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Chapter 1004 – To save and treat Su Luo (2)

Chapter 1004 - To save and treat Su Luo (2)

It was rumored that Xian's Wood Residence was the official residence for the Xian family. Inside was a countless number of spirit treasures. However, the spirit treasures' level were directly proportional to the difficulty of the mechanisms.

Rumor had it that Xian's Wood Residence's mechanisms were exquisite, nobody could solve them all.

The Xian's Wood Residence had a total of nine mechanisms. Every mechanism that you passed would have a corresponding reward.

If one could break through the final mechanism, they would obtain the greatest opportunity.

And the legendary Scarlet Blood Ningpo Figwort that could give life to the flesh and bones of a dead person was said to be the reward after solving the final mechanism.

"To open Xian's Wood Residence-is not at all easy." Nangong Liuyun stared fixedly at Rong Yun and slowly stated.

Rong Yun nodded faintly, his gaze gentle and pensive: "To open Xian's Wood Residence-indeed, it's not easy.

He looked at the still unconscious Su Luo with a tone that carried a soft sigh: "The difficulty of this matter lies with Luo girl."

Don't know which important person had drawn up these rules, Xian's Wood Residence's rules were strange and abnormal.

Want to pass through the barrier, only a male and female formed pair could enter. A single person simply was unable to pass through the barrier.

Moreover, one must personally obtain the Scarlet Blood Ningpo Figwort with their own hands. Only this way would it be tamed and one could truly obtain the best medicinal effect.

Above all, everything pointed to Su Luo. If they wanted to save Su Luo's life, she had to personally go and challenge the mechanisms in Xian's Wood Residence.

Don't know if it was because these rules provoked her, Su Luo's tightly closed eyes moved slightly.

Those thick eyelashes that were thin as cicada's wings fanned slightly, then slowly opened.

"Luo Luo!" Nangong Liuyun's cold and stiff face was excited momentarily.

His movements were fast yet gentle as he helped Su Luo up, letting her lean against his chest.

After being unconscious for so many days, Su Luo finally regained consciousness.

"Master..." The first thing Su Luo saw was Grandmaster Rong Yun standing before her.

She only realized at this time that the words coming out of her mouth were hoarse and deeply muddled, a low sound that was like a cat's meow.

It was as if her throat was being squeezed by a huge invisible hand. It was extremely difficult to even say one word.

Rong Yun waved his hands: "You're very weak right now. Don't say any more. Come, first swallow these pills."

Rong Yun took out a delicately embroidered case from his chest pocket. He opened the embroidered case and inside it was a snow-white pill.

This was a Grandmaster grade Vitality Pill.

The Vitality Pill was a good medicine for replenishing life force.

If it was placed outside, every Grandmaster grade Vitality Pill would be priceless. However, who told her family's master to be a Grandmaster Apothecary? This priceless treasure was eaten by Su Luo as if it was a bean candy.

It's just that Su Luo's body was truly very weak. Even after she had taken the Grandmaster grade Vitality Pill, very quickly she fell into a coma again.

Nangong Liuyun's eyes were filled with tenderness and heartache. He gently placed Su Luo back on the bed and carefully covered her with a quilt.

"Is there another way?" He gazed gently at Su Luo, but his words were directed at Rong Yun.

Rong Yun sighed, his gaze pensive as it moved swiftly. "Xian's Wood Residence requires a male and female pair to challenge it. Otherwise, you can't even enter."

During his younger days, Grandmaster Rong Yun had gone in with a colleague to challenge it. Therefore, he understood it much better than Nangong Liuyun.

"Luo Luo will not be able to endure it." Nangong Liuyun's fluid glance lingered on Su Luo's body, his face full of tenderness reflected by waves of sunlight, "I can't possibly let Luo Luo take the risk."

Rong Yun shook his head faintly. Similarly, his gaze also looked at Su Luo who had fallen into a coma again, "If you don't go, she'll die ten out of ten times; if you go, she still has a chance to live."

"You have the heart to watch such a frail Luo Luo go and risk her life? If you do this, how can you face her mother?" Nangong Liuyun's eyes exposed a radiance that was malicious and sharp.

Nangong Liuyun always did things quickly, ruthlessly, and accurately.

With just half a sentence, he had tightly seized Rong Yun's heart.