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Chapter 214: Doomsday

 Chapter 214 - Doomsday

That roar, seemed to come from a very far place, because in the air full of roaring hot flames, the terrible Eight Wilderness Fire Dragon's roar, sounded very far away. And what Ghost Li and Lu Xueqi were directly facing, was a huge fire racing over like an angry tide, and the ground which was once sturdy, right now had totally collapsed and turned into a lava hell, numerous enormous cracks, the red lava below their feet surged and groaned, like the sea foam from breaking waves spraying, hitting the remnants of the burnt rocks, continued to burn, emitting sizzling sounds.

Boiling flames, overwhelmingly, had already arrived before them.

In this despair situation, it seemed already hard to breathe.

The face which was flushed red, a green vein seemed to throb for a moment on Ghost Li's forehead, before the enormous flood, both of his eyes glared widely, with a loud shout, the Soul-Devouring stick left his hand, floated before him. At the same time, both of Ghost Li's hands formed into a symbol of Buddhism but what floated out from his hand was not the usual solemn golden light from Tian Yin Temple Buddhism true way, instead it was dark red light with a trace of unusual.

Activated by his spell, the Soul-Devouring abruptly erected upright, hovered in the air, on the tip the Sinister Orb, after Ghost Li's hands formed the symbol, the Buddhism golden incantation words appeared. And the Soul-Devouring stick, seemed to twist in the air, forming a Taiji image.

And in this Taiji image, what was flickering was not Qing Yun sect Taoism true way clear light, instead it was mixed with the different images from Evil sect spells. The world's greatest few cultivated sects true ways, finally for the first time, displayed out by a person well-versed in it.

In the red light, Lu Xueqi stood quietly behind Ghost Li, looking at this man who was sparing no effort, facing together with him, that terrible fire dragon! The faint blue from Tian Ya, emitted from behind Ghost Li.

Her hair, in the broiling angry breeze, floated!

The next moment, the blazing fire collided.

In that instant, as if the entire world had turned into flames, like immersing into a great furnace, suffering an abyss of misery, infinite red flames howled beside their ears, as if numerous hands were pulling them from all directions, intending to smash their bodies into pieces!

Whole body trembling!

Then, in the turbulent sea of fire, there was still a strange light, after being swallowed, stubbornly, struggled to light up in the sea of fire.


Gold, dark-green, red, three colours light, emanated from the Soul-devouring at the same time, forming into an invisible wall, in this doomsday-like wild sea, protecting its master.

Like a miracle, this blow by Eight Wilderness Fire Dragon which looked as if it could destroy everything, was blocked by Ghost Li, even Xiao Hui on his shoulder, flashed with angry red eyes, looking at that fire dragon, made an angry roar.

But Ghost Li clearly was not feeling good, his face flushed red with heat, in that instant turned pale, Lu Xueqi standing behind him for the first time could feel that Ghost Li was trembling, quickly supported him, but when she touched him, she was shocked.

Ghost Li's entire body, was strangely hot, even Lu Xueqi with her cultivation, felt her hands burned, not to say Ghost Li himself. And what's even more shocking, when Lu Xueqi assisted Ghost Li's hands, immediately she could feel, although Ghost Li still maintained the hand symbol but his hands and arms, were involuntarily shaking.

This blow, was so terrible!

This blow came back empty-handed, the Eight Wilderness Fire Dragon's head moved slightly, seemed surprised too, in this mountain of flames, the huge head slowly lowered, it did not make another attack again but instead glanced at these two insignificant humans.

In the dragon's eyes, was that special ruby transparent fire!


Crisp clear cry of phoenix, blue light floated, TianYa shot out suddenly from Lu Xueqi's hand, reflecting that figure, stepped forward, blocked in front of Ghost Li, inhaling deeply, facing that terrible existence resolutely.

Black hair, still dancing in the breeze.

