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Chapter 206: Mysterious Person

 Chapter 206 - Mysterious Person

Central Plains, outside HeYang City, derelict morgue.

In the wilds, at a glance, the topography looked rather levelled, other than from a vantage point towards the north, lofty towering Qing Yun mountain ranges in the far distance, it was rare to see undulating hills in the other directions. All around trees grew densely and unorderly, big and small scattered everywhere on this countryside, and around the morgue, a few trees sparsely stood.

When the sky was at its darkest, in addition with the thick clouds in the horizon, concealed the moon, only a few stars emitting weak light at the border, illuminating this deserted ground. Tonight the wind blew, not especially strong but when it brushed past the treetops, the branches swayed, black shadows flashed, making [sha sha] sounds, hearing it when the wind blew, felt especially chilly.

Zhou YiXian and Xiao Huan, Wild Dog Taoist the three of them stared intently at that mysterious figure in front of them. Ever since Zhou YiXian discovered that person, it had been a while, but that person was like a zombie, stood there unmoving, just that he was blocking the entrance, the three of them was unable to leave.

Xiao Huan composed herself, suppressed her voice and whispered to Zhou YiXian, "Grandpa, did you really see carefully, he is wearing Qing Yun sect robe?"

Wild Dog Taoist also turned his head over, listening attentively.

Zhou YiXian glanced at that still figure, then nodded his head firmly, said, "I won't be wrong, look at that symbol of sword on his sleeve, it is definitely Qing Yun sect."

Xiao Huan whispered, "Isn't Qing Yun sect a proper Good Faction sect, how can it be that they will come here to frighten people in the middle of the night?"

Wild Dog Taoist also nodded, clearly even though he had never liked the Good Faction, also did not really believe Qing Yun sect disciples would do such things.

Zhou YiXian rolled his eyes at them, coughed once, no matter what, although it was a shock when they first discovered that person but after sometime, even though that person was still strangely mysterious but he did not made any move to attack them or looked hostile, Zhou YiXian couldn't help but feel braver.

He slowly walked up, laughed dryly twice, said, "This person...this thing...sir, please forgive us for intruding, we did not know that this is your residence..."

"Grandpa!" Xiao Huan called out from behind, interrupting Zhou YiXian, her tone slightly infuriated. And that person in front suddenly moved slightly, as if reacting to Zhou YiXian's words.

Zhou YiXian frowned but immediately recovered, this was a mortuary, to say this was the person's residence, wouldn't it be like scolding the person was a dead living ghost...

Zhou YiXian felt a chill down his back, quickly with a perfunctory smile, said, "This, this...what I am saying, the three of us were taking a stroll in the middle of the night, came here by mistake, we do not have any other intention, Sir please do not mind. We did not see anything, did not see anything, we will leave now, leaving now."

After speaking, he turned and signalled with his eyes at them, the three of them bit the bullet, slowly headed towards the side, thinking to walk past this person. Unexpectedly after a few steps, a flash before them, that black figure was blocking in front of them, and the distance this time was nearer, Xiao Huan even could smell the indistinct blood stench on this person.

Above them a dark and windy night, in front of them a dark suppressing figure swept over, Zhou YiXian and the rest turned pale, Xiao Huan even exclaimed out, jumped back a few steps, couldn't wait to stay as far as possible from the black figure.

Xiao Huan's cry, although was subconscious and as a girl, would naturally felt repulsed by such things, but to the others, it was a different matter. Zhou YiXian and Wild Dog Taoist jumped, Zhou YiXian quickly turned around and Wild Dog Taoist, for some reason, had courage from somewhere, with a roar..erm, more like a dog bark, jumped out, blocked in front of Xiao Huan and Zhou YiXian, at the same time a halo shimmered in his hand, he had already wielded his fang magical weapon.

In the dark night, that faint yellow halo although was faint but it looked in fact warm.

Xiao Huan from Wild Dog reaction, was stunned too, did not understand why. And at that moment, the figure whose face was shrouded in the shadow suddenly moved.

