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Chapter 1030 – Between life and death (2)

Chapter 1030 - Between life and death (2)

Li Yaoyao pursed her lips and shook her head with unswerving determination: "No, it's very much worth it."

Because, if it wasn't for the Snow Lions drawing Nangong Liuyun away, she simply would never have the opportunity to move against Su Luo, that cheap girl!

Third Senior Brother really treasured that cheap girl too much, as if Su Luo, that cheap girl, would die if he left her side.

Just as if she was tied to his waist, taking her along to wherever he goes, closely protecting her. She simply wasn't given a chance to move against her.

"The person you found, will he really be able to kill Su Luo?" Situ Ming's expression was somewhat complicated.

That girl's appearance was nearly identical to Master's most treasured wooden carving. Clearly, it could be seen there definitely was a connection between them two.

If Master knew......

Situ Ming simply didn't dare to imagine that kind of consequences.

If they succeeded in one strike, then fine, if they let the other side escape, it simply would cause no end of trouble.

"He came."

Li Yaoyao was looking off in the distance, a white shadow quietly approached Su Luo and a double-edged sword ferociously thrust towards Su Luo's throat.

"Second Senior Brother, believe in me, Su Luo undoubtedly will die this time!" Li Yaoyao's eyes narrowed sinisterly with excitement ignited in her eyes.

With Su Luo dead, Third Senior Brother would be hers!

Li Yaoyao excitedly clenched her fists, her nails digging deeply into her flesh, but she completely paid no attention to it.

As for what was happening on Su Luo's side.

The murderous cold double-edged sword ruthlessly stabbed towards Su Luo's neck!

Just at this moment of imminent peril.

Su Luo's gaze turned towards Nangong Liuyun--

She saw Nangong Liuyun hurriedly crush the second Snow Lion to death.

She saw Nangong Liuyun turn his head back.

She saw his eyes going from stunned to despair to disbelief. She saw him recklessly rush towards her.

His speed was extremely quick.

However, the double-edged sword was already before her eyes, it was already too late.

Just at this critical moment, seeing Nangong Liuyun's speed that nearly defied the natural order of things, those after images that flashed through her head one by one......

A divine light suddenly flashed through Su Luo's mind. Moreover, she was finally able to catch this divine light!

To step on and destroy the afterimages, must pierce through the void......

Su Luo only felt a heat quickly rise from her pubic region transferring to her legs.

"Teleport!" Su Luo only felt that her entire body seemed to be placed in a void.

Originally, she was only separated by the paper on a window from the actual facts.

Now, the paper on the window was poked open, Su Luo felt as if it were a lifetime ago.

Just at this moment of a fine line between life and death, she actually comprehended the true meaning of integrating the Spirit Dance Steps with space.


She actually learned to teleport!

Even though it was only a short ten meters' distance, this nonetheless demonstrated that she already had set foot in the doorway of this law.

Su Luo escaped like a fish in water.

That person with white clothes and white hair had believed success was within grasp, the result was that he actually came up empty.

How could he possibly accept this kind of failure?

The double-edged sword reversed directions and once again stabbed towards Su Luo's back.

Just now, Su Luo had disappeared in the blink of an eye, and in another eye blink, appeared ten meters away. The white-clothed person only thought it was because his own vision blurred and never even thought in the direction of teleportation.

After all, in this world, to reach understanding to the law of teleportation only existed in legends. In the real world, it had already been lost long ago.

Let alone to say, whose family's teleportation was only ten metres? As a result, it simply never occurred to him.

The double-edged sword was like a viper, tightly nipping at Su Luo, not letting go.

Seeing that the person was about to stab Su Luo's back again.

"Teleport!" Su Luo swallowed a Spirit Restoration Pill and, relying on the little bit of recovered spirit power, she once again left by teleport.

That white-clothed person was momentarily struck dumb.

He completely couldn't understand how this person could vanish time after time? If it was because his vision blurred, how could his vision continuously blur twice in a row?

"I'll stab!" The white-clothed person gritted his teeth, rushing towards Su Luo and once more ferociously stabbed at her back!