, right now he couldn't help but feel afraid.

That stone door, just so quietly, stood before him.

Trembling hand, stretched over.

The stone door, like numerous times before, emitted a deep rumble and opened.

In that first gap, indistinctly, he saw a slender figure, stood before the platform, in the air, a familiar clear and crisp bell.

He seemed to be in a daze.