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Chapter 949 – Mother’s secret (6)

 Chapter 949 - Mother's secret (6)

Su Luo stopped outside the door, carefully examining it.

This door hinge was not well-lubricated. If opened, it would produce a sound.

Su Luo hesitated inwardly, thinking of a way to solve this issue.

Right at this time, Su Luo's heart suddenly jumped. She quickly turned and hid her figure behind a column.

At this moment, the door up front opened with a creaking sound.

A little eunuch walked out.

Opportunity only knocks once.

Su Luo quietly stole behind him and her hand hacked down like a knife--

The little eunuch would never have imagined that someone would dare to come to Magnificent Yun Palace and behave atrociously. By the time he realized this, he was already unconscious.

Su Luo dragged the little eunuch's body to a shadowy corner. Then she turned, and in a flash, she entered, with a 'creak' sound, she pulled the door shut.

In any case, whether going in or going out, the sound of this door's hinge moving was the same.

Su Luo turned around and realized her vision inside was very dark, nearly pitch-black.

However, this posed no problem for her.

The Yun Qi from her previous life had a habit of digging a square-shaped hole in the middle of the bed and using it to hide his treasures.

Because Su Luo didn't have any clues to start with, she could only begin from this point.

Inside Yun Qi's resting residence, there was not a soul in sight.

Su Luo secretly rejoiced in her heart. Fortunately, he wasn't around. Otherwise, she would have to waste a great deal of effort.

Within two to three steps, Su Luo arrived at his bedside.

This bed and frame was made from precious yellow rosewood with dragons and phoenixes engraved on all four sides. The curtain hanging from the canopy danced in the breeze, seemingly delicate and luxurious. This bed had an interesting and appealing beauty.

However, Su Luo was not in the right mood to appreciate these, and she directly reached for the spot in the middle of the bed.

"Eh--" Su Luo cried out softly in surprise.

Unexpectedly, she really had guessed right. The wooden plank in this spot was slightly different from the rest of the ones in the bed.

Of course, if she hadn't carefully examined it, she definitely wouldn't have spotted it.

She lifted up the bedcover, revealing nearly identical beds boards in terms of color and depth.

Su Luo's hand repeatedly knocked on that center position for seven times.

Three long, four short. This was the agreed upon signal from her tacit understanding with Yun Qi in her previous life.

"Dong--" There was a slight noise. A square hole suddenly appeared among the seamlessly joined bed boards.

Watching the wooden planks slowly moving to both sides, the corner of Su Luo's mouth curved into a complicated smile.

If Yun Qi knew that she relied on his habits from her previous life to figure it out, wouldn't he be infuriated to death?

Su Luo shook her head, abandoning the messy thoughts in her mind.

At this time, the tiny door to the hole was completely opened.

Inside it was an engraved wooden box made out of red sandalwood.

In the hazy light, Su Luo was able to see the words on top clearly.

《Spirit Dance Steps Rules》.

That's right, this was precisely what she was looking for!

Su Luo's heart immediately was extremely pleased. Originally, she thought she would have to waste a lot of effort. Unexpectedly, she would find it so easily.

However, Su Luo didn't actually directly take away that red sandalwood box recklessly.

One had to know, Yun Qi had always been two-faced. He had countless methods to deal with people who stole his treasures.

And the methods Yun Qi used to deal with other people, Su Luo had always been familiar with all of them.

Her sleeve flipped over and a dagger emitting icy cold air appeared in Su Luo's hand.

In the dark of the night, the dagger was like a clear spring with an awe-inspiring icy aura.

Su Luo used the dagger to lightly slide all around the red sandalwood box. Sure enough, she found a secret, thin and long thread.

This thin thread was linked to something below the red sandalwood box. If someone were to impatiently steal away that box, then the consequences would be very ugly.

Su Luo followed along that thread and sure enough, it led her to a mechanism that was hidden in the corner.

If she didn't cut the thin thread and instead directly carried the box away, then what awaited her were concealed weapons that could drill holes through anything, coming from all directions at her.