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Chapter 205: Heaven

 Chapter 205 - Heaven

Xiao Hui's figure disappeared in a flash into the darkness, Ghost Li seemed taken aback by Xiao Hui's action but he did not pursue, instead slowly looked up, listening to that faint singing from the darkness.

The voice seemed familiar, seemed to have heard it somewhere before?

The years, like this song, passed by in a hurry.

Jin PingEr walked up, carefully observed the surroundings, whispered, "What is it?"

Ghost Li did not answer, a complicated look was on his face instead. Xiao Hui's voice could still be heard from the distance, after that [zhi zhi] cry, there seemed to be a slightly surprised [yi] cry. But soon, there was no sound from Xiao Hui, and that lingering song with resentment, also slowly ceased.

In the dark cave, everywhere was a strange silence, as if there was something in the darkness watching them, Ghost Li's eyes slowly became sharper, watching the darkness ahead. Jin PingEr seemed restless, the song just now, made her very uncomfortable, and the mysterious uncanny darkness, instinctively she felt an intense dislike.

Subconsciously she stepped closer to Ghost Li, she was about to speak when suddenly, a glint flashed from deep within the darkness, almost at the same time, Ghost Li and Jin PingEr's countenances changed, what was different was, Ghost Li was stunned but Jin PingEr seemed to let out a long breath.

The long stream of white light, flashed from the darkness, extremely fast flew out, heading straight to where they were, Ghost Li stood where he was, and the white light as expected, flew past him and headed straight for Jin PingEr.

Jin PingEr sneered slightly, to her, she seemed to disregard this sudden attack, what she minded was, that unknown silence just now.

The white light in a flash was before her, Jin PingEr's face turned cold, a light shout, her right hand flipped, purple light surged, in Ghost Li's Soul-devouring dark-green halo, brushed past an illusion-like green-purple light, struck down from the air, with extreme accuracy hit onto the white light.


The white light was actually cut into half, dispersed both sides, but not more than six chi, the two streams of white light again brightened, the shrunken forms, abruptly resumed its original sizes, and now two strange white halos with a whistle, turned and flew back, the momentum was two times swifter than previously.

Jin PingEr's relaxed expression changed, snorted, the purple light again illuminated, this time two streams of purple lights lighted up, again cut the two white objects into half, became four and flew back out weakly.

However, the white lights were like demonic souls, again lighted up and swiftly resumed its original sizes, became four white objects, once again attacked Jin PingEr, the forces even faster.

Jin PingEr's expression finally turned solemn, revealed her concentration, stepped back but in this deep cave, how much space would it have, soon she was surrounded by those strange white lights. She berated in a clear voice, the purple light flashed, those white lights were swiftly shot down or hit back by her but those little things were really strange, almost the next moment again resumed its energy, once again heartlessly attacked at Jin PingEr, those white lights being cut down by Jin PingEr slowly increased in numbers, and soon enveloped Jin PingEr.

Looking from afar, the white lights danced and hovered, slowly forming into a light cocoon, trapping Jin PingEr within.

Ghost Li watched as Jin PingEr fought harder and harder against those white lights but he did not lend a hand. However one could imagine, the mysterious person had not revealed himself, with this skill he could already trapped Jin PingEr, the person's evil power strength could be seen, it was really not simple, most likely it would be that mysterious evildoer that the ferocious Black Tiger spirit mentioned.

Watching as Jin PingEr's situation was turning critical, but for some reason, although the white lights kept increasing but Jin PingEr could still hold on. The white lights' increased their attacks speed, the sharp whistling sounds became louder, in the huge cave, the white light had already overwhelmed the original dark-green light. Watching as Jin PingEr was gradually overwhelmed and yet still could hold her fort, but nobody knew how long she could sustain.

Ghost Li suddenly moved, but it was not to Jin PingEr, instead he entered the darkness. Almost at the same time when he moved, the dark-green light which had protected him, ceased, the next moment, he vanished into the darkness.

Distantly, someone snorted.

The familiar darkness, the cold air energies flowed from all directions, in the distance, sounds of the white lights attacking could still be heard, but in the surroundings, it was strangely quiet.

Suddenly, the ground started to quake violently, even the walls also trembled, a loud sound was heard from the rooftop, several small stones and sand started to trickle down, everything became hazy.

In the deafening sound and chaos, the darkness seemed to deepen, and at this moment, the falling stones suddenly ceased, and for a moment, time seemed to pause, all were silent. The next moment, sharp whistles suddenly picked up, all of the stones and sand converged to form a huge tide, rushing towards some point in the darkness ahead.

The tide flood momentum was shocking, nothing could stop it, looking as it was about to reach the end of the darkness, suddenly, in the darkness, a fair and slender palm stretched out.

The fingers on that palm, the last finger erected, the fourth finger half bended, the thumb and middle finger lightly interlocked, forming a Buddhist-like seal but had none of the solemn and dignified aura, instead it had an inexplicable seduction and ghostly power.

