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Chapter 200: Real Fury

 Chapter 200 - Real Fury

Qing Yun Mountain, TongTian Peak.

In the Crystal Hall, the past solemn and majestic scene, seemed to change on this day, flurry of footsteps were heard inside and outside of the hall incessantly, suppressed yet panicked whispers spread out like water ripples. In the distant, there even seemed to be a racket, this would never be imagined happening at TongTian Peak, and listening to it right now, the racket seemed to be getting louder and approaching towards TongTian Peak.

Crystal Hall was situated at high ground, towering above the sea of clouds, even if passed through the Rainbow Bridge, going up from the stone stairs beside the Jade Pool, it would still be a distance but from the volume of the din, most likely they had went up more than half of the stairs.

The oldest branch TongTian Peak's most senior disciple Xiao YiCai heard the news and rushed over, escorted by a few junior disciples, he strided into Crystal Hall, for some reason on his dashing face, revealed tiredness, not knowing what could made this highly-skilled outstanding talent of Qing Yun sect younger generation spend so much effort and energy.

But although he looked tired, once he entered the great hall, it was still a solemn face, his brows frowning, slightly angry said, "What is it? Isn't there enough trouble yet, who is it so daring, actually making so much noise here!"

At the side, the few young disciples who were keeping guard at the great hall entrance, hurried over. Ever since after the battle with the Beast Deity, Reverend DaoXuan had been in seclusion, and his temper strangely turned eccentric, all of the affairs in TongTian Peak were mostly handled by this very popular big senior brother, in the younger disciples' eyes, they were very much in awe of him.

But at the moment the din was getting louder, all of the younger disciples instead looked odd, one of them came forward, suppressed his voice and said, "Xiao senior brother, Su teacher uncle from Big Bamboo Valley is here."

Xiao YiCai was nonplussed, asked in surprised, "SuRu Su teacher uncle?"

The group all nodded.

Xiao YiCai said, "What is she doing here, since she is here, why didn't anyone report it and instead create such a racket..."

Before he could finish, the din outside the hall suddenly spiked, as if someone finally lost his patience, a clear whistle was heard from far, like a phoenix cry, carefree and leisurely.

Xiao YiCai's expression changed, hurriedly walked to the door, while speaking, "This is bad, let's go quickly...wait, Cao junior brother, Yu junior brother, both of you immediately go to the backyard, invite the few teacher uncles to come over and persuade Su teacher uncle, we are all juniors, not appropriate to speak, quickly go!"

The two young disciples beside him quickly nodded, turned and ran to the back of the hall.

Xiao YiCai walked with big steps to the entrance, looking about to reach, the clear whistle suddenly became urgent, making sharp noise.

Xiao YiCai's face turned white, his figure in a flash drifted to the entrance, at the same time raised his voice and deeply shouted, "Su teacher uncle, let's talk it out, please don't..."

Before he could finished, he suddenly heard [aiya, aiyo] sounds, Xiao YiCai's body paused and stiffened.

Outside the entrance, under the image of the warm and bright blue sky, [pu tong, pu tong] several human figures fell in from outside, not one could stand upright, each turning non-stopped, after a moment [hua la la] fell togther onto the ground.

The Crystal Hall was in an uproar.


A cold snort, a slim figure was seen, quietly appeared at the entrance, it was SuRu.

This sound, instantly stunned the entire hall, in the huge Crystal Hall, there was not a sound, everyone's stares, all gathered onto that lady who displayed her powers.

Glossy black hair bunned up, inserted with a golden phoenix with red-jade eyes in flight hairpin, three pieces of glass jade bells dangled from the phoenix mouth, gently wavering. Two graceful eyebrows, beautiful yet cold, pure and even more charming; red lips tightly closed, cheeks like snow, a pair of eyes extremely clear and bright, carried thirty percent of anger. The usual loose attire was gone, right now SuRu in plain white clothes, tightly wrapped her body, less charming but more animated; at the same time her hands was clutching a dark green celestial sword sheath, the sword shining, although the scabbard was covering it, but the layers of sword energy, invisible yet diffusing, made one feel that this sword was spiritual, about to leap out and dance.

