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Chapter 211: Pursue

 Chapter 211 - Pursue

Right now Jin PingEr looked exhausted, as if she had just experienced a hard battle, but even if it was so, facing these Good Faction disciples, Jin PingEr still revealed a captivating smile, in the dark, she looked especially delicate and charming.

"Naturally it's me, this FenXiang Valley GongZi, why, we have only met a few times and you are already thinking about me?"

LiXun's face turned red, stepped back, retorted, "Who is reluctant to part with you, you this evil woman, you've caused trouble to my junior sister YanHong, now I want to make you pay for this blood debt."

Speaking, LiXun waved his hand, his figure like lightning, already sweeping over to Jin PingEr. Zeng ShuShu frowned, wanted to speak but stopped, the disciples beside him hesitated for a moment, with a shout also went up.

Jin PingEr snorted, mocking expression flashed past her eyes, but with so many foes and she herself right now was exhausted, obviously she would not force her situation. On her gentle face, a trace of determination flashed past, as if she had made up her mind, at the same time with a light shout, purple light lighted up from her right hand, murderous energy surged.

LiXun had fought a few times with Jin PingEr, knew the powerfulness of this Evil Sect evil woman, immediately on the alert, at the same time soughing of the wind came from the back, many of his junior brothers gathered in, LiXun was taken aback, quickly shouted for them to stop, everyone was shocked, one by one they stopped. However, at this chaotic moment, purple light exploded ahead, like a ball of purple fire rolled over, LiXun gave a loud shout, blocked himself in front of the group, the celestial sword in his hand held out, met this purple light.

However this force which seemed powerful, after LiXun collided with it, frowned, was stunned, the expected force was instead like a piece of paper, scattering upon touch, and behind the purple light, Jin PingEr was nowhere to be seen, she had already disappeared into the darkness.

LiXun turned livid, hatefully said, "Scheming evil woman, fell for her trick again, quickly pursue!" After speaking, was the first to move off, the other disciples naturally took off after him, Zeng ShuShu opened his mouth was about to speak but saw them swiftly moving off, shook his head helplessly, sighed, carefully looked around and slowly followed along.

LiXun loathed Jin PingEr, while pursuing, did not slow down for even a moment. Actually with Jin PingEr's skills, if this was on a usual day, whenever, wherever, even if LiXun was first, to slip away undetected like this, to her it was not anything difficult. However right now she was very unlucky, firstly there seemed to be only one path in this ancient cave, no place to hide; secondly she just fought with that mysterious lady who appeared suddenly, which was also Nine-tailed Celestial Fox Xiao Bai, although she was not injured and took advantage to flee when Xiao Bai was engaged with Ghost Li, but she exhausted much energy dealing with Xiao Bai's strange spells.

One must know that Xiao Bai was still Demon Fox tribe's ancestor, her Taoist cultivation most likely was more than a thousand year, the level of her cultivation, the powerfulness of her demonic skills, in the whole wide world, she was also considered one of the top few. Jin PingEr although was also an intelligent girl but she still lost out to Xiao Bai, actually this was considered nothing, firstly it was not a loss of face, secondly Jin PingEr was not injured, Xiao Bai also did not mean to hurt her, who knows at this vulnerable moment, she met LiXun and the rest.

LiXun pursued, did not let up even for a moment, FenXiang Valley was classified as Good Faction three great sects, and LiXun was also the valley master Yun YiLan's favourite disciple, his skills were not insignificant, Jin PingEr tried to use trickery a few times or put in her best effort to run, but she still could not escape LiXun. After a period of time, Jin PingEr slowly felt tightness in her chest, even her breathing slowly turned erratic.

Jin PingEr became more and more anxious, ever since entering this cave, strange things had been happening one after another, first was that mysterious lady Xiao Bai, next Ghost Li disappeared with that mysterious lady at the same time, and not long ago, strange bellows and broiling heat waves came out from deep within the cave, as if all of these indicated someone had started fighting in the depths. Despite Jin PingEr contemplating it a few times, eventually she still did not wish to enter hastily, after all to her, she was not willing like Ghost Li to take a big risk, even though her relations with Ghost Sect was considered close but it was not to the extent where she would risk her life.

Just that right now with someone hot on her heels, Jin PingEr had fled deeper into the cave. The depth of this ancient cave was really shocking, unable to tell at all from the outside and the path in did not seem to decline sharply, it was really a mystery where it really led to.

In the darkness, the sharp soughing of the wind beside the ears, not knowing when it had started, the gusts of Yin wind had ceased but LiXun's voice was still pursuing her behind, never once ceasing.

