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Chapter 973 – Nangong Liuyun (8)

Chapter 973 - Nangong Liuyun (8)

Nangong Liuyun jumped in fear and quickly retreated, however, Su Luo got a hold of his robe and snorted coldly: "Who did you say got plastic surgery? Hmph! This girl didn't look beautiful before?"

"Beautiful, beautiful." The absolutely aggressive Nangong Liuyun turned into an obedient kitten in front of Su Luo.

Only then did Su Luo let him go and heavily humphed: "How could I get plastic surgery? Simply pure nonsense! I tell you, this appearance is this girl's real one, the face before was just a mask."

"How can this be? Could it be got hit with alter the appearance to change the reflection technique?" Nangong Liuyun was indeed deserving of being called well read, all he needed was a hint to understand.

"Mhm!" Su Luo proudly raised an eyebrow.

"Why?" Nangong Liuyun expressed his puzzlement.

He looked up and down seizing up Su Luo's devastatingly and exceptionally beautiful appearance.

The more he looked at this face, the more he loved it. He really wanted to kiss it.

Nangong Liuyun looked at this face that was a feast to the eyes, and nearly salivated.

Su Luo crossed her arms like a queen, glanced at him, proudly raised her chin and indifferently said: "Probably afraid that I would grew up being too beautiful."

These words, although beyond narcissistic, but was really not far from the truth.

Just when Su Luo was standing in that proud posture, she suddenly felt a dark shadow attack towards her, and in the next moment--

She was already enveloped tightly in Nangong Liuyun's embrace.

Nangong Liuyun hugged her tightly, with astonishing strength, almost squeezing out all the air from her lungs.

"Lighter, a little lighter." Su Luo didn't mind being hugged by him in such a public place, but she did care about her own life and safety.

Nangong Liuyun smiled gently, his strong arms relaxing slightly, but still keeping a strong embrace on her waist, not allowing her to struggle free.

He rested his chin on her shoulder, smelling the light fragrance of her body, his mood gradually calming down little by little.

Being separated for two years, he could finally hug the real her and not just in his dreams. This was really great.

Their surroundings were quiet. There was an ambiguous feeling lingering and circling in the air.

Looking at this emotional scene, Zi Yan wanted to discreetly withdrawl.

But, there was another not so discreet person in this place. His name was Ouyang Yunqi.

Seeing the tightly embracing figures, Yunqi's eyes narrowed dangerously, both hands clenched tightly into fists making the clear sound of joints cracking.

"Let her go."

Yunqi calmly, step by step, walked over to the embracing couple as if nobody else was there, his eyes flashed with a strange calmness, like the calm before a storm.

Nangong Liuyun was completely immersed the land of warmth and tenderness that was hard to pull out of, now, being suddenly interrupted, he immediately felt unhappy.

He let go of Su Luo little by little, and pushed her behind him. He was so stingy that he wouldn't even let Yunqi look at Su Luo.

"Say it again." Nangong Liuyun smiled lightly at Yunqi, but his smile didn't reach his eyes, his eyes were as cold as ice.

This Nangong Liuyun, full of aggressiveness, his face showed an overwhelmingly arrogant strength.

Yunqi's heart was filled with indescribable coldness, however, he didn't flinch and even took a step forward.

"I said, I met Luo Luo earlier than you, Luo Luo and I were together long before you came, you're the one who should scram!"

Yunqi sneered at Nangong Liuyun, hardly showing any weakness.

Nangong Liuyun's impossibly handsome face stiffened for a split second.

"Bang--" Nangong Liuyun's answered Yunqi with a heavy punch!

Yunqi had guarded against this, making use of Concealing Technique, but his speed couldn't match Nangong Liuyun's, and a fist still ruthlessly smashed him in the face.