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Chapter 203: Black Bat

 Chapter 203 - Black Bat

In the dark cave, light footsteps sounded, a faint dark-green light, glimmered from ahead. After the light, Ghost Li and Jin PingEr's silhouettes appeared.

The two of them, had already reached deep inside the Subdue Devil Ancient Cave, however this strange cave seemed never-ending, the dark damp path twisted and turned, like stretching ahead infinitely. The Soul-Devouring stick's light, could only illuminate a maximum distance of six chi ahead, and even further ahead, were all silent deep darkness.

Within that, there seemed to be a mysterious pair of eyes, watching the two intruders.

Jin PingEr was not far from Ghost Li, for some reason, she gradually discovered herself getting nervous. The end of this path, nobody knew where exactly it was, and what would be waiting for them at the end of it.

Even though if she were to see the ferocious evil beast right now, her mind would not be wavered, but then, this empty darkness, instead started to make her feel frustrated.

Ghost Li's footsteps, suddenly stopped.

Jin PingEr's heart leapt, almost knocked into him, quickly stopped herself, at the same time prepared herself and scanned the surroundings, suppressing her voice, said, "What, did you discovered something?"

Ghost Li turned around and looked at her, under the faint dark-green light, Jin PingEr's skin looked especially bewitching beautiful, he remained quiet for a moment, said, "Your breathing sounds hurried."

Jin PingEr was stunned for a moment, her brows frowned and then she slowly straightened her body, and snorted.

Ghost Li looked at her, did not say anything more, again turned and continued slowly walking ahead. After a few steps, he heard the lady behind him breathed deeply and then continued to follow, and her body, breathing, had all resumed normality.

Looking from the back, that man's back figure reflected in Jin PingEr's eyes, thick, steady, for some reason, Jin PingEr discovered herself feeling safe. On his shoulder, that monkey right now shrank his head, looking low-spirited, only that long-tail hanging down, shaking in rhythm with Ghost Li's footsteps.

The dark-green light from Ghost Li's Soul-devouring stick, in the darkness, seemed especially gentle, the malevolent evil power that Sinister Orb once had, right now all seemed to vanish.

The light brushed past the stone walls, after illuminated, it again resumed darkness, Jin PingEr quietly looked at the surroundings, after entering the Subdue Devil Cave, the area's Yin wind seemed especially chilly, almost could freeze one's blood into ice. But after they went deeper into the cave, the Yin wind instead became weaker.

And right now where they were, almost could not feel the existence of the wind, just that without the sound of the wind, the surrounding was even quieter, watching the surroundings which were illuminated by the light, Jin PingEr's brows frowned even tighter.

When they just entered the cave, Jin PingEr did not notice the stone walls, but after entering, Jin PingEr discovered, deep inside this legendary Subdue Devil Cave, there were more and more signs of human-made walls. Although it had been ages but it was clear the walls were man-made, even the path they were on, although twisting but there was less bumps, walking along, there was none of the expected difficulties.

And in this cave, there was none of that evil demons' bloody smell, there was also none of the horrible human bones on the ground, in this Subdue Devil Cave, it seemed to be a clean and quiet place, did not seem like the world's number one Evil's resting place.

Like that, they made another turn.

The darkness suddenly turned heavier, like an invisible wall, instantly before them, the light from the Soul-devouring stick, at the moment when they made the turn, rebounded from the invisible wall. Almost at the same time, Ghost Li and Jin PingEr stopped and then swiftly floated backwards.


A muffled sound, the place where they were at, two holes exploded, broken rocks flew everywhere, hit the stone walls with [beng beng] sounds.

The darkness seemed to have an angry roar, like toppling the mountains and overturning the seas brushing past the corner, assaulting face-on. Ghost Li and Jin PingEr still could not what kind of strange evil beast was it, Jin PingEr's face turned slightly pale, her body moved slightly, already moved more than one zhang away.

In that strong wind, suddenly dark-green light surged, Ghost Li enveloped entirely by the light, stood below the infinite darkness, coldly watching that black wall. Even Xiao Hui on his shoulder, the three eyes lighted up at the same time too, flashed faint golden light.

Under the darkness cover, the sound of the wind strong, even the scattered rocks which had just fallen onto the ground, flew out again due to the pressure, but in this darkness, Ghost Li's figure was still towering unmoving, the dark green light turned brighter, burst out strongly from his right hand, in that instant, his palm already stretched out, inserted into the darkness.

The bright light which hovered around Ghost Li's right hand, when his hand inserted into the darkness, suddenly disappeared, like being concealed by some thing but the next moment, he heard a loud rumble, [duo duo] sound suddenly emitted from the black screen, seven holes tore out, revealing dazzling dark-green light from within.

"Roar..." A painful howl, immediately erupted, the huge black screen suddenly dissipated, although it was still darkness, but deep inside the darkness, two huge red eyes revealed.

