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Chapter 193: Unusual

 Chapter 193 - Unusual

The sun setting, hung far in the horizon, behind those tall precipitous undulating range of mountains, spilling the remnant warmth onto the southern border vast lands. The evening rays descended onto the silent great earth, the sounds from the wild countryside, a blanket of somber.

Ghost Li and Jin PingEr had left FenXiang Valley, stood in the wilderness before the ten thousands great mountains, facing the vast great earth and lofty mountains which appeared to stretch on forever, they looked to be two insignificant tiny and small living things, looking up at the monumental presence of Heaven and Earth, at the sun setting in the horizon, slowly descending behind the boundless mountains, the sky gradually turning dark.

In the time to converse and breathe, the stars and constellations rotated, who else could win against time?

To leave FenXiang Valley, was Ghost Li's idea, by chance they overheard Yun YiLan's conversation, knew that FenXiang Valley might still have ways to activate the formation, it was a really good opportunity, basing on Ghost Li and Jin PingEr's motives for coming, they by right should continue to observe secretly. But for some reason, Ghost Li with a look of indifference, still suggested leaving FenXiang Valley, and Jin PingEr who had always been sharp-witted, seemed not to consider that point and also agreed with him right away.

After leaving FenXiang Valley, Ghost Li and Jin PingEr did not talk much, and also did not discuss the future plans but both seemed to have some chemistry and headed south together, until this day where they arrived before that legendary terrible place, 'ten thousands great mountains', under the black mountains, in the wild countryside, both silently staring at the mountains.

The breeze blew past the countryside, not a single flower or grass fragrance, only some unknown indistinct smell of blood and sounds of roars, in this place, even the wind, also seemed harsh.

Jin PingEr's hair gently ruffled in the wind, she lifted her head slightly, revealing her smooth dainty jaw, and a stretch of fair and white neck, gazing at the distant mountains, where the dark mountain summits were, enveloped in dusky mist, swirling incessantly, behind those mountain ranges, what kind of world was it?

Others might be guessing but in Jin PingEr's shrouded eyes, something seemed to be glimmering.

Different from that coquettish girl who was silent beside him, even though Ghost Li was taciturn but along the way, Ghost Li's thoughts, were like the stormy sea, tossing high and low.

Firstly was the blood sacrificial matter, the impact it had to him was immense, even though for so many years, he had killed many, and even earned the nickname 'Xue GongZi' in Ghost King sect but as to what he had overheard in FenXiang Valley a few days ago, like a deeply-rooted stubbornness in his heart, he subconsciously felt revulsion and disgust. And after Jin PingEr's inadvertent reminder, realized something he had always neglected: In the Evil Sect, even if it was Ghost King, could also do something similar to what FenXiang Valley was about to do.

Taking numerous humans' blood, offering to the gods and deities, without guessing, this deity must belong to those ferocious, evil kinds; and blood sacrificial itself, was without doubt something that was greatly disruptive to Heaven and inhuman, and yet these things, happened to him.

What kind of world was this exactly?

Unless all the people in this world were also mad?

Or was it like what that alluring strange young man, the one whom he met coincidentally, who once said: Humans, in the end were only just a kind of animal, no difference.

Ghost Li inhaled deeply, silently gazed towards the distant mountains. Ever since he received Ghost King's instructions from Mr Ghost, from that 'TaoTie', he already guessed that strange young man whom he had met twice, was the Beast Deity that created this catastrophe.

Just that, the Beast Deity massacred the world, why did he let him go, and both times they only chatted and parted ways, it was something Ghost Li could not figure out.

Near his chest, there was a faint warmth, for so many years, this faint warmth had always accompanied Ghost Li, as if it was already part of him, even most of the time, Ghost Li had already forgotten about the warmth. However several days ago from FenXiang Valley's actions, again stirred something deep inside his heart, the jade piece lying quietly near his chest, maybe this was then the crux of this southern border's trip!

From Yun YiLan and Shangguan Ce's conversations, clearly stated that because FenXiang Valley had lost this thousand-fires-essence, therefore caused them to also lose the volcano spiritual energy accumulated for several hundred years, unable to trigger the formation again. And having this Inferno Mirror, did it mean they could find the secret of that mysterious formation?

