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Chapter 189: Capture Soul

 Chapter 189 - Capture Soul

Those that were lucky to escape, after resting, were either quiet or after offering a few words of comfort, left this bloodied terrible place one by one. In this troubled times, whose life wasn't valuable, and who would care about another's life? Every day and every night, every secluded unfamiliar area, didn't it stage the same scenes of life and death too?

Zhou YiXian and Xiao Huan also left, the beast's' lair was disgusting and heavy with stench of blood, it was really not a place for humans to stay. They struggled to move Wild Dog Taoist's body from the lair, placed it at the same empty ground at the entrance of the forest.

Wild Dog Taoist's body, seemed to be still warm, but, eventually it would start to turn cold.

Zhou YiXian frowned, sitting beside, shaking his head and sighing, Xiao Huan was kneeling beside Wild Dog Taoist, choking with tears.

The night wind blew whistling, shaking the treetops, in the shadow, the mysterious man in black saw all that had happened. Even though to him, it would not cost him any effort to eliminate the two beasts but he seemed to be cold-blooded, from beginning to end he only watched silently in the dark. At the moment, his eyes was assessing Xiao Huan and again to Zhou YiXian.

After a long while, Zhou YiXian was heard saying quietly, "That's enough, Xiao Huan, he, he is dead after all, let's find a place to bury him, let him rest in peace."

Xiao Huan's body shook, her sobbing cries turned louder, suddenly cried to Zhou YiXian, "Grandpa, don't you know everything, why don't you think of a way to save him?"

Zhou YiXian smiled bitterly, "I am not the nine netherworlds Yama King of Hell, and neither the Heavens' deity, how would I know those back-to-life magic spells?"

Xiao Huan choked, "But Priest he died to save us."

Zhou YiXian sighed, his eyes shifted to Wild Dog Taoist's face, nodded his head and said,"Speaking of which, I was wrong about him, didn't think that someone like him, would also have real feelings and character. Ai, but now it's too late for words. Xiao Huan, listen to grandfather, let's bury him well."

Xiao Huan stared off in a daze, only tears kept streaming down, drop by drop, wetting Wild Dog Taoist's palm.

In the shadows, that man in black's eyes glinted but there wasn't the slightest grief or pity, in his eyes, the world's mortal emotions were all like scenes of play, only he, coldly watching from the side.

Zhou YiXian got up, searched around, in this desolate and wild forest, how would he be able to find any convenient thing. Searching for a long time, in the end he could only broke off a branch, scraping it on the ground a few times, only a little soil was dug out, if a pit was to be dug to bury someone, God knows how long he has to dig.

Couldn't it be that even a good burial was hard to achieve?

Zhou YiXian abandoned the stick and sighed long, a weary look indistinct on his face. After signing away, he looked back, suddenly frowned. Xiao Huan had already stopped crying, after wiping away her tears, she also found a branch, started to sweep away all of the twigs and leaves beside Wild Dog Taoist.

Zhou YiXian initially thought Xiao Huan expected that digging a pit would be hard and so tentatively tidied up the area around Wild Dog Taoist. Unexpectedly, the more he watched the more he felt that something was wrong, after sweeping out about a radius of about five chi, she threw the stick away, slowly walked back, her expression was sad, yet had a few degrees of resolution.

Zhou YiXian noticed Xiao Huan's strange expression, walked a few steps forward, said, "Xiao Huan, what are you doing?"

Xiao Huan quietly said, "I want to save him!"

Once the words were spoken, Zhou YiXian was greatly shocked, even the man in the shadows was shocked, his eyes immediately stared at Xiao Huan. Zhou YiXian asked in shock, "What did you say?"

Xiao Huan's tone was still low but her words were extremely clear, "I want to save him!"

Zhou YiXian shook his head and said, "Yes, Xiao Huan, I understood what you meant, no, not this, I mean, how are you going to save him?"

