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Chapter 207: Reunited

 Chapter 207 - Reunited

Qing Yun Hill, Big Bamboo Valley.

Outside Observed Silence Hall, the Big Bamboo Valley disciples, from Song Daren to Du BiShu, standing in line outside the door, all had anxiety on their face, kept glancing into Observed Silence Hall.

After a while, footsteps sounded from inside the hall, a lady walked out, it was Small Bamboo Valley WenMin.

Song Daren and the rest of the disciples crowded over, Song Daren was acquainted with WenMin, noticing WenMin coming out alone, quietly asked, "How is our teacher's wife?"

WenMin nodded her head, softly said, "Su teacher uncle is fine now, she suddenly felt dizzy during her return, my teacher said it could be because she worries too much, right now my teacher is accompanying her, she is already conscious."

Song Daren and the rest heaved a sigh of relief at the same time but none of them looked happy.

Du BiShu made a face, said, "This is really a bolt from the blue! There is no news from teacher and now even teacher's wife nearly met with a mishap..."

"Shut up!" Song Daren shouted while frowning, Du BiShu forced a smile, shook his head and kept quiet.

Song Daren turned to WenMin, said, "Did our teacher's wife ask you to relay any messages to us?"

WenMin shook his head, said, "No, Su teacher uncle only spoke in whispers to my teacher, after a exchanging a few words, teacher asked me to leave the room too, seems like there are some things she did not want me to know."

Song Daren had a troubled look, said, "This...this..."

WenMin saw his anxiousness, felt reluctant, comforted him and said, "Song senior brother, don't be too worried, anyway no matter how serious the things are, isn't there still Su teacher uncle and my teacher! Now that things have changed, Su teacher uncle also look physically and mentally exhausted, the affairs here you will have to take on more responsibilities."

Song Daren sighed, nodded and said, "You are right."

He was silent for a moment, turned and spoke to other disciples, "Alright, alright, since we know that teacher's wife is fine, I say let's not all stand here anymore, if not if teacher's wife knows about this, it will make her more troubled. Let's all go back to our own rooms, we still need to do the homeworks that we should be doing, I will be here to stay guard first."

Wu DaYi, He DaZhi and Du BiShu and the rest looked at each other, after a moment of silence, the second, Wu DaYi nodded and said, "This is also good, let's listen to big senior brother." After speaking, he turned to Song Daren and said, "Big senior brother, let me take over you in a while!"

Song Daren was about to decline, He DaZhi patted his shoulder, said, "Big senior brother, you instruct us to rest well, you yourself should not treat it lightly too, teacher's wife will not like you this way."

Song Daren made a bitter laugh, nodded. Everyone dispersed, only Song Daren and WenMin remained outside the hall, silent.

Both of them looked at each other, WenMin suddenly blushed, slowly looked down, Song Daren coughed once, felt his heart palpitating, quickly composed himself, after two dry laughs, said, "Wen...junior sister, didn't you recently travel to southern border with your Small Bamboo Valley Lu XueQi, why did you come back so fast?"

WenMin shook her head, said, "I did travel to southern border, originally didn't intend on coming back so early but something strange came up over there, after discussing with Lu junior sister, we felt that that is something not trivial and so I came back first to report to teacher and the various elders, Lu junior sister remains there and will act according to circumstances."

Song Daren was stunned, said, "What is it, that is so important?"

WenMin hesitated, glanced around and went near Song Daren, whispered a few words in his ears, before she finished, Song Daren's countenance had already changed.

After WenMin finished and stepped back, standing before him and looking at him, quietly sighed and said, "Now you know the reason for my urgent return!"

Song Daren's expression was uncertain, after a long time, he spoke in a daze, " really troubled times!"

WenMin was silent for a long time, quietly said, "Who doesn't agree! I also feel that it is really one trouble after another, in addition after I return, our sect again happened this...sigh!"

With her sigh, she did not continue on, Song Daren stood with her, suddenly felt that this lady beside him looked thinner, felt even more delicate, couldn't help but slowly stood nearer.

WenMin was pondering with her head low, seemed did not detect it but her lips twitched slightly, did not say anything, only quietly stood.

The two figures, standing like that quietly outside the hall.

