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Chapter 210: Devil Beast

 Chapter 210 - Devil Beast

"Alright, " The Beast Deity smiled faintly, turned, the tiredness on his face seemed to deepen, said, "Why are you here, is it to kill me?"

Ghost Li shook his head.

The Beast Deity was instead stunned and then couldn't help but laugh, "Never expect that there is actually someone who didn't want to kill me, I really didn't expect that. These few months, quoting the humans, I plunged the people into suffering, brought calamity to the world, by right should die ten thousand times, why is it that you did not want to kill me instead?"

Ghost Li was silent, watched the Beast Deity, the Beast Deity also looked at him, between the two men, that fire pit was silently burning, at the same time reflecting in their eyes.

"I should be trying to kill you?"

"Shouldn't you?"

Silence for a long time, very long...

"Maybe!" On Ghost Li's face, complicated expressions suddenly appeared, a few degrees of recollection, a few anguish and a few indistinct perplexion. Facing the world's most fiendish devil evildoer, he instead seemed to be totally opened, not a single trace of indifference and detachment seen in front of others.

"If this was ten years ago, I would definitely wholeheartedly get rid of the evil for the world, even though I knew it would be beyond my power but however I would not retreat a single step. But now..."

Beast Deity stared at him, pressed him, "But?"

The perplexion on Ghost Li's face deepened, slowly he said, "I suddenly just feel, this world, what concern is it to me? My lifetime wish, was only to live an ordinary life, I do not want to learn Taoism, do not want to cultivate to celestial, not even immortality."

Beast Deity's expression, suddenly changed too, the indistinct mocking smile in his eyes turned solemn, in them a few traces of perplexion similar to Ghost Li, as if something, touched some place deep inside his heart.

He suddenly asked, "Then what do you want exactly?"

Ghost Li indifferently smiled, slowly looked up to the sky, just that there was only darkness in this ancient cave, without a trace of light, he said, "I do not know, sometimes I too think of it, maybe if I could return to ten years ago, those days in Big Bamboo Valley? Or maybe, a wishful thinking to might as well return to when I was a kid, when I didn't know anything, just that, " he made a quiet bitter laugh, said, "In-between those rights and wrongs, debts and gratitudes, how can I cut it off and abandon?"

Beast Deity was silent for a moment, asked, "Do you regret?"

Ghost Li did not answer immediately, after a while, he again looked at Beast Deity, looking at the pair of eyes behind the firelight, shook his head.

Beast Deity coldly laughed, said, "According to you, you have half-a-lifetime of hardships, quite a lot of grieved past but when I asked you, you instead did not regret, how do you explain this?"

Ghost Li said, "Half of my life is full of ups and downs but many were beyond my control. I long to live my live ordinarily but was pulled into Buddhism and Taoism conflict; I long to cultivate peacefully but become part of Evil sect; I wished to wholeheartedly care about someone but instead sowed the roots of my feelings at the wrong place, when I understood who wholeheartedly cared about me..."

His face, a mournful expression slowly emerged, eventually he did not continue, after a long time, he quietly said, "Regret? How can I regret, what is the use if I regretted..."

Beast Deity quietly looked at that man standing there, ten years of time, did not carve out much traces of vicissitudes of life on his face, just that the figure standing there, appeared so exhausted. The Beast Deity couldn't help but start to imagine, the young man ten years ago, what kind of life it was.

Between the two men, silence descended, as if both unknowingly sank into their pasts.

Everyone's life, the past events, how many were worth for us to look back?

Ten years? Hundred years? Thousand years...

Or eventually they would still have to be worn down by time, quietly die off?

Beast Deity quietly pondered, the tiredness on his face increased, his eyes, slowly shifted to the direction of the cave entrance, separated by infinite darkness, at a very far place, there should still be a figure solitary standing there right?

This kind of life, but what kind of life was it?

He suddenly asked Ghost Li, "Say, what's the point of living?"

"What is the point of living?..." Ghost Li quietly repeated once, silent for a long time, lifted his head and said, "I do not know, this life of mine, seems to be always living for others."

Beast Deity was stunned, muttered to himself, "Living for others, then what about me! Who do I live for?"

Ghost Li was exceptionally astonished, he clearly did not expect Beast Deity would say such words, following which, he frowned, obviously recalled his words, felt surprised, that he would say such words.

After focusing himself, Ghost Li's face again resumed composure, as if that instant of weakness, had disappeared, never once existed on him. He looked deeply at Beast Deity, said, "I came here today, is not to kill you."

Beast Deity seemed somehow distracted, pondering about something, indifferently replied, "Oh, then what are you here for?"

Ghost Li pointed to the TaoTie beside him, said, "I came for it."

Beast Deity frowned, a trace of surprise in his eyes, TaoTie instead reacted, glared with its bell-like huge eyes, opened its predator mouth and howled at Ghost Li, slowly stood up, full of murderous air. And the monkey seemed bewildered, slowly left TaoTie, ran back to Ghost Li's feet, looked up at Ghost Li, as if could not understand its master's words, but the next moment, it still went back to Ghost Li's shoulder, just that its eyes kept glancing over to TaoTie.