Xiao YiCai's eyes twitched a few times, subconsciously felt a chill behind his back.

SuRu face was like frost, her eyes cold, swept over the crowd at the hall, that glimpse, although the face was beautiful but no one dared to meet her gaze.

Xiao YiCai glanced sideways at those younger disciples who were groaning and slowly getting up from the ground, although they had some bruises but all were minor injuries, not to mention tendons or bones, even blood was rare.

This glance, made his heart calmed down much, seemed like although SuRu Su teacher uncle for some reason erupted in fury but in the end still cherished her relationship with the sect and did not hit out hard, if not according to those elders' idle talk about "that woman was really powerful", these junior brothers would have suffered more.

However even though it was so, Xiao YiCai's eyes suddenly turned cold, SuRu's eyes in the end fell on him.

Xiao YiCai made a dry laugh, took a step, cupped his hands together and bowed, while secretly glanced at the dark green sword in her hand, said, "This... Su teacher uncle why are you so free today, come to visit our TongTian Peak."

SuRu coldly looked at Xiao YiCai, coldly snorted, simply ignored Xiao YiCai's questions, showed no intention of returned Xiao YiCai's greeting too, still standing proudly there, her face like frost, coldly said, "Done with the nonsense, go and call DaoXuan out here!"

Once the words were said, a stir immediately went through the TongTian Peak disciples which nearly numbered a hundred in the hall.

Xiao YiCai's countenance also changed, stunned for a long while, said, "Su teacher uncle, has something happened? Teacher has always been in seclusion! Oh right, where is Tian teacher uncle! Why did he not come with you?"

It was better if he did not mention Tian BuYi, once he said it, SuRu's face immediately changed, the expressions on her face changed constantly, thirty percent sorrow, thirty percent anxiety, and even more thirty percent anger and a trace of murderous cold air.


Suddenly, a low roar like a wild beast cry, came from this Crystal Hall. Everyone was surprised, and then discovered, this sound actually came from that strange dark-green sword in SuRu's hand, SuRu's five fingers were white from clutching the sword, the slender knuckles were even whiter from lack of blood, as if it had sensed something, the sword's bright glow, at the moment, turned brighter, made a sound like a beast roar.

This sword's momentum vigorous and forceful, fiery and unyielding, in SuRu's hands, who seemed gentle and amiable usually, did not seem incompatible at all, instead like a tiger that had grown wings, increasing the murderous aura .

Xiao YiCai subconsciously stepped back, his scalp tingling, but did not know what he had said wrong, and of all people this was his own senior teacher uncle, and her husband Tian BuYi was Qing Yun sect highly esteemed Big Bamboo leader, no matter what this was not someone he could offend easily.

Accordingly, SuRu trespassing Crystal Hall, was already made a big offence, but looking at her, there was no sign of fear, clearly a look that not only wanted to make trouble but wanted to make it into a big one.

In the dark-green sword strange and deep roars, SuRu facing Xiao YiCai, drawled word by word, "Call DaoXuan out, I want to question him properly, what did he do to BuYi exactly?"

Xiao YiCai's was shocked, suddenly looked up, a instant deafening silence in the hall.

Then at this time, suddenly a flurry of hurried footsteps were heard from the back of the hall, a haggard old voice was heard from afar, "Su junior sister, has something happened to BuYi junior brother? Let's talk it over, we are all Qing Yun sect, you must not be rash!"

Following that voice, several elders came out in a single file from the back of the hall, the first two, one with black hair, the other in white, at the same time with white beard. However, that haggard voice, belonged to the person with black hair, as for the white beard elder, it was the Fan elder, who was the arbitrator for Qing Yun Hill Seven branches martial arts competition when Zhang Xiao Fan was still there.