From far, the big bamboo valley bamboos swayed in waves, warm sunlight shone down, the blue and clear sky, it was an awesome day, clear skies for a thousand miles, a beautiful sight, warmly watching the mortal world.

In the courtyard of Observed Silence Hall, in the secluded room, the two ladies facing each other.

ShuiYue Master was silent for a long while, said, "Junior sister, why don't you go to the bed and lie down for a while!"

SuRu slowly shook her head, although she looked tired but she was still determined and quietly said, "I won't go, even if I lie down I won't be able to sleep."

ShuiYue Master sighed, said, "Junior sister, don't have to worry too much, like what I have just told you, no matter what, Tian BuYi disappeared at the same time as sect head senior brother, you did not actually see that he met with...any misfortune, and so don't imagine things. And furthermore, although DaoXuan senior brother is somehow strange recently but his cultivation is almost supernatural, far above us, his determination is also so, Tian BuYi is his many years of junior brother, he definitely will not act recklessly."

SuRu was silent, her eyes started to turn slightly red again.

ShuiYue Master shook her head, stood up, paced in the room and obviously also looked troubled. Right now the mess in Qing Yun sect, even ordinary disciples also could tell, not to say them who already knew some inside news.

SuRu forced a smile, changed the topic, said, "Senior sister, why did you come to TongTian Peak suddenly today?"

ShuiYue Master annoying said, "Isn't it for that FenXiang Valley Yun YiLan's annoying thing, actually wanted to discuss with sect head senior brother, didn't expect something big like this would happen, until the end even the dignified sect head is also missing."

SuRu frowning, asked,"FenXiang Valley master Yun YiLan? What matter does he have that is related to our Qing Yun?"

ShuiYue Master sneered said, "My branch disciple Lu XueQi and WenMin are sent to southern border to trace the location of the evildoer, you know right?"

SuRu nodded and said, "I know! I was just wondering! Why did WenMin return so early and is with you, that Lu XueQi is also back?"

ShuiYue Master shook her head, said, "XueQi is not back yet, this is after both of them discussed and decided to have WenMin return first to report to me."

SuRu asked, "What happened?"

ShuiYue Master said, "When they were paying a visit to that Yun YiLan at southern border, Yun YiLan suddenly asked them, whether is it true that our Qing Yun sect Zhu Xian ancient sword is damaged!"

SuRu's expression changed greatly, asked in shock, "What?"

ShuiYue Master coldly laughed, said, "Even you are also in shock right! When I heard it, I was really taken aback, Yun YiLan being thousands of miles away, how did he know such a big secret? That day DaoXuan senior brother warned us those who were present at the scene as if he was guarding against thieves, is because he is afraid this will be leaked, do you still remember?"

SuRu was silent for a long while, the worry in her eyes increased, sighed and said, "This is really bad things travel thousand miles."

ShuiYue Master paced, said, "And did you wonder, why did Yun YiLan say those words to those few juniors?"

SuRu slowly nodded, said, "I am also thinking about this, if to say he did it because we are all fellow Good Faction, he should not bring it up in public, instead he should hide it for us; if it is not, he is harbouring bad intentions but he should be instead keeping it a secret, waiting for the correct opportunity, this is what he this kind of people should do."

"That's right!" ShuiYue Master loudly snorted, said, "The problem is this, Yun YiLan this old man looked as if he has done a foolish thing that only a fool would do, both aspects do not gain favour yet we all know that this person is not a fool, and instead is a cunning sly person, but what did he exactly intended to do, it is really bewildering."

SuRu thought for a long while, suddenly massaged her forehead, her face revealing pain.

ShuiYue Master was shocked, quickly walked over and supported her, reproaching herself, "Look at me, you are troubled enough and I am still telling you all these, alright, not saying anymore, not saying anymore..."

SuRu smiled bitterly, said, "Sigh...if it was in the past, with sect head senior brother presiding over the situation, we need not even be worried about these, but now that Qing Yun sect itself is in a mess, the situation outside is also very chaotic, not knowing how many enemies are glaring us like a tiger eyeing its prey, really don't know what to do..."

ShuiYue Master frowned and then gently said, "Junior sister, don't say anymore, look at how tired you are. Didn't I tell you, sect head senior brother although behave eccentrically these days but his cultivation is remarkable, his will steadfast, we don't have to fear anything at all."

