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Chapter 982 – Moment of life and death (4)

Chapter 982 - Moment of life and death (4)

She hatefully tossed aside the little divine dragon, then Fairy Yan Xia's gaze turned to Su Luo.

Before, Su Luo was heavily smashed twice by Fairy Yan Xia's fists.

The first time was tolerable, with Nothingness of Space blocking a little and a some of its strength was lost in midair, as a result even though she sustained some heavy injuries, it still wasn't life-threatening.

However the old witch Yan Xia's second time, it had contained endless amount of power!

Moreover it was from such a close distance!

Su Luo couldn't escape nor could she dodge it. So she was hit head-on by that strong shock wave.

Now, Su Luo lied on the ground with blood flowing out of her mouth continuously.

Her body was motionless, as if she already had stopped breathing.

Fairy Yan Xia walked a few steps to stand in front of Su Luo, towering over her, looking down at with indifference and ridicule.

It continued to rain as before.

The torrential rain spilled to the ground drop by drop.

Su Luo's face was already very pale, being fiercely scrubbed by the torrential rain, it became so pale as to be nearly transparent without a trace of color.

The corner of Fairy Yan Xia's mouth hooked into a cold, detached smile: "Yan Hua, you slut! Open your eyes wide and watch, your treasured daughter is about to die."

At this moment, Fairy Yan Xia's mind seemed to be immersed in past memories, although she was smiling, her face had twisted malevolently to be terrifying. It would intimidate a person at a glance.

She slowly crouched down, pulled out a dagger, and gestured over Su Luo's extremely beautiful face.

"Before I kill you, naturally, I will first ruin this face of yours."

What Fairy Yan Xia hated the most in this lifetime were people who were more beautiful than her.

What she hated the most was Yan Hua's beautiful face.

Now, Su Luo had inherited both qualities, how could she not provoke Fairy Yan Xia's resentment?

The dagger in old witch Yan Xia's hand glittered like frost and snow, bit by bit, it approached Su Luo's delicate and matchless complexion.

This face, was simply otherworldly beautiful. It had an enchanting allure, that with one glance, a person would be deeply absorbed by its beauty.

Sinister rays of light flickered in the old witch Yan Xia's eyes. Her dagger shook as it slashed heavily towards Su Luo's delicate face!

According to the old witch Yan Xia's strength, with merely one brush, Su Luo's face would be ruined!

At this moment, Su Luo silently lied on the ground with gossamer of a breathe, as if, at any time, she could take her last breath and die.

Su Luo didn't have the slightest strength to resist.

Her little stone, because it had saved her the last time by burning the old witch Yan Xia, it was still fast asleep in her space.

The little divine dragon was knocked unconscious by the old witch Yan Xia, his life and death uncertain.

Just as the old witch Yan Xia's lowered her blade!


A world-shaking voice rolled over from the distant sky.

A black as ink figure jumped down from the clouds in the sky.

Nangong Liuyun's figure appeared in mid-air.

The wind from his palm strike stopped the old witch Yan Xia, his rainbow like atmosphere was imposing. His strength that weighed fifteen thousand kilograms, heavily smashed towards the opponent.

However, Nangong Liuyun was still too far away.

And old witch Yan Xia's dagger was only a finger's width away from Su Luo.

Seeing that someone had came to save Su Luo, the old witch Yan Xia immediately changed her plans.

In the instant electricity could give off sparks, old witch Yan Xia's expression surveyed everything with craftiness, changing from brightness to darkness.

Suddenly, the corner of her mouth hooked into a sinister sneer.

Someone came to save this loathsome girl?

Good, very good!

Then she would kill her, to prevent future troubles, then destroy that face of hers!

Nangong Liuyun's palm strike arrived in the blink of an eye.

The old witch Yan Xia felt the other side's strength wasn't weak, but it also wasn't strong enough to make her raise an eyebrow.

She used eighty percent of her strength to stop the unexpected attack.

The remaining twenty percent of her strength, she used it on her dagger!

The corner of her mouth raised in a malevolent sneer, and the deeply cold dagger stabbed towards unconscious Su Luo's throat!

Nangong Liuyun, seeing this scene, nearly fell down from midair!