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Chapter 1039 – Everyone assembled (3)

Chapter 1039 - Everyone assembled (3)

"It's fine, no need for such a bitter face, it's ominous." Su Luo quietly said with a smile.

"Your injuries..." Zi Yan looked at Su Luo with a tangled expression, "In the end, how did it come about?"

She remembered at that time, Third Senior Brother had already found Su Luo, the two of them clearly left together.

With Third Senior Brother by her side protecting her, how could he allow Luo Luo to get injured?

Thinking up to here, Zi Yan glared at Third Senior Brother whom she very much admired with condemnation in her eyes.

Third Senior Brother was so strong, why couldn't he have protected Luo Luo well?

Having received Zi Yan's condemning glare, Nangong Liuyun's expression didn't change, but the guilt and self-blame deep in his heart started to fill the air.

Su Luo held his hand, she could feel the change in his mood.

"It was the old witch Yan Xia that injured me." Su Luo explained to them.

"Old witch Yan Xia?!" Zi Yan almost jumped up, "That witch hasn't died yet?"

If it was the old witch Yan Xia, then no wonder Third Senior Brother couldn't do much.

"No, now she is already dead." Su Luo smiled then added a sentence, "Nangong Liuyun killed her."

As soon as the words were said, everyone immediately became quiet.

Beichen Ying's eyes widened until it was perfectly round.

Zi Yan's mouth was open wide.

Both of them looked at Nangong Liuyun in shock, unable to take their gazes away from him.

This, this news was simply too terrifying!

It was scarier than the news about him being a tenth-ranked expert.

Old witch Yan Xia was well-known for being exceptionally strong from the older generation, her existence was close to defying nature. She was a character that could escape alive from being besieged by the heads of the ten great powers, she was actually killed by Nangong?

"This... is too damn shocking!" Beichen Ying finally found his voice, although he sounded a bit shaky.

Su Luo exchanged a gentle glance with Nangong Liuyun, then smilingly said to Beichen Ying: "This matter, placed on Nangong's body, isn't strange at all."

Nangong Liuyun, these four characters, represented an existence that defied natural order.

No matter what he did, everything was possible.

"Also right..." Beichan Ying's voice quieted down.

Su Luo's gaze when looking at Nangong Liuyun was full of tenderness, even a blind person could see her feelings for him.

Two years before, Second Brother had forcefully pinned her by his side, and she was like a bird in a cage, yearning for freedom.

But two years later, she was perfectly happy to stay by his side with syrupy sweet feelings.

He clenched the fists by his side a few times, Beichen Ying's lips slowly curling up into a genuine smile.

Seeing her happy, his heart felt assured.

Nangong Liuyun thoughtfully glanced at Beichen Ying, his gaze was deep, pitch-black like ink and unfathomable.

Zi Yan, this child, was insensitive and careless, and completely was unaware that the mood was a bit strange.

All of her attention was focused on Su Luo's injuries.

"Isn't your master Grandmaster Rong Yun? Could it be that even he can't heal your injuries?"

Su Luo's complexion really was not very good.

She couldn't feel the spirit force on Su Luo's body at all.

Zi Yan was really very worried.

Su Luo smiled bitterly and shook her head: "This time's injuries are comparably problematic, even Master was helpless. In the end, since nothing could be done, so we chose to challenge Xian's Wood Residence."

"Xian's Wood Residence is being opened ten years ahead of time, actually is because of you..." Zi Yan's eyes momentarily opened wide.

"Could it be that you both don't know?" Su Luo curiously asked.

"I don't know." Zi Yan shooked her head uncertainly, "My Master didn't tell me."

"My dad also didn't say." Beichen Ying shook his head as well.

"It's no wonder..." Su Luo lowered her voice and said in sudden realization.

"No wonder what?" Nangong Liuyun asked in a puzzled tone.