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Chapter 1021 – Sudden change in travel plans (4)

Chapter 1021 - Sudden change in travel plans (4)

If it was anything else, she definitely wouldn't be so stingy, but this congee was personally cooked by Nangong Liuyun. It was made with love, how could she share it with other people?

Let alone that other person being her love rival Li Yaoyao?

Situ Ming looked at Li Yaoyao, then glanced at Nangong Liuyun again. He laughed shallowly and lifted up his robe to take a seat next to Li Yaoyao.

"Traveling through the wind and snow for a day, I really am somewhat tired. Since Third Junior Brother has already eaten, then we are picking up some conveniences with this congee. Traveling outside, to be able to eat some hot congee, is really a kind of pleasure on its own."

Situ Ming's smile was clear and shallow while carrying a hint of criticism: "Third Junior Brother, these things should be done by the female. Doing it yourself really is beneath a man's dignity."

Saying this, his gaze unhurriedly swept Su Luo a glance.

Su Luo, with the identity of being a descendent of the goddess, gave birth to restrained fear in his heart. She also gave birth to an indescribable loathing in his heart. .

This Situ Ming, was he scolding her indirectly?

Su Luo's eyebrows furrowed slightly, but before she could react, Nangong Liuyun had already made his move.


A clear and crisp sound echoed.

The porcelain bowl full of congee that was in Li Yaoyao's hands actually cracked in following the sound.

The congee splattered over her pink skirt, staining it, making her look exceedingly disheveled.

Li Yaoyao's eyes opened wide in disbelief!

Third Senior Brother actually... wouldn't even give her a mouthful of congee to eat... boo hoo...

Li Yaoyao's eyes immediately turned red, sparkling clear tears rolled around in her eye sockets as if she wanted to cry, looking exceedingly pitiful.

Situ Ming suddenly stood up, his eyes were deeply cold as he glared at Nangong Liuyun.

His entire body emitted flames of wrath.

"Nangong Liuyun, you went over the line!" Situ Ming was always a gentle and good person. This was the first time he used such a serious tone to reproach Nangong Liuyun.

"Second Senior Brother, this doesn't concern you." Nangong Liuyun frowned in annoyance.

Second Senior Brother didn't have any bad intentions, it's just that his two eyes had been deceived, unable to distinguish right from wrong. Nangong Liuyun was also too lazy to explain it to him.

"Second Senior Brother, boo hoo... you don't... it's my own problem..." Li Yaoyao cried like raindrops on pear blossoms, inciting people to take pity on her.

Her crying like this, completely stirred up Situ Ming's tender and protective feelings for the fairer sex.

Situ Ming pulled Li Yaoyao a few steps to walk in front of Nangong Liuyun, his gaze giving off a piercing cold light: "Nangong, you look clearly, she is Yaoyao, she is your childhood sweetheart that grew up with you. She had entrusted the rest of her life to you, treating you as a close relative! Now, because of some random girl, you actually treat Yaoyao like this, you simply.... simply... are unreasonable!

Nangong Liuyun's phoenix eyes narrowed, the corners of his mouth pulling into a cold and cruel sneer.

Although he was smiling, his smile didn't reach his eyes. Those indifferent eyes reflected a gloomy cold light.

Nangong Liuyun slowly placed Su Luo on the ground, with a warm gentle smile, he tightened the collar of Su Luo's clothing, and lifted an eyebrow in a demonically charming manner: "Be obedient and stand here, okay?"

Su Luo's eyes had a complicated expression.

Based on her understanding of Nangong Liuyun, this guy was really angry now.

Usually, the more languid, the more refined and cultivated he was, the scarier he would be when he exploded.

"Nangong..." Su Luo pulled at his hand.

At one glance, it could be seen that Situ Ming's strength wasn't ordinary, also, they studied under the same teacher. The matter of brothers from the same teacher destroying each other, no matter whose body it occured on, it still was not a good thing.

Su Luo was somewhat depressed. Could it be, she really was a femme fatale?

"Be obedient, you must believe that your man is unrivaled in this world. There's no one who can harm him." Nangong Liuyun's smile was warm and intoxicating, like the cherry blossoms in March, resplendent and dazzling.