SuRu shook her head and said, "Senior sister, you don't understand, sect head senior brother although is highly skilled but Zhu Xian ancient sword vicious energies backlash will get stronger and stronger, his cultivation although is high, only afraid he will sink in even deeper..."

ShuiYue Master was taken aback, said, "What did you say?"

SuRu was suprised, then realized the words had slipped off her tongue, was about to cover it up, ShuiYue Master frowning tightly, walked before her, solemnly said, "Junior sister, just what secrets does the Zhu Xian ancient sword still has, since you know, quickly tell me."

SuRu was silent for a long while, sighed a long breath, said, "Forget it, since it has already come to this, sooner or later it cannot be hide anymore, senior sister, I will tell you!"

Southern border ten thousand great mountains, deep inside Subdue Devil ancient cave.

Reunited after a long time, when the initial words were said and done, Xiao Bai and Ghost Li both had an inexplicable feeling, only Xiao Hui on Ghost Li's shoulder, seemed very happy to see Xiao Bai again, kept grinning broadly.

Ghost Li suddenly froze, as if he had recalled something, turned and looked back, but it was only darkness, involuntarily frowned, spoke to Xiao Bai, "That lady who came with me, what did you do to her?"

Xiao Bai humphed, indifferently said, "What can I do to her? You sure have a lot of things to trouble over!"

Ghost Li was silent for a moment, shook his head, did not want to harp on this matter, said, "Right, why are you here? That day after you left, I didn't have any of your news all these while, this time my trip to southern border, I have also secretly inquired but still couldn't find you."

Xiao Bai smiled, her body seemed to waver in the dark-green faint light, when she moved, it was moving and full of charm, said, "Didn't I tell you when I was leaving, I want to find that 'Eight Savage Inferno Formation' and give it to you."

Ghost Li said, "I remember, so I have also been to FenXiang Valley Inferno Altar but I didn't find anything. Oh right, you still have not said why are you here at this Subdue Devil ancient cave?"

Xiao Bai shrugged her shoulders, said, "I come here, naturally is for that formation, and at the same time visit an old friend."

Ghost Li looked at her, pondered for a moment, said, "Don't tell me you mean here..."

Xiao Bai nodded said, "That's right, after FenXiang Valley Inferno Altar's formation was destroyed, in the world only this cave has the Eight Savage Inferno Formation perfectly intact. Other than that, my old friend also happens to be here!"

Ghost Li's countenance changed, slowly said, "The old friend that you said, don't tell me is..."

Xiao Bai smiled, said, "It is that king of evil beasts that you all are saying, the Beast Deity."

Ghost Li although expected but when he heard Xiao Bai personally saying it, was still taken aback, for a moment speechless.

After a long while, Ghost Li slowly said, "How did you know him?"

Xiao Bai looked at him, her face still having that captivating smile but her eyes were as clear as water, yet also carried some ridicule, said, "Don't you know, I am an old evil spirit, with my age, naturally the things I know are many, the number of monsters known also increase!"

Ghost Li was silent, Xiao Bai glanced at him, said, "Than you! What are you doing here? Just now you said that Ghost King ordered that lady to bring you here, what is he trying to do?"

Ghost Li shook his head, said, "Ghost King sect head ordered me here, is not really to pursue and kill that Beast Deity."

Xiao Bai was surprised, said, "Not to kill him, then why did you travel ten thousand miles to come here for?"

Ghost Li said, "He wants me to subdue a strange beast TaoTie which follows the Beast Deity, and bring back to him."


Xiao Bai was surprised again, frowned and pondered, mumbled to herself, "Strange, when did he developed an interest in TaoTie?"

Ghost Li indifferently said, "This I do not know, anyway this is what he ordered, I am just following."

Xiao Bai snorted, said, "That TaoTie is a spiritual beast that is never away from the Beast Deity, if you want to subdue it, you must pass through the Beast Deity, don't tell me you are confident of defeating the Beast Deity? Or even you too, after he is injured, want to hit a person when he is down?"

Ghost Li did not speak, looked at Xiao Bai, then suddenly smiled, instead it was to stride, walked past Xiao Bai, towards the darker darkness.

Xiao Bai's expression changed, followed beside him, said, "What do you mean?"

