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Chapter 190: Ghost Way

 Chapter 190 - Ghost Way

Deep into the night.

Wild Dog Taoist who had passed through the gates of Hell and by luck was pulled back, right now most of his injuries were already bandaged up. Although he still looked weak but lying on the ground, his breathing weak yet gentle, for the time being his condition was not critical.

And Xiao Huan who had saved Wild Dog Taoist, was still unconscious but she was only exhausted, no major injuries, the other two people who were conscious were clearly aware of this point, and so they were not that worried.

As for Zhou YiXian, right now his concern was, or should say what he was guarding against, was the mysterious man who had helped saved Xiao Huan. Right now, he had already recognized that this man was not a stranger and had once met him not long ago, at Qing Yun Mountain foot HeYang City, that mysterious man inside the manor, unexpectedly they met again.

Zhou YiXian sat beside Xiao Huan, his eyes kept glancing back at that black figure who stood with his hands clasped behind. With his experience, he naturally knew that this person was highly-skilled in the unorthodox sect Ghost Way, just that that day he seemed to be a foe rather than friend but today the man actually saved Xiao Huan. The other time fortunately they had Ghost Li helping them, Zhou YiXian and the rest then managed to escape, now this situation, although the man's intention was unknown but their lives were now in his hands.

While Zhou YiXian was contemplating by himself, the man in black, also the same Mr Ghost who was secretly following Ghost Li into the south, looked to have a well-thought-out plan, never imagined that he was also deliberating. His action this time, was really not something he would have done usually, just that the Ghost Way art he was practising, had always been regarded as strange and evil by people, out of the three great true ways sects Taoism, Buddhism, Evil and southern border shaman art skills, flying one's banner on a solitary tree. However, according to what the secular world says, even the ill repute Evil Sect, also despised Ghost Way, for so many years, the Ghost Way members quietly continued on almost in a kind of darkness, Mr Ghost being able to receive the hospitality of Ghost King Sect Ghost King, was an exceptional case, and also had its reason.

And it was also because of that, the Ghost Way which started off mysterious and unfathomable although still continued on today but its members were extremely few and rare, nobody knew for sure when it would die off. To think of it it was also true, most ordinary people, not many would thought of practising this strange art which deals with the eerie ghost realm all the time.

Mr Ghost who had practised for so many years, his skills and power considered one of the top in the world, and in the Ghost Way, there was none comparable to him. His temperament had always been hard and stiff, this was also the result of practising the Ghost Way, he didn't expect tonight to see Xiao Huan, with her young age, actually used the Ghost Way advanced skill of Collect Soul Spell, he was really shocked, firstly because Xiao Huan who looked like a young and beautiful girl, in Ghost Way skill, looked to have unimaginable high aptitude; secondly the more shocking thing was, this Collect Soul skill although was one of Ghost Way secret skills but it had been lost for many years, even he as Ghost Way great master, great expert, also did not know, but Xiao Huan could actually use it, how would he not be shocked?

When Xiao Huan collected souls by force, although Mr Ghost did not know the spell but with his high attainments in Ghost Way, his discernment also had distinctive qualities, one look and he knew Xiao Huan although had natural aptitude but she was asking for too much, and as expected after a while, even though Xiao Huan had surprised him when she managed to find Wild Dog Taoist's soul among the countless souls, she had already agitated the countless souls' vicious energies, counter-attacked by them. When she looked like she was about to lose her life, for some reason, Mr Ghost could not stand by and eventually made a move to save her.

Although he did not know Collect Soul Spell but facing these ordinary ghosts, it was more than enough, once he made his move, immediately he activated a formation to protect Xiao Huan and allowed her to complete the Collect Soul Spell successfully. However after which, he had some hesitations and did not know what to do next.

The atmosphere in the scene, for a moment was that awkward, until a long time, Xiao Huan moved and finally awakened, softly called, "Grandpa." then opened her eyes.

Zhou YiXian was extremely delighted, quickly helped Xiao Huan up, she looked tired, had no strength in her limbs but looked fine, after she collected herself, she immediately turned to look at Wild Dog Taoist, saw him lying there with serious injuries but his breathings gentle, clearly resurrected, Xiao Huan then smiled.

She glanced around, then noticed Mr Ghost, she was surprised and then recognized him too, this person was that mysterious black-attired man at HeYang City, she couldn't help but shrank back, exclaimed, "Grandpa, he, he why is he here too?"

Zhou YiXian helped Xiao Huan up, quietly said, "I also don't know why is he here out of the sudden, but just now when you are casting your spell at the critical juncture, it was him who helped you, you and Wild Dog then managed to avert the danger."

Xiao Huan heard Zhou YiXian's words, immediately recalled too, at the moment when she was unable to handle the souls' backlash due to her inadequate ability, her formation suddenly received a boost and chased off all of the ghosts, it was actually because of that mysterious man in black.