And at this timing, in the darkness ahead, a blur figure flashed past, Jin PingEr with her sharp eyesight, instantly saw it was that lady which gave her a hard time, it was Nine-tailed celestial fox Xiao Bai.

Xiao Bai who was quietly standing in the dark, seemed to sense something, a white gentle glow surrounded her body, she slowly turned around.

"You again!" Xiao Bai frowned, spoke faintly.

Blocking Jin PingEr's path, she had no choice but to stop, having a taste of Xiao Bai's skills earlier, she did not dare to act rashly, however right now with an obstacle ahead and pursuing troops behind, for the moment her countenance changed.

Xiao Bai seemed to be troubled, glancing at Jin PingEr, she did not looked like she intended to give way, was about to speak when she was surprised, turned to the path and looked, suddenly sneered, said, "Strange, there is really a lot of people coming here today!"

LiXun flashed out from the darkness with a whistle, after he saw that there was another exceptional unfamiliar beauty, he was clearly on the guard, did not immediately attack Jin PingEr, instead stopped.

Xiao Bai glanced at LiXun, her eyes suddenly turned cold, she seemed to have recognize him. The next moment, behind LiXun, human figures kept appearing, it was the rest of the FenXiang disciples, these people's skills were not comparable to LiXun and so their speed were much slower than his.

Xiao Bai's gaze swept past the disciples' faces and clothes, with a cold laugh said, "FenXiang Valley?"

Jin PingEr couldn't help but glance at Xiao Bai, indistinctly she could hear Xiao Bai's resentment, secretly rejoiced.

And LiXun for the moment was unsure of Xiao Bai but he was also unwilling to complicate matters, spoke in a clear and loud voice, "I am LiXun, FenXiang Valley Yun YiLan's disciple, I wonder who is this lady? I and the rest have no intention to offend lady, only this woman, " he pointed at Jin PingEr, said, "She commits many kinds of evil, steep in evil and deserve to come to judgement, we are about to eliminate her, if lady has no other matter, kindly step aside, we will be extremely grateful to you."

Xiao Bai humphed but did not move, instead stepped two steps forward slowly, indifferently said, "I happened to have some matters and so unable to step away."

LiXun's countenance changed, few of the disciples behind him shouted out in anger.

LiXun in a deep voice said, "This lady, by protecting this evil woman, you are going against FenXiang Valley, which is also going against the world's Good Faction, do you know that?"

Xiao Bai burst out with a [ha], stretched out her white jade-like hand, gently smoothed the sides of her hair, coldly smiled and said, "Going against FenXiang Valley? Going against the world's Good Faction? Ignorant juniors, all of these are what's left after your grandaunt played a few thousand years ago."

The FenXiang Valley disciples were in an uproar, anger flashed past LiXun's face but his composure was after all better than these disciples, and he still had not figured out this mysterious lady's origins, instead he held his disciples back, coldly said, "This lady sure talks big, may I know who are you?"

Xiao Bai did not answer him, instead she looked slightly dazed, after a long time, she mumbled to herself and suddenly [pu chi] a sound, she had without rhyme or reason laughed out, shook her head, quietly laughed and said, ", it has been a long time since I speak like that, even I feel somehow apologetic on hearing it,, could it be that I'm really old?"

The smile on her face slowly disappeared, staring blankly, looking at her expression, she seemed to be in a daze.

Jin PingEr was speechless beside her, for a moment did not know what this strange woman was thinking.

And no matter how good-tempered LiXun was, he was almost bursting with rage, angrily said, "I am advising you sincerely, if you still do not make way, then do not blame us for offending." Speaking, he coldly laughed twice, said, "Just by your earlier words of challenging the world Good Faction, I can arrest you, you better not be ungrateful."

Xiao Bai slowly lifted up her eyes, looked at LiXun, looked deeply at him, suddenly said, "That young lady!"

Jin PingEr initially didn't react in time, until Xiao Bai shouted the second time, she then was startled, asked, "Are you calling me?"

Xiao Bai snorted, "Not you or me then who is it?" she waved her hand lightly, stepped forward, in-between LiXun and Jin PingEr, said, "You can go! I will block these people for you."

LiXun and the rest immediately turned livid, Jin PingEr was over the moon, couldn't believe for a moment,quickly said, "Many thanks...many thanks senior."

After speaking, afraid that this strange lady might change her mind, quickly fled into the darkness ahead.

How could LiXun and the rest let this murderer once again escape, were about to pursue when white light flashed, a light curtain had already lit up, blocking before Xiao Bai, firmly obstructing the way, the next moment, Jin PingEr had disappeared.

