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Chapter 1088 – Plant Essence (8)

Chapter 1088 - Plant Essence (8)

Wherefore would the little Nine-tailed Spirit Fox still care about his loathsome paw on her head, now, all her attention was on that Fairy Tea.

The little Nine-tailed Spirit Fox raised the teapot with both hands, tasting it drop by drop, in an exceedingly cherishing manner.

Seeing these two adorable jade-like snow-white spirit pets, Li Yaoyao almost went insane from jealousy!

So adorable, really wanted to steal them and take them home to raise.

Thinking this way, the movement of her hands also wasn't slow.

However, when her evil hands stretched out towards the little Nine-tailed Spirit Fox--

The little thing thought Li Yaoyao wanted to fight over the Fairy Tea with her!

The little fox, that was protecting her food, jumped up with an 'awoo' howl, with a little face that was stretched taut and strict. That little claw aggressively tapped towards Li Yaoyao's forehead!

In theory, the little Nine-tailed Spirit Fox's strength wasn't that much stronger than Li Yaoyao. However, Li Yaoyao couldn't defend against its quickness, since it was an expert at speed.

Let alone the fact that Li Yaoyao simply wasn't guarded against it in any way.

So, in this way, Li Yaoyao ate a huge loss.

Just when the little fox's small claws tapped towards Li Yaoyao's forehead--

Our exceedingly refined Jade Lake's fairy suddenly, in a split second, was turned into a little lamb!

A little lamb that was lying on its stomach on the ground, nibbling on grass!

Su Luo stared with eyes open wide, she was so flabbergasted that her mind was in chaos.

Situ Ming had his mouth opened wide in shock, simply didn't know how he should react.

The Jade Lake's fairy that had returned to her senses was about to collapse!

"Baa! Baa! Baa!" The Jade Lake's fairy waved her hooves and was about to rush up.

However, she had just been turned into a four-legged animal, our Jade Lake's Fairy still hadn't adapted to this new form. So, using her hands and feet, she made the mistake of using it all at the same time.

With a 'splat' sound, the elegant and refined Jade Lake's fairy fell down in place. No matter what, she couldn't climb up.

"Hahahahaha--" Su Luo couldn't hold it back anymore, she hammered the ground and laughed her head off. She laughed so hard that tears almost came out.

It was really too funny! Li Yaoyao actually had a day like this!

Su Luo wiped at her tears and, with great difficulty, she restrained her laughter.

However, when she lifted her eyes up, and once again saw that lamb-shaped Jade Lake's fairy, as a result, the laughter she had restrained with great difficulty once again erupted!

Situ Ming's entire face was black.

Black as the bottom of a pot!

Only, at this moment, he didn't dare act blindly without thinking.

Because he didn't know the secret to the Transform into Sheep Technique.

He didn't know whether this Transform into Sheep Technique was temporary or permanent, fearing the unknown, consequently, he didn't dare to rashly make a move against Su Luo.

However, even if he was to make a move, Su Luo might not necessarily lose to him.

Because Su Luo had two spirit pets present at her side.

The little divine dragon had considerable strength, at that time, he played tricks on Li Yaoxiang. Now, he wouldn't necessarily be unable to defeat Situ Ming.

What's more, there was still a little Nine-tailed Spirit Fox that could change a person into a lamb at any time.

"Su Luo! In the end, what are you doing? Hurry up and change Yaoyao back!" Situ Ming took a few steps forward to help the lamb-shaped Li Yaoyao up.

That fall from just now, nearly fractured the lamb's legs and feet.

Su Luo, with great difficulty, stopped laughing and stammeringly said: "You don't think, this kind of Jade Lake's fairy is quite docile and cute in comparison?"

Changed her into a sheep and to go as far as to still say she was docile and cute? Li Yaoyao was so angry that she almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

Situ Ming glared furiously at Su Luo: "When all is said and done, are you going to change her back or not? Don't force me!"

Su Luo, usually, when she hesitated to do something, was even less likely to do it when forced, she only did it with soft persuasion and never orders.

Originally, she still wanted to kindly inform him that when time was up, the Jade Lake's fairy would change back from a lamb into a person.

However, since Situ Ming threatened her, humph humph, think she was a big fool that would be easily scared?

"If you have the ability, then try it." Su Luo waved her hand, and the two little spirit pets jumped on her shoulder, with one on the right and the other on the left.