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Chapter 213: Eight Wild Fire Dragons

 Chapter 213 - Eight Wild Fire Dragons

Subdue Devil Ancient Cave, entrance.

Before Linglong Shaman Lady statue, Black Wood stood silently, and the ferocious spirit Black Tiger was also silent, stood behind him. Lu XueQi and the rest had long entered the cave, not to mention Ghost Li who went in earlier, and in this long period of time, nobody knew in that ancient cave, what exactly had happened?

Just that, the two brothers, did not appear to be concerned, in their eyes, there seemed to be only Linglong shaman lady statue.

Suddenly, in this silence, the ground below them started to quake, the indistinct rumbles, came from the cave. Black Wood's body trembled, turned and looked at Black Tiger, but before they could comprehend, the bigger event, had already started.

The dark heavy sky, the dark clouds shrouded above the burnt black summit, suddenly shot out a stream of golden light, like a sharp sword, descended from the sky and pierced through the layers of darkness. Closely following behind it, at the boundary of the thick dark clouds, golden lights started to shine, as if setting the dark clouds within a boundary of golden light.

Rumbling sounds of thunder, for ten thousand years, again rang out on this cursed summit, the clouds started to swirl crazily, as if there was some mystery power, constantly waking up, changing the countenance of the heaven and earth.

Black Wood and Black Tiger stared at this strange change blankly, suddenly, Black Wood turned, hesitated for a moment, his voice seemed to be quivering, quietly said, "The Yin wind...also disappeared."

The huge body of Black Tiger, stared intently deep into the cave, in the deep darkness, there wasn't anymore cold chilling Yin wind, replacing it, was burning heat waves.

"What happened, what happened inside?" Black Wood's voice sounded agitated but covered by the black cover, his expression could not be seen, only staring intently at the cave.

Contrary to him, Black Tiger's expression looked extremely complicated and strange, as if there was this inexplicable joy but that white misty face, also revealed a trace of grief.

"It's the fire dragon, Eight Wilderness Fire Dragon!" He quietly, faintly said.


Black Wood turned around in disbelief, stared at Black Tiger, said, "What did you say, Eight Wilderness Fire Dragon, in this world other than lady, how can there be another person who could summon the Eight Wilderness Fire Dragon?"

Black Tiger's eyes were indistinct, slowly turned to the statue, after a long time, said, "Actually there isn't any, because the incantation to summon and ten thousand fire essences Inferno Mirror, are long lost, but, " He smiled, then using a very strange expression to look at Black Wood, said, "But, there is still one person in this world who once comprehend the shaman lady's entire shaman spell incantations, and the lady when she was alive, laid down her only Eight Savage Inferno Formation which can summon the Eight Wilderness Fire Dragon, happened to be here."

Black Wood was stunned, did not speak, after a long time, dejectedly shook his head said, "So he...still has this move. But the Eight Wilderness Fire Dragon is a ferocious animal which could destroy thousands of livings, summoning this divine beast, couldn't it be he has forgotten that it was this fire dragon that the lady used to burn him alive?"

Black Tiger coldly laughed, said, "Who knows, I only remembered when the lady was on the verge of dying, personally told me this."

Black Wood was shocked, said, "What?"

Black Tiger's face had a heavy bitterness expression, abruptly turned, saw that the strange changes were becoming more and more obvious, the cave which was quaking even more, sneered and said, "The lady instructed, in the future no matter how many years has passed, once the fire dragon is brought back to life here, it will be the end of this evil trouble!"

Black Wood muttered, "The end of the evil..." suddenly, his face changed, said, "Don't tell me, the lady she had already predicted?"

Back Tiger did not reply him, to him, in this increasing heat waves, the horizon clouds in turbulence, golden lights in disarray, the chaos in heaven and earth, in his eyes, there was only the statue.

He slowly shifted to the statue, all of the expressions on his face disappeared, quietly said, "Lady, lady...I finally waited for this day, don't be impatient, wait for another while, when everything ends, Black Tiger will come and find you, and will serve beside you forever."

Black Wood woodenly looked at this former brother, then, he looked up at the sky.

What the sky gave him, was instead a deafening thunder!


The winds and clouds turned even more urgent, the earthquakes turned stronger.

In the tunnel of the cave, Zeng ShuShu retreated half a step, avoided the white shining body that flashed over, at the same time groaned inwardly. Ever since Li Xun and the rest for some reason offended a lady in white, and this lady who looked even more beautiful Jin PingEr, her skills were inconceivably high, Li Xun and the rest of the disciples attacked together and yet were all blocked by her strange skills, and right now everyone was trapped by one of her spells.

