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Chapter 971 – Nangong Liuyun (6)

Chapter 971 - Nangong Liuyun (6)

Su Luo's gaze turned to Nangong Liuyun.

With Yunqi's escape, would Nangong Liuyun be angry?

Right now, Nanong Liuyun's lips curled into an demonically enchanting smile: "Concealing technique? Tch, let's see how long you can hide."

Nangong Liuyun was well-read and knowledgeable, within three years, he had read all the books in the libraries of the capital, therefore, there was little he did not know about in this world.

The Concealing technique was very foreign to a lot of people, but Nangong Liuyun knew about it.

Elementary Concealing technique could only hide a person for ten seconds.

Suddenly, a sarcastic cold smile flashed across Nangong Liuyun's eyes.

Because he cold feel a cold, sinister figure heading toward him from behind.

Yunqi, won't take the roads to heaven but with no doors to hell you insisted on rushing in.

You had ten seconds to run, but you passed it up.

Nangong Liuyun's spirit powers suddenly condensed around his entire body, as if he was wearing heavy armour.

However, other people could not see it.

"Crack!" A punch smashed towards Nangong Liuyun's back, at the same time, Yunqi's figure gradually appeared.

This was a punch that contained all of Yunqi's combined strength combined!

The violent sound of explosion screamed through the air, very imposing and earth-shaking.

Although Su Luo was a long distance away, but she still was affected by the wind from the fist's attack. She only felt a sweet taste in her throat and a mouthful of blood sprayed out.

Zi Yan was affected even more miserably than Su Luo.

Her wound that had scabbed over with great difficulty, being influenced by the fist's attack had all opened up again with blood gushing out.

Being affected only by the light, Su Luo and Zi Yan was already like this. It could be seen how great the strength Nangong Liuyun had to endured.

Having delivered that punch by surprise, Yunqi thought that Nangong Liuyun would at least be seriously injured.

However, he had really underestimated Nangong Liuyun's current strength.

One could only see Nangong Liuyun returned to his senses slowly, his eyes like a god that was high up in the clouds, looking down at all the mortals below him.

He calmly smirked, looked at Yunqi and sneered: "Is this all of your strength?"

Right now Nangong Liuyun's expression was as usual, movements were as usual, clearly he hasn't sustain any injuries whatsoever.

At this moment Yunqi's facial expression was unable to move, momentarily he was speechless.

Nangong Liuyun was as detached and cold as a god: "You are too weak."

Yunqi had condensed out all of this strength, yet he couldn't even break Nangong Liuyun's defences. Then how could this be said to be a confrontation? These two people were simply not at the same level.

Yunqi's body momentarily went rigid, his eyes were as cold as ice, staring at Nangong Liuyun.

Although he didn't want to admit it, he still had to admit that Nangong Liuyun was stronger than him.

And not only by a little bit.

In fact, he couldn't even break his defense, let alone to say how to kill him?

For a moment, Yunqi's face flickered from cloudy to bright, difficult to understand his feelings.

Nangong Liuyun's eyes were like cold stars and said in a flat tone: "You, how do you want to die?"

Su Luo's heart was slightly obstructed.

Nangong Liuyun was being a bit too aggressive okay? In any case his opponent was Ouyang Yunqi, who was once equally famous as him. Now he was letting the opponent to choose his own method of death?

Yunqi's face stiffened slightly, but he quickly voice to a sneer: "You wouldn't dare to kill me."

Yunqi looked at Nangong Liuyun fearlessly, eyes bright with complete confidence.

Nangong Liuyun's sleeves fluttered in the wind, as if in the next moment he would take his life.

But Yunqi's lips hooked up a few times: "If you killed me, Luo Luo will never forgive you."

This one sentence from Yunqi had pulled Su Luo in from being just an observer.

This statement was like a huge rock being thrown into a calm lake, immediately setting off terrifying waves.