Recalling that, Xiao Huan slowly nodded to Mr Ghost, said, "Many thanks to this senior."

Mr Ghost seemed to ignore Xiao Huan's gratitude words, suddenly coldly asked, "Miss, I have a few questions, will like to ask you, I hope you can answer me truthfully."

Xiao Huan was surprised, at the same time felt Zhou YiXian's hand tugged her, couldn't help but hesitated for a moment but eventually said, "What question Senior has, feel free to ask?"

Mr Ghost nodded, said, "Ghost Way has always been secretive and undeclared, where did you learn this kind of Ghost Way skills?"

Xiao Huan was stunned, said, "Ghost Way, what Ghost way?"

Zhou YiXian beside her secretly sighed, Mr Ghost was instead stunned but looking at Xiao Huan's expression, did not seemed to be fake, she genuinely seemed not to know Ghost Way. After a moment of silence, Mr Ghost said, "The Collect Soul Spell that you used just now, actually is Ghost Way's advanced and ingenious skill, don't you know?"

Xiao Huan shook her head in shock, said, "I, I do not know."

Mr Ghost immediately asked, "Then who did you learn this skill from?"

Xiao Huan shook her head and said, "Nobody taught me."

Mr Ghost was taken aback, Xiao Huan continued, "This Collect Soul Spell, at that time when I was young and naughty, in my grandfather's old residence while playing and making a mess, slipped and fell into a dry well, discovered and remembered these skills from the well's wall. I was still young at that time and so casually learnt it and for so many years I only used it once. Why, senior are you also interested in this skill?"

Mr Ghost was speechless, after a long while, he heaved a long sigh instead, his voice was rather desolate, a melancholy feeling.

Xiao Huan and Zhou YiXian looked at each other, did not understand why did the man in black's mood turned melancholy out of a sudden but after a moment, Mr Ghost's hoarse voice ahead was suddenly heard, "Miss, what is your name?"

Zhou YiXian frowned, Xiao Huan had already answered, "My name is Xiao Huan."

Mr Ghost nodded, said, "I have some words to speak to you privately, can you walk over here?"

Zhou YiXian frowned deeply, clearly unwilling to leave Xiao Huan with this ghastly-looking fellow, but Xiao Huan did not thought much, recalling that this person had after all just saved her, she nodded and said, "Alright." After speaking, she ignored Zhou YiXian's covert obstruction, walked over.

Mr Ghost watched Xiao Huan came before him, slowly nodded, as if approving this young girl, until Xiao Huan came near, slowly, like he was deliberating something in his heart, quietly said, "Are you willing to practise the Ghost Way skills?"

Xiao Huan was taken aback, for a moment speechless but looking at Mr Ghost's black veil, the pair of eyes blazing, clearly he was not joking, couldn't help but had some hesitations.

Mr Ghost with his years of experience, carefully watched Xiao Huan's expression, guessed her thoughts, he did not force her, only said, "Just now when you casted the spells, facing the countless ghosts, what did you feel?"

Xiao Huan blushed and then turned pale, quietly said, "I, I was somewhat afraid."

Mr Ghost indifferently said, "It's nothing to be ashamed of, the mortals are ignorant, most fear ghosts and spirits, yet do not know the theory of ghost, it is only a kind of species after humans died and before being reborn. What humans fear, most likely it's their own demons."

He pointed to Xiao Huan, said, "Taking you as example, you had fear when you casted the spell, although you were still able to cast the spell but before you, there must be numerous illusions in front of you, all kinds of hideous ferocious images right?"

Xiao Huan nodded in succession, said, "Yes."

Mr Ghost snorted, said, "Actually the so-called Ghost Way, most important is to control your own demons, if you remained unruffled, all of the ghosts and spirits would not be able to sway your resolution. And if you think carefully, the reason those spirits got angry and counterattacked, looked extremely vicious and violent, didn't imagined that they were like the innumerable humans in the world, once when they saw a chance to escape, a chance to return to their predestined lifespan, how would they not turn berserk over that?"

He clasped his hands behind and coldly said, "The mortals, criticized the ghostly things as evil and ferocious but they do not know themselves are the same, isn't it funny?"

Xiao Huan looked thoughtful, slowly nodded.

Mr Ghost said again, "I know what you are thinking, you detest the Ghost Way repute but what you used just now is Ghost Way skill, saved that Wild Dog's life, it can be seen that Ghost Way is not without a single redeeming feature. Today I see that you are endowed with a natural aptitude not seen for a hundred years in Ghost Way, I really can't bear to let it slip therefore have the intention to teach you, "speaking till here, he smiled faintly, said, "As for the future, even if you discover my conduct are mostly evil, and want to kill me, it is also fine. We in the Ghost Way, view those conventional etiquette as mere rubbish."

Xiao Huan was stunned, took a step back.