That person stretched out his hand straight, a strange energy immediately surfaced, however it was definitely not Qing Yun sect orthodox power. Wild Dog Taoist knew this person was unfathomable but with a girl standing behind him, no matter what he could not back down, with an angry roar, the fang weapon glowed brightly, hit towards that person.

In the morgue, darkness in that instant was driven away by Wild Dog Taoist, on his face, for that moment, he saw that the person had no intention of defending, looked slightly stunned and a few degrees of delight.

The next moment, the fang weapon hit squarely onto that figure's chest, the person who looked extremely mysterious, extremely powerful, actually did not avoid the heavy blow from Wild Dog Taoist.

Wild Dog Taoist could not believe it himself, Zhou YiXian and Xiao Huan were also stunned, the fang weapon shone brightly with yellow light, a strong air of victory, just that the next moment, three of them sensed something amissed.

That person whom was hit by Wild Dog Taoist, did not even wavered, although Wild Dog Taoist's skills were far from Ghost Li that kind of level but he was after all a Evil sect disciple who had practised for many years, this hit was also not light, normal people would have felt their blood and energies in a turmoil, either dead or half-dead.

And yet this strange person, seemed to have no feeling, following closely, the next moment, that person quietly snorted, Wild Dog Taoist suddenly with a surprise cry, without seeing how that person moved, the hand which was stretched out was back before him, caught hold of Wild Dog Taoist's weapon.

His own weapon caught by other, this was an extremely dangerous move to cultivated martial artists, how could Wild Dog Taoist not be angry and agitated, with a shout, he exerted all power to summon his weapon back. Unexpectedly that fang remained in that person's hand, he did not seemed to use any force but that weapon had no reaction to its master's power.

That person's head looked down, looked at the object in his hand and then for the first time spoke, his voice hoarse, almost inaudible but carrying an obvious disdain tone, coldly said, "Insignificant demons and evil spirits, dare to display unbridled behaviour here!"

Wild Dog Taoist felt anger and shock, was about to wield his weapon again, suddenly heard Zhou YiXian urgently said, "Back away, quickly back away..."

Wild Dog Taoist was shocked, reflectively backed a few steps, about to ask Zhou YiXian when that person's hand suddenly tightened, the fang emitted [ka ka] piercing sounds like broken bones, Wild Dog Taoist was taken aback and saw yellow light burst out and then dispersed immediately, in the [ka ka] sounds, like a beast final roar, struggled in pain.

With a loud sound, Wild Dog Taoist's weapon, was crushed into pieces by that person's bare hand, the broken pieces like knives, shot out, [tut tut] sounds unceasingly, all hit out at where Wild Dog Taoist was standing before.

Wild Dog Taoist felt horrified and anguish, for a moment speechless. That strange person's face was still shrouded by a mysterious shadow, the three of them unable to see his face, only heard his low hoarse voice, slowly looking up at the sky but the black shadow was still shrouding his face, an inexplicable strangeness. After destroying the fang, he seemed to have vent his feelings, slowly started laughing coldly, hearing it, together with this strange morgue and howling wind, Zhou YiXian and the rest all had goosebumps.

Zhou YiXian felt uneasy, suddenly he looked intently at that strange person's arm, on the arm that had crushed the fang, a faint dark-green light surfaced, and that light was completely different from the person's aura, pure and warm, it was the supreme essence and pureness of Taoist true way realm.

Zhou YiXian lifted up his head in shock, stepped forward, for a moment cast away his worries, ignoring Xiao Huan and Wild Dog Taoist's surprise tugs, said, "Who exactly are you Sir? Wearing Qing Yun sect robes, and practising not lower than Shang Qing Realm Tai Ji Xuan Qing Way, which Qing Yun sect's great master are you, actually doing such ridiculous thing at this time?"

The dark-green light flashed and disappeared, the person slowly turned to Zhou YiXian, from his mysterious strange dark shadow, Zhou YiXian felt a chill down his entire body.