That was the same spell which was used to trap Jin PingEr, the mysterious white light ball headed to the group, the FenXiang Valley disciples used their weapons to hit the ball away but more and more emerged, initially it was nothing but after a while, this cave was filled with white light. Even though there were many disciples but none were as quick as Jin PingEr, the white light almost in a blink produced numerous, each flew in a disarray in the air, causing the FenXiang Valley disciples who initially wanted to catch Xiao Bai and teach her a good lesson, to cry out incessantly from the beatings.

Looking as the disciples were in a difficulty, Zeng ShuShu couldn't sit by and do nothing, he could only join in the fight. However the lady in white was too highly skilled, Zeng ShuShu was unable to pursue her, instead, soon was also surrounded by the white light balls. But Zeng ShuShu was after all quick-witted, after a few rounds, he immediately realized something was not right, quickly called the others not to cut those white balls, the group then comprehended.

Just that even if it was so, the white light bodies had already filled up the air, surrounding those Good Faction disciples tightly, attacking from left and right, everyone was in chaos.

Xiao Bai slowly descended from the air, landed on the ground, looking at the white lights flickering ahead, the disciples looked to be in a sorry plight, she coldly laughed, heaved a long sigh. Although she had received Tao for thousand of years but she was definitely not a merciful, open-hearted celestial figure, incarcerated for several hundred years at Inferno Altar, this grievance even though she let it go lightly at that time, and by not seeking trouble from FenXiang Valley, the FenXiang Valley disciples should instead offer sacrifices to their ancestor, now that they actually offered themselves, and happened that she was in a bad mood after her conversation with Ghost Li, it could be said they hit the gun muzzle.

And also at this moment, suddenly, Xiao Bai who was flushed with success felt a chill, a never felt before fear, abruptly erupted from the depths of her heart, her heart involuntarily pounded.

An ancient and savage force, ahead, in the depths of this ancient cave, slowly surfaced, as if in a slumber for thousands and thousands of years, finally for the first time awoke. However, this was only the beginning, and it already changed the countenance of heaven and earth.

Rumbling sounds of thunder, slowly rolled off from the depths of the earth, violent quakes, rolled over from far like waves, the great earth started to quake violently. This time, numerous huge stones started to fall, as if the stones could not bear the revival of this great force.

Everyone, turned pale, in their panic, Zeng ShuShu used all of his strength, called Li Xun loudly, "Li senior brother, here is too dangerous, we better leave first!"

Li Xun was pale, with one stroke hit the white light ball that attacked over, the force he used was slightly harder due to the confusion, the light ball after being hit out for several chi, divided itself into two and again gathering strength in the air, looked like it was going to attack again. But ever since the strange event happened, Xiao Bai seemed occupied, her spell slowed down much, the light balls speed also decreased.

Li Xun who was cornered tightly, clenched his teeth tightly, loudly shouted, "All go out, I will bring up the rear."

After speaking, he flew up, his sword shone brightly, blocked off all of the white light bodies. The disciples had always respected him, after hearing his words and looking at the situation, the group started to run towards the exit.

But Li Xun didn't look like he was leaving, Zeng ShuShu flew over, blocked the white bodies' attack, loudly said, "Li senior brother, why are you not leaving?"

Li Xun's face had a trace of hesitation, said, "But...Lu junior sister is still in there."

Zeng ShuShu frowned, angrily said, "Lu junior sister is highly skilled, she might not be in trouble, you being this persistent, you will only hinder others and yourself!"

Li Xun's face changed but he saw that the earthquakes were getting stronger, after a period of time, the falling stones did not lessen but instead increased, he heaved a long sigh and in the end flew towards the exit.

Zeng ShuShu glanced one more towards the interior of the cave, and then also left.

The conversations, were all heard by Xiao Bai, but to her, other than sneering, nothing moved her. The white light bodies in the cave moved slower and slower, after Li Xun and Zeng ShuShu swiftly disappeared, the white bodies paused in the air and then gathered and merged together, again forming into a white light ball, heading towards Xiao Bai.

Xiao Bai slowly turned, stared deeply into the depths of the cave.

The ancient powerful force, kept increasing, Xiao Bai even could clearly sense, the force contained an unparalleled powerful force of destruction. The surrounding stone walls was still shaking with big and small stones pieces falling down, but three chi radius around her, not one stone hit her.

The white ball flew back to her, like a small spirit, danced and flew around her, as if trying to figure out its master's intention.

And on its master's blank face, there was only worry and a sense of loss.

In the deep darkness, at this moment, a roar bellowed, like a dragon roaring, singing towards the sky.

The mysterious ancient force, finally totally awake!

