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Chapter 1054 – Nine Different Palace Halls (6)

Chapter 1054 - Nine Different Palace Halls (6)

He had just now met up with Boss, and unexpectedly rose two ranks in a row. This was simply like taking a flying car, extremely pleasurable.

The most pleasurable was, when he continuously rose two ranks, even his enemies were present.

Seeing their jealous appearance of nearly being driven mad, Beichen Ying frankly felt--

Pleasurable, really pleasurable!

"Hahaha, so little? Jealous ah?" Beichen Ying rolled up his sleeves, put his hands on his hips and raised his chin, immensely proud of himself.

The four people over there all looked at him in a despising manner.

Wasn't it just being promoted two levels in a row? Worth bragging? Was it worth bragging?

Only, thinking about it...... really was damned envious!

Li Yaoyao discovered that she had regained her freedom of movement and coldly smiled: "Third Senior Brother is in a good mood, we were all busily searching in a frenzy, yet you guys are here playing chess?"

Normally, when these words were said, ordinary people would blush right? Having been caught goofing off oh.

But, who was Nangong Liuyun and them ah? How could they be stumped by a sentence from Li Yaoyao?

Zi Yan repeatedly sneered: "If you guys found the entrance, you guys could also sit down to wait by playing chess ah, who told you guys not to find it?"

"You!" Li Yaoyao's refined eyes wrinkled tightly.

Su Luo smiled slightly: "Zi Yan, your words are a little off, if Miss Li had found the entrance, whether they would have waited for us would also be questionable."

Li Yaoyao's gloomy and cold gaze shot towards Su Luo: "You, such a sickly waste, why would there be a place for you to talk here?"

Li Yaoyao's words immediately made the calm atmosphere into one with swords drawn and bows bent.

"Who's the waste?" Su Luo coldly smiled without any concern.

"The waste naturally is talking about you!" Li Yaoyao burst into loud laughter.

It had to be said, after cursing out Su Luo, that anger in her heart was immediately smoothed out a lot.

A sly sneer flashed across Su Luo's face: "So, as it turned out, it's you, this waste, talking about this Miss, say some more, what else was said."

The little divine dragon stood on Su Luo's left shoulder and she carried the soft Nine-tailed Spirit Fox in her arms, looking at Li Yaoyao with a ghost of a smile.

Li Yaoyao was immediately at a loss for words.

Only now did she return to her senses, she was cursing someone else and instead cursed herself.

This was really......

"Su Luo, you slut!" Li Yaoyao was so angry that she almost stamped her feet.

However, after she uttered this curse out loud, an afterimage flashed from Su Luo's shoulder.

The little divine dragon exploded towards Li Yaoyao like electricity!


A swollen palm print appeared on Li Yaoyao's face, clearly traces left by being slapped.

And what's even more tragic was that the little divine dragon directly sent Li Yaoyao flying with one slap!

Li Yaoyao was still in a frightened state when she was held up by Situ Ming.

The surroundings became quiet.

"Su Luo, you this--"

After the quiet, Li Yaoyao erupted into a snarl that frightened the heavens!

However, without waiting for her to say another curse, the little divine dragon that had already returned to Su Luo's shoulder lifted up the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox and it tossed at Li Yaoyao.

And as for himself, he took this opportunity to drill into Su Luo's arms, firmly occupying the position that originally belonged to him!

Seeing little master teasing that loathsome fox, he was so jealous, finally, he had reasonable grounds to send it away!

As for the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox that was thrown out.

The little master was just stroking its fur while it was comfortably sleeping. Then, out of nowhere, it was thrown out in the cold.

The small divine dragon used strength and the opportunity was very timely.

So, the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox had a hard time controlling its flight, that small, round and white as snow little body smashed very fiercely on Li Yaoyao's face.

Li Yaoyao was smashed until she was dazed and had a dizzy spell.

The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox glared at Li Yaoyao.

This hindrance was really annoying, falling into it nearly broke its lower back.

The small Nine-tailed Spirit Fox, panting with rage, stepped on Li Yaoyao's face once, with a turn of its waist, it suddenly leapt towards Su Luo's arm.

Not to mention how the two little spirit pets were striving for Su Luo's favor, just speaking of Li Yaoyao's side over here.