A few strands, gently stirred in the heat, landed on Ghost Li's face, even though this was a place like doomsday hell, the once familiar faint fragrance, still travelled to the heart.

When you were feeling hopelessness, was there someone who could accompany you?

Even when there was no road left to walk, was there someone who never once abandon you?

The eyes in that instant swept past time, oblivious to the surrounding intense fires, saw during youth, the once past.

In the dark abyss of memories, exactly like today, like again returning, to that once innocent time.

So, this figure, really, never once changed?

The person who changed, who was it then?

After the Eight Wilderness Fire Dragon's head, the spinning mysterious eight ferocious deities halos, started to flash, different strange symbols indistinctly displayed, under the halos, flickering incessantly.

The Eight Wilderness Fire Dragon's head suddenly paused, as powerful as it, it seemed to receive some stimulation, again made an angry roar.

The dragon's cry, like a tsunami, came crashing over, in that instant, all of the remnant rocks on the ground in the quake swiftly melted and became lava, and only a moment's later, the ground below Ghost Li and Lu Xueqi, had completely turned into a stretch of molten lava. Accompanying the dragon's cry, the sea of molten lava, from the original chaotic surges, as if receiving an enormous pull, all started to flow towards a direction at the same time.

The lava flood flows faster and faster, the hot steams rose up, turning this stone chamber into a real lava hell. Soon, the force which was too powerful, ripped out a huge vortex, the red flames on top of the lava burned fiercely destroying everything, like a dance in climax.

The vortex became larger and larger, sank down deeply, the cry pulled out by the wild torrent, from deep within this vortex, slowly emanated out, like the sound of thunder, getting louder and louder, and finally, it was already deafening, even covering the Eight Wilderness Fire Dragon's cry in the air.

When the turbulent lava rapids almost reached its climax, the huge vortex diameter reached several zhangs, from deep within the vortex, accompanying that deafening thunder.


In that instant, heaven and earth moved, a burning column shot out from the huge vortex, totally made up of lava, almost the diameter of ten men stretching their arms around, carrying an impossible momentum, charging towards the insignificantly-looking Lu Xueqi and Ghost Li.

Sweeping across everything, looking scornfully at the world!

As if this was the real unparalleled power!

The power of fire, the essence of fire!

Before the lava column reached, Lu Xueqi and Ghost Li felt a sense of emptiness, just a moment ago when they were still relying on the last stone wall in the corner, tormented by the wild power, it crumbled into stone pieces and scattered, and what revealed behind them, was not solid stone walls, it was fragmented rocks with cracks revealing red hot lava melting beneath it.

And above them, was the Eight Wilderness Fire Dragon eyeing its prey; everywhere, was a mad sea of broiling fire; underneath, was an unstoppable lava column!

In the firelight, in-between the pants of breath, what was trembling?

What was it, that made hands held each other, unwilling to let go, tightly linked!

That sword, like singing in the far horizon, carrying faint blue light, from ten years, hundred years, thousand years ago praised from mouth to mouth all the way, until today, for loved one, stabbed ahead.

Wind and fire whistled!

She like a fairy diving into the fire, the white figure in the firelight abruptly burst forth, that brightly-coloured exceptional beauty, forgetting what the world had, only at the fringe of the hands, that never once forgotten warmth and solidity, accompanying beside.

What was there to be afraid of, what was there to fear?

That sword stroke!

Her figure, went ahead, facing the wind and dancing, a peerless grace.

Behind her, a low singing, the ordinary-looking firestick, the Soul-devouring now, from the back, flashing with dark-green light, pursued TianYa, flying together with the blue sword.

That figure, just beside, in this despair sea of fire, closely relying on each other.

TianYa sword trembled slightly, the sword blade's brilliance, pierced through the layers of heat wind and clouds, as if like responding to it, the Soul-devouring also made a strange cry, its light surged!