Ghost Li was silent, gazing at the sunset in the distant, the last ray, finally too disappeared.

Where the dark mountain summits were, following the disappearance of the last ray, the once thick dark mist, as if being stimulated by something, started to swiftly disperse, turned thin.

Standing beside, Jin PingEr smiled, turned her head over, said, "Alright, let's go."

Ghost Li glanced sideways at her, said, "The change in the poisonous fog over there at ten thousands great mountains, has never been told by anyone, how did you find out?"

Jin PingEr smiled sweetly, her eyes extremely flirtatious, like seducing, like cunning, said, "This I will not tell you, what can you do to me?"

Ghost Li was stunned, saw under the gradually darkening sky, deep in the mountains, the girl beside him out of the sudden, like emanating alluring beautiful glow in the dark dim world, extremely dazzling, with her around, although unexpected but it had another type of warmth.

At least, in that distant darkness, he did not have to walk alone.

Ghost Li's lips twitched but he turned his head, indifferently said, "Let's go."

After speaking, he led the way, Jin PingEr watched his back figure, smiling faintly, her eyes glimmering, followed easily.

One before another, and that monkey crouching on one's shoulder, frequently making [zhi zhi] sounds, slowly merging into the darkness, disappeared.

X x x

Qing Yun Hill, TongTian Peak, Crystal Hall.

Leaving southern border thousands and thousands miles away, this immortal sacred ground which had just saved the world, the demon beast catastrophe which brought chaos like the Good and Evil big battle ten years ago, swiftly and appropriately handled, TongTian Peak for the most part had already resumed its beautiful surreal scenery, other than a few huge buildings which would need time to repair but nobody would doubt, they would soon be restored back to its original look.

Of all of the big buildings at TongTian Peak, the most important and also the biggest, naturally was the main hall, Crystal Jade Hall. Compared to other buildings, the damage that Crystal Jade Hall received in that catastrophe, could almost be disregarded, seemed like Qing Yun sect's ancestors were really effective, their protection working.

And right now, just when Ghost Li and Jin PingEr were about to enter that mysterious mountains, to pursue that Beast Deity who escaped after being defeated, Qing Yun Hill TongTian Peak, in that sacred Crystal Jade Hall, yet another argument broke out.

Qing Yun sect other than the oldest branch TongTian Peak, the other six branches after the catastrophe, rarely gathered again in Crystal Jade Hall but the most important thing was, their gathering this time, was not called by sect head Reverend DaoXuan, instead they came on their own. In the great hall, greeting the various branch leaders, was not Reverend DaoXuan but Xiao YiCai who was looking slightly awkward.

Within the six leaders, Long Shou Valley leader QiHao and Morning Sun Valley leader Chu YuHong both of them, were the second generation disciples, same generation as Xiao YiCai, naturally it would not be appropriate for them to talk directly like the other four teacher uncles, most of the time, both of them stayed quiet. But for the other leaders: Big Bamboo Valley, Small Bamboo Valley, Return of the Wind Valley, Sunset Valley, their words were not so polite.

Big Bamboo Valley Tian BuYi's voice among the four leaders was the loudest, he was seen sitting on the red sandalwood chair, coldly speaking to Xiao YiCai, "Xiao teacher nephew, today the six of us gathering here, has already been four hours, why isn't sect head senior brother out to see us yet, don't tell me to him, the few of us are already this undesirable?"

Xiao YiCai's face looked awkward, smiled with difficulty, said, "What are you saying Tian teacher uncle, you elders have always been held in high prestige and respect in Qing Yun sect, teacher has also valued you highly, this everyone also knows it"

Tian BuYi without waiting for him to finish his words, snorted, sneered and said, "So sect head senior brother actually valued me that highly, left me here high and dry for four hours and still do nothing about it?"

Xiao YiCai was taken aback for a moment, laughed bitterly and said, "Tian teacher uncle, disciple has already said, teacher indeed ten days ago entered Illusory Moon Cave in seclusion, locking himself in and did not come out, the current TongTian Peak matters, temporarily are left to disciple."