LiXun was so infuriated that he clenched his teeth, bellowed to Xiao Bai, "Who exactly are you, why are you helping that evil woman?"

Xiao Bai smiled, as if LiXun's anger made her even happier, leisurely said, "Me? What business is it of yours! As to why I am helping her, not for other reason but just because I don't like the likes of you FenXiang Valley members."

LiXun and the other disciples were nonplussed, couldn't speak, LiXun could not help but ask, "This lady, don't tell me we have met before or maybe we have once offended you?"

Xiao Bai shook her head, rolled her eyes briefly, her eyes glimmering, like water, a faint seducing smile on the corner of lips, said, "We have not met before, and all of you have never offended me, but me ah..." She smiled, as if she was very happy and said, "But I just find FenXiang Valley an eyesore, what can you do to me?"

LiXun and the rest were so infuriated that they clenched their teeths tightly, without for LiXun's order, some of the disciples leapt up with angry shouts, LiXun did not stop them too, this lady insulted and provoked them like this, if they still don't teach her a lesson, FenXiang Valley wouldn't be able to face others in the future.

In the darkness, several figures were seen leaping out, heading towards the white light screen, and behind the screen, Xiao Bai was still smiling, however in her eyes, her sneer increased.

Wind, accompanying those swiftly moving bodies, turned into sharp whistlings beside the ear, without knowing how much distance, sped by under the feet. Lu XueQi flew in this ancient dark cave, heading towards that unknown mystery.

For some reason, she clearly still did not know, what waited her ahead, but in her heart, there was a feverish emotion, raging fiercely underneath her ice-frost like heart, like the most fiery fire.

And so she flew, without regards to consequences.

The people behind her had long disappeared, when she brushed past a place, she almost subconsciously sensed, there seemed to be figure concealed within, but this feeling vanished in a blink, in that flint-spark moment, the figure in the darkness seemed to be moving strangely and following which it discovered something and vanished down.

Far behind her, the soughing of the wind, was there a light sigh?

Lu XueQi did not know,

She never for once concerned herself about it.

This kind of life, how many things will there be, or someone, that is worthwhile for you to disregard everything?

If there isn't, then maybe it's sad!

If there is, then just disregard everything!

TianYa Celestial sword in her hand, emanating stronger and stronger light, like resonating the most passionate surge of emotion.

That blue figure, flew further and further, yet as if, coming nearer and nearer!

Wind, still soughing,

The road ahead, still dark,

Only, eventually there will still be someone, at the end of this road!

She flew, flew, flew...

That bunch of green light, slowly lit up ahead, Lu XueQi finally saw the first beam of light in the darkness, far ahead, in the darkness, like a lonely soul lightly pacing.

She suddenly stopped, in that instant, TianYa Celestial sword's light vanished, like a girl afraid and hiding. The darkness swallowed up, concealing her.

In the darkness, quietly watching that green light, behind that green light, what awaits her?

Was it disappointment, or was it him?

If it was him, what then?

She hesitated, and that feverish fire in her heart, continued to burn, never once disappeared, just that deep inside that fire, there was a few faint traces of grief.

She watched for very long, very long, slowly, moved and stepped back.

Was it fear, was it cowering?

This life, are there still people that you are unable to face?

Unable, or afraid?

Slowly, a feeling of suffocation, darkness grinning hideously around her, who was ahead? Fate had never once smiled, who would challenge her like this so easily. Never once fear life and death, never once fear time, but who could, truly face the depths of your heart?

Darkness, a stretch of stillness.

She looked like she wanted to retreat again.

The face which could not be seen, what kind of pain was that?

Suddenly, the broiling heat wave suddenly was felt, behind the faint green light, a deafening rumble.

Red fire, like a savage murderer, grinning hideously savagely in this world, sounds of howls, rocked the world livings. The earth underneath and surrounding rock walls, again shook, most likely due to the near distance, the quake was more powerful, made one couldn't imagine, deep inside the fire, what kind of scene was that.

The firelight reflected from far, eyes suddenly lit up in the darkness.

Burning, most likely were eyes!

Faint blue light, flashed again, from the darkness shot out, in the waves of heat, that beautiful figure stood facing the wind, her hair dancing.


Deafening rumble and the earthquake like thunder deity, made mortals afraid, the entire cave seemed to be shaking, numerous stones fell like a drizzle, just that that figure, already disappeared.

She flew, in that doomsday-like scene, in the falling stones rain, she flew, heading towards deep inside the fire, the brightest place, flying towards there!

No one knew, what was ahead.

But who would care too?