The person hoarsely and coldly said, "You sure know quite a lot!"

Zhou YiXian snorted, his face solemn, kept assessing that person, the bemused expression on his face became heavier, in a deep voice said, "Sir is really from Qing Yun sect, and definitely not an ordinary disciple but who exactly are you, and for what reason, making trouble here?"

That person sneered but did not answer, Zhou YiXian suddenly sensed, turning back, it was Xiao Huan who was lightly tugging his sleeve, whispered, "Grandpa, this person's ghostly aura, I can feel, there is not a single roaming spirit around this morgue, most likely scared off by this person. If not, I would know something is not right here. A person like that, how can it be from Qing Yun sect?"

Zhou YiXian looked uncertain, his expression complicated, clearly his thoughts were also in a mess, facing this mysterious person yet had deep connections with Qing Yun sect, he did not look as terrified as he was usually, instead looked to be in thoughts.

That strange person's attention slowly focused on Zhou YiXian, assessed him from top to bottom, suddenly coldly laughed, a cold voice said, "Who cares who you are, whoever dares to go against me, all have to die!"

Once he spoke, his hand raised up, Zhou YiXian saw dark-green light in his hand, paled and couldn't even speak, suddenly both hands waved together, raised up to his chest. Between his right and left first and middle fingers, yellow talisman papers appeared, twisting strange incantations drawn on it, slightly wavering in the wind.

The light in the mysterious hand gradually became brighter, facing straight at Zhou YiXian and the rest, Zhou YiXian without hesitation, suddenly chanted, did not retreat instead advance, stepped forward, in his stride, following his chants, the two yellow talisman started to burn, two balls of small fire, suddenly appeared in the darkness, seemed especially bright.

This strange behaviour seemed to make the mysterious man hesitated, or maybe it triggered some memory, made his movement slightly paused, heard him made a surprised [yi] sound.

The talisman burned, Zhou YiXian's white beard fluttered, suddenly with a loud shout, both hands flung, the balls of fires floated out from his fingers, hovered in the air. Following which a loud bang, two small balls of fires increased suddenly, became a raging ball of several chi wide fire, blocked in front of Zhou YiXian and the mysterious person.

[Roar], in the fire, a white huge tiger, vigorous and powerful, opened its huge mouth and made a mighty roar, leapt up and pounced towards that person.

The mysterious man snorted, did not make any move to retreat, the dark-green light in his right hand flashed, struck down, no matter how ferocious that huge tiger was, this strike hit directly onto the tiger's forehead. In that instant the dark-green light attacked over, the white tiger looked like it still wanted to struggle, brandishing its claws but after a moment, after making a final reluctant angry roar, the entire body suddenly infused with dark-green light and following a wave of trembling, the huge body suddenly exploded, a few dying flames remained, glimmered in the air and disappeared.

Almost at the same time the tiger disappeared, in that huge ball of flames, a lion with red mane appeared, while emitting a loud roar, it again pounced over to the mysterious man. However that man evidently was highly skilled, almost not even looking at it, again struck down, that lion ending was the same as the white tiger.

Just that this skill displayed by Zhou YiXian was really unusual, although the illusions could not withstand a blow from the enemy but in that ball of fire, there were infinite number of ferocious beasts illusions. After the tiger and lion, more and more illusions conjured out from the fire, and with increasing speed, different ferocious beasts like: Wild boar, leopard, hippopotamus, giant elephant, spiritual deer, bobcats etc, emerging endlessly and each majestic, all unusual and extremely ferocious.

However this time the mysterious man, seemed to really have unfathomable divine power, facing this endless stream of strange beasts, he did not even pant, only casually waved his arm, after each strike, even how ferocious the beasts were, would also be eliminated.

In the intense fight, that mysterious man suddenly humphed, suddenly his strikes changed into a swept, immediately dark-green light surged, a round bright light directly rolled over, with imposing momentum, invincible. That ball of burning fire encountering this beam of dark-green light, defended for a short while and eventually stabbed straight through by the light.