The other elders also sneered at the same time, clearly they did not believe Xiao YiCai's words. Small Bamboo Valley ShuiYue Master coldly said, "Xiao teacher nephew, in the past ten days, although I am in Small Bamboo Valley but I have on many occasions heard about sect head senior brother's eccentric behaviours at TongTian Peak, even worse, several days ago on a certain late night, someone said sect head senior brother seemed to be mad, howling at the sky on Crystal Jade Hall's rooftop, is there such matter?"

Xiao YiCai immediately shook his head, said, "There is no such matter, no such matter, ShuiYue teacher uncle must have misheard, teacher is a master of enlightenment, the world's Good Faction leader, with the demeanour of a transcendent being, how would he do such presumptuous thing?"

The four elders looked at each other, saw the suspicions in each other eyes on Xiao YiCai's words. Sitting beside Return of the Wind Valley leader seat, Taoist Tian Ri, taking over Taoist Tian Yun in Sunset Valley, looked ordinary and thin, wearing a Taoist robe, his brows frowning said, "Xiao teacher nephew, it's not that we are trying to make things difficult for you but it is really that sect head senior brother is the core of our Qing Yun sect, if something happens to him, it will most likely shake the foundation of our Qing Yun, and it is also because of that, we decided that we must come forward and question you, you must not take it to heart."

The other branch leaders sat down, the centre seat which belonged to Reverend DaoXuan, was naturally empty, Xiao YiCai was lower in rank than his teacher uncles and so had to stand beside, right now he could only laughed bitterly and said, "Various teacher uncles, disciple, no matter what, will not dare to bear grudges, but, but teacher he really did go into seclusion and ordered specifically that he should not be disturbed, it is not YiCai deliberately preventing various teacher uncles from meeting teacher."

Tian BuYi angrily snorted, said, "You don't have to speak nonsense anymore, these few days, the rumours spread to the entire Qing Yun sect, sect head's behaviours are extremely weird, staying at TongTian Peak the whole day and at times going crazy, at times looking lost, if sect head senior brother is unwell, we as junior brothers no matter what, will also think of ways to treat him, at least visit him; if he is fine, then why would he refuse to see us." He suddenly raised his voice, angrily said, "Xiao YiCai, tell me honestly, what exactly happened to sect head senior brother?"

Xiao YiCai was stunned, as if he was startled by Tian BuYi's voice but he was still smiling bitterly, keeping quiet.

Return of the Wind Valley Zeng ShuChang who did not speak much, glanced at Xiao YiCai, frowning tightly, said, "Why not like this, Xiao teacher nephew, we know that you have always been respectful of your teacher, do not dare to defy him, we will also not make things difficult for you. Now we only need you to lead us to where sect head senior brother is, we will pay our respect to him on our own, what do you think?"

Xiao YiCai was stunned for a moment, couldn't speak, a pondering look appeared on his face, Zeng ShuChang turned his head over, glanced to the rest, Tian BuYi, ShuiYue Master and the rest slowly nodded. Zeng ShuChang coughed once and slowly stood up, his voice calm, said, "Xiao teacher nephew, actually we are only concerned about sect head senior brother, to senior brother, we have always been utmost respectful, this everyone in Qing Yun sect is aware. Once we see sect head senior brother and know that he is well, we will naturally be relieved isn't it. Oh right, heard that sect head senior brother in seclusion recently, according to Qing Yun sect rules, it is only limited to Crystal Jade Hall, Founders Ancestral Hall and Illusory Moon Cave, I do not know if he"

Zeng ShuChang at the end of his words, his voice turned slow, his eyes glanced at Xiao YiCai instead, Xiao YiCai turned red, after a long time, bowing his head slightly to them, said, "Teacher in the recent year, because Qing Yun suffered many unforeseen events, frequently blames himself, and also frequently visits the Founders Ancestral Hall to offer incenses to the ancestors."