Xiao Hui saw Xiao Bai beside, [suo] a sound jumped down and landed on Xiao Bai. Xiao Bai caught hold of the monkey and hugged it in front of her, patted its head, her eyes showing tenderness and then turned to look at Ghost Li.

Ghost Li slowly said, "You know it, the things that sect head instructed me, as long as it is not excessive demands, I will do it for him."

Xiao Bai humphed, said, "Did you ever think, you doing it like this, maybe you will feel better in your heart but the things that you did all these years, most probably it might not be what BiYao would like you to do it!"

Ghost Li suddenly stopped, his entire person came to a standstill. Xiao Bai frowning, also stopped but did not go to look at Ghost Li, instead looked down at the monkey, gently smoothed its fur. Xiao Hui's three eyes blinked, seemed puzzled, looked at Xiao Bai then at its master.

Ghost Li was silent for a long while, before quietly saying, "Since you know doing this will make me feel better slightly, why do you still have to say it like this?"

Xiao Bai sighed, did not speak.

Ghost Li's figure seemed suddenly lonely, but he stood in the dark-green faint light, did not turn his head back, like he was long used to it, never looking back, he was silent for a long while, finally said, "Those atrocious acts, I have never done it!"

After speaking, he did not speak anymore and continued onwards.

Looking at that figure, Xiao Bai also turned silent, after a long while, she looked at Xiao Hui, saw the three eyes were looking at herself.

Xiao Bai forced a laugh, said, "That owner of yours! These ten over years actually did not go crazy, it is really very strange!"

The two figures, walked for a long time in the cave, Ghost Li was not in a hurry, Xiao Bai seemed to be in heavy thoughts, although she did not stop Ghost Li from searching for the Beast Deity but she also did not point out the way, only following behind him, looking to be in thoughts.

Suddenly, Ghost Li stopped, before him, in the darkness ahead, a faint green light was lit, glimmering non-stopped, about several zhangs high twinkling.

And the surrounding, silence, not even breathing, even the blood stench of those ferocious beasts were also gone.

This moment, Xiao Bai sighed, said, "We have reached, there is a door below that green light, after that door is a large stone room, the person and spiritual beast that you are looking for, are both inside."

Ghost Li did not speak, but Xiao Hui glanced at Xiao Bai, suddenly jumped up and again back to Ghost Li, then turned back to Xiao Bao and grinned, scratching its head.

Xiao Bai smiled to Xiao Hui and then spoke to Ghost Li, "Listen to me, my relationship with the Beast Deity is not shallow so for me to help you, it is not possible. His cultivation is supernatural, I guess although you have not fought him before but more or less you should know! Although he is heavily injured by Zhu Xian sword but it is not what ordinary cultivated martial artist can handle, therefore..." She looked at him, slowly speaking, "Really, give up now, it is still not too late!"

Ghost Li was silent, facing Xiao Bai, shook his head slowly and then inhaled deeply, composed himself, and walked towards that green light. Looking at his figure, Xiao Bai did not continue to follow, in her eyes, a faint bitterness and tenderness flickered.

Suddenly, she raised her voice, said, "Are you still carrying that Inferno Mirror with you?"

Ghost Li was stunned, stopped and turned around, said, "Yes, what is it?"

Xiao Bai looked like she had no choice, slowly shook her head and said, "Remember: first, the Beast Deity he can be defeated; second, at the critical moment, you can try to use Inferno Mirror."

Ghost Li nodded, although he did not really understand but he did not wish to ask more, said, "Many thanks." After speaking, he turned and continued on.

In the distance, Xiao Hui's [zhi zhi] could be heard faintly.

Xiao Bai looked at that darkness, stood where she was, silent, as if she was already in daze but as if she was waiting for something.

Under the faint green light, there was really a stone door, but the door was long gone, the green light which could be seen clearly now, was actually a gigantic green gem, set above the stone door wall.

Ghost Li did not pause, walked in, immediately brightness before him, a fire brazier burning, solitary placed far on the ground, around the fire, again darkness, there was no telling how big the room was. But behind the fire, he saw a man, a man wearing brightly coloured silk clothes, lying against a small stone platform, smiling at him.

That man's face, was once he was familiar with, and beside that man, the ferocious beast TaoTie slowly stood up, growling with hostility.

The guy which looked bewitching, actually looked tired but in his eyes, was faint smile, smiling at Ghost Li, said, "We meet again!"