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Chapter 1037 – Everyone assembled (1)

Chapter 1037 - Everyone assembled (1)

The Snow Lion turned around and was about to run. Its survival instinct made its speed soar to the peak.

The Snow Lion really wanted to run, but how could Nangong Liuyun give it such an opportunity?

This Snow Lion almost killed his treasured Luo Luo, almost killed his brother, how could Nangong Liuyun let him leave?

Nangong Liuyun lifted up the black sword in his hand, it heated up like sunshine, and the sword body slashed by with a brilliant radiance.

Right now, his eyes were half-narrowed dangerously, his appearance was grave and stern, as if shrouded in frost.

The black sword contained the strength of heaven and earth, suddenly, it attacked towards the Snow Lion that had escaped to several hundred meters' distance!

The Snow Lion basically thought that it had escaped to a safe range, but then it felt a burst of murderous aura attack towards it.

It wanted to dodge but it would never had the chance.


A huge noise passed by, the Snow Lion's enormous body turned and stopped momentarily.

The huge black sword disintegrated into specks of cold light, all of it entered the Snow Lion's body.

It was actually at the peak of ninth rank, but how could it withstand Nangong Liuyun's full strength attack?

Its enormous body paused a bit in mid-air, soon after, with a 'thump' sound, it fell to the ground. It smashed a huge hole in the snow-covered ground.

Beichen Ying watched everything with a dumbfounded expression....

Beichen Ying rubbed his eyes in disbelief, then rubbed it again.

Soon after, he burst out with an excited yell.

"Tell! Second Brother, what what kind of precious elixir made from heavenly material did you eat? How did you advance so quickly?!" Beichen Ying exaggeratedly jumped up.

This was only two years that they hadn't seen each other ah!

At that time, wasn't Second Brother at the eighth rank? That was already in defiance of the natural order, but just now, the ninth-ranked Snow Lion that he and Zi Yan together couldn't beat, had fallen with just one strike from Second Brother.


"Hey boss, could it be you are at the peak of ninth rank?" Beichen Ying weakly asked.

That pair of thick eyelashes brushed over a pair of clear monochrome eyes, blinking as it watched Nangong Liuyun.

Nangong Liuyun stood there with hands behind his back, and lifted his chin in an extremely showy fashion: "Ninth rank? I haven't been one for a long time."

"Ahhh ,ahhh, ahhh!!!" Beichen Ying jumped around in chaos from being stimulated!

He was really stimulated okay?

These two years, in order to increase his strength, he went into the Magical Beast Forest by himself to cultivate through experience. Like going through wind and fire, countless times being surrounded by danger, countless times on the brink of life or death.

However, even like this, these two years, he only got promoted to eighth rank ah!

But Second Brother, actually wordlessly advanced to the tenth rank ah, tenth rank!

What goddamned kind of speed was this? How could it let others live?

After our little noble Beichen's excitement passed, he withered like an eggplant during first frost of winter.

Zi Yan hit Beichen Ying on the head: "Little Shadow, you are not so bad yourself, you can pass muster against most people."

Zi Yan herself, even now, was still at the seventh rank.

Bringing this up, Beichen Ying's eyes suddenly lit up: "Uhm, where is Sister-in-law? "

Mentioning Luo Luo, a tenderness flashed through Nangong Liuyun's ice-cold eyes.

"Take its crystal nucleus."

With free labor present, not using it would be a waste.

Nangong Liuyun confidently and at ease fluttered his sleeves, walked away smooth as a cloud.

At this time, Su Luo had already walked out of the carriage, standing in place, both eyes containing a smile as she smilingly gazed at Nangong Liuyun.

"Why did you come out?" Nangong Liuyun stretched out his long arms and looped her into his embrace.

Su Luo placed her body weight on his body, only like this was she barely able to stand steadily.

"Seeing you guys fighting, it was so lively, so I came out to see." Su Luo raised her pale little face, that little face was overflowing with smiles.

"Luo Luo!" Zi Yan excitedly rushed up, throwing herself over, wanting to hug Su Luo.