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Chapter 187: Secret Command

 Chapter 187 - Secret Command

In a blink, the monkey Xiao Hui was already back at Big Bamboo Peak for several days, during this period, it did not looked like it had left Big Bamboo Valley for almost ten years, every single blade of grass and tree over here, the monkey was still so familiar with it. Xiao Hui and Da Huang played the whole day, running around, the usual tranquility on Big Bamboo Valley, seemed like in the recent days, became slightly bustling again.

The sounds of dog barking and shrill mischievous monkey laughter, frequently echoed in Big Bamboo Valley, actually making it more lively.

Early morning, streaming out in groups from their rooms, the Big Bamboo Valley disciples looked at the monkey and dog which were already running and playing on the empty ground before Observed Silence Hall, couldn't help but broke out into smiles.

He DaZhi smiled and turned back to the crowd said, "Ever since little junior sister married, it has been a long while since the place is so lively."

Everyone nodded, a rather regretful feeling, and at this moment, someone suddenly coughed once in the hall, the cough forceful, everyone was surprised, saw Tian BuYi standing there, quickly went up to pay their obeisance to their master.

Tian BuYi dismissed them with a wave then his gaze was also attracted to Da Huang and Xiao Hui, looking at them for a while, grunted, said, "Two ignorant animals, early in the morning barking like crazy, really don't intend to let anyone sleep."

All the disciples were stunned for a moment but because he was their teacher, in the end they did not dare to comment anything. Tian BuYi grumbled a few more sentences, mainly complained about raising this stupid dog for so many years in vain, in the end still this useless, actually played so happily with a stupid monkey, everyone found it funny but naturally did not dare to laugh out loud.

Unexpectedly after a moment, Da Huang who was having fun over at a distance, suddenly started to bark loudly at Tian BuYi who was at Observed Silence Hall:

[Wang wang wang, wang wang, wang wang wang] - a series of jarring dog barks early in the morning, and Da Huang's dog face looked arrogant, sticking out its tongue, appeared very displeased with Tian BuYi, it seemed to have heard Tian BuYi's curses, a disgruntled look.

The disciples had the same thoughts, couldn't it be that Da Huang already had some cultivation, if not at such a distance, even how sharp its dog ears were, most likely it could not hear clearly, but if it was an old dog that had some cultivation, then naturally it would be another matter.

While everyone was secretly speculating, Tian BuYi was turning red with anger by Da Huang's sudden rebuttal, angrily shouted, "Rebelling, rebelling, now even a dog dare to jump out and make noise. Lao liu!"

Standing next to the crowd, Du BiShu, was startled, quickly stood out and said, "Teacher, disciple is here, what instructions do you have?"

Tian BuYi looked extremely infuriated, pointing to Da Huang who was still barking loudly with Xiao Hui, angrily said, "Today at noon slaughter that stupid dog, cook a pot of dog meat to eat!" then he hatefully turned and entered the Observed Silence Hall.

Du BiShu stood dumbfounded, cold sweat breaking out, hoarsely said, "What? Teacher, this"

Before he could finish, Tian BuYi was already gone, the next moment, the group of people behind Du BiShu [hua] with loud laughters burst out, Song Daren and the rest laughed till they were out of breath. Du BiShu, anxious and angry, said, "What are you all laughing at, this, this is commanded by the teacher, what should I do?"

Song Daren came forward, put away his smile, although his eyes were still twinkling but his face had a solemn expression, patted Du BiShu's shoulder, he seriously said, "Junior brother, this is an important task that teacher entrusted you to, you must perform it well."

Du BiShu almost cried out, anxiously said, "Who are you lying to, who doesn't know that teacher's favourite is Da Huang, even if we were to pull out a strand of dog fur, teacher will show us his displeasure. Now this, this, if I really follow Teacher's order, later on if Teacher regrets, will I still be alive?"

Song Daren [he he] laughed, turned and walked away, second disciple Wu DaYi walked over, nodded seriously to Du BiShu, said, "Lao liu, you are indeed a smart person, you know what Teacher really meant, since it is so, just don't listen to Teacher's order will do."

He DaZhi lifted his head and looked at the sky, slowly walked away but he was muttering, whether deliberately or not, said, "But heard that the thing that Teacher dislikes most is that we these disciples disobey Teacher's command, once Teacher knows that lao liu dare to treat Teacher's words like wind, this"

His laughter drifted over with the wind but he was already far away, Du BiShu, like ants on a hot pot, paced around on the spot, when he turned around, the rest was already heading towards the kitchen, he could not help but angrily shouted to the back of his senior brothers, "You these unloyal fellows, sooner or later there will be retribution!"