Xiao Huan stretched out her hand and straightened Wild Dog Taoist's corpse, both hands placed in a rather strange position, raised up above the shoulders, one hand towards the sky, another hand clenched into a fist, at the same time she said, "Priest was killed because of us, I, I can't do nothing."

Zhou YiXian frowned more tightly, watching Xiao Huan continued to straighten Wild Dog Taoist's feet, placing the right feet below the left feet, his expression turned ugly, suddenly shouted loudly, "Are you crazy, Xiao Huan, don't tell me you want to use 'Collect Soul Spell'?"

Xiao Huan was silent for a moment, whispered, "Grandpa, I only know this, maybe, maybe it can really save a life?"

"Bullshit!" Zhou YiXian for the first time berated Xiao Huan so fiercely, "What nonsense are you talking about? That 'Collect Soul Spell' although has the ability to collect souls but this spell has always been an unorthodox method, not to mention the unpredictable risks, disturbing the roaming souls, it is even a greater taboo of the netherworld ghost realm, you don't want your life anymore? Also, this spell has always been used on a living body, with them still breathing and their souls around, as such the spell can be casted, to a dead person how are you going to do it? He has stopped breathing and his soul would have been scattered, even if you have this spell, how are you going to find his soul, don't tell me you want to go to the nine netherworlds Hell to look among the innumerable souls?"

In the darkness, the pair of eyes glistened, it seemed to discover something inconceivable out of the sudden.

Xiao Huan, with her eyes red, cried, "Grandpa, he, he just died not long ago, perhaps his soul is still in the vicinity, there is still hope maybe. If we still delay then there is really no hope."

Zhou YiXian's countenance turned pale, with big steps went up to Xiao Huan, pulled her up, in a deep voice, said, "Xiao Huan, I am telling you, do not be delusional. I know what you are thinking in your heart, the last time you used your own ability and collected back that Jin PingEr's almost dispersed souls but I am telling you, this is different from that time. I repeat again, this spell must be used on a living person and this type of Ghost Sect skill, it will damage your Yin merit, that time you have only saved Jin PingEr once and you have already lost one year of your life. Now if you rashly do it again, casting the spell on a dead person, it's already hard to tell if you will succeed but your own body will at least be destroyed of your cultivation foundation, your life maybe twenty years and above. Have you thought about it carefully?"

The last few sentences, Zhou YiXian almost roared out the words, Xiao Huan for a moment was stunned too, she at the prime of her life, it would be a lie if she was not afraid of death, just that facing Wild Dog Taoist lying on the ground, she couldn't help herself. However when she thought about the horrible endings, her breathings quickened too.

The atmosphere froze for a moment, the next moment, Zhou YiXian softened his tone, softly said, "Xiao Huan, life is decided by fate, nobody can change it. I guessed Heaven wants Wild Dog to die today, let's bury him properly, it is also considered doing a service to him, alright?"

The expressions on Xiao Huan's face changed a few times, at times struggling, after a long time, suddenly looked up and said, "Grandpa, his life is not determined by Heaven."

Zhou YiXian looked at Xiao Huan expression, his heart sank, making a dry laugh, he said, "What?"

Xiao Huan let out a long breath, decidedly said, "Priest's fate, was decided by him, it was he who disregarded everything and ran over to save us, this then resulted in his unfortunate demise. If he had turned and left, anywhere on earth could be his choice to settle down." The young girl's face was pale, looking grieved, whispered, "Therefore, he died for us, without him, we will be long dead, how would we be discussing about what years of life?"

She looked at Zhou YiXian, Zhou YiXian for some reason, looked away, "Grandpa, I want to save him. No matter how dangerous this spell is, it will not be comparable to what he had to face in order to save us right?"

She resolutely said.

Zhou YiXian knew then her mind was made up and would not change again, he could only look up the sky and heaved a long sigh. And that man in the darkness, right now his eyes were looking at Xiao Huan, glimmering, radiating brilliance.

X x x

In the woods, right now it was deep in the night, Yin energy at its greatest.

In the dim light, that strange spell, slowly started.

