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Chapter 204: Strange Man

 Chapter 204 - Strange Man

Central Plains, outside HeYang City twenty miles.

The sky was gradually darkening, the pedestrians on the ancient path were gradually disappearing, the troubled times had arrived, the demons and devils on a rampage, although they were at the foot of the Good Faction giant Qing Yun Hill sect, but who knew what demon or evildoers they would meet.

Everyone only had one life, even if they were ordinary citizens, they would also treasure their lives, moreover the demon catastrophe had just passed, the people who survived, naturally would even more cherish their own lives.

Just that, there would still be a few, walking conspicuously on the road, the one leading was an elder, with immortal-like demeanour, holding a bamboo pole in his hand, an old cloth hung from it, 'Immortal Guide' four words written on it. Behind, a man and a woman, the man's face was covered with a cloth, the woman delicate and adorable, although it was dark already but she was still concentrating on the black wordless cover book in her hand.

They were obviously Zhou YiXian, Xiao Huan and Wild Dog Taoist.

On the road, they procrastinated, Zhou YiXian frequently pulled passersby aside, with dancing eyebrows, radiant face and all the majesty of an emperor, made up stories, Xiao Huan and Wild Dog Taoist naturally could not stand by and watch but those that were dragged off by him for fortune-telling, as what Zhou YiXian said previously, each one boosted in morale after the telling, as if finding the will to live again, left happily.

Until the end, Zhou YiXian's money bag was full, Xiao Huan no longer bothered to care, only read her book. For these past days, Xiao Huan became more and more fascinated with the strange book left by Mr Ghost, not only reading it frequently while at rest, even when she was travelling, the book never left her hand. Right now the sky had turned dark, she did not seemed to notice at all, still fully absorbed with the book.

Wild Dog Taoist called out Zhou YiXian, said, "Senior, seems like we can't reach HeYang City by today again, if we don't find a place to stay, I'm afraid we will have to sleep outside."

Zhou YiXian looked at the sky, nodded, looked around but only saw darkness, not to say not any household around, even a dilapidated temple or house was seen.

Zhou YiXian coughed once, saw Wild Dog Taoist looking at him, his granddaughter instead did not make a single reaction, still behind Wild Dog Taoist, reading that black ghost book. Zhou YiXian had all along felt that it was not appropriate for his granddaughter to read this Ghost Way book but each time whenever he tried to speak badly of Ghost Way, how cruel and immoral it was, Xiao Huan would always beat him down with a single sentence.

"This evil sect skill has many more methods to save people, stronger than your physiognomy!"

Each time Zhou YiXian heard this, turned speechless, just that he was thick-skinned enough, refused to admit defeat but he couldn't continue to persuade Xiao Huan abandon the Ghost Way.

Regardless what it was, Zhou YiXian felt it was an eyesore watching Xiao Huan reading that book, and so feeling slightly angry, said, "Xiao Huan, what time it is already, why are you still reading that Ghost book?"

Xiao Huan then lifted her head out of the book, glanced at Zhou YiXian, impatiently said, "Grandpa, the reason why we are travelling so slowly, it is not because that I am reading a book, it is because of you reading fortunes and scamming people."

Zhou YiXian was non-plussed, his face turned slightly red, coughed twice, turned, with a dry laugh said, "Forget it, forget it, let's not talk about this, I say, we don't have a place to stay, we still have to think of a way!"

Wild Dog Taoist shook his head, said, "We can't find any household to stay the night here, senior, you are more familiar with this area than us, try to think if there is any dilapidated temple or something similar around here, so we can deal with a night."

Zhou YiXian snorted, sneered and said, "How did you know I am more familiar with this area, although I grew up in HeYang City but I have always roamed the earth, when was I familiar with this!"

He suddenly recalled something, even his words also paused halfway.

Xiao Huan and Wild Dog Taoist felt bewildered, Xiao Huan said, "Grandpa, what are you trying to say?"

Zhou YiXian frowning, as if he had thought of something but was unsure, slowly he turned and looked ahead, like he was trying hard to recall something.

"That...seems like I can still really remember, there is a split road not far ahead, going in from that small path, although a slight distance but there is indeed a house there."

Xiao Huan and Wild Dog Taoist were both delighted, Xiao Huan smiling, said, "Really! Then what are we waiting for, let's go quickly!"

Zhou YiXian for some reason, appeared hesitated, still frowning, trying hard to recall something, said, "But something is amiss, it has been too long, I could only indistinctly recalled that there is indeed a house in this direction outside HeYang City, but that house doesn't seem to be a good place. However, what exactly it is, I can't recall again..."

Xiao Huan rolled her eyes at him, was the first to ignore him, saying, "Alright, let's quickly go, at least there is a house, it doesn't even matter how run-down it is, at least much better than without a roof!"

Xiao Huan was the first to go, Wild Dog Taoist naturally followed along.