His voice travelled over, not knowing if Song Daren and the rest heard it, from far he could only see that Song Daren did not even turn his head, only stretched out his right hand to wave once, indistinctly, their laughter seemed to be heard again.

X x x

"Stupid dog, foolish dog, dead dog"

[Wang wang wang, wang wang!]

"What, you still dare to bark at me!" Du BiShu gritted his teeth, scolded Da Huang who was tied a tree stump, "It's because you are meddlesome, caused me to be assigned to do such a damm task by Teacher."

Nearing noon, Du BiShu while his senior brothers were gloating, caught Da Huang who was running amok in the mountains, and tied him to the tree stump outside the kitchen entrance, Xiao Hui using his tail, hung on a tree branch nearby, also did not seem to understand what Du BiShu was trying to do, swinging left and right, watching the human and dog arguing.

As for Da Huang, obviously at the moment it did not have any good feelings towards Du BiShu, its dog face looking ferocious, barking incessantly at Du BiShu

Du BiShu although kept scolding Da Huang but he resolutely dared not as what Tian BuYi said, slaughter Da Huang and make dog stew. Just that his Teacher's temper was eccentric, more likely than not later when he comes out and sees Da Huang here, he might vent his anger on him. Thinking of these, Du BiShu felt anxious, not knowing what he should do.

Da Huang was obviously very displeased being tied to the stump, its dog mouth opened wide, revealing sharp fangs, howling loudly to Du BiShu. Du BiShu was fretting, glared at Da Huang, shook his head and said to himself, "Forget it, forget it, just consider me unlucky, better go prepare the meals first. Hopefully teacher's mood will be better later."

Then, he turned and headed to the kitchen, his face looking worried, did not bother with Da Huang anymore. Until he was inside the kitchen, Da Huang was still barking incessantly, but he assumed it was just because Da Huang was alone, did not meant anything much and soon quietened down.

In order to please Tian BuYi, Du BiShu put his heart into the preparation of the meal, focused hard and wholeheartedly absorbed, in-between he heard a few barks from Da Huang and then became muffled, following by low [wu wu] sounds, Du BiShu did not pay much attention to it, only concentrated on making the meal. Besides, his senior brothers, teacher and teacher's wife would not come here now, he was enjoying the peacefulness.

After a hard time to prepare a good meal, Du BiShu finally was relieved, took out a handkerchief to wipe his sweat, walked out of the kitchen, unexpectedly he was stunned, only the rope was left on the tree stump, Da Huang and Xiao Hui were missing. Du BiShu was very anxious, looked left and right, couldn't see any trace of the monkey and yellow dog, wondered if one of his senior brothers was playing around with him at this time?

He immediately ran to the disciple dormitories, asked each one of them but no one knew anything, some still made jokes. Only Du BiShu did not have the mood to joke around, feeling low spirits and turning around in circles. And at this moment, suddenly a loud and clear dog bark was heard from a distance, everyone was surprised, Du BiShu was even the first to rush out, carefully checking, it was coming from the room of Zhang Xiao Fan.

Du BiShu quickly rushed to the room, the other Big Bamboo Valley disciples also rushed over, entering the room, only Da Huang was in the courtyard, barking loudly to the sky, and Xiao Hui was gone.

Everyone looked up, but only saw the high blue sky, infinite blue, not the slightest abnormality. Song Daren and the rest quickly searched, all the rooms were searched but Xiao Hui was not seen. Just like his mysterious appearance, Xiao Hui this monkey, again mysteriously disappeared.

For some reason, in Da Huang's loud barks, everyone was perplexed.

That day at noon, while Du BiShu was anxiously anticipating lunch time, only SuRu appeared in front of the disciples. Everyone felt strange, Du BiShu instead was delighted and surprised but he still asked with concern on his face, "Teacher's wife, why did teacher not come?"

SuRu gave him a cold stare, did not bother with him, only indifferently glanced back at Observed Silence Hall, her face had a strange look, after a moment she then said, "Your teacher is having some thoughts, and in a bad mood, did not wish to eat today."

Everyone was surprised but looking at SuRu's expression, did not dare to ask more.

At Big Bamboo Valley, it seemed to resume its usual tranquility, other than occasionally Da Huang barking loudly to the sky, it looked like nothing had happened before.