Zeng ShuChang frowned, nodded, did not speak more, headed first to the back of Crystal Jade Hall, Tian BuYi, ShuiYue Master and Taoist Tian Ri also followed, QiHao and Chu YuHong slowly stood up, walked to Xiao YiCai, QiHao's face also had a bitter smile, stretched his hand out and gently patted Xiao YiCai on his shoulder, Xiao YiCai sighed and shook his head.

X x x

The Founders Ancestral Hall, was still concealed in the deep forest, only between the gaps of the lush green leaves, revealed a little of the roof eaves. Maybe it was really the protection of the ancestors, the two earth shocking catastrophes in Qing Yun sect for the past ten years, did no damage to this place.

Like in the past, looking at it from a distance, the dim Ancestral Hall indistinctly had incense smokes swirling and lights flickering, giving one an unfathomable feeling.

The group soon reached that three-forked road before Founders Ancestral Hall. Suddenly, QiHao who was walking slightly behind made exclaimed, quickly walked up, the group looked at him, saw before the partially concealed Founders Ancestral Hall, a young man was standing there quietly, unmoving but his eyes were staring into the Founders Ancestral Hall, backfacing QiHao and the rest.

QiHao frowned, called out, "Is it Lin junior brother?"

That young man appeared startled, turned around, it was indeed Lin JingYu.

Lin JingYu saw QiHao, delight flashed past his face but following which he saw the group behind QiHao, and among them the various branch leaders, couldn't help but was taken aback, his face revealed shock.

"Qi senior brother, why are you here and the various teacher uncles senior brothers, why are they all here?"

QiHao walked to Lin JingYu, smiled and said, "A while ago on the way here, I was just thinking if I will be able to see you here, we two brothers, really have not met for many days."

Lin JingYu clearly was happy to see QiHao too, smiled and said, "Yes, I missed senior brother much too. Oh right, " He looked at the rest, quietly asked QiHao, "Senior brother, you came with the various branch leaders, what is it for?"

QiHao glanced at the Founders Ancestral Hall behind Lin JingYu, frowned, said, "Lin junior brother, that erm, sect head teacher uncle, is he inside the Founders Ancestral Hall?" For some reason, when he spoke, he did not deliberately lowered his voice, instead he seemed to want the rest to hear it too.

Lin JingYu's smile slowly disappeared, obviously he also noticed something was amissed but facing the branch leaders and senior brothers, he had to reply honestly, "Sect head Reverend is in the hall."

A stir was heard behind QiHao, quickly it died down, then, Zeng ShuChang calm and slightly tired voice said, "What is sect head senior brother doing inside, is he in seclusion?

Lin JingYu looked nonplussed, said, "Seclusion, what seclusion?"

QiHao's countenance changed, Tian BuYi's face changed too and stepped forward but he was held back by Zeng ShuChang. Zeng ShuChang signaled to Tian BuYi, shook his head and then glanced at QiHao, QiHao understood, frowned and asked Lin JingYu, "Lin junior brother, this, have you been at TongTian Peak recently?"

Lin JingYu nodded, said, "That's right."

QiHao was silent for a moment, considered his words and then slowly said, "At TongTian Peak, did you saw eh, or heard any strange things?"

Lin JingYu thought for a moment, his eyes swept past the group, gradually brightened but his expression did not change, honestly replied, "Replying senior brother, although I have been at TongTian Peak but these few days, I am almost always at the Founders Ancestral Hall keeping vigil and in mourning for senior, therefore whatever happens outside, I am not aware." He paused, looking at QiHao, said, "Senior brother, don't tell me something happened?"

QiHao paused, smiled bitterly and shook his head, said, "No, nothing happened. Oh right, why are you standing here in broad daylight, aren't you keeping vigil in the hall?"

Lin JingYu looked towards the dim interior, said, "It was sect head Reverend who told me to stand out here, every time he is here, he will ask me to stand out here and then he will enter the hall by himself."

Zeng ShuChang and the rest countenances changed slightly, QiHao also frowned, said, "Then sect head teacher uncle is he still inside now?"

Lin JingYu nodded, said, "Yes, he is inside the hall."

QiHao nodded, stepped back and did not speak.

