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Chapter 918 – Chased for hundreds of kilometers to be killed (6)

Chapter 918 - Chased for hundreds of kilometers to be killed (6)

Su Luo slowly retreated backward.

"Oh, why is Predecessor being so aggressive. If there is any misunderstanding, just solve it ah~" Su Luo was still smiling as before.

Fairy Yan Xia's eyes flashed with a insincere smile, she didn't speak. However the killing intent around her body started to boil up, and spreading.

Su Luo retreated back step by step, and soon reached the edge of the cliff.

The cliff was very high up.

And also near the river bank.

The mountain wind whistled pass.

Su Luo's back was somewhat cold.

Fairy Yan Xia stretched out her long arm, suddenly grabbed towards Su Luo's face!

That face of Su Luo's.

The black-clothed cover fell off, revealing a .....

Such a beautiful face, but had a pair of panda eyes.

Seeing this face, Fairy Yan Xia's eyes were opened very wide.

Fiercely staring at Su Luo!

In an instant, her whole body stiffened to stand rigid. Her face full of hate was twisted and malevolent. Her hands were tightly clenched into fists, and her body shook continuously.

"Ha ha ha ha ha--" Suddenly, Fairy Yan Xia looked up to the sky and laughed. She laughed until tears directly flowed out.

"Yan Hua! You b*tch! You see, this is the daughter you give birth to! Ha ha ha ha ha--"

Su Luo seeing Fairy Yan Xia's deranged appearance. silently swallowing her saliva.

If she didn't go now, then should she wait until when?

Su Luo slowly retreated backward half-step.

However, just at this moment--

Fairy Yan Xia's icy-cold and strict eyes shot towards Su Luo!

Su Luo's heart shook, her footsteps immediately stopped.

"You ugly freak!" Fairy Yan Xia especially short of breath pointed at Su Luo. Her face had a hard to conceal mocking smile.

Su Luo awkwardly coughed.

"Much uglier than me!" Fairy Yan Xia very seriously and stubbornly stared at Su Luo.

Su Luo didn't know why the old witch Yan Xia must compared whether beautiful or ugly with her. But she knew now was not the time to provoke her.


"Yes, yes, yes, this young generation is much uglier than you...." If with this reason the old witch Yan Xia could let her go, than that wasn't bad at all.

But Su Luo clearly thought too optimistically.

"So pitiful." Fairy Yan Xia curled her lips up.

Su Luo's mouth drew back: "....." What could she say? She couldn't say anything, and could only maintain her silence.

Now if Su Luo retreated a step back, and that was the cliff.

"Hey, you really want to hound me to death? I already told you, don't think my master won't know it was you that killed me." Su Luo swallowed her saliva, "Running along this road, I have already buried a few tokens. At that time when Master doesn't see me, he would find it, and discover that letter, humph, humph!"

Hearing these words, Fairy Yan Xia's figure immediately paused.

"Loathsome girl, I didn't think that you had left behind this resource." Fairy Yan Xia's eyes contracted, but, she immediately sneered, "But you can rest assured, where you were along this road, this fairy completely knows by heart. Therefore, after you die, the road you ran along would become an overgrown wild area."

In other words, Fairy Yan Xia would destroy everything along this road, turning this place back into overgrown wild area untouched by humans.....

Su Luo's eyes opened wide. If this was true, then Fairy Yan Xia really used a huge handl.

Four directions were very quiet, there were only the sound of freezing wind whistling.

Su Luo didn't dare to disturb this old witch. If she was to offend her, the consequences would be too horrible to contemplate.

Now, she only could use her brain, and not strength to fight the enemy.

Su Luo's eyes whirled and circled around, thinking of thousands of ways in her head, constantly thinking of a way to escape.

Seeing how Fairy Yan Xia stood there blankly, Su Luo's figure slightly shifted back a step.

However, just this step, awakened the spaced-out old witch Yan Xia.