Zhou YiXian was the last, couldn't help but follow along, however he kept using his hand to gently hit his head, frowning and mumbling, "Just what kind of house is it? Why can't I recall anything!"

After walking some distance, the sky had totally turned dark but with the assistance of a few faint stars, the three of them discovered a small path that had almost disappeared, heading deep towards the wilderness.

Xiao Huan and Wild Dog Taoist both nodded, headed towards the small path, Wild Dog Taoist even quickened his steps, while walking ahead of Xiao Huan, he scanned the surroundings with an alert eye. Only Zhou YiXian at the back, kept mumbling and looking disgruntled, seemed like he still couldn't recall.

Just what was the background of that house in his memory and what was it for?

The small path turned out to be very long, the three of them after walking for an hour, still did not see any signs of the house, Xiao Huan became suspicious, turned and asked Zhou YiXian, "Grandpa, are you sure you didn't recall incorrectly?"

Zhou YiXian being stared at by Xiao Huan, couldn't help but feel guilty, with a dry laugh said, " know that turning old, sometimes inevidently we will remember a little stuff incorrectly, but I really remember there is a house on this path, just that what was the purpose of that house, I can't recall at the moment. And to say, it has been so many years, it is also possible that the house has been torn down, even if not, throughout the weathers, it might even have collapsed!"

Xiao Huan had nothing to say, shook her head and turned back.

Suddenly Wild Dog Taoist straightened his body and then loudly called out, "Quickly come over, the house is here."

Both of them stunned, Zhou YiXian then turned pleased, laughed loudly said, "Ah ha, I told you! With my intelligence, how can I not remember this house here, how can I remember it wrongly!"

Xiao Huan ignored him, with quick steps she went over to Wild Dog Taoist, looked ahead, at the end of the small path, there was indeed a house, it occupied quite an area, just that looking from a distance, the yard unkept, the building in ruins, obviously abandoned for many years.

Zhou YiXian slowly walked over, wagging his head, making clicking sounds with his mouth, he seemed to be still singing his own praises.

Xiao Huan rolled her eyes, angrily said, "Let's go quickly! Grandpa."

After speaking, the three of them headed for the house, the night breeze blew over, it was rather chilly in the countryside, three of them shrank their necks.

Nearer, they could see it more clearly, this was really a derelict house, the fence walls had either collapsed or broken, even the courtyard's entrance was left with only the door frame. As for the courtyard, there was only a house, the rooftop looked to have left only half of it, even the beams were exposed. There was still a door, unlatched, the entire house seemed to be built from wooden planks, exposed to the weather for a long time, a mouldy smell wafted over with the breeze.

Xiao Huan frowned but Zhou YiXian was rather happy, slowly entered the courtyard, peered around and saw other than overgrown weeds, there was nothing strange, although he still could not recall what kind of house it was, but at least there was no danger.

He turned to call Xiao Huan and Wild Dog Taoist in.

Xiao Huan walked over, hesitated, suddenly turned and spoke to Wild Dog Taoist, "Priest, did you notice, the layout of this house, we seemed to have seen it somewhere?"

Wild Dog Taoist was surprised, looked around, after a long time still failed to understand, shook his head and indicated that he did not know.

Zhou YiXian impatiently said, "What did you recall again, it has been such a long time, even your grandpa me don't even remember this house, don't tell me you have seen it?"

Xiao Huan shrugged, said, "You are right, forget it, let's go in and take a look!"

Zhou YiXian [hehe] laughed, waved his hand, said, "Let's go." After speaking, he led both of them up the stone steps to the house, [zhi ya] a groan the door was pushed opened.

While Zhou YiXian was standing at the entrance and peering into the dark house, Xiao Huan kicked onto something, looked down, it was a black sign, it seemed to have some words on it. Feeling curious, she crouched down, pulled it out from the ruins, brushed out the debris, looked carefully.

The next moment, Xiao Huan suddenly trembled, stepped back a few steps, even her face turned pale, with some anger, she loudly cried, "Grandpa, take a look at what this place is?"

Zhou YiXian turned around in shock, clearly he was unable to see anything from the darkness, said, "What! Xiao Huan?"

Xiao Huan pointed to his feet, angrily said, "Take a look yourself"

Zhou YiXian looked down, carefully looked at the wooden sign, suddenly stiffened, shook his head, using his hands to rub his eyes, looked again, suddenly with a loud cry, jumped down from the stairs, his body agile, nothing like an old man.

On that black sign, although the words had turned somehow indistinct but it still be recognized as 'Morgue' two words.

Xiao Huan feeling angry and afraid, angrily said to Zhou YiXian, "You...what kind of direction are you leading, again bring us to this type of ghostly place. The other time in HeYang City, you also did it once."

Zhou YiXian turned red then white, extremely embarrassed, said, "This, this, didn't I say it, I really only remember there is a house but I really can't remember what it was used for, so, so it..."

