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Chapter 208: Broken Sword

 Chapter 208 - Broken Sword

Central Plains, outside HeYang City, derelict morgue.

This mysterious person with one blow broke Zhou YiXian's spell, using unfathomable, absolutely overwhelming cultivation power shocked the entire place, even Zhou YiXian's infamous escape skill was also seen through by him. And in his words, he did not deny his mysterious relationship with Qing Yun sect, in addition with his inconceivable Tai Ji Xuan Qing Way training, this mysterious man's origins, was really unimaginable.

However, following this dark man's approaching, the sinister energy on his body enveloping over, Zhou YiXian, Xiao Huan and Wild Dog Taoist did not have time to spend their thoughts on this matter. After breaking Zhou YiXian's spell, that man's hidden figure in the shadows seemed to receive some kind of stimulation, started to breathe fast, his breathings slowly turned heavy.

Zhou YiXian frowned deeply, stared at that figure, surprisingly his eyes did not hold much fear, instead the suspicion increased. With that level of cultivation displayed by that person, naturally would not be panting after a few attacks, evidently, this person had some hidden sickness, or maybe some strange illness, even a highly skilled person like him also couldn't control himself.

However, even it was so, from his appearance, that person not only did not reveal any weakness, on the contrary, with the sinister energy increasing, Tai Ji Xuan Qing Way that pure warm energy sank down, the enveloping malevolent energy and suspension was nothing less than it. At this moment, whoever that was facing that black energy which was gradually illuminating, flashing with fierce dark red eyes, would all understand what that mysterious man was planning to do next!

Zhou YiXian gritted his teeth, seemed to make up his mind, suddenly pulled, pulling Wild Dog Taoist and Xiao Huan behind himself, where his hands stretched, Wild Dog Taoist was pulled over but over at Xiao Huan, it was a blank.

Zhou YiXian was shocked, before he could turn around, a figure flashed past, Xiao Huan was already standing before him, facing that mysterious man.

Zhou YiXian was nonplussed, heard Xiao Huan said, "Grandpa, both of you quickly go, I will block him."

Zhou YiXian angrily said, "What do you know, this person's cultivation is not trivial, quickly..."

Before he could say, 'come back', Xiao Huan had already made her move.

Facing that mysterious man, this young lady who looked delicate and innocent, suddenly raised up both of her hands, a book with black wordless cover indistinctly flashed from her hands, the next moment, the seven pieces of Blood Jade Bone Piece which Mr Ghost gave her, appeared in her hand.

A dark energy, formless yet with substance, suddenly dispersed out from the air, descended upon this derelict courtyard. Zhou YiXian stepped forward in shock, even the mysterious person who was pressing in, also softly exclaimed out, stopped.

Different from that malevolent energy on that mysterious man but containing the same strange dark eerie energy, gushed over from all directions. This was originally a mortuary, the Yin energy especially heavy, the strange Ghost Way skill that Xiao Huan used, immediately ghost wails started incessantly, the Yin wind miserable, like thousand of ghosts wailing, really made one's heart straight into panic.

The seven Blood Jade Bone Piece, slowly floated up from Xiao Huan's hand, like an invisible hand controlling it, before Xiao Huan it formed a three triangle shape in the air, those blood-stain like areas on every piece, started to light up with dark red light, like seven eyes slowly opening, stared at that mysterious figure.

In the yard full of Yin wind, that mysterious person's clothes flapped loudly but he seemed not bothered at all by the ghastly spirits, the eyes concealed within the shadows slightly squinted, with a cold voice abruptly said, "Ghost Way skill!"

Xiao Huan was frowning tightly, the beautiful face right now looked slightly pale, for some reason not knowing if it was because she was unfamiliar with using the spell for the first time, or was it that girls naturally felt revolted and fear towards these ghastly spirits. But whatever it was, this Ghost Way spell which was displayed by her for the first time, activated by Ghost Way treasure, 'Blood Jade Bone Piece', was already formed, slowly gathering a layer of dark black energy around her, and in-between when her arms flipped, completely formed, it was a huge black skull which was incompatible with her image, looking extremely strange.

And the seven Blood Jade Bone Piece right now also slowly raised up, inserting into that black energy formed skull's eyes. Instantly, the skull appeared alive, both eyes illuminated with bright red lights, opening its mouth, the Yin wind turned into gusts, like thunder leapt out far, a dark energy like lightning shot out, towards that mysterious man.