X x x

A silhouette, drifted down from the depths of Qing Yun mountain range, brisk and mysterious misty, like the legendary mountain spirit. Just that this figure swept onto a certain area of the mountain foot, suddenly paused on the ground, making a low whistling sound due to the high speed in the air, abruptly stopped, creating [sha] sounds from the grasses and trees below his feet, many fell forward by the wind.

It was Ghost Li.

No one knew which boundary Ghost Li came out from Qing Yin Hill but on his shoulder, Xiao Hui once again crouched there, reunited with its master again after a long time, Xiao Hui was evidently very happy, its long tail curled, its end still wrapped around Ghost Li's arm. And not knowing since when, that big wine bag on Xiao Hui was again bloated up, wine fragrance emanating, Xiao Hui was even more delighted by this, hugging that big bag, opening it to take a mouthful at times, a satisfied look on its face

But Ghost Li was clearly not like Xiao Hui, at the moment his face was indifferent, swept his gaze around, the surroundings was thick with trees, silent and still, only indistinct birds chirping were heard in the distant.

Ghost Li suddenly sneered, indifferently sad, "Come out."

No one answered, Ghost Li did not speak again, only slowly turned around, facing a certain area and quietly stood, after a while, suddenly someone sighed and said, "Only a few days, unexpectedly GongZi your skills actually advanced so much, this is really admirable!"

A silhouette flashed, from deep inside the woods a man in black walked out, it was Mr Ghost.

This person, seemed to be perpetually unfathomable and mysterious, always appearing in places where nobody expected him.

Ghost Li looked at him, his eyes cool, although he did not reveal his abhorrence but clearly he he did not like this person, said, "You are here waiting for me, what is it?"

Mr Ghost eyes roamed, first looked at Xiao Hui on Ghost Li's shoulder, especially stared for a moment at the third eye on its forehead, then looked at Ghost Li, said, "Why, vice sect leader doesn't wish to meet me?"

Ghost Li snorted, did not speak.

Mr Ghost nodded his head and said, "This is also up to you, but this time it is not me, instead it is sect head Ghost King who sent me a message few days ago, asking me to convey some words to you."

Ghost Li frowned and said, "What happened?"

Mr Ghost said, "After Ghost King sect head heard that you were injured at Qing Yun Hill Illusory Moon Cave, was very concerned, ordered our men who are hidden spies in Central Plains that they must find you, and convey his message, if they found vice sect head you, and if vice sect head is in bad health and injured, he could turn back to Wildlands to recuperate, his health is more important; if fortunately vice sect head is well, there is one matter which needs to trouble vice sect head."

Ghost Li was silent for a moment, said, "Speak."

Mr Ghost behind his black veil, seemed to laugh faintly, his laughter deep and low, said, "Ghost King sect head already knew, the Beast Deity has lost in the battle at Qing Yun and fled. This fang massacred countless of our holy sect disciples, he is our holy sect foe which cannot exist under the same sky, now is the rare opportunity to kill this fang. His escape this time, must be to the southern border which he is familiar with, and in our sect only vice sect head is more familiar with southern border, hope that vice sect head can go into the southern border to pursue him, it is also considered doing a great service for our holy sect."

Ghost Li was silent for a moment, nodded his head, said, "Alright, I will go."

Mr Ghost nodded slightly, but suddenly stepped forward, came near to Ghost Li, suppressed his voice and said, "But this trip, sect head especially privately commanded me that I must convey to you this, pursuing the Beast Deity although is important, but the most most important thing, is still another."

Ghost Li was stunned, said, "What?"

Mr Ghost's eyes glinted, whispered, "Sect head instructed, there is a ferocious beast TaoTie beside the Beast Deity. In any case, even if the Beast Deity escape, this ferocious TaoTie, must be caught alive and brought back to Wildlands. This is a very important matter, vice sect head must bear in mind, bear in mind!"

Ghost Li's eyebrows wrinkled, stared deeply at Mr Ghost, said, "What does sect head wants with TaoTie?"

Mr Ghost stood up straight, his tone back to normal, lightly said, "This, is not something I can know."

Ghost Li looked at him for a long time, suddenly turned, without even turning back to look, his figure like a flash, instantly swept out, disappeared. Leaving only Mr Ghost standing at the same spot, looking at the direction where Ghost Li headed, after a long time mumbled to himself, "Strange, how is it that his skills in such a short time, advanced to such level?"

"That day, that group of men in black that saved him, who are they exactly?"

His low mumblings, drifted with the wind, quietly echoed in the forest, eventually disappeared.