These few decades, Qing Yun sect, experienced two great wars, the older generation of elders, either dead or injured, not much of them left.

SuRu looked at the old men who were walking over, frowned, snorted but showed no sign of stepping down. The white bearded old man Fan elder glanced at SuRu, coughed once, his mouth was instead muttering a few words.

Next to him, the black hair elder glanced around, saw several of the disciples in bruises, he frowned, was about to talk to SuRu, SuRu instead coldly said to that Fan elder, "Fan senior brother, are you scolding me quietly?"

Fan elder stared at by her, turned red but immediately shook his head, "No no, Su junior sister, I have with you and Tian junior brother many years of friendship, I can't wait to admire you, how would I scold you?"

The black hair elder turned and glanced at Fan elder, frowned.

Fan elder made a dry laugh, gestured and said, "Yang senior brother, you say, you say ..."

The person with black-hair whom was addressed as Yang senior brother, turned his head around, facing SuRu said, "Su junior sister, alright, cool down first, what is happening exactly, tell the details to me. You are usually a careful and gentle person, why is it today you did...this that even Tian junior brother might not even dare to do it?"

SuRu face was still cold, but that sword beside her seemed to weaken slightly, did not make the deep strange roars, everyone quietly heaved a sigh of relief, when SuRu was holding the sword and standing there, the force of the power, really made the Qing Yun disciples tremble with fear.

SuRu looked at Yang elder, her lips twitched, sneered, "What BuYi dare not do, doesn't mean I will not. I want to see DaoXuan, call him out."

Several elders looked at each other, after a while, Yang elder coughed, said, "Su junior sister, sect head senior brother has been in seclusion for many days, it is really inconvenience for him to appear, why don't you first say what is it that makes you so angry! And, what happened to Tian junior brother, why is he not with you?"

SuRu frowned, her delicate and beautiful face increased with thirty percent of obstination and anger, saying loudly, "Isn't he detained by you all TongTian Peak!"

Once she said those words, Yang elder, Fan elder and everyone on TongTian Peak were shocked, Yang elder quickly said, "Su junior sister, you must not speak carelessly, Tian junior brother is one of Qing Yun seven branches leaders, in our sect, other than Reverend DaoXuan senior brother, he and Zeng ShuChang Zeng senior brother are the most highly regarded, furthermore everyone are fellow disciples, where would there be detained such thing, definitely not!"

SuRu sneered, sternly said, "Don't think that we do not know what happened to DaoXuan, it is precisely because we know the implications, BuYi then took the risk and went up to talk to him. But until present, there is no news, who do I look for if not you all?"

Yang elder was stunned, Fan elder who was standing beside turned to Xiao YiCai said, "Xiao nephew, Big Bamboo Valley leader Tian BuYi, has he visited TongTian Peak recently?"

Xiao YiCai shook his head at a loss, said, "No, disciple has always been responsible for TongTian Peak's affairs, but within these few months, Tian teacher uncle really did not inform us that he was coming to TongTian Peak!"

SuRu glanced at Fan elder, coldly said, "What do think he was coming here for, still would submit invitation for visitation, slowly enjoying his tea while waiting?"

Fan elder turned red, did not speak, Yang elder was already speaking to Xiao YiCai, "Xiao nephew, since so, go immediately to Founders Ancestral Hall and ask sect head senior brother, if it's possible, best if he could come here, speaking before everyone, we will all understand."

Xiao YiCai hesitated for a moment, nodded his head and said, "Yes, I will go now." After speaking, he turned and quickly walked to the back hall, with big steps.

Yang elder watched Xiao YiCai disappeared, turned and smiled and said, "Su junior sister, I know you and your husband have deep affections, couldn't help but your mind in a tangle due to your worries, but this time recklessly forcing your way in TongTian Peak, this is really a little too much!"

