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Chapter 931 – Camping in the forest (4)

Chapter 931 - Camping in the forest (4)

Su Luo was immediately struck speechless.

This girl, unexpectedly, still had a side like an overbearing bandit.

She pinched the little princess, Yulin's, powdery little cheek that was like cuts of jade, sighing helplessly: "Say, what good points does Big Sister, me, have that you've seen that makes you simply must snatch me home to be your sister-in-law? You say, is it only this sister and others won't do?"

The little Princess Yulin rolled her eyes repeatedly: "Third Elder Brother has already said that before."

Su Luo's heart whipped about furiously.

The little Princess Yulin whined again: "I don't care! In any case, I want you to be my third older brother's wife. I just want you to!"

Su Luo was speechless, somewhat suspicious of whether this decision to go back to the palace with this girl was right or wrong.

Very quickly, Su Luo had picked a wicker basket full of mushrooms with the little girl.

In the forest, they saw scallions, ginger, garlic and other types of seasonings. Su Luo also picked them up.

"Eh, this is wasabi." The little princess Yulin's eyes immediately lit up. She ran over, then plucking up a handful of it.

Wasabi was a fragrant, spicy crop.

In modern times, when eating sashimi, it would be dipped in wasabi that had been ground into a paste.

Only, Su Luo send an accidental glance at the little princess Yulin.

The little princess Yulin, thought that Su Luo didn't understand, so she made a show of earnestly explaining to her, "When eating sashimi, dip a little bit of sliced raw fish and it'll be extremely delicious. The sashimi Third Older Brother makes is the most delicious. When the time comes, you should have a good taste."

Su Luo's heart shivered slightly.

In her previous life, Yun Qi's expertise was, precisely, in making sashimi. After she eat it once, she never went to a restaurant again and just ate what he made.

Could it be that he truly was... Restraining the agony in her heart, Su Luo forced out a smile.

Two people returned very quickly from their rewarding journey.

At this time, the team of guards which had stayed behind at the campsite had long since boiled the water.

At this time, the team of guards who had gone fishing also returned.

Seeing the lively golden oriental whitebait fish, the little princess Yulin was so happy she clapped her hands: "Third Older Brother, Lin Lin wants to eat sashimi, sashimi!"

Yun Qi stroked her head: "You really want to eat it?"

Although his question was directed at the little princess Yulin, but he was looking at Su Luo with a smile on his face.

Su Luo could not help but frown as she glared at him.

"Of course! Yun Luo also said that she really wants to eat it! Third Elder Brother, you see, she even picked wasabi specially for it!" The little girl opened her eyes wide and told lies, lying as though it was as simple as drinking boiled water.

Su Luo menacingly threatened the little princess Yulin: "The noses of children who tell lies will grow really long."

The little princess arrogantly raised her chin up, "Even if my nose grows longer, I'll still be the best-looking princess!"

Yun Qi laughed, rolled up his sleeves, and seemly out of habit raised his eyebrows at Su Luo: "Be my assistant."

Su Luo mind's seemed to have blurred for a split second.

At this moment, she actually had a kind of nostalgic feeling of returning to the past.

At that time, every time he would personally cook, he would always habitually call her to be his assistant.

Wash the vegetables, cut the vegetables, wash the dishes... From beginning to end, all the preparation and cleaning were done by her and he was only engrossed in cooking.

Admittedly, his cooking skills were really pretty good, entirely able to match a chief in a five-star restaurant.

Su Luo had protested strongly about not wanting to wash the dishes, but at that time Yun Qi would always pat her head calmly and leisurely, "This kind of skill-less work is most suitable for you to do." Implying that he was taking her for a fool.

"Yun Luo! Yun Luo, what are you thinking about? Third Older Brother is calling you." The little princess Yulin, in a puppy like manner shook Su Luo's sleeve.

"Cough, cough." From her distracted thoughts, Su Luo returned to her senses. Seeing the face in front of her, she felt a little unnatural.

"Quickly come and give Third Older Brother a hand. Otherwise, Third Older Brother won't personally cook the vegetables and we won't be able to eat such delicious dishes."