The piercing sound, like the sharp whistle of an arrow, instantly arrived before that man. The man moved, it looked slow but in that instant avoided the ghost arrow, the arrow pierced through the air, the impact sound was as if it was nearby.

But before he could breathe, that skull ahead shot out arrows in succession, sounds of piercing whistling were heard incessantly, directly towards that mysterious man, and the directions were all different, up down left right, almost never leaving any chance.

Zhou YiXian and Wild Dog Taoist standing behind her were pale, the difference was, Wild Dog Taoist was both surprised and delighted, didn't imagine that Xiao Huan's skills was so proficient; And Zhou YiXian instead had conflicting expressions, his face did not have much delight, mostly worry and doubts.

And at this moment, Zhou YiXian's expression suddenly changed, stepped back and looked at the other corner of this courtyard. That place was not where Xiao Huan and the mysterious man were fighting, instead, where nobody noticed, the place where they had just explored - the abandoned house of the mortuary.

The place was dark and eerie, but compared to the current ghastly air in the courtyard, there seemed much better. When Zhou YiXian and Wild Dog Taoist were peering around at the entrance, obviously everything had been abandoned inside, there was nothing, only ruins and a few unpleasing coffins.

However, it was that, which suddenly drew Zhou YiXian's attention over, even Xiao Huan who was battling did not notice it.

In that abandoned house, what creature appeared again?

Zhou YiXian stared unblinkingly at that place.

In the courtyard, Xiao Huan's Ghost Way spell was dominating, for the moment suppressing completely that mysterious man, looking as the summoned skull released arrows without stopping, one by one flying over, although none hit the man, but it forced him to keep dodging, this eerie strange Ghost Way power, even that highly skilled person was also unwilling to face it directly.

Just that after a long while, although the dark skull around Xiao Huan was still enveloping her and the pair of eyes were still as bright but the mysterious man had a change, he seemed to see through something, with a sneer, suddenly in the air full of ghost arrows, leapt up, and headed directly to Xiao Huan.

All of the ghost arrows suddenly lost it target, slipped past him, [tut tut] sharp sounds unceasing, but it all flew off to the sides. The rest of them turned pale, looking as that black figure was soon reaching them, she suddenly put her hands together, before her, immediately, the black skull with a whistle, shrank about half its size, at the same time, blocked before Xiao Huan. The seven glimmering pieces swiftly rotated, in the black skull's eyes, red screen immediately surfaced, blocking the mysterious man's path.

The mysterious man snorted, as if even with his level of skills, he was also wary of this red screen, he stopped his body abruptly.

Instead Xiao Huan, although she for the moment avoided the danger but for some reason, her body shook, as if out of sudden she suffered a heavy blow, a dark colour flashed past her face. The next moment, that black skull in front of her and her spell, all started to quiver.

Even the ghost arrows that she was controlling, instantly were affected, from the sharp and powerful momentum, turned into weak and powerless, and the red light screen, eventually under Xiao Huan's struggling expression, trembled and finally dispersed.

Surprisingly, that mysterious man after seeing Xiao Huan weakening, did not attack again, instead stood straight, looking at the gradually weakening girl, a cold glint in his eyes.

Wild Dog Taoist was alarmed, did not know why Xiao Huan who was gaining advantage a moment before, suddenly lost her strength and lost, he quickly went up to support Xiao Huan. When he touched her, he immediately got a shock, Xiao Huan's body was extremely cold, the chill had an inexplicable ghostly evil energy, tendrils of it emanating out, like it was looking for a human to devour.

Luckily, this feeling very soon dispersed following Xiao Huan collapse sitting to the ground, Wild Dog Taoist did not dare to delay, helped Xiao Huan to sit. Zhou YiXian quietly walked over to Xiao Huan, carefully looked at her, shook his head and sighed, did not speak.

Xiao Huan right now looked extremely fatigued, she couldn't even speak. The black skull in the air slowly faded and disappeared too, leaving only the seven Blood Jade Bone Piece which looked ordinary now, pausing slightly in the sky and started falling down, landing on the stone floor in front of Xiao Huan, creating a few crisp sounds.

That mysterious man glanced at Xiao Huan, suddenly asked, "This 'Blood Soul' spell, how long has she trained?"

