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Chapter 944 – Mother’s secret (1)

Chapter 944 - Mother's secret (1)

Su Luo was certain that the old emperor knew Yan Hua, so she asked in a probing manner: "Your Majesty, you..."

"Don't-- " The old emperor hurriedly waved his hand, "You can just call me Uncle Ouyang. With your status, this title of uncle could be considered as me being a social climber!"

The old emperor also stopped using the imperial "We" and changed it back to the simple "I".

Su Luo was even more puzzled. She asked carefully: "Is Uncle Ouyang aware of the matters regarding my mother from back then?"

Being kept in the dark by Beautiful Teacher, being chased to be killed by the old witch Yan Xia, you could imagine how depressed Su Luo's heart was.

Even if she was chased to be killed, shouldn't she at least know the reason why?

At this time, the old emperor slowly sighed: "Your mother... was a fairy like goddess admired by thousands under the sky. That time, how many men viewed her as the perfect goddess in their hearts?"

"Could it be that Uncle Ouyang too..." Su Luo probed with this sentence.

The old emperor laughed bitterly: "How could I even enter her eyes?"

Even the old emperor wasn't good enough for her? Seems like, her mother had pretty high standards.

Right, she even refused Beautiful Teacher, how could her standards not be high?

Only, don't know in the end, who was that person she saw as worthy of her?

"Then does Uncle Ouyang know who is my dad..." Su Luo looked at the emperor earnestly.

The old emperor thought for a while, finally shaking his head said: "Don't know."

"What do you mean?" Su Luo's eyes unblinkingly stared at him.

The old emperor started to recall memories from former years, his expression was somewhat unsettled: "At that time, there were countless number of people who liked your mother. But when it comes to the most outstanding, there were four."

Four candidates? This would be a bit difficult. Su Luo thought it over with her hand supporting her chin.

"The first candidate is the nowaday Grandmaster Rong Yun, back then, he was your mother's adoptive brother."

Even though the old emperor's tone was flat, but for Su Luo, it sounded like thunder striking down from the skies.

Her Beautiful Teacher was actually her cheap mother's adoptive brother...

It was no wonder Beautiful Teacher would order her to kneel in front of the painting of a beautiful woman on that day and wouldn't let her get up.

No wonder the old witch Yan Xia would be so jealousy.

Su Luo recalled the strangeness of Beautiful Teacher, and couldn't help but nodded her head.

If what the old emperor had said was the truth, then Beautiful Teacher's strange behaviors were able to be explained by this.

But with the relation between Beautiful Teacher and Yan Hua, it also indirectly confirmed that Yan Hua was indeed her mother.

"What about the second person?" Su Luo asked in high spirits.

It seemed that her cheap mother was really powerful. She was really curious, if all those outstanding men had fall for her feminine charms and prostrated themselves in front of her.

"The second person is the current Master of Purgatory City." The old emperor's words were shocking.

"Master, Master of Purgatory City?" Su Luo choked on her saliva.

Before, a lot of people had told her that Purgatory City was very strong. It was the most powerful one among the ten great forces in this world.

Now, the old emperor was telling her that the Master of Purgatory City had fell to his knees in front of her cheap mother because of her charms? At this, Su Luo immediately lost her calm.

"Uncle Ouyang, you didn't remember wrong right?" Su Luo's eyes opened wide.

"It's not like your Uncle Ouyang is a dotard, how could I have remembered it wrong?" The old emperor got fuming made at Su Luo's doubts.

Su Luo laughed a little: "It's only too unexpected."

The old emperor snorted twice: "Back then your mother tied me to her side, so I saw these matters with my own eyes. Could not be faked!"

Su Luo pondered over it while holding her chin: "Then why did my mother tie you to her side?" It wasn't like she liked you.

The last part of that sentence, out of humanitarian beliefs, Su Luo didn't directly jab it at the old emperor's heart.