The invisible energy, instantly froze upon that hand seal, in that instant, that palm seemed to expand several times in size, like an enormous palm, blocked before that tide, and the next moment, watching carefully, that palm or the slender fingers, nothing had changed. However the surging flood, was blocked in mid air with a deafening sound, the innumerable huge rocks lost their impetus, fell loudly, dust and sands flew everywhere.

Ghost Li who had disappeared, suddenly flashed out from the swirling stones and sand, like lightning leapt towards that hand.

The fair hand's sign changed, four fingers half erected, the thumb from the middle horizontally clasped out, pressed down, almost at the same time, Jin PingEr's shouted, the purple light which had been suppressed by the white light suddenly exploded, purple halo burst out, for a moment purple light illuminated brightly.

But although it looked as if Jin PingEr had broke through the white light's control, on the contrary, her countenance looked terrible. The numerous scattered white lights again converged, forming into an enormous white light wall, in an instant, like a burning wall, with speed of a fury wave swiftly heading towards Ghost Li.

Before the wall reached Ghost Li, Ghost Li already felt suffocated, his body in the mid-air wavered, the power of that light wave was so strong, if he were to collide with it, there was a possibility of his bones smashing into pieces.

However his countenance did not change, as if he did not regard the danger behind him, increased in speed towards that white palm. Just that although he was fast, the light wave was really like a lightning, from far to near, it was already at his back, looking soon to swallow his figure.

Jin PingEr from far, couldn't help but softly cried out.

In the darkness, that white hand, seemed to tremble slightly.

And at this moment, Ghost Li's left hand suddenly stretched to the back, the thumb clasped inwards tightly into the palm, the middle finger half bent, three fingers straight as mountains, forming into an authentic Buddhist Vajra seal. Looking at the power pushing out with his hand, the Buddhist aura solemn and dignified, giving one a heavy feeling like a mountain. This push, was the supernatural power that Sakyamuni with his immense benevolence used to move mountains!

Soundless yet there was thunder!

In darkness illuminating brightly!

Instantly, golden light lit brightly from his palm, Buddhist incantation flashed past, that wave of fury stopped abruptly, crashed into this Buddhist seal.


Like a meteor crashing onto earth, rumbling far off, unceasingly, the strange light within this cave burst out, brilliant and dazzling, like innumerable colourful eyes opening at the same time, twinkling with lights, mesmerizing.

The white light wall dispersed, showering like meteor rain.

Only darkness ahead, like always!

Ghost Li had already reached that hand.

He stretched out his hand, right hand, and grabbed that hand.

The fair hand flipped up, did not retreat, the five fingers like claws, met up in mid-air, Ghost Li's right hand past it instantly, avoiding the nails which turned as sharp as knives, grabbed towards the wrist.

The mysterious figure's hand turned, actually avoided, his fingers like knife, cut towards Ghost Li's right hand wrist. Immediately, both hands in mid-air moved swiftly like lightning, each stroke harshly towards the other party, yet each time the other party avoided it, returning the attack with even more vicious strokes.

Just that in this intense moment, there was no sound, this level of fight, life and death was already in a moment of breath, but both palms, never once met.

Until, the meteor rain finally ceased, darkness regained, shrouded all of the light.

Deep in the darkness, suddenly a light sound.


The sound was clear yet muffled, without any malevolent aura, yet it was like during childhood, when both hands gently slapped together.

Then, silence resumed.

Grabbed, that hand.

Held, that hand.

Felt, no murderous aura, no evil power, yet only, gentleness and warmth.

Like suddenly, Heaven and Earth rotated, traversing thousands of mountains and rivers, green sea blue sky, all within embrace. Those each and every gentle and soft figures, were all beside, never once left.

Just like that, a lifetime of happiness, happy for a lifetime, living through free and unfettered...

Wasn't this paradise, could this be life?

Just be drunk from now, not going to be sober, would it be better?

The darkness, could it be it was also bewitching someone?

Just that, when he abruptly opened his eyes in the darkness, both eyes like blood, lifted his head and howled long!

That hand trembled violently suddenly, shrank back, Ghost Li's dark green light exploded, the Soul-devouring stick appeared on his hand instantly, Sinister Orb's dark red light completely it up, evil power leaping up, towards the deepest corner of the darkness, stabbed in.


That space suddenly froze, the entire darkness froze hard like rock, but the Soul-devouring stick was blunt and without cutting edge, for some reason, the realm formed by the strong evil power, was helpless against it, stabbed by the Soul-devouring stick like smashing bamboo.

Finally, someone angrily snorted lightly, the darkness instantly dispersed, a figure flew out one zhang, avoiding the Soul-devouring evil unstoppable power.

Just that in that instant, Ghost Li's figure like shadow attached over, that mysterious figure was shrouded in darkness, without panicking, again stretched out a hand, this time five fingers joined together, forming a delicate fist, hit over at Ghost Li.

Ghost Li's countenance instead changed slightly, his figure paused, frowning, the redness in his eyes immediately dispersed, even Soul-devouring stick disappeared from his hand.