The Soul-devouring stick in Ghost Li's hand emitted stronger and stronger light, using this light, Jin PingEr who was standing behind Ghost Li saw it all clearly, guarding this place, was an extremely large black bat, the entire body black, only its two eyes showing red. Most probably its colossal body and its wings blocked its eyes, which made it hard to tell the shape of it, but the usual attack of this type of evil beast most likely was so, a sudden attack in the darkness, it really caught one unaware, at lost at how to deal with it.

Right now on the bat's wings, seven holes were tore by Ghost Li, strange faint blue blood spilled on its body, evidently its injuries were substantial. But this type of evil beast was not a coward, it instead went into a frenzy, opening its huge mouth and angrily roared, its wings opened, although slightly unstable, but the darkness again enveloped, sweeping over.

The cold light in Ghost Li's eyes flashed, the Sinister Orb's light again lighted up, looking as the evil bat was about to reach him, an exclamation was suddenly heard from Ghost Li's shoulder, a grey shoulder flashed, Xiao Hui had jumped down from its shoulder, heading right to that colossal evil beast.

Ghost Li's frowned, even Jin PingEr was also taken aback, looking over, the two animals sizes differences across the mid-air were really too obvious.

Unexpectedly, while Jin PingEr was still thinking of that, and was even slightly worried for that monkey, but saw within the light, Xiao Hui's body unexpectedly kept increasing in size, in a short period, from a small grey monkey about three chi, turned into one that almost filled up the entire cave, angrily shrieking, three red eyes spiritual monkey.

The two huge beasts in the mid air, collided with a bang.

The surrounding stone walls looked as if the impact was too much, started to tremble violently, Jin PingEr even felt the ground quaking. But Ghost Li who was standing not far from the two beasts, his expression slowly regained composure, a faint smile on his lips, disregarded completely the raining rocks and the raging murderous atmosphere.

The enormous black evil bat clearly was also taken aback by this huge ape sudden appearance, but still pounced fiercely over, the grey huge figure flashed past, Xiao Hui agilely avoided the bat's claws, two huge palms grabbed forward, caught the bottom of the bat's wings.

The evil bat made a sharp shriek, as if for the first time it felt fear but the three red eyes before it was even more horrible than it, sharp fangs flashed past in the darkness, followed by a long howl to the sky.

That howl was like a huge wave, with a loud sound in this cave, it's might rolled forward relentlessly, as if facing the living things in this world, provoking obstinately!

Under the glimmering darkness and dark-green light, between savage and anger, in the huge ape's roar, the huge arm waving, like an evil beast laughing in glee and dancing!


Blue fluid splattered everywhere, the huge black bat, tore into half by the three-eyed ape, flung far away.

In the distance, the long howl reverberated, still resounding in waves, unceasing.

The power of rage, until the last moment!

The huge ape slowly turned around, looked down, that man was still standing there, looking at it.

The red glow in its eyes slowly disappeared, suddenly, it stretched its hand and scratched its head, grinned, its body swiftly shrank, soon it resumed its original size, turned back to Xiao Hui.

It crouched on the ground, turned its head, looked at its master, its right hand kept feeling its head, its long tail swishing gently around.

Ghost Li looked at Xiao Hui, warmth and smile slowly appeared in the eyes, only while looking at this monkey, he could smile wholeheartedly!

He smiled, stretched out his hand.

Xiao Hui [zhi zhi zhi zhi] called out, leapt with both feet, in two or three movements scurried up to Ghost Li's shoulder, grinning incessantly, looking really happy.

Ghost Li pondered, again took Xiao Hui, both hands holding it, held it before himself, carefully looking at it from top to bottom, the grey monkey's three eyes blinked at the same time, not knowing what Ghost Li wanted.

Jin PingEr had also came up slowly, stood aside, watched Ghost Li, she looked to be in thought, not knowing what she was thinking.

Ghost Li looked at Xiao Hui for a moment, nodded, placed it back at his shoulder then smoothed its head, suddenly smiled and said, "I will buy you wine after leaving this place!"

Jin PingEr was still contemplating, unexpectedly hearing those words, for a moment couldn't react in time, stared dumbfoundedly with her mouth opened, her mind in a blank. On the contrary, the monkey after stunned for a moment, jumped for joy, [zhi zhi zhi zhi] laughing non-stopped, jumping here and there on Ghost Li's shoulder, the next moment, as if it suddenly realized, took down that big wine bag which it had been carrying on its shoulder for a long time, without even looking at it, threw it down hard, [pa] a sound, dust flew up high.

Ghost Li smiled, walked on, gradually merged into the darkness but the dark-green light, revealed his silhouette clearly in the darkness, and that delighted grey monkey figure, harmoniously together, like being one, unable to be separated.

Jin PingEr slowly walked a few steps, looking at the man and monkey silhouettes, could not help but felt a certain kind of chill. Just that without realizing, the surrounding gradually lost its illumination from Ghost Li Soul-devouring stick, turned dark, Jin PingEr stretched her right hand, purple light glowed, again illuminated the surroundings.