Mr Ghost was silent for a moment, his eyes looked at Xiao Huan's face, saw her very hesitant, her delicate beautiful face kept frowning. Mr Ghost did not speak more, took out a book about half a finger thick with black wordless cover and threw it to Xiao Huan, Xiao Huan subconsciously caught it, looked at him stunned.

Mr Ghost indifferently said, "What this book documented, is half of my lifetime comprehension of the Ghost Way cultivation, in it various methods of smelting weapons, I believe in the world there is nothing on par to it. Whether you choose to learn it, or not learn it, it is up to you." Speaking, he turned and was about to leave.

Xiao Huan looked at his back figure, subconsciously called out, "Senior, wait."

Mr Ghost paused, said, "What?"

Xiao Huan instead held her breath for a moment, said, "I, I still do not know senior's name?"

Mr Ghost, backfacing her, did not move, after a long time said, "I passed you skills, is not for you to remember me, good luck."

Speaking, he again was about to leave, Xiao Huan feeling anxious, suddenly loudly said, "This, this you saved my life, and passed me skills, I feel that, feel that I should call you teacher right?"

Mr Ghost's body shook, as if this young delicate girl's words behind him, compared to the five sounds of thunders over his head, were even more intense. Just that he was after all highly skilled, very quickly recovered, slowly turned around, black veil covered his face, nobody could tell his expression but from his glistening pair of eyes, anyone could see, his current unusual emotion.

"You called me teacher?"

Xiao Huan blushed, felt somehow embarrassed, stammered, "This is this is my own idea, if, if senior you are not willing, I, "

Mr Ghost suddenly interrupted, "Alright, don't say anymore."

Xiao Huan was surprised, looked up, Mr Ghost only stared deeply at Xiao Huan, nodded, again took something out from his bosom, passed it over to Xiao Huan, said, "Looking at the fact that you called me teacher, I will gift this to you."

Xiao Huan looked down, saw a pile of seven dark triangular items, each half an inch big, smooth sides, unable to tell its material, like iron but not iron. Xiao Huan hesitated for a moment, looked at Mr Ghost, saw his eyes slightly gentle and so took it. Looking at it carefully, saw a small hole at the top of the items, dark red strings strung them together. Every triangle-shaped item, both sides had different dark red mysterious patterns, some looked like flames burning, some like beasts roaring, all different. Receiving it, she felt it cool to the skin, at the same time it contained a faint smell of blood.

Zhou YiXian standing behind eyes narrowed, one look and he recognized that was the item Mr Ghost used when he saved Xiao Huan.

Mr Ghost indifferently said, "This thing is called 'Blood Jade Bone Piece', also one of the treasures of Ghost Way, has the special ability to stimulate Ghost Way's spells, cultivation of only level five, with this treasure, at least can be brought up to level seven, with good aptitude, it can even go up to level ten."

Xiao Huan was surprised and delighted, nodded her head in succession, Zhou YiXian at a distance was instead shaking his head.

Mr Ghost watched Xiao Huan for a long time, suddenly shook his head and sighed, quietly said, "Considering tonight, I have only met you twice, to think that forget it, this is also fate. If in the future you have achieved success in your training, if by chance, "He lifted his head up to the sky, said, "Then help me save someone."

Xiao Huan was surprised, said, "Save someone, who?"

Mr Ghost quietly shook his head, like bitterly laughing, said, "We will talk about it in the future."

Speaking, he abruptly turned, as if like he did not wish to remain any longer, his dark figure like apparition, instantly shot out, disappeared in a blink into the dense dark woods. Xiao Huan couldn't call out in time, she had just opened her mouth and that figure was gone. For some reason, that man in black gave her a faint feeling of kinship, Xiao Huan sighed, held the item tightly in her hand.

Zhou YiXian snorted, walked over, took the item in Xiao Huan's hand and looked at it carefully, turned it over face by face, Xiao Huan was puzzled, said, "Grandpa, what is it?"

Zhou YiXian sneered, said, "A good teacher that you have acknowledged, you know what is this thing made of?"

Xiao Huan was stunned, said, "What is it?"

Zhou YiXian said, "This ghostly item is smelted out of the skull of an extremely Yin person, in it it contained countless of live souls, to achieve this degree of power."

Xiao Huan was shocked, took it and looked, but couldn't tell that it was human bones, looked more like jade stone, couldn't help but rolled her eyes at him, said, "Grandpa, is it really true, how does this look like human skull?"

Zhou YiXian immediately was enraged, said, "You found a fellow that look like a ghost and not human to be your teacher, and so don't believe me anymore?"

Xiao Huan stuck out her tongue, placed the item into her bosom, laughed and said, "Alright, grandpa, anyway in the future I will only use this item to do good deeds, not bad ones, alright?"

Zhou YiXian snorted, turned and walked, mumbling to himself, "It'd be a wonder if I believe you."

Xiao Huan [he he] laughed, extremely sweet and charming, followed along.