Zeng ShuChang and the rest looked at each other but nobody moved, after a moment, Tian BuYi snorted, strided out, when he reached the entrance, he did not walk up the stairs, loudly called out, "DaoXuan senior brother, I am Tian BuYi, with ShuiYue, Tian Ri and Zeng ShuChang as well as other two branches leaders teacher nephews, we came to see you. Are you there?"

His voice was loud, with strong stamina, immediately reverberated in the forest, in the dim dark hall, even the spots of candles seemed to brighten up abruptly and then gradually resumed as normal.

After a moment, a voice suddenly was heard in the darkness, coldly speaking, "What is it?"

Tian BuYi and the other leaders were shocked, the Yin coldness was heavy in the voice, indistinctly carried a few degrees of viciousness, not the slightest like Reverend DaoXuan's original clear and righteousness tone, but all of them were people who knew Reverend DaoXuan for more than several hundred years, they could tell immediately that this was Reverend DaoXuan's voice.

This Taoist immortal who once led the world's Good Faction, could it be that something untoward had happened to him?

With such thoughts, Tian BuYi and the rest expressions changed.

Tian BuYi coughed, inhaled deeply, again clearly said, "Senior brother, we heard that you are not feeling well recently and so specially came to visit, will like to ask senior brother to allow us to enter."

Reverend DaoXuan's voice was silent, when it rang out again, a sneer accompanied it, the chillness penetrated the bone, "Visit me? Do you need six branch leaders to come together to see me, I see that all of you intentionally came to force the king to abdicate, eyeing my position as sect head Reverend!"

Once the words were out, like a lightning out of thin air, shocking everyone, even Tian BuYi couldn't help but step back, a face in shock, he turned and looked, saw even ShuiYue who had always been detached, had an unbelievable expression.

Zeng ShuCang's eyes were full of worry, he stepped forward, loudly said, "Sect head senior brother, what are you saying, we as your junior brothers and sisters, for several hundred years, never have this thought, never before, now too and more even so in the future. These few days we have been coming, is because we are concern about senior brother's health, definitely without ulterior motive, senior brother must never misunderstand."

Reverend DaoXuan's voice suddenly raised, sneered and said, "Zeng ShuChang, within the six leaders, you have always been the most scheming, that day you were already suspicious of Long Shou Valley CangSong and yet you kept quiet, don't tell me you thought that I didn't know?"

Zeng ShuChang's countenance changed greatly, Tian BuYi and the rest also turned in shock and looked at Zeng ShuChang.

ShuiYue Master stared at Zeng ShuChang, after a long time, said, "Is this true?"

Zeng ShuChang made a bitter laugh, shook his head and said, "This, this where do I start?"

ShuiYue Master wanted to ask further, suddenly the numerous dim candles lighted up, unable to see clearly in the darkness but for some reason, made one felt that in the darkness, some strange thing howled.

Almost at the same time, Reverend DaoXuan's voice was heard again but the target this time, had shifted from Zeng ShuChang to ShuiYue Master, "ShuiYue, what are you pretending, you think with your aloof and detached look, you are really righteous and stern?" His voice was weird, vaguely shrill and hoarse, "That time when Wan JianYi was down and kept in Founders Ancestral Hall to sweep the grounds til old age, and in the end died by the Evil Sect hands, it all started because of you, all thanks to you ah! Ha ha ha ha ha"

Until the end, his voice seemed uncontrollable and became hysterical, then, at that moment, nobody paid close attention to him anymore, everyone of them were pale, stared in shock at ShuiYue, for long time nobody spoke.

The few short words, were really too shocking, QiHao and the junior brothers were nonplussed, and ShuiYue Master was trembling, for some reason, her eyes had a burning glare never seen before, stepped forward, seemed to disregard everything else, loudly shouted into the hall, "You, you what did you say? Don't, don't tell me Wan senior brother he, he is still alive"

The words brought all to attention, everyone agitated, started to ask questions towards the hall.

And Reverend DaoXuan's hysterical laughter, seemed to turn wilder, reverberated in the air, for a long time.