Just that he opened his arms, both arms raised up, meeting this seemed-ordinary delicate fist, slowly drawing down in the air, dignified as a mountain, light yet like flowing water, the next moment, gentle clear light floated, between his arms, in mid air, a TaiJi pattern slowly appeared.

Tai Ji Xuan Qing Way.

That fist hit over, landed right in the middle, it actually slowly sank in, making a pit down in the image.

Ghost Li turned pale slightly, almost in that instant, his breathing also stopped. But next moment, that TaiJi diagram slowly rotated, and that fist within it although taut but did not break, instead, with the increasing speed of the rotation, the enormous evil power within that silence, by this Taoist supreme true way's flexible power, bit by bit dissolved.

The diagram spinned faster and faster, even the hand started to tremble, the mysterious figure again snorted, but this time it carried some pain, evidently the Tai Ji Xuan Qing Way's power, was not trivial.


A low howl, the diagram dispersed, and that fair hand also returned to the darkness, as if it had been peaceful.

Suddenly Ghost Li leapt up, the deep darkness seemed unable to stop him at all, as if even though it was darkness, he had a pair of eyes concealed within his heart, slowly clearly looking at the road.

That mysterious man in the darkness was retreating, his figure flying fast, Ghost Li was pursuing relentlessly. The two people in this ancient cave, in that deepest darkness, instead flew faster and faster, transforming into two swift lightnings in the darkness, flashing past the deepest corner of the cave.

This flight, seemed endless, the darkness like a ferocious beast brandished its claws and bared its fangs and then in an instant fell behind, and even further away, numerous unknown darkness waited. The swift wind assaulted the face like knives, in that flint-spark moment, who would you think of?

The pursue was like life, never ending, just that until much later, not knowing if you are lost, or forgotten your original intention!

Without knowing how much time had passed, without knowing how long the journey was, only knowing the road slowly headed down, as if it had already reached deep into the earth, and silence behind, Jin PingEr had long been shaken off, not knowing where.

The mysterious figure suddenly stopped, turned, facing the direction they had came, Ghost Li immediately realized this, also paused.

In the darkness, both of them facing each other, did not speak. After a moment, Ghost Li's dark-green light again lit, illuminating the surroundings, just that the darkness ahead, the light seemed unable to reach it.

The mysterious figure suddenly said, "Remarkable powers!"

The voice was gentle and pleasing, although brief words but for some reason, made one felt a strange feeling of being moved.

Ghost Li watched that darkness, his face calm, his voice was too, did not looked as if he had experienced a shocking battle with that person, said, "You flatter."

The lady's voice coldly laughed, said, "The battle skills just now, you in an instant moment, used Evil sect true way, Tian Yin Temple Great Brahman Wisdom Buddhist power and Qing Yun sect Tai Ji Xuan Qing Way Taoist true way, three sects supreme powers as according to situations, changing them without a moment's hesitation, it can be seen you have achieve mastery through a comprehensive studies. And the three sects' cultivations are not meager, just that Tai Ji Xuan Qing Way cultivation, is so powerful, I'm afraid other that DaoXuan old man, in Qing Yun sect, nobody can match you."

She slowly paused, then drawled on every word, "Your cultivation, why did it improve so tremendously?"

Ghost Li did not speak, looking at that ball of darkness, suddenly laughed, slowly said, "Why, my training is so successful, you find it very strange?"

In the darkness shadow, suddenly a familiar [zhi zhi] cries, the next moment, a figure scurried out, looking at it carefully, grey fur, long tail, it was Xiao Hui. It grinned, scratched its head, jumped a few times on the ground, returned back to Ghost Li, again scurried up his shoulder, and sat down, its tail still swinging behind it.

The lady in the darkness did not speak, turned silent.

Ghost Li watched that darkness, feelings slowly appeared in his eyes, his voice seemed to turn gentle, smiled and said, "It's you right? I really never expected, to meet you here."

That concealed figure lady suddenly [pei] a sound, said, "You still remember me, don't you already have a bewitchingly charming lady beside you?"

Ghost Li was surprised, felt somehow embarrassed, laughed bitterly, said, "What nonsense are you saying?"

That lady evidently was feeling annoyed, coldly said, "Doing so, aren't you afraid of letting down that person who is still lying on that ice-cold bed?"

Ghost Li shook his head said, "You misunderstood, I do not know this place, it is Ghost King sect head who ordered her to lead the way." He paused, faintly said, "What kind of man I am, it is not as if you don't know."

The lady snorted but she seemed not to be that angry anymore, said, "How would I know what kind of person you are, I only know there is never a good man!"

Ghost Li frowned, shook his head slightly, laughed bitterly and did not reply.

The darkness slowly scattered, under the illumination of Ghost Li's dark-green light, a figure slowly emerged. Xiao Hui [zhi zhi zhi zhi] grinned at that figure, looking very intimate.

In the faint light, that lady was movingly beautiful, extremely lovable, if she wasn't the Nine-tailed celestial fox Xiao Bai who had been missing for a long time, who would it be?