Dark-green, blue, two colours, in the surrounding sea of fire, from the sky descending, but without any intention of avoiding, instead heading towards that lava column charging into the sky, stabbed in from the top!

What was there to be afraid of?

What was there to fear?

The fire dragon in the air, suddenly roared, its cry long, rumbling unceasingly out. The surrounding flames, instantly rose, as if also dancing, looking at this doomsday revelry.

The two figures which seemed to merge into one, the dark-green blue that melted and tangled together, like a meteor crashing down, collided with the lava column.

What kind of splendour it was, like a huge firework going off, the entire lava sea churned and sprayed, rushing up high towards the sky. The huge fire column seemed to rage crazily in this already cramped space, destroying everything it could destroy, just that, there was one stream of brilliance, instead shot directly within the column.

After the next moment, time seemed to pass for a long time, time froze, who could know?

The surging lava slowly came down, the rapid spinning molten lava slowed down, the huge vortex started to shrink, only that terrible fire column, still paused above the sea of lava, stopped for that very moment.

The dark-green blue lights, abruptly from one side of the fire column pierced a hole out, shot out, the next moment, accompanying a low groan, [tut tut] sounds, numerous tiny holes continued to appear, the dark-green blue lights shot out happily unceasingly. The next moment, a loud sound, the huge fire column dejectedly collapsed, turning into broiling lava, landed into the sea of lava below.

In the air, Ghost Li and Lu Xueqi once again appeared.

Their clothes, had burnt marks everywhere, some parts of their skin even looked hurt. Their faces, showed untold exhaustion, Ghost Li's chest, lips, was dyed red with blood.

Just that, they embraced each other, although weak, although clearly it was hopeless, but the weapons beside, TianYa and Soul-devouring, emanated never-seen-before splendour that could not be viewed directly.

Their hands, still holding together.

Their bodies, slowly rose.

Slowly rising to the air, once again, stood before the dragon.

The two insignificant humans, facing, quietly standing still.

The dragon's burning eyes, watching this couple, from the mysterious fire, there was no telling of the dragon's thoughts, or maybe, tyrannical as it was, how would it care about humans.

The mysterious halos, dimmed down much, for some reason, behind this dragon, even the eight deities images, seemed to take much effort.

Or maybe, to control even more powerful force, the price to pay, would be even more!

This logic, since the ancient shaman tribe until now, but how many understood?

Flickering between light and darkness, the eight deities and the flashing symbols, slowly rotated. The dragon did not attack immediately, to it, it seemed to be waiting.

Ghost Li's body, from forcefully holding out the pain, finally started to shake involuntarily, the blood stain on his chest, became bigger.

Lu Xueqi quietly stretched her hand over, hugged his waist, pulled him over a few degrees, leaning onto herself.

The familiar breathing, gently resounded beside the ear, carrying a faint warmth, reverberating beside her pale face.

Felt ticklish!

She suddenly thought like this.

Then, gently turning, looked at him.

What she saw, was Ghost Li looking at her.

She slowly nodded, smiled gently.

Ghost Li watched her for a long time, on the corner of his lips, finally revealed that hint of smile, carrying faint blood.

The eight deities which were constantly spinning, suddenly shone brightly, and this time, other than it, one of the fire of within the halos which the Beast Deity merged into, also became for the first time resplendent, gradually covering the surrounding deities images.

And the entire rotating halo, for the first time, left the dragon's head back, slowly descended, the ball of fire, following the halo movements, descended onto the dragon's head, slowly merging in.

The colossal dragon, suddenly made an angry roar, the entire sea of fire seemed to tremble, what was it, that could make this powerful thing feel pain?

That ball of fire slowly but unstoppable, sank into the dragon's head.

Then, the eight deities with the mysterious symbols, as if their splendour were lost momentarily, again swiftly dimmed.

The dragon stopped its roars, bowed down slightly, then its huge head slowly again lifted up, the feeling of destruction, again appeared, enveloped them.