The first drop of blood, dripped from a cut made on Xiao Huan's fair arm, slowly landed beside Wild Dog Taoist, then, Xiao Huan circled Wild Dog Taoist, using her own blood, made drops beside him, watching her shaking her wrist slowly, the dripping blood dropped onto the ground, slowly formed a strange pattern.

In the dense forest, with the red-blood pattern gradually forming, faint ghost wails started. Zhou YiXian stood beside and watched, the corner of his eyes slightly twitching. And that man who had been watching from the shadows for a long time, right now suddenly frowned.

This scene, he seemed to have seen it before somewhere!

The great Shaman.

That man in black involuntarily, trembled slightly!

The blood formation that Xiao Huan made, clearly looked similar with the one the great shaman made when he tried to save BiYao but after Xiao Huan made a circle, the formation completed, the man in black already could tell, Xiao Huan's formation was still different from the great shaman. Not to mention the rest, just the scale of the formation was a lot smaller, maybe because both used blood as the medium and Xiao Huan used only her own blood, clearly could not be compared to the great shaman.

Perhaps it was also because of this reason, Xiao Huan's formation, the drawings were much simpler than the great shaman's but even though it was so, after one drawing, Xiao Huan was already swaying, her face pale.

Zhou YiXian did not say a word, went up to assist her. Xiao Huan was slightly weak, looked back at him and slightly smiled, and then slowly at the top of the formation, which was also three chi from Wild Dog Taoist's head, sit down cross-legged.

In the dim dense forest, a ghost wail abruptly pierced the air, instantly the entire forest was filled with strange cries, eerie energies overwhelming surged over. The Yin wind blew and blew, blowing from all directions, shaking the surrounding trees, behind all of the trees' shadows, there seemed to be countless of cold eyes watching over here.

Xiao Huan looked solemn, slowly closed her eyes, a pair of fair hands together on the chest, her mouth chanting quietly a mysterious incantation, a moment later, her slender hands opened, slowly put down, into the blood-drawing before her.

The blood drawings around Wild Dog Taoist instantly lighted up, like suddenly receiving life, started to flow in the drawings. At the same time, Xiao Huan's pale face, seemed to have a few degrees of strange black energy.

The Yin wind became stronger and stronger, the entire forest at this moment seemed to darken down, only this formation started to glisten. The vibrant flowing blood, looked most delicious, attracting numerous spirits over.

Zhou YiXian looked more and more worried, he knew very well the dangers of this spell, imagine, ordinary human actually trying to snatch souls from the underworld, how dangerous this was. But Xiao Huan had cultivation, and only casted the spell within the forest boundary, its effect was considered not that strong, most likely it would not alert those powerful protectors of the ghost realm, else if one of them noticed this, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Just that right now, with just this formation, Xiao Huan looked like it was hard to manage, the dark energy on her face increased, her body also started to tremble. Casting this spell, was different from saving Jin PingEr, there was still remnants of Jin PingEr's soul, as such relying on it to collect the remaining souls was much easier. That day when the great shaman was trying to save BiYao, although the formation was much larger but it was also because BiYao's remnant soul was still in the 'HeHuan Bell', and so the spell relied on that to probe the underworld, forcefully collected the remaining souls back. But it was also because of that, the great shaman exhausted his life's energy, secondly it alerted the protectors of the ghost realm, counterattacked by the ghost realm energy, in the end perished.

And right now Xiao Huan with her inadequate cultivation, performing the most difficult spell in the Ghost Sect, and missing the crux soul, even though the difficulty was to find Wild Dog Taoist's soul among the wandering souls of this forest, the risks of it, were already unimaginable for an ordinary person.

The two demon beasts had taken unknown number of lives, and unknown number of ghosts which died unjustly wandered around here, unable to reincarnate. And Xiao Huan making this formation here, clearly intended to collect a soul for this body, how wouldn't the surrounding ghosts go crazy over that?

Suddenly, the wind and clouds changed countenance, numerous indistinct black gases fought to be first and charged towards Xiao Huan, and the pained expression on Xiao Huan's face increased, her countenance almost shrouded entirely by the black gases.