Zhou YiXian slowly walked before Xiao Huan, blocked the line of vision from the mysterious man, the mysterious man looked at him, Zhou YiXian indifferently said, "Only just a month."

The man was silent for a moment, the two red glows in his eyes for some reason, faded much, following the red glows weakening, he seemed much human, the murderous energy in him also reduced by a lot.

Zhou YiXian frowned, he had travelled from the south to the north, his experience and knowledge, in the whole world, not many could be compared to him, naturally he also detected the strange points on this mysterious man, his eyes slowly revealed his pondering, and then he seemed to recall something, suddenly turned to that abandoned house, took a look.

In the cold night breeze, that house that was abandoned for many years stood lonely, dilapidated and desolate, there was really nothing strange about it, just that Zhou YiXian looked at it, felt it was really abnormal, indistinctly had some expectation.

That mysterious man was silent for a while, his voice was still as composed but his gaze looking behind Zhou YiXian, surprisingly had some admiration, said, "What a good aptitude! Pity that it is used on Ghost Way trivial skills."

Zhou YiXian turned and looked at him, said, "This sir, we did not mean to offend you, tonight we mistakenly trespass here, we did not have any other intention, and moreover did not wish to have any conflict with you. If there is no other matter, will Sir please let the three of us go!"

The mysterious man slowly looked back, glanced at Zhou YiXian, coldly laughed and said, "Mistakenly trespass, you said it easily, who knows if you are all not..."

Speaking halfway, suddenly, that person trembled, cutting off the words. Zhou YiXian was surprised, then carefully saw, on the face shrouded by the blackness, the two red spots, again lit up.

The murderous energy again increased, invisibly enveloping over, suppressing down everything, it was comparable to the energy previously.

Zhou YiXian's countenance changed, abruptly stepped back, pulled Xiao Huan up and urgently said to Wild Dog Taoist, "Quick, quick split up and run, whoever can escape at least..."

Wild Dog Taoist seemed to comprehend but before he could speak, darkness suddenly froze, Yin wind started to gust, a huge shadow abruptly directly enveloped down from the sky, trapping them with it, there was no other way to escape.

Wild Dog Taoist bellowed, pounced over, covered Xiao Huan under him and used his body to block the shadow. Zhou YiXian was stunned, complicated expressions changed on his old face but in that instant, the powerful and suppressing darkness blanket descended down, the heaviness of it was unavoidable, like ten thousand zhang of Mount Tai pressing down, the three of them looked like they were about to be crushed to pieces.

At this critical juncture, life and death moment, a bright red light suddenly flashed from the abandoned house, there seemed to be someone making an angry roar, the light in an instant exploded, as if the long suppressed anger, instantly pierced through the darkness, turning into an extremely brilliant huge light beam, burst forth from the abandoned house.

What followed, was a rumble like thunder, the entire abandoned house fell apart by a powerful force, innumerable broken rubble were thrown up to the sky by the impact, the scarlet light brilliant, like fire raging. A human figure transformed into a huge dragon, streaked past the darkness and empty sky, as powerful as a thunderbolt, shooting towards the mysterious man.

The strange shadow which looked like it was soon about to crush the three of them, suddenly like a whale sucking in the water, was withdrawn, the huge pressing force suddenly disappeared, Zhou YiXian and the three of them felt the earth spinning incessantly in their heads.

And in the distance, facing the lighted person figure which was streaking over, this mysterious person looked extremely infuriated, the redness in his eyes increased, both of his hands shot out, blocking before him, a black shadow wall instantly formed.

Both forces collided fiercely, where the red light and black shadow met, the light and shadow actually turned white-hot, producing [si si] strange sounds incessantly, looking from far, the surrounding things also started to vapourize, waves of heat started to roll out, bit by bit started to drift towards the sky.

And right now, the two mysterious figures were already indistinct.

Such a peaceful night like this, a derelict mortuary like this, there was actually such powerful martial artists, having life and death battle here!

Suddenly, at the deepest part of the light, a deafening sound burst out, like a shock of thunder exploding in the horizon, in that instant, a gust of strong wind blew over, sands and dust rolled everywhere, everything was pushed out, even Zhou YiXian and them could not help but tumbled out.

In that rumble, a voice bellowed, like a thunderclap, "You are still unrepentable!"

Replying that voice, was a cold laugh, containing infinite disdain and arrogance.