SuRu was silent for a moment, lightly said, "Yang senior brother, you are right, if it is true that BuYi is fine, and it is only me over imagining, SuRu will receive Qing Yun sect punishment..."

Yang elder waved his hand, smiled and said, "Look at you, I do not mean that ..."

SuRu suddenly switched the topic, cut in and spoke with curt finality, "But if it is true that something happened to BuYi here, Yang senior brother, " her clear bright eyes glimmered, a glint brushed past, her words reflecting her worries and agitation, without wavering or leaving room for repent, "Then Qing Yun sect for the past two thousand years, would have an unfilial disciple SuRu, for the person that she missed and worries, on this Qing Yun sect TongTian Peak, to the generations of ancestors, to that famous sect head senior brother, demand justice!"

A light shout, she waved her hand like knife, piercing the air, the dark green sword light instantly surged, a sharp sound broke out and followed by a muffled sound, dust flew, everyone only felt the ground below shaking slightly, like an earthquake. Until the dust settled down, they saw the sword in SuRu's hand, together with the sheath struck into the solid sturdy rock floor in the center of the hall, and the surrounding ground, did not have a single trace of crack.

Mysteriously, the dark green sword in the ground, although left SuRu's hand but sword's power was even stronger, like a wild beast tasting blood, again growled.

That Yang elder looked at the sword which was embedded before him and SuRu, smiled bitterly and said, "Su junior sister, this, this has yet to reach that stage isn't it, why did you even bring out the 'Ink Snow' which has been sealed up for hundred over years?"

SuRu sneered, "Yang senior brother, you know it, it was BuYi who wanted me to seal up this Ink Snow, because with him around, sealing it, I too do not give a damn. But if something happened to him, I will use this Ink Snow, to seek guidance from sect head senior brother."

Yang elder shook his head and made a wry smile, said, "You ... I thought you being married to Tian junior brother for so many years, would have changed your temper long ago...forget it, forget it, anyway I am unable to talk you out, we better go over and sit, wait together for Xiao YiCai to invite sect head senior brother!"

SuRu was expressionless but snorted, and slowly walked to the side with Yang elder and sat down.

In the Crystal Hall, the atmosphere slowly ease down, Yang elder beside lowered his voice, spoke to SuRu, probably still trying to comfort her not to be too rush. The other elders either stood behind Yang elder or also sat down, only Fan elder took his time and walked to the entrance, staying far from SuRu. As for the other younger disciples, their status low, including SuRu's anger, each one standing further and further away.

Among the TongTian Peak elders, Fan elder was the most easy-going, people also found him funny and humorous, although his cultivation inevitably was lacking as compared to the other elders, but among the younger disciples, he was the most popular, whether towards his own disciples or other nephews, were all very close.

At this time everyone saw Fan elder standing aside by himself, many of the younger disciples quietly went over, among them some whom were knocked down by SuRu and also his own disciples.

Fan elder looked at the few disciples, shook his head, a young disciple could not help but asked in a small voice, "Teacher, that, that SuRu teacher uncle why why is she so fierce! Usually she is very gentle, why is it that when she is so fierce she is this powerful?"

Fan elder with his white beard rolled his eyes at the disciple, with a [hei] sound, blew his beard, said, "You fellows only just joined Qing Yun sect, what do you know? When that woman was being shrewish at that time, there was nothing she can't do!"

The young disciples who were slowly surrounding him, everyone of them absorbed in listening, someone softly exclaimed, "Ah! Really can't tell! SuRu teacher uncle with, must be a reigning beauty at that time?"

Fan elder [hei hei] laughed, secretly glanced at SuRu and Yang elder, they were talking, clearly did not notice the young disciples, and so felt bold and said, "Speaking of it, she was also considered to be the most famous among our generation of female disciples, like...hmm, " he nodded, suddenly revealed a mysterious smile, whispered, "like that Lu XueQi from Small Bamboo Valley."

