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Chapter 1077 – Swift Cloud Slope (4)

Chapter 1077 - Swift Cloud Slope (4)

However, 'the water afar couldn't put out the fire', Nangong Liuyun's rescue was still too late.

In this most critical moment!


The little Nine-tailed Spirit Fox in Su Luo's arms pointed with its finger, it tapped the forehead of that smaller-sized golden-colored magical beast.

One could only hear a 'hiss--" sound echoing.

That smaller -sized golden-colored magical beast with a huge body, suddenly, in front of Su Luo's eyes, with a speed that the naked eye could see, directly was changed into a soft little lamb!

A little lamb!

It was absolutely true, it became a tiny, cute little lamb.

Su Luo was simply stunned!

Also, it was chaos!

What was up with this world? What was with this little Nine-tailed Spirit Fox?

In the time it took for the little fox to lift a claw, suddenly, the huge thing became a meek little sheep.

"Awoo Awoo!" Quickly kill, quickly kill it, time was almost over!

The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox pulled at Su Luo's hands, in an urgent tone, urging her to kill it.

After saying this sentence, the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox's body swayed and fell into Su Luo's arms, it thoroughly fainted.

Very clearly, the skill it had used on the smaller-sized golden-colored magical beast, had already overdrawn its spirit strength.

However, Su Luo could clearly understand the meaning in the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox's words.

But....kill? How could she kill it?

Su Luo depressedly scratched her head.

Suddenly, her eyes lit up.

One could only see Su Luo take out a handful of tender green grass, and placed it in front of the little sheep.

The little sheep seemed to be extremely hungry and used its claws to grab a handful of grass to stuff it into its mouth.

On those green grass, Su Luo had sprinkled a little bit of Celestial Spirit Water.

Therefore, the little sheep instinctively wasn't guarded against it. After it finished eating one handful of grass, it followed directly with eating another handful.

Nangong Liuyun saw that the danger here was temporarily lifted and the enormous golden-colored magical beast was behind him pursuing relentlessly, unwilling to let him go, so he turned around and once again started to fight with that magical beast.

When Nangong Liuyun finished off that enormous golden-colored magical beast, Su Luo's situation here also had come to an end.

That smaller-sized golden-colored magical beast that was turned into a little sheep, its tiny body swayed, with eyes that gradually became misty.

"Three, two, one....fall!" Su Luo animatedly counted.

Sure enough, when she finished counting down to the word 'fall', that little sheep couldn't stand anymore. Both of its legs lacked strength as it fell to the ground with a loud bang.

The moment it fell to the ground, it once again regained its original body.

As it turned out, the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox could only temporarily turn it into a little lamb, rather than turning it into a real little lamb.

Su Luo thought about it some more.

That's right, if the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox really had this ability, then what in the world could stand in its way?

In this world, even the most gifted race, also had certain restrictions. It was to maintain a balance on the surface where the races mutually restrained each other.

After Nangong Liuyun cleaned up that enormous golden-colored magical beast, he returned to Su Luo's side.

He carefully examined Su Luo from top to bottom once through, before he felt somewhat reassured. He still had lingering fear as he reminded her: "In the future, don't be headstrong again. You are not allowed to join the battle again!"

Su Luo's eyes gleamed as she deliberately changed the topic: "Oh, that's right, just now, the skill the little fox used, have you heard of it before?"

"That ought to be Transform into Sheep Technique." Nangong Liuyun's gaze seemed far away, and half narrowed, "Didn't expect, this Nine-tailed Spirit Fox, turned out to be the king among the Nine-tailed Spirit Foxes."

"W-what?" The little divine dragon just made a random grab, and caught the king among the Nine-tailed Spirit Foxes? Wasn't this too awesome okay?

"That's right, it's indeed the king among the spirit foxes." Nangong Liuyun said with certainty, "The ancient books have recorded, the king of spirit foxes was born with transformation techniques, able to change huge magical beasts into sheeps. This is the legendary Transformation into Sheep Technique. Only, I never expected this matter to be true."