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Chapter 1045 – Take money to buy a life (1)

Chapter 1045 - Take money to buy a life (1)

Beichen Ying's eyebrows shot up proudly, smiling happily as he watched them in their sorry state of being chased.

"Eh, who did you guys provoke? How did you guys become so filthy from head to toe?" Beichen Ying exaggerated, and moved closer to them, looking left then right.

Zi Yan's expression was even more exaggerated.

She was holding her stomach and laughing heartily, close to rolling around on the ground from laughter.

"Ha ha ha ha ha, I'm dying from laughter, ouch, hey-- I say, Li Yaoyao, isn't your luck a little lacking?"

Li Yaoyao, having been besieged by Snow Lions, had a belly full of anger. Now, she was being mocked by Zi Yan like this, she directly vomit out a mouthful of blood.

"Didn't you guys leave? Why did you guys come back?" Su Luo leaned against Nangong Liuyun's body, with feigned innocence and at a loss expression on her face.

Zi Yan smilingly answered Su Luo: "Silly Luo Luo, you still don't understand this from watching? This is them wanting us to help them ward off the Snow Lions!"

Once Zi Yan said it out loud, Li Yaoyao and her companions' faces immediately turned red.

Indeed, they all had this idea, the idea might be good, but it doesn't sound good ah. Especially under the circumstances of them having already left before to return right now.

"Could it be that they don't know that Snow Lions don't randomly make enemies?" Su Luo looked as if she was somewhat confused.

"Su Luo, now, we have ended up like this, you must be happy, right? Are you pleased?" No matter what, Li Yaoyao's hatred could not be concealed.

Su Luo faintly smiled as she looked at her: "Yes, I'm very happy right now, very pleased. Because this play is really fun to watch, could you guys perform it a bit longer?"

A free martial arts performance with real people, moreover, it was the the life-and-death kind ah, very hard to come by.

Li Yaoyao was angered until her complexion turned ashen!

Situ Ming, while fighting, was also observing the situation around him at the same time.

Originally, seeing Nangong Liuyun and the others standing there watching without lifting a finger, he was already very dissatisfied. Now, seeing Su Luo continuing to hit them while they were down, this was called the uncle could endure it but the wife could not!

"Third Junior Brother! Why haven't you come over quickly to help!" Situ Ming, while retreating, also pulled Li Yaoyao to draw closer to Nangong Liuyun's side.

Nangong Liuyun's forehead wrinkled slightly, a touch of annoyance flashing through his eyes.

Beichen Ying coldly smiled: "Situ Ming, who do you think you are, daring to talk like this to our second brother."

Situ Ming was clearly using his identity as Second Senior Brother to pressure Second Brother (1). Beichen Ying loathed this the most.

Situ Ming frowned: "Young Master Beichen, it's better if you mingled less in Purgatory City's business."

Beichen Ying snorted heavily: "You think this young master got involved? If you hadn't gone to provoke the Snow Lions, how could it end up like this?"

Situ Ming was immediately choked off.

Indeed, he was the first to go provoke the Snow Lions, but, how could Beichen Ying know of this matter? Situ Ming secretly clenched his teeth.

The Snow Lions were interesting too.

They didn't expand the scope of their revenge. They didn't attack Nangong Liuyun, only endlessly attacked the original culprits.

Li Yaoyao, seeing she couldn't keep this up, continuously to pled to Nangong Liuyun for help.

"Third Senior Brother, even if you don't consider our former mutual affections. But, based on us having the keys, you also can't just stand there and not lift a finger ah, Third Senior Brother!"

Mutual affection from former days? Nangong's thin dark red lips hooked up into a cold smile.

The Jade Lake's Li family chased to kill his precious Luo Luo, that was also called mutual affection from former days?

"Little Junior Sister, those keys cannot be taken away by the Snow Lions." Nangong Liuyun stood with his hands clasped behind his back and an indifferent smile on his face.

The implication being, even if they died here, the keys would remain behind. Furthermore, the Snow Lions were more obedient.

"Clearly, it was you guys that killed those three Snow Lions! Why are we being chased to be killed by them?" Luo Dieyi's face was full of hatred! She was really not reconciled.

1) In this sentence Situ Ming is Second Senior Brother to Nangong Liuyun because they had the same teacher. Beichen Ying calls Nangong Liuyun second brother because among the four of them (Beichen Ying, Nangong Liuyun, Lan Xuan, and Anye Ming-Nangong Liuyun is second eldest so in Chinese Beichen calls him second eldest.) Please let me know in comment sections if I should translate Beichen Ying calling Nangong Liuyun as Second Brother or Second Eldest to avoid confusion with Situ Ming being Second Senior Brother.