The disciples all around made an [ah] sound, all looked like they comprehended, each nodding, showing that they understood Fan elder's meaning.

Fan elder, with hundreds responding to a single call, couldn't help but feel conceited, said, "Actually to speak of it at the beginning, although her skills was not bad but there were others who were stronger, like DaoXuan senior brother and Wan senior brother, they are all rare talents for thousand years, naturally were stronger than her. Just that because she was young, and beautiful, including she has her teacher ZhenYu the great teacher as backing, nobody dared to mess with her, therefore she dared to create trouble everywhere. I still remember, when she was making a mess in Qing Yun sect just by herself, including that almost as fierce as her, the mother tiger, stinky boy, why are you hitting me, be well-behaved, I have not finished!"

Fan elder excitedly, continued, "At that time that ShuiYue, oh, why are all of your expressions like this, ooh, I know, you all don't understand who I am referring to? Hehe, actually it is that Small Bamboo Valley ShuiYue Master, she is SuRu senior sister, at that time with that aggressive temperament, was the same as SuRu, famous in our sect. Hey, stinky boy, why do you keep pulling me, I tell you, I am still your teacher, don't be so, where was I?"

"...Oh, I remembered, speaking about ShuiYue. That SuRu at that time although was shrewd, did all kinds of things but ever since she married Big Bamboo Valley Tian BuYi, she seemed to turn into another person, just like what you all see, the few of us elders actually felt very strange, but it is still a good thing in the end! But speaking about that ShuiYue, she did not change the slightest, how fierce she was at that time, she is still that fierce, even the disciples under her, for example that Lu XueQi that you all liked the best, almost identical to her at that time...seeing a ghost!"

Fan elder whipped his body around, angrily said, "Stinky boy, why do you keep pulling me, you have not have a beating for a long time, your skin is feeling itchy is it..."

His words suddenly cut off, mouth slightly ajar, saw the circle of disciples with their heads bowed standing aside, silent and motionless. Outside the door, ShuiYue Master looking indifferent, coldly stood there watching Fan elder, at her side, WenMin was also looking at Fan elder, but it was a look of anger.

Fan elder's forehead instantly was full of sweat, his old face all red, stepped back a few steps, extremely embarrassed, kept forcing a smile.

ShuiYue Master slowly walked in, but she no longer look at Fan elder, instead it was WenMin who was reluctant, hatefully glared at him.

Fan elder among Qing Yun elders, had always been well-known for talking too much, this time being caught on the spot, it was extremely embarrassing.

But SuRu and Yang elder clearly did not know what was happening over here, SuRu saw ShuiYue Master, a trace of surprise on her face, said, "Senior sister, why are you here?"

ShuiYue Master slightly frowned, looked around and said, "I would like to ask you first! You are not at Big Bamboo Valley, why are you here alone, if there is anything, it should be Tian BuYi to come, why are you here?"

SuRu's mouth moved, watching her senior sister, suddenly her heart pained, her eyes turned red.

ShuiYue Master was stunned, a uneasy feeling in her heart, saw Yang elder beside, Yang elder shook his head and forced a smile, but did not know where to start. ShuiYue Master felt slightly anxious, she grew up with SuRu, the depth of their friendship, was definitely not ordinary, like real sisters, this time watching SuRu like something serious had happened, she was even more worried, suddenly she saw the dark-green sword in the ground - Ink Snow, the shock was even more.

When she was asked to ask more, suddenly hurried footsteps from the rear hall sounded, Xiao YiCai like a whirlwind swept in, a panic look rarely seen on his face.

"Something happened, something happened!..."

Everyone was shocked, SuRu like being struck by thunderbolt, felt a [hong] sound in her mind, spinning her around, that worry which had been eating at her, almost felt like bursting but she felt blackness before her eyes, almost fainted.

ShuiYue Master caught hold of the pale-faced SuRu, turned to Xiao YiCai and shouted, "What is it, say it clearly!"