In the air, immediately thousands of beasts' roars sounded but after which the sounds ceased, the fire disappeared, leaving only two yellow fireballs of talisman about to be incinerated completely, slowly drifted down.

In the morgue, peace temporarily resumed, and on the other side of the courtyard, the three of them whom had just sneaked to the walls and intended to escape, clearly did not expect that their enemy could broke through Zhou YiXian's spell so quickly.

Without the illusions obstructing, to turn and run would obviously be a foolish thought, the three of them paused then slowly turned back. And that mysterious person slowly walked over, the heavy aura of death, in the morgue, a stifling atmosphere.

Zhou YiXian frowning tightly, obviously was contemplating something but as the black figure came nearer, he only felt that life and death was only a breath away.

Xiao Huan's expression changed, about to go forward but before she did, Zhou YiXian already pulled her back, he quietly said, "Nonsense, this person is not simple, it is not something you this child can handle."

Xiao Huan was surprised, looked at Zhou YiXian stunned, she seemed never once seen her grandfather so tense and grave.

Then, the approaching figure paused, a hoarse voice coldly said, "The illusion spell that you conjured just now, is it..."

The mysterious man spoke halfway, Zhou YiXian suddenly disregarded everything, both arms raised up, appearing in his palms were more than eight pieces of yellow talismans.

The night breeze blew, the eight talisman burned at the same time, the fires, seemed to dance in his palms, illuminating his eyes.

"Dai! Five ding ghosts, underworld quickly return; void shadow form conceal, so your lives I summon!"

In his shout, in the morgue, strong wind suddenly blew, sand and stones swept up, from all directions blew in. That mysterious man paused, seemed surprised also, paid attention to the surroundings, Zhou YiXian's incantation once spoke, in the air [hong hong hong hong hong] five muffled sounds rang out beside, the three of them wavered slightly and then quietened down again.

The wild winds howled, rolling up the yellow sands, gusting towards that mysterious man, his clothes flapped. But in the wind, the dark shadow surrounding his face did not change, he instead sneered.

That man abandoned the three of them, suddenly stepped back six steps, a light shout, his left hand stabbed down, dark-green light instantly pierced in, the solid earth immediately exploded, for some reason, while the dark-green light was flickering, the three figures suddenly started to shake violently and under the ground, a cry of pain was heard.

"Ai ya!"

The dark-green light vanished, in the morgue, the force of the wind reduced drastically, the sands and stones also gradually settled. The next moment, where the three of them stood, a sound of explosion was heard, and then a large hole appeared, the three figures were actually an illusion.

And in the hole, with cries of exclamation and pain, [pu tong pu tong] three figures staggered out, who else other than Zhou YiXian and the rest. The three were covered with dirt, Zhou YiXian even had bruises, obviously suffered an attack but it seemed like before he could be concerned about these, he looked towards that mysterious man, a shocked expression.

The mysterious man stood coldly afar, watching them, he humphed and said, "Didn't expect that you actually even know 'Five Ding Golden Jia', 'Small Ghost Transport' these long-lost spells, and could even display these two spells with 'Earth Escape', I almost look down on you, just these spells, I'm afraid in the world no one can surpass you."

Zhou YiXian looked solemn, although he looked comical but this moment he instead said in a deep voice, "How did you see through it?"

That man indifferently said, "Didn't you said I am from Qing Yun sect, these Jianghu small skills, were Qing Yun sect founder's special skills, even if I don't know the skills, shouldn't I at least able to tell it?"

Zhou YiXian slowly stood up, his mind instead was thinking, this time facing this mysterious man, he really felt that he could not handle him, not to mention his high skills, most likely in the world, it would be hard to find someone who could match him. And what was even more mystifying, this person was from Qing Yun sect and his skills seemed even higher than Tai Ji Xuan Qing Way, a rare occurrence but yet this person had strong vicious energy, this was never seen before, how could there be such a person and why would he appear in this derelict morgue in the middle of the night?