She focused herself, was about to quicken her steps and catch up to Ghost Li, suddenly a dark figure wavered from the darkness, scurried towards her.

Jin PingEr was shocked, quickly prepared herself, unexpectedly when that figure scurried near, under the purple light, it was actually Xiao Hui.

Jin PingEr frowned, but still heaved a sigh of relief in her heart, wondered why did this strange and yet extremely powerful like its master monkey came back suddenly.

Xiao Hui leapt to Jin PingEr, peered around, suddenly its face turned angry, shrieking loudly at Jin PingEr.

Jin PingEr was stunned, holding her hands out, asked in shock, "What are you doing?"

Xiao Hui's three-eyes stared at Jin PingEr, Jin PingEr was an exceptional beauty but apparently this beauty had no effect on the monkey, Xiao Hui looking fed up, suddenly pointed to its feet. Jin PingEr looked down, made an [ah] sound, stepped back, she had stepped onto the big wine bag that Xiao Hui had thrown away just now.

Xiao Hui looking indignant, picked up that wine bag again, dusted off the dust, and again hung it over its back.

Jin PingEr, finding it ridiculous and funny, rebuked it, "Hey, stupid monkey, you threw it away yourself, why are you so fierce to me for?"

Xiao Hui made [zhi zhi] sounds at Jin PingEr, showing its teeth and made a funny face and then [suo] scurried back, disappeared into the darkness, clearly going after Ghost Li.

Jin PingEr was stunned, in the end made a wry smile and shook her head, followed along.

Deep inside the Subdue Devil Cave, the fire was still burning by itself in the brazier. The dust-laden past was still reverberating in this silent cave, the Beast Deity and that mysterious lady did not speak, both of them quiet, as if they were still immersed in that painful memories. Even TaoTie beside them, lay sleepily on the ground, looking like it was asleep.

But in this silence, suddenly, TaoTie was awoken by something, abruptly lifted its head from between its claws, huge bell-eyes stared out far, made a piercing cry from its mouth, looking uneasy.

The Beast Deity slowly opened his eyes, frowning slightly, in the darkness, that lady seemed to make an exclamation.

In that indistinct howl, although already turned soft but like a savage wild beast charging over from afar, recklessly broke the silence.

"Someone is here." The Beast Deity indifferently said.

That lady in the darkness was silent for a moment, suddenly coldly said, "Didn't expect someone to actually find this place, most likely must be that old man Yun YiLan sent someone over to their death, at the same time investigate your situation!"

The Beast Deity still looked that tired, still not concerned about anything, said, "Whatever, I can't be bothered, but these people actually manage to enter so deep into the cave? Hearing the sounds, seemed to pass through where the black bat is at. But to be able to enter this cave, most likely they could also handle the black bat, but there is still a Black Tiger savage spirit, they can actually enter without any commotion, the Black Tiger also did not take any action, it is really not simple."

The lady suddenly said, "Since you are already mortal, then with your current injuries, can you still handle these unknown enemies?"

The Beast Diety smiled, said, "I don't know, but I am not worried."

That lady asked, "Why?"

The Beast Deity smiled and said, "With you around, what do I need to fear?"

That lady paused for a moment, sneered and said, "What is it to me whether you are dead or not, don't assume I have helped you once, I will definitely help you this time. With your level of evil power, although we know each other but it is hard to tell when we will fall out, it is better if you die earlier!"

The Beast Deity coughed twice, his face still showing some pain but the smile on his face still remained, he looked at the darkness, said, "I will die sooner or later, just be rest assured. But before that, did you still want to study this Eight Savage Inferno Formation left by the shaman tribe? If I die, wouldn't it all be in vain?"

The lady snorted, said, "The formation is here, what do I need to fear you would do?"

The Beast Deity smiled, "Right now what Eight Savage Inferno Formation is left in the world, is only here and FenXiang Valley Inferno Altar. FenXiang Valley formation is already destroyed, leaving only this. You have not comprehend the formation's enigma and only I can activate this formation and study it with you, if you have the Inferno Mirror, naturally you can activate this formation but pity you don't have it!"

He paused, a faint melancholy flashed past its face, said, "You know it too, this formation was set up by LingLong to control me, if I die, this formation will also be gone too, as such, wouldn't you get nothing in the end?"

That lady turned silent, after a long time said, "You win! Fine, I will deal with these people."

The Beast Deity slowly shook his head, said, "Not that I am cruel, it is because you yourself have concerns and therefore under other's control. But..." He slowly looked up, looked into the darkness, said, "Can you tell me, who exactly it is for, that you must take the risk to be with me and study this formation?"

There was no answer, silence all around, as if in that moment, that mysterious lady had already gone far.

The fire was still burning in the brazier, reflecting in the Beast Deity eyes.

The TaoTie slowly stood up, growling incessantly, looking extremely restless.

The Beast Deity watched the darkness ahead quietly...