Beast Deity snorted, said, "This is really strange, you are not here to kill me and instead for this TaoTie? What do you want with it?"

Ghost Li indifferently said, "It's not me, there is someone who wants it, and that person's instruction, if it's reasonable, I have to help him."

Beast Deity looked at him, suddenly laughed, said, "You owe the person a debt, right?"

Ghost Li was silent, said, "I indeed owe, many many, too many that I am unable to return in a lifetime, but this is none of your business." He looked up, solemn, and stepped forward.

As his figure approached, the Beast Deity's nostrils slightly shrank.

The fire reflected on Ghost Li's face, the dancing shadows trembled, he calmly said, "I have no intention to be your foe, but looks like this is unavoidable."

Beast Deity made a cold laugh [ha] to the sky, said, "You think with your level of cultivation, you can win over me?"

Ghost Li did not speak.

Also did not stop.

The muffled footsteps reverberated in the spacious space, there was no wind, but for some reason, the fire in this huge stone room started to move, the light gradually turned stronger.

The darkness like the nether world, silent and unfathomable, not knowing how many ferocious demons and evil spirits in there, watching the humans in this light.

Ghost Li walked towards the Beast Deity in the firelight.

Suddenly, the ball of fire rose, releasing dazzling light, the entire size of the fire was several times bigger than when it was burning peacefully. In the raging fire, a dragon-singing-like-sound was heard, reverberating far.

Following this sound, the entire stone room shook, the dragon-singing sound rose from low to high, from deep darkness it reverberated and never lost its momentum, instead the pitch went higher and higher, almost becoming a sharp whistle, until the end, it was already deafening like mountain shouting sea howling.

Ghost Li stopped, because that ball of raging fire was blocking in front of him, and in that fire, indistinctly, a pair of savage eyes was watching him.

The Beast Deity figure had already disappeared behind the firelight but his calm voice was clearly heard from the fire, said, "This is an age-old southern border formation passed down, named 'Eight Savage Inferno Formation', if you can break through it and survive, what you wish to do, I will let you."

He had just finished speaking, almost at the same time, an angry roar erupted from the most dazzling part of the fire, the flames violently trembled and changed, the earth five chi around was completely burned, one could imagine the degree of heat around this fire.

Violent hot wind blew from ahead, Ghost Li's clothes flapped in the wind but his expression seemed not to be affected at all, even Xiao Hui on his shoulder, only watched this fire without fear or pain. Just that, their expressions were solemn, anyone would know, this was just the beginning.

The first blood-red colour ferocious deity drawing, slowly appeared above the fire, that savage face and strange posture, was really identical to the drawing seen at FenXiang Valley Inferno Altar. Ghost Li stared at that drawing, complicated expression slowly revealed on his face.

One drawing followed by another, successively lit up, blood-red colour light around the raging fire gradually joined together, forming a round shape, circling that raging fireball.

The last blood-red light, when it merged under the fire, suddenly, the entire red halo shone brightly, red light exploded, even the fire within it was suppressed, closely following, a gust of extremely cruel vicious current, from thin air descended into this space. Deep within the ball of fire, that indistinct eyes, enlarged in that instant too.


An angry roar shocking the sky, in that instant the entire stone room wavered, intense fire like evil spirits danced incessantly, moved wildly. Deep inside the fire, a ferocious huge beast with a clock of intense fire, roared and looked scornfully at the world, appeared.

Crimson Fire Beast!

Once guarding the FenXiang Valley Inferno Altar, this Devil Beast from the Eight Savage Inferno Formation passed down from the ancient shaman tribe, again appeared, and facing Ghost Li and Xiao Hui the second time, it involuntarily changed countenance. Xiao Hui bared its teeth, crouched at Ghost Li's shoulder, facing that beast, it screeched in anger.

The Crimson Fire Beast huge body continued to emerge from the huge halo, first its huge head, then its shoulders, front paws, slowly, its body and hind legs. Following its appearance, the entire stone room's temperature rose alarmingly, Ghost Li's clothes even started to show signs of burn.

Finally, when the last part of the beast body appeared, the Crimson Fire Beast was completely shrouded in flames, standing before Ghost Li and Xiao Hui, Ghost Li was only half of the beast's legs high. And behind this beast, the halo formed by the eight drawings, at times shone brightly, at times flashed, following behind the Crimson Fire Beast.

As if a ferocious devil, laughing hideously!

The smell of vicious currents, gushed over from all directions, the familiar feeling once again turbulent in the blood, Ghost Li even vaguely remembered, the last time at Inferno Altar, that intense fight.

Ghost Li did not move, only stared intently at that unparalleled Devil Beast.

The Crimson Fire Beast baring its fangs and brandishing its claws slowly turned its head over, a burst of heat wave was felt, the eyes which seemed to be burning, looked at Ghost Li, and the monkey on his shoulder.

The Crimson Fire Beast's huge head paused, the next moment, it suddenly made an earthshaking deafening roar!

