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Chapter 962 – To disclose information (3)

Chapter 962 - To disclose information (3)

However, Su Luo's brain had always been nimble, in the blink of an eye, she had grabbed onto the loophole in Yunqi's words: "That's right, now, our relationship is only the negotiations between two parties."

Since it was just negotiations between two parties, then business could be conducted according to rules and not private interests. So it didn't involve personal stuff.

Su Luo's words immediately cut a dividing line into the ambiguous atmosphere that Yunqi had meticulously built. The boundary was very clear.

Yunqi's gaze condensed slightly, and he sighed faintly: "Luo Luo, you still blame me."

Su Luo coldly sneered: "Do you take me as having amnesia or my heart has gone mad? Being stabbed once by the person I loved, how could I pretend as if nothing had happened?"

Yunqi's way of thinking was simply too ridiculous, Su Luo was completely unable to approve of it.

However, having heard these words that Su Luo said, a pleasantly surprised expression flashed through Yunqi's eyes: "You said....beloved person....Luo Luo, I...."

Before Yunqi finished speaking, Su Luo hurriedly blocked him from having his thoughts scatter off in tangents: "Those are things from my previous life, this lifetime, how could I still like a man who has daggers hidden in his smiles? You really still view yourself as too important."

Su Luo's words ruthlessly hacked down from the sky, immediately making Yunqi stiffen in place.

One moment in heaven, then the next moment in hell, it was just like this.

A pained and helpless smile appeared in Yunqi's eyes: "Luo Luo, in the end, you still blame me."

Yunqi being like this could easily make a person's heart soften.

If it was Su Luo from the previous world, she would have already went up and embraced his hips and buried her face in his chest. She would have repeatedly told him, she did not blame him.


Su Luo felt that she really had changed.

Seeing Yunqi's smile full of pain, although the place nearest to her heart gave a thread of throbbing pain, but at the same time, she felt content.

Really representative of the sentence, 'seeing you living unhappily, then I will be at ease'.

The corner of Su Luo's mouth hooked into a taunting smile: "Blame you? I don't even have time to cultivate, where would I find the time to blame you? Are you worth me wasting time over?"

This sentence was really fierce, really sharp.

The smile on Yunqi's face became bitter and rigid, he took a deep breath and turned his face away.

His lonely gaze looked at the distant mountain range with its exquisite up and down peaks. His voice was calm without a thread of unevenness: "If I said I never betrayed you, will you believe me?"

Su Luo coldly snorted mockingly, clearly showing she didn't believe him.

"You don't believe it." Yunqi looked at her with a sour expression, his body swaying, "So many years of affection, do you believe I will really kill you?"

The hands at Su Luo's side clenched tightly into fists.

Because of so many years of affection, it would result in her unforgettable hatred.

Why would he think that just based on two kind sentences from him, that she would believe it?

Before, that brightly shining dagger in her heart, was it something that she inserted herself?

Su Luo coldly sneered, her expression indifferent and heartless.

Even though Yunqi's heart was sour and felt helpless at the same time, he still continued to slowly explain: "At that time when we were on top of Cloud Fall Mountain, at that place, it wasn't just the two of us..."

Just when Yunqi was about to tell Su Luo the entire truth of what happened at that time, an unforeseen event happened right at this moment.

At this time, the eyebrows on Yunqi's handsome and bright face suddenly wrinkled.

Even though Su Luo was puzzled in the beginning, but very quickly, she could also feel a dangerous aura approaching towards her.

Su Luo took precautions and swept her gaze around her surroundings.

Just at this moment, Zi Yan dashed over: "Luo Luo, it's extremely bad, quickly run, quick!"

Able to make Zi Yan directly run instead of resisting, it could be seen how formidably strong the opponent was.

Just when Zi Yan grabbed Su Luo's hand and was about to dash away together with her, it was already too late.