The huge stone chamber, was totally enveloped by intense firelight, the darkness was totally driven out, there was not a hint of darkness. The brightness of the light, far exceeded any light on earth, and it even made one felt, the sunlight in the horizon, could not even exceed this.

The once unparalleled Crimson Fire Beast, compared to this, was really like a firefly.

In this terrifying power, the hottest place, without doubt was that spinning rapidly, the Eight ferocious deities halos flashing with strange light. Over there, the fire that the Beast Deity once merged into, turned white-hot, the incantations filled the air, turning more and more urgent.

The heart of the fire which kept expanding and shrinking slightly, was like a crimson fire egg incubating, breeding something terrible, and as the temperature kept increasing, where the ancient and mysterious was, drop by drop gathering the power lost for ten thousand years, again arriving into this world.

Lu XueQi and Ghost Li, was already completely pressed onto the stone walls, the powerful force of the fire, was baking their bodies and hearts, squeezing every bit of water from their bodies.

There was no sweat, because every drop of sweat evaporates before it even sweated, the broiling flames, reflected their red faces.

Lu Xueqi suddenly sensed something, looked at Ghost Li, that man, not knowing since when, had grabbed her hand. She was not surprised or shocked, even at this hopeless sea of fire facing the unknown mysterious force.

In her hands, from the fingers, warmth travelled over.

It was once familiar! Ten years ago it was also like this!

The hand which once tightly held in the darkness!

Ghost Li moved, leaving the wall, blocking before Lu Xueqi, the faint dark-green light, within it indistinct golden light flashed, from his hands, it formed a wall, blocking in front.

Immediately, much of the heat reduced, Ghost Li's back trembled once, then, he inhaled deeply.

Suddenly, the hand he was holding, grabbed him tightly, from his back, faint blue light floated, initially, the light seemed to clash with the dark-green light, but soon, the two lights merged into one, forming a stronger light wall, blocking that terrible crimson firelight.

The man's shoulder, the man's back, quietly stood in front, Lu Xueqi held his hand tightly, the corner of her lips, in that firelight, a faint smile.

Suddenly, the incantations stopped, for a moment, everything seemed to freeze, all of the flames, the sky which was full of firelight, Ghost Li and Lu Xueqi using their strengths to resist, and the eight deities rotating unceasingly in the sky.

Deep inside where it was the hottest, it started to crack, from a thin fissure, it enlarged, from the size of a human gap, it turned into several times bigger hole. In this dazzling firelight, from that gap, it seemed to be the deepest heaviest darkness unimaginable.

Then, as if something, from the gap, coldly, looked out.

A feeling of cruelty that made one almost despair in madness, instantly swept through every corner of this stone chamber.

The next moment, as if receiving the biggest agitation, all of the fire burst forth in the most intense light, dragon singing pitched higher and higher, like a celebration that never ends, deep inside the fire, dragon singing suddenly started, carrying terror, despair, the ancient divine spiritual thing, arrived from another world.

The huge head, slowly stretched out, as dazzling as the sun and unable to view it directly, that clearly was the ancient fire dragon which was bathed in fire, every part, was flames.

The huge dragon head, had already occupied the entire space, Ghost Li and Lu Xueqi stared dumbfoundedly at this unparalleled, almost out of this world living thing, even forgetting to resist, just instinctively, the two weapons joined force to block the fire that swept over. Just that, the suffocating power, already seemed declared their fates.

The Eight Wilderness Fire Dragon!

In the southern border ancient shaman tribe legends, the terrible ferocious beast which could destroy the entire world's living things, the final spiritual beast called forth from the Eight Savage Inferno Formation, finally after ten thousand years, again emerged into the mortal world.

The huge head, slowly turned within the flames, it did not immediately destroy anything, from the huge horn to the fangs in its mouth, displayed a mysterious rosy transparent colour that only appeared in extreme heat.

Each time the dragon breathed, it brought a violent quake to the stone chamber, as if this space, to this powerful thing, was only a narrow place, even its body until now, had not even revealed.

Behind the dragon head, the rotating eight deities halos, seemed to submerge into the dazzling firelight, indistinct, the huge halo also seemed to be slightly wavering.

Was it because of this fire dragon's power that can make one feel despair?

Or was it the past memories that possessed this body?

Nobody knew.

And nobody would again think of that, because right now, as if slowly adjusting after awakening, the huge fire dragon, on its head, the rosy transparent huge eyes, the burning flames slowly rose, its dragon head also slowly turned over.

The next moment, the terrible dragon head, facing in this stone chamber, the two human figures in the corner whom were resisting with their strength.


Immediately , deafening rumble resounded in the entire heaven and earth!