Light and shadow shook, eventually dimmed, dispersed, a huge pit, appeared in the ground. In the middle, two people stood facing each other, one was someone Zhou YiXian and the rest did not recognize, he was short and fat, an angry face, his hand was holding a red celestial sword, stern and impressive, just that not knowing if he was hurt or not, at the corner of the person's lips, there was blood stains; And the other looked dressed, it was the mysterious man who fought with them earlier, but the layer of dark shadow concealing him had already dispersed, not sure if it was due to the intense battle earlier that he was unable to maintain.

Looking from afar, this mysterious man wearing Qing Yun sect robes, his face clean and emaciated, long beards and hair, giving one the first impression, was a highly cultivated Taoist, eminent and extraordinary, however right now cold glints flashed in his eyes, red light glimmered, adding a few degree of eeriness.

The short and fat man glanced at Zhou YiXian and company, saw that they were unharmed, revealed a little sign of relief, and then his eyes turned stern, stared at that Taoist.

After a long time, the fat man sneered and coldly said, "You thought just with this 'Punishment Heart Lock' spell, you could trap me?"

The Taoist's eyes red glow glimmered, the murderous energy around his body was extremely strong, almost like an substance material, kept flicking its tongue out, darkly said, "I forgot, this skill was created by your branch ancestor, but using it on you, it didn't feel good right!"

"[Pei]," That fat guy shouted, "You degenerated into the Evil way, still dare to talk tactlessly. Punishment Heart Lock is long forbidden by generations of forefathers, now that you are defying the instructions of the forefathers, would you still regard Qing Yun sect ancestors?"

The Taoist sneered, said, "When you fought with me, the damage to Founders Ancestral Hall, was not all of my credit, do you still regard Qing Yun sect ancestors?"

The fat man stiffened but became even more enraged, just that for a moment was speechless, only stared hatefully at that man.

The Taoist assessed the fat man, suddenly coldly said, "I think you better not push yourself! Although your skills are even profound than my expectation, and able to break through Punishment Heart Lock trap, but in order to save the three people, consumed your cultivation and forced your way out, right now your blood is flowing backwards, your entire body energy channels jolting, at most you are left with only sixty percent of your usual cultivation. Hehe..."

He sneered and laughed, said, "That day when you were at your full strength, you are still not my match, caught by me and trapped in this abandoned coffin, now you still dare to fight with me?"

The fat man did not have the slightest intention of retreating, said, "When you and Wan senior brother were in your prime and peerless, eliminating the demons and evil spirits, after I followed you all, even if I were to die for you all, I would not have the slightest regret; but today you are no longer that person, and what I am doing, is what you and Wan senior brother, even if it means dying multiple times but would never regret, were doing at that time."

With a long howl, with resolute and steadfast expression, also some deep grief, shouted, "Receive sword!"

His figure like lightning, instantly merged into the raging scarlet light, like an enormous dragon leaping into the sky, pounced over. The Taoist's eyes surged with red light, his pupils slightly shrank, looking at the red light beam powerful force, piercing through the long sky, shattering Heaven and Earth, almost unstoppable, leaving only the route of perishing together.

He suddenly sneered, his right hand waved, suddenly a cold light surfaced, it did not shine brightly but headed towards the scarlet light beam.

And when the lights collided, a sudden brilliant illumination, without sharpness and hesitation, it actually cut in, a stream of brilliant light flickered and shook.

The fat man suddenly gave an angry roar and followed by a sound of pain, immediately broke backwards and retreated, abruptly scattered, the fat man was hit flying back staggering, could not even stand properly when he fell on the ground, staggered backwards and spitting out blood, clearly he was heavily injured, even his clothes was stained a huge patch of blood.

And that Taoist, the cold light was withdrawn, looking carefully, he was holding a plain ancient sword, that sword was unadorned, the material was even stranger, like stone but not like stone, the weirdest part was, this ancient sword was actually a broken sword, two chi at the tip, was actually broken.

The fat man with blood streaming out his mouth, glared at that Taoist, hoarsely said, " dare to bring Zhu Xian sword down Qing Yun Hill?"

That Taoist laughed at the sky, his demeanour extremely savage. And in the distance, the three of them were becoming more and more shocked as they listened, until the end, their minds in a blank!

Zhu Xian Ancient Sword!

The broken sword in the Taoist's hand, was actually the number one celestial sword that shook the world - Zhu Xian sword?

Then these two terribly highly skilled people, who would they be?