And this time, for some reason, it wasn't the same terrible scene as the previous two times, on the contrary, the surrounding temperature dropped quite a lot, the sea of lava was still burning but the lava current had also reduced, the entire lava hell, abruptly, the fire essence seemed to be swiftly extracted.

The dragon, finally once again stared at the two figures, this time, what was burning in its eyes was no longer that ruby transparent fire, instead it was a pair of complicated wild human emotions eyes.

The dragon lifted its head, opened its mouth towards the sky.

It seemed to be, breathing deeply!

Following that movement, all of the fire burning in the mid-air, seemed to lose their shine, but the pressure pressing onto Ghost Li and Lu Xueqi, made one so despair that one wanted to give up.

From the dragon's mouth, suddenly, a stream of light flashed, it was not the flames firelight, it was the genuine pure fire.

Without any impurity, without any hubbub, the world's most terrible and also the purest, the 'Pure Fire' that could destroy everything in the world!

Slowly jetting out!

Without any heat dissipating, only a perfectly circular fire column the size of a human, pure like jade, heading towards them.

TianYa in Lu Xueqi's hand, slowly dropped down, the Soul-devouring beside TianYa, also floated back to Ghost Li. Dark-green, blue lights, slowly receded.

There wasn't any human force, that could block this unstoppable pure fire.

That fire, nearing bit by bit!

Lu Xueqi quietly looked up, no longer looking at that side, in her eyes, there was only one person, and that face.

She looked deeply, a faint smile on her lips, refusing to miss out even the slightest, as if intending to engrave into her heart, into her soul, until after thousand years ten thousand lives, unable to forget again.

That fire, was approaching!

Ghost Li's sleeves, without any warning, turned into grey ashes, scattered, then it was his entire arm clothing.

And this hand, this body, how much time still left?

Let it be like this! He faintly thought, to die like this?

Just that, his wish was still unfulfilled...

He bitterly laughed quietly, holding tightly, that warm and gently hand.

Suddenly, the light flashed out from the fire, like a meteor bursting, a ray of firelight, flashed past his mind, in that instant it was chaos.

Lu Xueqi immediately sensed the restlessness in Ghost Li, subconsciously pulled his hand, almost at the same time, the pure fire, was already beside them, looking to soon, enveloped their bodies.


Or life!

Ghost Li in that instant suddenly shouted, pulling with force, pulled Lu Xueqi behind him, Lu Xueqi shouted in surprise, but had no intention to escape on her own, instead held Ghost Li's hand tighter.

And in that flint-spark moment, Ghost Li's hand, suddenly had a jade-but-not-like-jade object, encircled by jade, a primitive fire drawing in the middle, it was Inferno Mirror!

The next moment, the pure fire, hit on to the Inferno Mirror.

The eight deities images in the distance, shook suddenly, the powerful tyrannical dragon, its terrible head suddenly stifled, everything, seemed to pause.

Then, like a voice from the netherworld, gentle and soothing singing, leisurely reverberating, like ten thousand years ago, that gentle Linglong girl.

The Inferno Mirror lit up, the fire drawing, like being revived, under the pure fire flames, as if pouring in infinite vitality, greedy sucking in this world's purest fire essence.


Suddenly, Ghost Li made a light cry, the Inferno Mirror was too hot for him to hold anymore. Leaving his hand but it did not drop, instead it rose into the air, under the eye of the dragon, started to flash.

The heat, emanated from the Inferno Mirror, carrying much illusory white mist, as if evaporating the surrounding air, gathering around the Inferno Mirror, was a huge mysterious force, slowly tearing away at the surrounding air, the white mist, slowly formed into a beautiful lady figure.

It was a lady wearing simple clothes, she was holding a staff in her hand, her face, was identical to that statue keeping vigil outside the cave.


