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Chapter 932 – Camping in the forest (5)

Chapter 932 - Camping in the forest (5)

Little Yulin pouted her little mouth, staring impatiently at Su Luo.

Su Luo understood clearly.

Right now, this person was Western Jin nation's third prince. On this earth, where was there a basis for the third prince to personally cook?

On one side, there was Yulin with a pleading gaze, staring at her. On the other side was Ouyang Yunqi's meaningful gaze with a smile that wasn't quite a smile.

In the surrounding was a group of people glaring at her like a tiger watching its prey.

Forget it, she'll just wait till she enters the imperial palace and steal that secret book of Spirit Dance Steps, then escape without delay. Only right now, the moments she needed to endure, she still had to endure.

Su Luo's hands and feet moved efficiently to neatly clean that golden oriental whitebait fish. She sliced off the most tender part of its body and handed it over to Ouyang Yunqi.

When Su Luo was setting about this task, Ouyang Yunqi had continuously and quietly watched her hand movements. Complicated rays of light flashed across his eyes.

Ouyang Yunqi accepted that section of the freshest and most tender part of the fish, his dagger was fast like lightning, very quickly sliced that fish meat into evenly thick and well-distributed small slices.

Afterwards, he flipped it over with one hand, and then on the plate soft crushed ice that emitted a faint cold air appeared.

Seeing that familiar knifework, Su Luo's gaze flickered, then she turned her face away.

Secretly, her hands faintly clenched tightly.

At this moment, Ouyang Yunqi spread out the well-proportioned cut fish slices evenly on the plate. He cut a slice of lemon as decoration, finally, he even used a carrot to carve out a vivid and lifelike rose to put on top.

"Wow, what a beautiful flower." The little princess Yulin, cried out in surprise repeatedly.

Ouyang Yunqi smiled faintly. His gaze still seem to accidentally land on Su Luo's face.

At this time, Su Luo's expression still was indifferent as before, as if she hadn't seen through anything.

It's just that, at this time, inside her tightly clenched fists, her fingernails had already sunk into her flesh.

Seeing Su Luo's indifferent expression, Ouyang Yunqi's eyes hung down slightly, and he continued with his bustling hand movements.

After bustling for a short while, he used the fresh wasabi and made it into a pure paste.

"These remaining fish meat, you don't want them anymore?" The little princess Yulin, looked with incomparable regret at those golden oriental whitebait fish parts that had been put to the side.

"Make fish soup."

"Make fish soup."

Su Luo and Ouyang Yunqi said in unison.

For a moment, the scene was somewhat awkward.

"Haha, this is simply the hearts having mutual sensitivity. Yun Luo, I didn't say wrongly, right? You and third older brother truly matches up well!" The little girl, wishing for the whole world to be in chaos, argued noisily.

Su Luo didn't want to create an ambiguous misconception for people.

Regardless of whether it was the past life or this life, regardless of whether it was that Yun Qi or this Ouyang Yunqi. It was impossible for her to have any kind of relationship with him!

As a result, Su Luo restrained her expression slightly. she sternly said to the little princess Yulin, "Princess, you really shouldn't continue to make such a joke. There'll be trouble if rumours were to spread out."

Su Luo looked at the little princess sternly and also earnestly. Her gaze was pitch-black like a block of ink, so chilling that it made the little princess's heart tremble somewhat in its depth.

"Wu--Alright, alright. Don't say it, then I just won't say it!" The little princess humphed unhappily.

Ouyang Yunqi's voice, however, sounded in this untimely moment. They only heard him unhurriedly said one line sentence: "It may not necessarily be a rumour."

With the emergence of these words, half of Su Luo's face immediately blackened.

The little princess, however, jumped up excitedly and clapped her hands in applause, "Third older brother is mightily and aggressive! Really a good look!"

Finished, the little girl turned her head towards Su Luo again and raised her eyebrows: "See, even third older brother had said it like this. Clearly it could be seen that he likes you. What are you still afraid of?"

Three black lines immediately burst out onto Su Luo's forehead.

What's with this, "he likes you, what are you still afraid of?" Could it be that regardless of any Tom, Dick or Harry liking her, she should also like them back? Then could she have enough to like them all?

Su Luo knew she shouldn't bicker with a child, so she very fiercely glared at Ouyang Yunqi.