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Chapter 1080 – Swift Cloud Slope (7)

Chapter 1080 - Swift Cloud Slope (7)

Li Yaoyao's face was so dark that water could drip out.

"It's not like you guys won, why be so excited?" Li Yaoyao coldly sneered.

The corner of Zi Yan's mouth hooked into a taunting smile, with a smile that was not a smile, she mocked: "Oh, Li Yaoyao, your face is truly ugly from jealousy, no wonder Third Senior Brother doesn't like you."

Zi Yan's eyes slightly ticked up, and shot a glance at Nangong Liuyun.

"Zi Yan, you're courting death!" Li Yaoyao was still in a rage, these words once again directly pierced through her inner heart.

"Have the ability, then come and bring it on, you think this young lady is afraid of you?" Zi Yan rolled up her sleeves, with an aggressive appearance, like a female hero.

Li Yaoyao was so furious that she wanted to rush up and have a huge fight with her.

However, Situ Ming made a move and pulled Li Yaoyao to a stop.

If they really started to fight, Li Yaoyao could not beat Zi Yan. Not to mention, behind Zi Yan stood a circle of people.

"Second Senior Brother, even you won't help me?" Li Yaoyao almost cried from being wronged.

Situ Ming took a deep breath, frowned, and coldly glared at Zi Yan: "Little Yan, Yaoyao is your junior sister. Forget that you as senior sister didn't help her and instead sided with outsiders, but now, to still help outsiders to bully her? Since when did you become a person like this?!"

Situ Ming's tone was not good, his face was even more displeased.

A trace of rage flashed through Zi Yan's eyes.

She had always been frank and outspoken, so this time was no exception: "Second Senior Brother, who's called outsiders? Even Third Senior Brother is an outsider? Third Sister-in-law is also an outsider? What do you call the things she, Li Yaoyao, did before, could it be you didn't see? Are your eyes only used as decorations?"

Zi Yan's words could be said to be very sharp. It immediately made Situ Ming become dumbfounded on the spot, not knowing how to react to her words.

Situ Ming never expected, this young and a little rash-headed fourth junior sister, would aim the spearhead at him. Moreover, every word was like pearls and unusually sharp.

"Pfft--" Beichen Ying couldn't bear it and laughed out loud. He really didn't do it on purpose.

"Who farted, really stinky!" Li Yaoyao pinched her nose and said it disdainfully.

Zi Yan cursed Situ Ming, so she would curse Beichen Ying. She didn't believe she couldn't beat her in cursing.

Who knew that Zi Yan's reaction would be very fast.

"What's so stinky about farts? Don't forget your stomach is stuffed with shit, how is it that it didn't stink you to death? Pretending to be a white lotus flower, for who to look at ah? Except for the guy at your side with eyes as decorations, who can't see through you clearly ah?" Zi Yan, with her hands on her hips, shouted abuse like a fishwife.

While cursing, she unconsciously fell into an excited state, this was what kind of fluent mocking to curse so freely.

Directly striking Li Yaoyao's face, making it look bad.

"You......How can you be like this!" Compared to Zi Yan's quick mind, Li Yaoyao seemed even more inferior.

After all, she had always played the role of a fairy in the past, how could she be skilled in curse words?

As a result, for the second meeting, Li Yaoyao couldn't go on and was directly defeated.

"What kind of person am I? Would I go insincerely pretending to be pure and honest? Would I still stubbornly hold on to a person with a death grip whom I clearly knew didn't like me? Would I use a person until he dies even though I know I don't like him? Li Yaoyao, saying you are cheap is an insult to the word cheap! You simply aren't worthy of it!"

Zi Yan cursed until her heart was content with scattered words of wisdom.

It was only a pity that Li Yaoyao's experience was too few, she was flushed with anger from being cursed. Her eyes were opened wide, glowering, but could not find the words to curse back.

"Zi Yan, shut your mouth!" Situ Ming finally couldn't bear to watch it anymore, and using his status as a senior, angrily shouted.

Zi Yan coldly snorted, and turned around to walk away.

She didn't shut up because she listened to Situ Ming's words, rather, the words poor Li Yaoyao wasn't worthy to be her opponent. Cursing there alone made her look like a fishwife shouting abuse in the streets.

Seeing Zi Yan walk to Su Luo's side, a trace of displeasure flashed through Situ Ming's eyes.

Just at this moment--