Like a heart-wrenching shout, the dragon once again revealed anguish, then, a ball of fire emerged out from the dragon's head, the firelight scattered, revealing the Beast Deity's body, but looking at it now, the Beast Deity's body was withered, as if reaching the end of his life.

Just that, that earnest pair of eyes, actually did not once change for ten thousand years, he had forgotten everything in the world, in his eyes there was only the misty lady.

He headed towards that illusion, flew over, his eye containing infinite satisfaction.

The Inferno Mirror quietly spun, the Linglong illusion seemed to be smiling too, opened her arms, embracing him.

Looking at it, they would soon embrace but behind the Beast Deity, an earth-shocking roar, unrestrained, the dragon, at once glance recognized its enemy, the body it once destroy, made it intuitively attacked.

Breathing deeply, the dragon's breath long, Ghost Li and Lu Xueqi's countenances changed but the Beast Deity seemed to have forgotten his surroundings, or maybe, even if he knew, would he still care?

He leapt over, in that mist, it was actually not an illusion, he could actually hug, that body.



He quietly called, like a child, closed his eyes in satisfaction. Linglong smiled, gently smoothed his hair.

The colossal dragon roared angrily, the enraged fire in that instant arrived, swallowing everything!

The two figures, in the sea of fire, slowly disappeared, but, there wasn't any pain, instead what was slowly revealed, was happiness.

In the firelight, the Inferno Mirror suddenly appeared, dropped down from the air, right beside Ghost Li's hand. Ghost Li in his shock, subconsciously stretched out to catch. And at the same time, where the dragon was, as if losing the support of some power, the huge gap started to shrink.

The dragon made another infuriated roar, full of unwillingness, but even it was unable to stop itself being swallowed once again into the mysterious space. However, at the last moment, full of hatred to destroy, towards this space, it poured out its final terrible fire.

Heaven collapsed and earth shattered!

In that instant, all of the lava exploded up, the stone chamber completely melted, the huge space like sands, started to collapse, at the same time, numerous chaotic lava flood flowed, charging in all directions.

Ghost Li and Lu Xueqi watched this doomsday scene, but they had no more strength to escape, however at this moment, the Inferno Mirror suddenly emitted a pure warm halo, surrounding the both of them, encasing them in this light, swiftly rising up.

And below them, everything had turned into fire.

The entire boundless ten thousand great mountains and land, innumerable mountain ranges, as if in that very moment, heard that madness roar. The burnt mountain summit which had tower aloft for ten thousand years, in the raging molten lava, gradually collapsed, and the molten lava which had burst forth to the sky, headed straight to the horizon.

Under the fire doomsday, the cave entrance, Black Wood was dumbfounded, and Black Tiger instead was laughing like mad, loudly shouting, "It has come, it has come, this day has finally come!"

Black Wood glared, bellowed, "Are you mad?"

Black Tiger laughed madly, but suddenly froze, both of them were shocked at the same time, then, before them, the Linglong stone statue which had kept vigil for ten thousand years, collapsed in an instant, broken up into numerous small pieces, and then swallowed by the sweeping lava wave, vanished.

Black Tiger howled to the sky, his demeanour like demented, "Lady, lady, wait for me, I am coming..."

And below, Black Wood's breath was heavy and agitated, suddenly he shouted, "No, no, I cannot be like this, I still have unfinished matters!"

After speaking, Black Wood abruptly turned, flew out in a flash, left this soon-to-be-destroyed place.

Black Tiger did not care at about about Black Wood's leaving, his huge body keeping vigil before the cave, laughing madly at the sky.

Soon, the innumerable broken rocks and turbulent lava floods, swallowed his figure.

The earth seemed to be quaking, countless ferocious beasts and birds were in a panic, this lofty mountain summit, in the deafening rumbles, in the dense black dust, collapsed with a rumble!

The firmament in the horizon, started to rain.

Fire rain!

In the ten thousand great mountains, it rained for three days and three nights.

After ten thousand years, who would still remember this past event?