Looking at this situation, most likely Xiao Huan would not be able to last long but for some reason, she refused to give up, so many grieved ghosts beside her circling around, either ghost wailings or howlings, or begging endlessly, or fiercely compelling, all various kinds, the world's anguishes, hopelessness, all of the negative emotions, all seemed to be piercing into her brain, but Xiao Huan still held on bitterly, with her remaining spiritual energy left in her, searching within the sea of souls.

If she fails this time, most likely there would not be another chance!

Zhou YiXian was already drenched in sweat but dared not disturb Xiao Huan, only paced all around, sighing. And that man in the darkness, although all around them was ghastly and eerie atmosphere but he seemed not to care at all, on the contrary, those ghosts seemed to be afraid of him, keeping a distance. Right now that man's gaze, stared unblinkingly at Xiao Huan, subconsciously nodded his head, after a long time, his voice so soft only he could hear it, said, "How can it be possible, this young girl using Ghost Sect's skill and with such high aptitude, is still able to hold on. If she has a Ghost Sect teacher, with guidance, it's not even imaginable."

While speaking, he actually also strangely showed some hesitation.

And at this moment, Xiao Huan whose face was covered with black gases, suddenly revealed delight, her right hand which was immersed in the blood formation suddenly lifted up, grabbed empty air and then quickly placed down, grabbed Wild Dog Taoist's right hand. After which she quickly lifted her left hand out, with the same action grabbed the air, instantly, the ghosts wailed loudly at the same time, almost all sank into an uncontrollable rage, the ghostly air was as thick as iron, instantly the black gases enveloped over, shrouding Xiao Huan's body entirely.

Outside the formation, all of the trees within three zhangs suddenly withered, it was as if they could not bear this boundless vicious energy.

Zhou YiXian was frightened, helpless, he saw Xiao Huan panting heavily, a few times she tried to place her left hand onto Wild Dog Taoist's right hand but the infinite black energy pressed around her tightly, the ghosts wailing incessantly, Yin wind blew gusts after gusts, there seemed to be a strong force that prevented her. And Xiao Huan's countenance looked paler and paler, her body shaking, blood trails flowed out of her mouth.

Looking as this formation was about be destroyed, Zhou YiXian panicked, was about to disregard everything and dashed in to pull Xiao Huan away, although he did not know what would be the consequence but it would be better to be away from these ghosts. Unexpectedly before he even moved, a black figure blocked before him. Zhou YiXian was shocked, looking at him, this black man seemed similar to the surrounding spirits.

That man in black's hoarse voice coldly spoke, "If you want your granddaughter to live, you better stand there and don't move."

Then, the black figure flashed, the man was already near Xiao Huan and the formation, without any more words, his arms swung in successions, black stuffs flew out of his hands, [ba ba ba] broke through the ground and sunk in, inserting around the formation.

Those things looked dark, similar to iron but not iron, unable to determine what it was but when those things inserted into the formation soil, the blood in the formation seemed to receive some force, the flow speed almost instantly increased twice, like boiling. A red glow lighted up from the formation, enveloped Xiao Huan.

The layer of red light seemed to be particularly effective towards the surrounding spirits, immediately the ghosts started to retreat, enveloped by the red light, Xiao Huan's countenance was quickly restored, her left hand which was in the air immediately pressed down, grabbed Wild Dog Taoist's left hand.

The moment her hand grabbed Wild Dog Taoist's arm, a light exploding sound was heard, a dark red light started from Wild Dog Taoist's palm, like lightning, extended down, in a blink covered Wild Dog Taoist's body, closely following which, Wild Dog Taoist's entire body also lighted up, the next moment, again dimmed down, back to normal.

At that moment, Xiao Huan managed to open her eyes, stared intently in front of her, Wild Dog Taoist's head, suddenly tilted, actually let out a breath.

Xiao Huan was overjoyed, relieved, darkness suddenly in front of her eyes, she had already fainted.