Xiao Huan [pei] a sound, cut off his words, said, "You always have a lot to say, what's more to say, let's quickly go!"

Zhou YiXian hastily said, "Yes, yes, let's go quickly, every time we encounter...this kind of place, we are always!"

He hurriedly turned around, while speaking he suddenly stopped, Xiao Huan and Wild Dog Taoist behind him almost crashed into him.

Xiao Huan poked her head out from the back, angrily said, "Grandpa, what are you doing again..."

Her voice, also suddenly stopped.

Right now, on this moonless windy night, under a few stars, before the deserted ghost house, the three of them stood speechless, before them, a human figure had just entered the courtyard.

The person was rather tall, his clothes looked rather high quality, just that from top to bottom he was very dirty, even his clothes was tore in a few places, barely could tell that it was originally dark-green colour, looking at the style, it seemed to be a Taoist's robe.

For some reason, that person's face seemed to be in the shadow, the three of them could not tell his features, but this person soundlessly appeared before them, like an apparition, a cold air rose up from their backs.

For a long time, the person like a rock, stood there unmoving, what was even more frightening to the three of them was that, from that person, they could not detect a single trace of living breath.

"Who...who exactly are you?" a quivering voice, Xiao Huan finally opened her mouth and asked.

The person did not react, not to say respond, but the next moment, the shadow that shrouded his face, suddenly like ghost fire, two faint dark red light lighted up, like a pair of strange eyes, staring deeply at them.


Suddenly, Zhou YiXian cried out, Xiao Huan and Wild Dog Taoist were shocked, turned and looked, Zhou YiXian was not looking at the person's face, instead, he was looking at the person's arm, saying, "That, that is Qing Yun sect's symbol..."

Ten thousand great mountains, Subdue Devil ancient cave.

The darkness seemed to be endless, blocking before Ghost Li and Jin PingEr. They had walked for a very long time but the path seemed endless. However, strangely, in this ancient cave, there seemed to be only one path, there was no other bifurcation, saving them the effort from getting lost.

Ever since after the Black Bat, after every certain distance, there would be one or a few powerful evil animals guarding, some of them even made Jin PingEr changed countenance. However Ghost Li, displayed skills never seen before, like splitting a bamboo, charged straight ahead, almost none of the evil animals were his match. Even the three-eyed monkey on his shoulder, its ferocity was appalling, the terrible end of the Black Bat, also happened on the other tyrannical beasts.

Jin PingEr did not make any attack at all but throughout, her countenance turned uglier and uglier. Ghost Li's level of skills, the tremendous advancement, far surpassed her imagination, even at the end, she ruminated, within the Evil Sect, was there still anyone who could still exceed him?

The man of great talent and bold vision Ghost King? Or that enigmatic Mr Ghost?

Right now, Ghost Li before Jin PingEr, hit out an extremely savage two-headed demon leopard, the huge body crashed heavily onto the sturdy stone walls, looked like it was more or less gone.

Without another look at the leopard, Ghost Li's countenance did not change, continued to walk ahead, Xiao Hui on his shoulder instead seemed to be full of energy, looking all around. Jin PingEr behind them, passed by that leopard, turned to look, the huge body had entirely shrivelled up, all of its body essence seemed to be sucked out, this was naturally done by that Sinister Orb.

Just that this kind of demonic beast, it was an extremely intrepid animal, even though Ghost Li had the Soul-devouring stick with him but within a moment killing such a colossal demonic beast, this level of cultivation, it was not excelling, instead it was terrible.

This man, exactly since when, his skills had improved such tremendously!

Jin PingEr felt more and more alarmed, her gaze watching Ghost Li's back turned more and more complicated, right now, suddenly Ghost Li stopped, his face revealing him on high alert.

Jin PingEr was taken aback, along the way although there were many demon guardians but she had never seen Ghost Li so solemn, immediately focused and on guard, and indeed detected something was amiss.

After the death of the leopard, silence again descended, but right now in that shapeless darkness, a deep and faint song was heard: Little SongGang, the moon like frost, human like a floating sad cotton flower. More than ten years, three thousand years, let's hope we do not forget each other after parting...

[Translator's note: Little SongGang (), I am not sure if this refers to a person or a pine mound]

That song was mournful, although faint but somehow every word was heard clearly. The voice initially was dreary but then they started to feel grief, as if in the unseen, mystical world, they followed the singer back three thousand years, again relived that unknown yet poignant gentleness.

Time like a knife heartless, what was warming your heart, was it only a pair of faintly smiling eyes?

Have you forgotten?

After many years, maybe another circle of vicissitudes of life?

What was it again that you remembered?

That empty void like memory, staring blankly at the darkness, far ahead.

Once, what did I once embrace?

With you.

Xiao Hui suddenly [zhi zhi] called out, like extremely delighted, suddenly jumped down from Ghost Li's shoulder, scurried with a [suo] into the darkness.