In that roar, it was full of anger, hatred and intense wish for revenge!

The raging flames, instantly like bursting, from red almost turned pure white, numerous fire sparks rose, forming into burning fireballs, spinning with high speed, its horrible head, abruptly opened its huge mouth, in its roar, bit down.

Before its head touched the ground, the surrounding ground was already cracked totally, innumerable flames like burning suns descending onto the mortal world, whistling madly pouncing, swallowing Ghost Li's figure in an instant.

The flames raging up in that instant, like the climax after revelry, in full bloom!

And behind the fire, in the pair of tired eyes, was instead indifferent and not a single feeling of life's grief and joy could be seen.

The darkness in the surroundings, silence all around, Lu XueQi and the rest had walked for a very long time in this ancient cave, although they were highly alert but after walking for so long, there was not a single attack or trouble.

In the darkness, the beautiful figure enveloped by gentle blue light, looking at Lu XueQi's cold face from the darkness, it looked even more elegant and indescribable, against the darkness, it had an additional trace of mystery and cold.

As if, the legendary black lily quietly blooming in the darkness, growing for thousand years, only blooming for a moment.

The gazes behind her frequently glanced over, only Lu XueQi was already indifferent to all these. Her clear eyes, was only watching ahead, although there was only infinite darkness but in the darkness, it was as if there was something she wished to see.

She walked forward, never once turning back.

The darkness ahead of her quietly receded, then slowly merged in behind her, that kind of gentle figure, seemed especially conspicuous in the darkness, it even concealed the lights of those people behind her, looking at it, as if she was walking alone.

Suddenly, she stopped.

The people behind also stopped, LiXun vigilantly glanced around, walked up, was about to ask but suddenly was nonplussed, Lu XueQi's face had complicated expressions, among it was extreme alertness.

And at that moment, the darkness which had been still, suddenly had a change, an indistinct gentle agitation, suddenly appeared from the darkness, then started to surge, became bigger, stronger...

In the darkness, something seemed to be slowly gathering, like howling, like bellowing but it was silent.

Then the next moment, it was coming, coming...

From somewhere ahead, a strong quake, following a muffled cry, rumbling from far to here, and swiftly turning big, from the depths of the cave, there was an unparalleled spiritual beast, howling to the sky!

The silent darkness, like being lit, started to be turbulent, deep inside the darkness, innumerable cries gushed over from all directions, for a moment everyone's countenances changed.

LiXun retreated, quickly shouted, "Form a circle, defend carefully."

FenXiang Valley people were all seasoned fighters, although shocked but were organized, gathered around and vigilantly watched ahead.

The surrounding stone walls started to tremble, as if some unknown huge forces started to emanate out, even the ground below started to quake. The darkness ahead, the strange stirrings became even stronger, as if responding to something, howling at something.

And at this earthshaking change of situation, Lu XueQi for some reason, did not step back, away from her companions who were forming a formation, she stood alone ahead in the darkness, as if ahead of the faint blue light, the darkness savagely looking at her, waiting to engulf her anytime.

Without any sign, a burst of heat wave, gushed out from the darkness, like a tsunami in this ancient cave, Lu XueQi's body and hair floated up at the same time, just that her body, never once wavered.

The feeling of the heat wave, carried a few insanity, and even more unimaginable, deep inside this cave, the source of this force, what kind of scenario it was. Lu XueQi did not speak, only in this wild storm, watched the darkness savagely danced.

The raging heat wave!

She suddenly lifted her head.

The wind blew her frost-like face, in the eyes, there seemed to be an even blazing gaze burning deep inside the heart.

Deep within the darkness, far inside the darkness...

She suddenly whistled, her figure in this earthshaking, wild heat wave, going up against the wind, shooting into the darkness.

LiXun, Zeng ShuShu and the rest turned pale, confounded. LiXun was about to shout but that faint blue light, like an arrow leaving the bow, without any hesitation, disappeared in an instant.

He soundlessly stopped, after a long time did not speak.

Zeng ShuShu slowly walked to LiXun, patted his shoulder, LiXun did not look back at him.

The heat waves slowly weakened, the quakes gradually ceased, everything resumed back, if it was not for the rubbles in the surroundings, almost made one had the false impression that this was just an illusion in the darkness.

Just that, that beautiful figure which had already disappeared, clearly and correctly said, in this strange cave, dangers were all around.

LiXun silent for a moment, composed himself, was about to speak, suddenly a young FenXiang Valley disciple called out, "There is someone, who is there?"

The rest were shocked, looked ahead quickly, there was instead a flash of human figure, someone really walked out, the figure slender, walking coquettishly, it was a beautiful lady.

The group was nonplussed, for a moment they thought it was Lu XueQi returning.

LiXun was about to call out happily but suddenly, his smile froze, slowly turned livid, his eyes even had enmity, at the same time with a sneer, said, "It's actually you..."

The lady heard human voices, seemed surprised, looked up and her countenance changed.

This woman's face was elegant and beautiful, extremely coquettish, it was Jin PingEr.