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Chapter 916 – Chased for hundreds of kilometers to be killed (4)

Chapter 916 - Chased for hundreds of kilometers to be killed (4)

While Su Luo was regretting, the object little divine dragon tossed suddenly gave off a fierce spark.

Flames sparked continuously.

Intense screams of pain could be heard from below.

Su Luo opened her eyes wide to check, and couldn't help but be surprised.

Just now a small area of that densely packed group of black-dressed people had collapsed.

Moreover, these people's body had all caught fire.

The flame quickly spread on their body, very soon, everyone of them became huge balls of fire, constantly issuing blood-curdling screams.

And at this time, the little divine dragon stood on a thin branch, with hands on his hips, constantly laughing with 'ha ha ha'.

"What did you throw?" Su Luo suspiciously asked.

How come she did not know, that there was a bomb with such destructive powers in her space?

The little divine dragon spread out his small claws towards Su Luo.

At this moment, in his claws were holding a small stone.

"Little Sky?" Su Luo couldn't help but stare!

Little Sky proudly humphed twice and said: "Beside this little grandpa who else would it be?"

He didn't want to help out, because getting thrown around was humiliating okay?

Why would the little divine dragon care if he would feel humiliated, in his eyes, this was just a stone!

Seeing how other black-clothed people tried to avoid the burning people had formed another group.

The little divine dragon 'ha ha ha' laughed, his body was like lightning, and quickly jumped into the crowd.

"Quickly, catch that little dragon!" The captain who was drenched in a headful of urine saw the little divine dragon, immediately was angered half to death.

Therefore, a group of people rushed towards the little divine dragon.

The little divine dragon fast as lightning wandered in the crowd.

Seeing a group of black-clothed people rush forward, the little dragon aggressively smacked the little stone forward in a circular arc!

The little stone couldn't activate by itself, only with contact would it burst out flames.

However, the little divine dragon knew, but those black-clothed people didn't know ah.

Seeing the little stone being tossed out, many black-clothed people reached out to catch it!

The little stone passed around in a circle on among the crown, then again returned to the little divine dragon's hand.

However, those black-clothed people that he had touched, from their hand a flame would ignite!

In addition, the little stone's flame wasn't a normal flame, so these people simply couldn't extinguish it!

This passing, a full dozen people, was attacked by little stone's flame and become a ball of fire.

Some people that were ruthless, sensing something wasn't right, directly cut off their own ignited arms, barely able to save their own lives.

However, after this battle, the black-clothed people became afraid of the little divine dragon, no one dared to get close to him again.

"Awoo Awoo Awoo!" Seeing this situation, the little divine dragon was very excited. Again he grabbed the little stone and was about to repeat this pattern.

However the little divine dragon had just rush toward them, when the black-clothed people in the group, immediately scattered and ran madly in all directions.

After all, no one was a fool, no one wanted to become a ball of fire again.

Having gained the upper hand, little divine dragon should be excited, but at this time, the little divine dragon's expression dramatically changed!

"Awoo Awoo Awoo!" Quickly run, quickly run! Old witch Yan Xia had almost chased over here!

He flew towards Su Luo like an artillery shell, with a very anxious expression.

The little divine dragon's sensing ability was stronger than Su Luo's. Since he sensed that old witch's aura, then it meant the old witch had really chased over here!

Su Luo's good mood also immediately vanished. She followed behind the little divine dragon, and rapidly rushed forward!

That old witch Yan Xia was really like a lingering ghost ah!

Such a large forest, where could she hide?

Su Luo had just ran away until no shadow was left behind, when a fierce wind appeared in the sky.

Fairy Yan Xia's icy gaze appeared in front of the black-clothed people.

Looking at the people on fire, Fairy Yan Xia's eyes burst out with a fiercely cold light.