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Chapter 937 – Ouyang Yunqi (5)

Chapter 937 - Ouyang Yunqi (5)

Yunqi, gazing at her, stressing each word, said, "You want to escape, but now the safest place is to stay by my side."

Su Luo sneered: "You really attach too much importance to yourself, Your Highness the third prince!"

"Luo Luo--" Yunqi, gazed at Su Luo with deep love, in his eyes, was an emotion that was hard to describe.

But Su Luo looked at him with a ridiculing gaze.

Yunqi's gaze darkened slightly.

"These two words you are not qualified to call out, Your Highness the third prince! Please call me Miss Su." Su Luo's gaze was ice-cold and merciless.

"Su Luo--" Yunqi changed how he addressed her.

"Miss Su Luo! I'm not so familiar with you." Su Luo showed no quarter and sneered.

"Su Luo......" Yunqi's brows knitted.

"Su Luo my ass! Did I say I'm Su Luo? Does Su Luo have my good looks?" Two flames were ignited in Su Luo's eyes.

"......" Yunqi stared blankly, helplessly touched his chin.

The Su Luo from the previous life indeed wasn't as beautiful as the her right now, Eastern Ling's Su Luo also wasn't as good-looking as her...... But, he knew, she was her.

"Nothing to say?" Su Luo coldly snorted, cast a sidelong glance at him and immediately left.

This place, she doesn't even want to remain for a second!

Watching the rear view of Su Luo leaving in a rage, Yunqi's pair of brilliant like stars eyes, dimmed for a split second.

The hands at his side tightened.

Luo Luo, in the end, you will return to my side again!

After Su Luo returned, her mood was unprecedentedly bad.

Little Princess Yulin saw Su Luo, with a few jumps, she rushed to be in front of her: "Eh, Yun Luo, you have returned?"

While speaking, she even stretched out her head to look back.

At this moment, there was not a soul in sight behind Su Luo, only the cold wind in the pitch-black desolate night.

Su Luo swept a light glance at her and turned around to enter horse carriage that was assigned to her.

Only leaving behind the little princess, staring blankly in a daze, who remained in the original place.

"Yun Luo seemed angry." The little princess pulled back her neck, took a glance at that tightly closed curtain on the carriage. Then she turned her head to gaze at the quiet forest and happily laughed, "Only if there is trouble will there be a challenge, Third Brother go go go!"

Hearing the sound of a cold snort that came through the curtain on the carriage, the little princess stuck out her tongue and noiselessly on tiptoe, escaped.

Inside the curtain on the carriage, Su Luo, leaning against the carriage wall, buried herself in the pitch-black night.

In fact, she wasn't actually angry at the little Princess Yulin, she was angry at Yunqi.

Obviously it was him who betrayed her, clearly it was him that personally killed her. But now, he stood in front of her not feeling a bit of guilt, lovingly calling her Luo Luo.

Scoff-- really extremely shameless!

Su Luo, with her heart filled with rage that was hard to give vent to. She became so angry, even her heart and stomach started to hurt.

"Yun Qi! I originally let the animosity of my last life go, but since you delivered yourself to my door to look to be oppressed, if I don't retaliate against you, then wouldn't I be unworthy of God's deep love?"

In the pitch-black like ink night, Su Luo's gaze was like stars, giving off icily arrogant rays of light.

She originally planned to leave that very night.

But now, she won't.

Clearly she was justifiably and righteous victim, why should she sneakily escape? If she really left like this then she would be miffed.

Therefore, Su Luo decided to remain.

One reason was to steal the spirit dance steps, the main reason she stayed behind was to take revenge on Yunqi!

The second day.

In the east a trace of the marble white colour of the dawn sky appeared. All around, rustling noises could be heard.

In less than the time it took to burn a stick of incense, the guards had finished their preparations. They continued to set out on this journey.

"Yun Luo, we can return to the palace today! Aren't you happy?"

Don't know when, the bizarre little princess, with 'swoosh' sounds, slipped away to Su Luo's carriage.